October 11, 2002
Implantable Microchips to deliver drugs

The idea here is not just to have better control of the rate of deliver. A lot of large biological macromolecules can not be taken orally. In order to avoid the need for injection this approach puts the drug delivery system inside the body:

A small onboard processor, packaged with the drug-holding chip, choreographs how each of the 400 wells opens at precisely the right moment over a period of, say, six months. In the case of the MicroCHIPS prototype, the processor is an off-the-shelf model similar to those that power handheld calculators. The whole drug-delivery system finishes up as an implantable device no bigger than a cardiac pacemaker. After being implanted, blood vessels grow around the chip, allowing the medication to diffuse straight into the capillary network.

More advanced models will sense drug levels and will use a radio transmitter to return the information to a receiving device outside the body.

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