August 31, 2002
Do We Need To Worry About Sustainable Development?

Do we need to worry about sustainable development? No. Why? Because the technological advances we need to achieve a state of sustainable development will come along even if we don't try to create them for that specific purpose.

However, if I'm wrong then I still take issue with the internationalista bureaucrats (see Glenn Reynolds use that phrasing here) who spend the most time spouting off about this issue. If they were really serious about wanting to do something about they ought to be spending a lot more time calling for funding of basic research that will help to produce the kinds of technologies that make sustainable development easier to achieve.

Bring in here:
- the LANL carbon dioxide binding research
- the U Minn or U Wisc biomass catalyst for making hydrogen.
- any other research I can find about this sort of thing.

I was reading a recent post by Joe Katzman and my reaction was Why Worry?

Lets consider some of the unsustainable activities we are engaged in:

  • Consumption of fossil fuels

  • Consumption of fish faster than they reproduce

  • Use of

    - even CO2 emissions can be reversed by binding the CO2 back out of the atmosphere
    - solar energy is steadily becoming cheaper (need sources for historical solar pricing data)
    - fuel cells are going to happen. Its just a matter of time.
    - have link to study on rate at which economy becomes more energy efficient?

    By Randall Parker at 2002 August 31 09:19 PM 
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