October 10, 2002
Microtiter Plates Next DNA Sequencing Cost Reduction?

Genome Therapeutics Corp. has won an NIH grant to try to reduce DNA sequencing costs by an order of magnitude:

Reflecting a commitment to delivering high-quality genomics services, the commercial services division of Genome Therapeutics Corp. (Nasdaq: GENE), GenomeVision(TM) Services, has received a $1.6 million grant from the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) for the advanced development of genomic technologies. As the only commercial sequencing center in the federally-funded Human Genome Project and a major participant in the Rat Genome Project, GenomeVision Services has continually worked to advance its own technologies and practices in order to help streamline critical parts of the genome sequencing process, such as sample preparation and DNA analysis.

This is a refinement of current techniques:

The goal of this two-year grant, which is separate from previous awards from the NHGRI, is to achieve a five to ten-fold reduction in the sequencing costs for large-scale genomic sequencing projects. Specifically, GenomeVision Services is working to reduce the minimum amount of DNA needed, from microliters to nanoliters, for standard instruments to perform analysis using microtiter plates. In addition to plates that use smaller sample amounts, GenomeVision Services is also developing plates that allow the removal of contaminants while still enabling the retrieval of the DNA in the sample for additional analysis. Genome Therapeutics retains all rights to the microtiter plates, which are available for licensing.

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