September 23, 2002
UK Start-up: Your genetic code in a day

The company's name is Solexa:

A British company says it is close to perfecting a gene sequencing method that could "read" someone's genome in a day.

From Solexa's web site:

Solexa was established in 1998 to develop and commercialize a revolutionary new nanotechnology, called the Single Molecule Array™, that allows simultaneous analysis of hundreds of millions of individual molecules.

We are applying this technology to develop a method for complete personal genome sequencing, called TotalGenotyping™. This will overcome the cost and throughput bottlenecks in the production and application of individual genetic variation data that are holding back the benefits to medicine that can flow from the genome revolution. Solexa’s technology will offer a potential five order of magnitude efficiency improvement, well beyond the range possible from existing technologies.

Our technical approach combines proprietary advances in synthetic chemistry, surface chemistry, molecular biology, enzymology, array technology and optics. Based on Single Molecule Arrays with the equivalent of hundreds of millions of sequencing lanes, we will deliver base-by-base sequencing on a chip without any need for amplification of the DNA sample.

To date we have raised over £15 million (€22 million; $23 million) in venture capital investment that has enabled us to make rapid progress with the development of our technologies. We have attracted a talented and multidisciplinary team of scientists to accelerate prototype development.

Solexa occupies its own customized 14,000 sq ft facilities in Cambridge, UK.

You can also find more on their technology here.

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