October 04, 2002
Initial sheep artificial lung tests successful

The tests were done for a short period of time. Researcher Robert Bartlett next intends to repeat the tests for 30 day periods and hopes to try the first human tests in a year or two.

In early tests, sheep with damaged lungs were either put on standard therapy — the mechanical ventilator — or given the artificial lung plus a ventilator. All the sheep with the artificial lung survived, while some on the ventilator alone died, Bartlett says.

Additionally, the sheep using the device had only minimal use for the ventilator, suggesting that “it provided nearly 100 percent of their normal lung function,” he says.

Importantly, there were no deleterious effects. “The only problem was a sheep falling asleep and knocking it over,” he says with a smile.

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rajasekhar said at February 23, 2005 7:01 AM:

respected Robert Bartlett,
I am unbelived on seeing this matter about artificial lungs. sir, this artificial lungs are used for the people who's lungs are damaged due to accidents.
I want to know more about this artificial lungs. please send me about more about this.
thanking you,
your sincerly
raja sekhar

Luis Flores said at March 16, 2005 2:53 PM:

If you could, please post more information on the artificial lungs. Artificial lungs could save so many lives, all we got to do is create it. I've heard about how the it works. It would be an amazing thing if we knew we could live is we got lung cancer, bad case of pneumonia, bad case of aspiration pneumonia. So many people could be saved.

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