October 15, 2002
Redheads Need More Anesthesia

It would also be interesting to test pain sensitivity for milder pain without using anesthesia. One also wonders whether redheads have different levels of sensitivity to hot and cold or other differences in sensations. From a genetic engineering perspective it might be desireable to give your kids a different variation of the gene for melanocortin-1 receptor and then add red-headedness genetic variation just to the melanocytes of the hair after birth. Though we shouldn't rule out the possibility of unknown advantages to this mutation that manifest in other ways:

Ten red-haired women between 19 and 40 years of age and ten more with dark hair were given a commonly-used inhaled anaesthetic in the study. After each dose of the anaesthetic, the women were given a standard electric shock.

The process was repeated until the women said they felt no pain. Their reflexes were also monitored to assess the effectiveness of the painkiller. The researchers found that red heads required 20 per cent more aesthetic to dull the pain.

A smaller group of blondes was tested and found to have the same pain sensitivity as brunettes:

The sun triggers a hormone that in turn triggers the production of melanin to form a tan. Redheads seldom tan easily because they have a defective receptor for that hormone — a quirk with this “melanocortin-1 receptor” that also leaves their hair red. Without its intended receptor to dock in, the melanin-producing hormone may cross-react with a related receptor on brain cells that influences pain sensitivity, Sessler explained.

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Terrence Hill said at May 7, 2003 4:23 PM:

I am a redhead, now age 65.

I have needed extra doses of anaesthetics since I was 4 or 5, for tonsilectomy, dental work, etc. So I was surprised to find out only that it might be linked to my hair color.

Also, skin very sensitive to rough cloth and am having trouble finding the right kind or material for shirts.

That's all.


Redheaded guy said at March 30, 2004 4:38 PM:

Hey I'm a redhead, and there are several things I'd like to note.
-I sunburn very easily. Usually it doesn't bother me, but on several occasions I have gotten a mild sunburn on my back, only slightly pink, and it itched like crazy.-Is this just me?
-Both my parents have dark hair and my red hair goes back 3 generations
-I don't have wisdom teeth, which is genetically a good thing, I guess, because I don't have to worry about having them removed.
-I've heard notable reaseach about anaesthetics having to be increased for redheads

Yep that's all I've got to say- redheaded guy

Em the diva said at April 25, 2004 5:55 PM:

Yeah, I'm a redhead too and I do notice that I have a firecracker temper, along with strong sexual urges... I am not kidding! So the generalization that all redheads are fire-tempered nymphos is partially true in my case unfortunately! I also have only 3 wisdom teeth. Like, I was only born with 3!! I sunburn very easily and mine itches too... But I have a strong pain tolerance for the most part. There definitely are times though where someone will get hit and not show any reaction and then I will get hit and yell out in pain.... Weird stuff... But who cares?! I am one of the few, the proud, the redheads!

katie said at March 12, 2005 12:00 PM:

im a redhead and its great im different and i like it. people compliment my hair all the time and i really do appreciate it. but it kinda sucks that im also the palest person in the school. i look ghostly white compared to everyone else...and its kind of a downer...is there no possible way i can get some colour? i use self tanner in the summer, but i dont use it in the winter, perhaps thats the only solution though.

agnis said at April 24, 2005 3:36 PM:

both my parents had red hair, so there was no way my sister and i could get out of it. when we were little we always envoked quite a response from people, they'd stop and say, "oh! where did you two get your redhair!" anyways, being redhead i have noticed some diffrences between me and other non redheads.....i too required extra anaesthetics when i had my wisdom teeth removed, and when i gave birth to my daughter. i have never had a suntan in my life, i am either pale white, or red, and i also suffer from a high sex drive......i am an extremely passionate person, and often times i feel very alone, i don't relate to alot of people, and sometimes it feels like no one understands me. which bums me out quite a bit.

c- said at August 11, 2005 10:33 AM:

I'm a redhead and very frecklly. I've never minded the red hair, but the freckles were annoying growing up. I like them now, they've faded and blended together more to make my skin look more creamy. I don't recall having to need more of any medications, I often take less than average. I've never heard a comment on annestesia, not when I had my wisdom teeth out or had my son. (I think I was mostly through transition by the time the epidural took effect though, the birth went so fast that they didn't really have time to get the required fluids in and the epidural) I've never had much of a temper, not like I hear red heads being known for. It's interesting though.

