September 29, 2002
No, men are not going to die out Sean O'Hagan's review in the UK Observer,6000,792163,00.html In Robin KcKie's review in the UK Observer,6121,800782,00.html Just consider this succession of power: Lenin (bald); Stalin (hairy); Khrushchev (bald); Brezhnev (hairy); Andropov (bald); Chernenko (hairy); Gorbachov (bald); Yeltsin (hairy); and Putin (now thinning on top). Strange things went on inside - and on top of - Politburo minds, it seems. And note also the details of this presidential sequence: reactionary Soviet leaders were hirsute, reformers were depilated, an observation that has worrying implications for the West, where bald heads of state are now almost extinct. America hasn't had a trichologically challenged leader since Eisenhower and Britain hasn't had a slap-head for PM since Alec Douglas Home. Take note, Mr Duncan Smith. The chemistry of your sex (and a lot more besides) is against you. Baldies can no longer get elected in the West. It would be interesting to see US primary results to see whether it is men or women who are more strongly choosing the hirsute over the depilated. As for the idea that the Y chromosome is going to be rendered obsolete by evolution: Why? If humans were not developing the ability to do genetic engineeriing to themselves and natural selection alone operated on people why would the Y chromosome be any more likely to go away than the X chromosome? The assertion that the Y will go away helps get the book attention. But By Randall Parker at 2002 September 29 10:57 PM  Biotech Society
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