September 23, 2002
Venter: Personal DNA sequencing $1000 in 10 years

Sounds like Craig Venter is expanding The Institute for Genomic Research to develop faster DNA sequencing machines:

And you expect to be able to get that cost down to $1,000?

Thatís the goal.

How far off is that?

Somebody could make a discovery tomorrow, and it could be a year from now -- or it could take 20 years.

If you take the extrapolation of the 15 to 20 years of the public genome project and $5 billion, to Celera doing it for less than $100 million in nine months, to within this year, weíd be able to sequence the essential components of your genome in less than a week for about a half-million dollars.

If you extrapolate from that curve, itís totally reasonable to expect with new technology development within five years, we should be there. Iíve given it a margin of five to 10 years.

However, he's still denying the obvious link between genes and personality types. Oh well, doesn't matter. Lots of neurobiologists are chasing down those links.

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