Brazen said at August 11, 2005 11:53 AM:

Are you guys following me around? I have a fast quick temper, with not tolerance for ignorance. I never get a tan, but I try anyway so my socks are distinguished from my legs. People always love my hair color, but it can't be imitated with a bottle of Clairol. Sucks to be them. I use to hate my freckles but now I don't even notice them anymore. As far as wisdom teeth go......I was only born with 3. My pain tolerance is high, I gave child birth..........48 hours of it, with no pain medicine. I love being a redhead!

Midori said at August 30, 2005 9:10 AM:

Both of my parents have dark brown, almost black hair. My sister has the same color as my parents and my brother has light brown hair. I was born nearly blonde and my parents have said that they didn't know I was going to be a red head until I was 4 or 5 years-old. My mother says that her grandfather had bright red hair and that is the only natural red head that I know of in my ancestry. I have never needed anesthesia... only born with one wisdom tooth that still hasn't come in (even thought I'm 24 years-old) and I still have my tonsils. I do seem to have a much lower pain tolerance than others though. Fortunately I am able to get a suntan! I've never met another red head that could tan like I can. I don't get really dark, but I only burn if I go out without any sunscreen. I use SPF 15 and reapply every 3-4 hours. I have freckles on my face that only come out in the summer sun and I do have a BAD temper!!!

Emmy said at September 15, 2005 12:01 PM:

I am a natural redhead and so is my sister,my parents both have black hair and are native american and mexican is is possible for me to have red hair.
Also I get sunburn very easily is that becasue I am a redhead?As for needing more anesthesia
I totally agree with the study becasue when I had my wisdom teeth pulled the dentist said anymore anesthesia may casue me health issues.

Sarah-Em said at November 3, 2005 4:04 AM:

i have gingery-blonde hair, but i get it dyed a darker red so i don't look completley washed-out. I have an extremely bad temper, and i burn after about 20 mins of being in the sun, which sucks cause i live in australia where everybody has a tan. its strange cause my sister has dark olive skin and brown hair... i also have a very low threshhold to pain, expecially if i stumble into something or catch my arm on some random pertruding object. i think the study is true. It just means redheads need special treatment as they deserve!!!

Rocky said at November 9, 2005 5:52 PM:

I'm a redhead. But it is dark red hair, which is natural. I don't sunburn easily, I actually don't sunburn at all, unless I am outside all day. I guess this is due to dad being puerto rican. I have natural tan skin. People usually think I can't be hispanic because of my red hair, which isn't true. I do have a temper, but no all the time. It only depends on how my day is, or what someone said to me, in a mean way. I love my red hair on some days, but sometimes I want to dye it a brown, but I know I will never dye it.

Nica said at November 10, 2005 8:33 AM:

Chew on this:

My grandmother is a red-head. My mother is a brunette (but has a recessive gene for red-hair since her mother was a red-head) and needs extra anesthesia (which she found out after her tubal ligation...she felt the whole thing while she was "under").

I am brunette, but when I was "under" for my c-section I heard everything going on and felt some of it. Alas, like my mother, I could move or speak so...

Is it possible that people carrying a recessive "ginger-gene" might also need extra anesthesia?

Emily said at November 28, 2005 6:21 PM:

Yep. I'm one too, and loving it! will never dye it, ever. I had my wisdom teeth out and had to be given more anasthetic because i woke up in the middle of it... can't say that i remember it though. All of my grandparents and both parents have brown or blonde hair, but my brother and i both have red hair and freckles. what are the chances of that? id like to know. My mom has a very high pain threshold, but i dont know about me... dont know what to compare it to i guess. I also have notices that a lot of redheads are named emily...

Helen said at December 1, 2005 8:52 AM:

I'm a red head too and I do seem to have a higher pain threshold than most women,having done martial arts,had medical problems and been through child birth, which I managed with the minimum of drugs, I have always thought this was due to the red gene.

