September 05, 2002
Uses of personal genetic maps



Drug choices

Testing guides for risk of various diseases


decision making
Know what characteristics you and prospective mates carry

Diet Optimization

Risk reduction. For example, suppose there are genetic variations that put one at greater risk of injury to the anterior crucial ligament.

How weird it will get.

I predict dating services that become serious reproductive mating services. A woman will say she's looking for a man who absolutely must have one set of genetic variations and must not have another set of variations. Anyone who doesn't meet her minimal criteria will not even get past her first pass filter. Then she'll also provide an additional list of genetic variations that she'd like to find that are effectively extra bonuses. They aren't minimal requirements but she will let it be known that they are preferred.

What will happen with human evolution:

1) People will be able to choose their mates using the knowledge of the sorts of genes their mates have.

2) It will become possible to filter thru their eggs and sperm to choose which of each pair of chromosomes to pass on to offspring.

3) Gene therapy will make it possible to pass on genetic variations to offspring that neither mate had in their genome.

By Randall Parker at 2002 September 05 12:00 AM 
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