October 11, 2002
Personal DNA Sequencing Affordability

This article projects it will take at least 5 years before personal DNA sequencing is affordable:

US Genomics in Massachusetts has developed a machine that scans a single DNA molecule 200,000 bases long in milliseconds. For now, it untangles the DNA and scans the molecule by picking out fluorescent tags located every 1000 base pairs or so.

But chief executive Eugene Chan says the company expects to be able to read sequences one base at a time in three or four years. "Our goal is to sequence the genome instantaneously," he says.

Blonde or brunette

Other firms, such as Texas-based VisiGen Biotechnologies and British company Solexa of Essex are also trying the single-molecule approach. The consensus is that it will take at least five years before sequencing technology reaches the point where it's fast and cheap enough to make personal genomics feasible. What's more, it also has to be highly accurate.

You can find my previous post about Solexa here and one about nanopore technology for rapid DNA sequencing here. Also, once personal DNA sequencing becomes cheap the mating dance will change. and also personal DNA privacy will become impossible to protect.

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