Amanda said at December 2, 2005 10:27 AM:

I had a baby and was in severe pain. I don't have a bad temper at all. That is just a myth that redheads have tempers. Only because when you think of red you think of temper. Actually I feel week physically,and I have pain when I get hurt. I am emotionally strong though from emotional abuse growing up from people labeling me and judging me with out really knowing me. Like all the boy friends I have had say'd that I seem week to them weeker physically than some blondes only emotionally stronger. Do you think this would be because when redheads try to be who they are. The world around us want to bring us down and say that we are stronger physically and weeker emotionally. They are totally wrong in my case. I am week physically and strong emotionally.

Bentley said at December 2, 2005 10:50 AM:

I do have to say one thing. One of my girlfriends were sexually abused as a little girl and she was a redhead. She always hurt growing up. She was a stong person after everything she has been through, she tries to be tough. I know she is very physically week because I had dated both a burnette and a blonde. Believe it or not the redhead was weeker physically than the other two. She was tough emotionally though. I think it is because of being hurt all her life from other people though.

Irish Red said at December 6, 2005 4:21 PM:

I'm a redheaded male aged 34 years. I had four wisdom teeth pulled 5 years ago and can't see that fitting into this discussion, especially since the study never hints at anything relating to teeth. I really think coincidence is all you have there. The same goes for the crazy notion that physical weakness could be related to red hair - environment and experiences will massively outweigh any physical permutations of red hair toward bodily strength. I've had one surgery and took normal anesthesia, and never felt any pain afterward (though the ankle will never be the same). But the suggestion that centers on the hot and cold sensitivity does interest me a lot. I can hang out indefinitely in frigid temperatures after a very brief orientation to it, which is nice. But on the downside, I begin sweating at probably ten degrees lower than most people, just by sitting around. It is thought that the red hair gene originated in northern European nations, which suggests a positive correlation since those places are colder than most. But I haven't heard from other redheads whether they are also this oriented toward colder temps.

Linds said at December 29, 2005 10:45 AM:

this is so cool. Redheads are the best!~ haha. when i had my wisdom teeth pulled out last year they had to give me twice the amount of anaesthesia that they give large men and i still felt it at the end. I don't have much of a temper but im extreemly passionate about eVerything. Scientists should do more research about us. :)

RussianRed said at January 1, 2006 1:35 AM:

My hair is auburn red, I'm in my teens and of Russian heritage. The first time I heard anything about redheads and their pain threshhold was a tidbit in Reader's Digest stating that redheads needed more anesthesia than others(I can't remember the percentage anymore). I didn't think too much about it other than to keep it in mind for later in life because I wanted to become an anesthesiologist. However, I recently had my wisdom teeth removed and have suffered like NO OTHER!!! Never in my life have I had such horrible and continuous pain as now. Vicodin had no effect on me!!! Vicodin!!! That's hard stuff! During the surgery I was fine under the anesthesia they gave me(I don't know if it was more or less than usual) but after was/is terible! No pain medication works AT ALL! From advil to motrin extra strength to vicodin -NOTHING!!! I have been trying to endure this unbearable pain for two weeks already! Only after I saw my oral surgeon for a follow up did I realize it might somehow be related to my hair color. He told me that he did all he could but my pain was what it was because I was a redhead. A redhead?! The color of my hair determines my pain threshhold?! What?! I was astounded! He then relayed to me how every time a redhead comes into his office that he and his team make sure to take special notice because they know they will have to deal with them differently. I decided to research the matter and this is how I've ended up here. What's weird is that I've always thought I had a HIGH pain threshhold and not a LOW one. Thinking about it however, I think that I just had a High pain tolerance MENTALLY, but not PHYSICALLY. Every time I'm hurt wether physically or emotionally, I just cry silent tears that no one sees and try not to bother anybody with my pain. Now I've realized that I've just been patient in enduring my pain throughout the years. What's also weird is that I had a minor knee surgery three years ago and healed well from that -no extremem pain such as now with my wisdom teeth. It is a strange matter isn't it? This is definitely something that scientist should research. Who knows maybe I might end up researching this one day! By the way I don't have a fiery temper but am actually patient and kind. And my sex drive? I have no idea if it's extreme or not. Normal, I guess?

