October 01, 2002
Disappearing blondes story was a hoax

So where did the story originate?

Reports to that effect had appeared in recent days on CNN and ABC News and in the London Daily Mail, among others. But WHO said it has never conducted research on the topic.

WHO "has no knowledge of how these news reports originated but would like to stress that we have no opinion on the future existence of blonds," it said in a statement released at United Nations headquarters in New York.

To reiterate what I said previously: When genetic engineering makes it possible to choose progeny hair color the world is going to have many more blondes than it does now. At the same time people will become taller, better looking, with straighter whiter teeth, more perfect looking skin, and any other features that are widely desired. The average girl next door will look as good as the sexiest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue women.

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