October 10, 2002
Kevin Warwick On Our Cyborg Future

UK Reading University professor Kevin Warwick foresees a day when brain implants send signals between humans rendering spoken speech obsolete:

His ideas get weirder. Warwick looks forward to the day when implants might allow the body’s functions like heart rate, blood pressure and temperature to be monitored in real time. His most bizarre vision: the world of 2050 dominated by cyborgs, their brains all linked to a global network, sharing access to a common super-intelligence. Network police could be summoned at the mere thought of crime.

This reminds me of the 1967 paranoid classic movie The President's Analyst which has a great part where Coburn's character is kidnapped by The Phone Company because The Phone Company wants him to convince the President to allow The Phone Company to implant chips in everyone's brains that will allow them to dial a phone number just by thinking it.

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