Kristy said at January 10, 2006 3:38 PM:

I am a red head and am very physically weak. Im weaker then all the girls I know. I am not tempered at all. I am very shy and quiet. I also am very sweet.
I also hate fighting because I grew up in a home with a lot of emotional abuse. I hate yelling and haveing a bad temper is the last thing I want. Also I hate to complain and don't cry around other people. As far as being bad tempered-not true in my case, physically weak-yes and emotioanlly strong-yes.

Kristyn said at January 11, 2006 4:48 PM:

I'm a natural red head too, and after talking with my friend Keirsten who is also red head (i know, Keirsten, Kristyn, we drive everyone crazy) we realized that we had a common high threshold for pain. Things including cartiledge piercing, belly buttons, broken bones, etc. But i also noted that I began taking the adult dosage of pain killers like tylenol and advil since i was 8 and now, a bit older :-) i take three or four when i'm in pain. But my threshold is pretty high; i dealt with what i'm told is called "flank pain" when i had a kidney infection for about 2 weeks before i was diagnosed. It wasn't exactly fun but it wasn't too bad :-). When i had surgery in my mouth, they had to give me extra anaesthesia, like many of you. As to temprement, the first sign of the "Hot Headed Red Head" is in Homers "Illiad." Achilles had red hair and was said to be extremely short tempered and stubborn. But all I can say about myself is that i'm extremely passionate. If anyone finds more scientific evidence please e-mail me! kalgieri@aol.com

Em said at January 13, 2006 12:49 PM:

This is an interesting question, but one thing confuses me: if we are 20% more SENSITIVE to pain, would that mean we have a lower or higher pain threshold? What I mean is, does being more "pain-sensitive" mean we experience lower levels of pain more intensely? Or conversely do we become more accustomed to higher levels of pain during childhood and therefore build up a sort of tolerance to it? After all pain is only a perceptual thing. Curious...

I don't know where the wisdom teeth debate came from, but just for the record: I'm a ging too and I either don't have any or they came through on the sly, I certainly never felt them.

lily said at January 13, 2006 5:27 PM:

I'm a redhead and I had all four of my wisdom teeth. I never felt them but I recently had them out. I woke up during surgury.

lily said at January 13, 2006 5:27 PM:

I'm a redhead and I had all four of my wisdom teeth. I never felt them but I recently had them out. I woke up during surgury.

slm said at January 20, 2006 10:36 PM:

New study out saying redheads are less sensitive to pain, based on a rat/mouse study. I remember the very small study of a few years ago saying redheads need more anesthesia, their assumption being because we were more sensitive to pain. So either we feel pain more or less, but clearly we feel it differently. I have been sent home from the dentist because the novacaine wouldn't take and I could feel everything. Wonder about my niece who is half Japanese and has very dark hair, but showing some red highlights.

Lori Doyle said at February 6, 2006 3:51 PM:

I am a bona-fide red-head. Always have been. Always will be. Bright red auburn (not "fire engine" or "carrot top", but truly bright red)

As kids, in my small home town in CT., there was myself, my sister, and 5 of 6 kids in the Vigent family who used to sit in in the pew in front of us in church, who were redheads. That's all. People couldn't keep their hands off my hair. Kids in line at school, girl scout leaders, other moms.....playing with it, braiding it....

Up until a few years ago, my hair hung long, wavy & red, down to my hips. As I've gotten older (i'm now 45), I've cut it. I am now dealing with white hairs coming in, and my general shade growing darker. As to the whites, I am in a conundrum because I always said I would never color it, yet I hate loosing the red.

As to temper issues, and I've thought about this, mine is slow & simmering, but when it blows, it DOES.

As to pain threshhold, I'm a bit unclear ---- we all hold our pains in different ways. When I feel it, I feel it ALOT. But sometimes I just swat it away.

As to blood, and bleeding - well, I am a bleeder, in every way. Menstrually, and dentally, and with external wounds...I guess I have plenty of blood -RED- to spare.

As to teeth, I have had many, and terrible, teeth problems. All wisdom teeth gone.(4) Never been "put out" for any dental work. Have had many extracted teeth, most usually "supposed to be" easy, but never were - roots wrapped around jawbone, etc. But, when I got my tonsils out at the age of 5, I got a 2nd shot that none of the other kids did - why was that?

