October 09, 2002
Ray Kurzweil on Sensors In Our Brains

Here's a report from EE Times of Kurzweil's comments at the Fall Sensors Expo

BOSTON Using deliberately provocative predictions, speech-recognition pioneer Ray Kurzweil said that by 2030 nanosensors could be injected into the human bloodstream, implanted microchips could amplify or supplant some brain functions, and individuals could share memories and inner experiences by "beaming" them electronically to others.

The NY Times also reported on Kurzweil's speech:

"We're limited to 100 trillion connections," said Mr. Kurzweil, alluding to current estimates of the processing power in the human brain. "I don't know about you, but I find that quite limiting."

You can go to Kurzweil's site and watch the AI Ramona perform.

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