As to skin & tanning - I used to long for the ability to tan. I've had nothing but horrific sunburns as a kid (seems they didn't know about protection), and as an adult, I DO sit out in the sun. I have simply an explosion of freckles amidst a "copper colour" on my skin. It pleases me, but is rare. One must be in a tropical climate for a long time to achieve this slowly & safely. I live in NYC. Not much chance here. But the freckles don't go away. They are everywhere, save body areas that must never see the sun.

Finally, as to sex drive & such matters....I was a very naive gal, protected by small town, religious teachings, etc. As I began my sexual journey, I heard time and again
"how can you be so hot?" I don't know. The facination of red pubic hair (I'm sorry, i have to go here!) is remarkable, and I don't know what it means. But we always know that we can PROVE our inherent red-headed-ness simply by dropping our pants.

And, I have NEVER seen a red-headed man naked. I kind of think it would be hot, yet I can think of only 2 red-headed men I've ever met that seemed hot.
I would MUCH rather be a red-headed woman than a red-headed man. They get a bad rap.

I am reading " The Roots of Desire", by Marion Roach. To be honest, its pretty damn boring so far. But every now & then a tidbit of fun emerges.

Used to be that NO ONE was a redhead, unless they did a really bad dye job. These days, there are so many more red-heads, and technology has helped them looked real. I know so many gals (mostly actresses, I must say) who have become red-head, And they fool me - until their roots come in, etc.

Funnny. I am sorry that I cannot daly in the sun, but I wouldn't trade my red for the world.

One of 10% in America.
Okay, I'll take it.

Matthew Goodwin said at February 12, 2006 9:39 AM:

Hey there,
I am a very red-headed young man.
Get a lot of stick from my mates as well but i don't care cos i have seen that there are pluses to it.
I have encountered some girls that love the colour of my hair, always complemented on it.
Which is cool!

Also, i play rugby, so i have noticed that i don't really mind painful tackles and hits.
Maybe that's just me!
I also had my appendix out and the anaesthetic that was given to me did not do anything until they gave me another dose.
So snap.

Yo, keep it real.

Charles Edward John Rabid said at February 12, 2006 10:53 AM:

i have read some of the comments and was only recently informed of this special difference red heads experience.
i am a keen bowls player and whilst most of my compadres regularly complain of tender joints in the elbow and shoulder, i have always been injury free.
in the sun i burn within 10 minutes or so and my skin goes very bright pink, which clashes terribly...
it also causes me considerable pain and uncomfort. living in South Africa, which is an amazing place, however does not help this problem. i frequently have to apply factor 60+ to the top of my head and ears which burn the easiest.
i am not aware of any difference in anesthesia as i have never had major surgary or even been under local anesthetic. touch wood

yours truely

Katie W said at February 27, 2006 5:48 PM:

I am also a redhead (duh) and I have found that I need more pain medication, or rather more frequent pain medication. When I had my appendix out I was on Demerol and instead of needing an injection every 6 hours, like clockwork I needed it every 3.5 hours. Also, more than one dentist has commented that I need a lot more novocaine than other patients. I've found that Ibuprofen wears off similarly to the Demerol.

Memawa said at March 9, 2006 6:30 PM:

Maybe more than a coincidence?.... My whole family is made up of redheads and my mother, sister, brother and I were all born without wisdom teeth (could be just genetics though) and we also all have problems being anesthetized - during my last trip to the dentist I was given 4 shots over an hour and was still feeling pain-they told me that was the max amount they could give me so i was just going to have to suck it up! I think they thought i was faking the pain because that was the most they have ever had to give anyone..also, we DO NOT tan!

Heatha said at March 11, 2006 9:00 PM:

Im a 26 y/o redhead. i dont burn too easily tho. i pretty much "peach" a little, then peal, then im white again. the only tan ive ever had was after going to a tanning salon (i know not good...). anywayz, i only had 2 and a half wisdom teeth and require extra meds/anesthetics. my dr. often tells me to take 1/2 the dose since im only 96 pounds, but i usually have to at least double or triple the dose. oh, and the dentist, just shoot me up with all they've got!!! memawa, the dentist never believes me either!

Heatha said at March 11, 2006 9:01 PM:

Im a 26 y/o redhead. i dont burn too easily tho. i pretty much "peach" a little, then peal, then im white again. the only tan ive ever had was after going to a tanning salon (i know not good...). anywayz, i only had 2 and a half wisdom teeth and require extra meds/anesthetics. my dr. often tells me to take 1/2 the dose since im only 96 pounds, but i usually have to at least double or triple the dose. oh, and the dentist, just shoot me up with all they've got!!! memawa, the dentist never believes me either!

Shanna said at March 28, 2006 9:38 AM:

Thank you to the male redheads writing in and indicating they love their hair color! I myself have red hair, my second son was born with red hair and very white skin! He's beautiful!!! I've often wondered if he will grow up proud of his hair, I hope so. Reading some of the comments from the guys helps. Right now he's 2 years old and makes people comment on his hair by pointing at it and saying proudly "I have red hair, so does my mommy"

Both times I've given birth I've had nurses mention "Oh, she's a redhead!" My response is naturally "So, what does that matter, I'm hear to have a baby?!" "We'll redheads tend to bleed more..." Blah,blah, blah. Luckly I don't bleed as much as most, or I just don't seem to notice it. As for pain, yeah I tend to be more sensitive. Sometimes things that shouldn't hurt bad I yell out in pain like someone tapping me (silly I know!) While when I'm in a situation that the pain is more serious, like a bad burn, cut, child birth, etc., I tend to be stubborn and ignore the pain. I'm very sensitive to medications such as 800mlg of Ibuprofen knocks me out. So yanking out all of my wisdom teeth were easy, just a little laughing gas did the trick! I don't believe I've ever need more anesthesia than what is normally.

m said at April 10, 2006 10:17 AM:

i am a redhead, and i love it...we are different, sensitive, and yes feel pain more intensely. i had heart surgery where the doctor told me he had a very hard time getting me to sleep and that i just kept talking to him. i have extremely low tolerence to pain especially in my toes. if i barely tap them i feel as if i am going to pass out. now that i am older (over 50) my hair is turning dark brown, i am not crazy about that . i want my redhair back.

Sandi said at May 5, 2006 6:26 PM:

I am a dark auburn, totally white-skinned, freckled-all-over redhead, 53 years old. I just came back from the doctor's office and was frustrated, and did a search and found this article. I asked him for some anti-anxiety pills, Valium maybe, or if he had a better idea. I have root canals coming up and a trial in which I have to witness to put a relative away for good. I am not a pill-popper and he knows it, but have dental phobia and get very nervous about witnessing, etc.

I told him that the dentists have been prescribing, like, one pill at a time, and that is why I was asking him to prescribe more so I don't have to keep asking them. He asked the mg and I told him 5 mg does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and 10 mg only takes the edge off slightly. (My husband is a witness to this. I am FULLY functional after 10 mg and no one, including me, would know I had taken anything.) The doctor could barely believe this. In fact, I don't think he did! He said 10 mg of valium would put him out for the weekend, and he would be afraid to prescribe more as I am only 136 pounds. (now, I will be afraid to take more than 10 mg based on what he said, and I will just have to suffer.)

All anesthesia and drugs are like this for me. For surgery, they had to double the dose to put me out! I was chatting away in the surgery suite and when I woke up in recovery, continued on with the conversation with the nurses, remembering all that we had talked about. The nurses could hardly believe this. I did not know they had to give me a double dose until the nurse called down because she could not get the morphine to work at higher and higher doses. They told her about the double dose and she told me. I was not asking for more morphine...I said it didn't make any difference in the pain and I was okay to stand it. She said they did not want me just "standing it."

Same goes for dental work...lots of novacaine. And I have been on 10 mg of valium ALONG with nitrous with little effect.

The only drug I have found that works on me TOO well, is anti-histamine (allergy pills). I rarely take these because whatever is in there will put me down all day instead of the 4-6 hours they say. Weird, huh? Docs out there...what do you think of that?

Kirk Swan said at October 14, 2006 8:25 PM:

hey, i'm an 18 year old guy and i have long red hair and everyone in a ten foot radius compliments me whare ever i go. i live in Canada so i burn like there's no tomorrow in the summer and in the winter i tend to feel the cold more then other's. I have never met anyone with a temper as feirce as mine, i tend to go crazy and i have an insta-fuse so in a split second i'm raging. i love a good fight, i don't know if that's part of being a red head but i seems like it should be. my pain threshold is very high and i don't bother with pain killers because they don't work very well. i don't know if this applies to me but i don't bleed more then anyone i know. i have never been physically weak. i tend to be as strong or stronger then people my size. i am very passionit about every thing i do and am very emotional. i don't mean i cry all the time but i have a fire in me and emotions are hard to bottle up. i am rediculously stubborn. i have always been self conscious about my hair colour because i hardly ever see anyone with red hair so i tend to be shy alot of the time. but regardless of all that i wouldn't give me red hair for anything in the world.

Stacy in California said at December 30, 2006 12:29 AM:

I'm a 42 year old female, dark-auburn redhead (brown eyes, no freckles). Whenever I have dental work I have to have extra Novocain, and even with the extra Novocain I feel pain. I recently had a root canal for the first time and it was UTTERLY HORRIFIC - I could feel everything during the procedure and the dentist could not give me any more Novocain. I actually think he thought I was exaggerating the pain but I was most definitely not. After the procedure, the pain lingered quite severely for TEN DAYS (two days is normal) and neither aspirin nor vicodin helped. (note: do NOT fly on an airplane with a toothache! The pain is unbearable!)

I've never had any other medical procedures or surgeries so I can't speak to being put under anesthesia.

Happy New Year Fellow Redheads!


P.S. I love being a readhead (I have very shiny, straight hair and at 42, I have no grey hair whatsoever. Do other redheads find that their hair holds its color longer compared to non-redheads?)

Deanna said at January 6, 2007 12:29 AM:

I have BRIGHT red hair and of course hated it growing up. Now I love it!! (and so do the men....stupid boys!) As for high pain tolerance I got it!! Just little over a year ago I was hit by a truck going 45mph+ she actually left trend marks on my calf! yet while laying in the middle of the road I had no problem at all telling her to get out of her "bleepin" truck and "bleepin" help me I was also the one to call 911. Once in the ambulance I was asked if I wanted more morphine and I wasn't really sure because yeah my broken foot with all the skin practically ripped of(I was wearing flip flops and the asphault ripped it clean off)hurt but not really that much I was to busy trippen off the fact that my head and neck didn't hurt anymore. Since I occaisonally suffer from migraines. I don't need a lot of pain meds to cure pain but I do need a lot if being used as "party favors". It does take a lot to knock me out for surgeries too. Friends, co-workers, boyfriends (includong the ex's) say I'm the sweetest person they have ever met and the meanest! Also a freak in bed......if they have had the pleasure!

Micaela said at February 1, 2007 8:01 AM:

I have strawberry blonde hair and freckles and I burn like no mans business, I have to wear SPF 60 when I go outside in the summer. as for the pain tolerance, I have a high pain tolerance, I have gotten a few tattoos in some of the most painful spots but I felt very little if not any pain from them but I am sensitive to water temperatures and I have sensitive skin to products. Also, I have strong sexual urges...

Kathryn said at March 19, 2007 12:50 AM:

Ok, I dont know where the wisdom teeth came into this, but I have been waiting on mine all my life (Im now 40). I had an interesting thing happen to me, and am wondering if anyone else out there has had this happen because NO ONE believes me. ( just before I found this site, I read an article that says that red heads also have a blonde gene, and that we are in ways, just blondes in disguise as far as genetics go )ok, here's what happened...

I was born, with such dark strawberry blonde hair, it looked auburn almost. It stayed this way til I was around 9ish, then it turned flipping BLONDE on me ! ( my sister had really blonde hair when she was a baby and growing up, although NO ONE else on either side of our family did).. It started turning darker, so I kept it blonde from the age of around 15 to who can remember that far back now...After I had my first child....... BAM !!!!!! Im a red head again. Yes, I color my hair now, its kinda sorta red, not really brown, I honestly couldn't describe it , cept I do know the grays when I see em ( that is til I run to wally world ). Has anyone else had red hair that had a mind of its own on what color it wanted to be at any given stage in life?

To address the " are we physically weak or strong... high or low tolerance for pain" ...Growing up, I was extraordinarly strong for a girl. If it needed to be moved or whatever, my family called me to help them, not another man. But, due to hereditary things,car wrecks and also just doing too much for being a girl, I now have horrendous back problems. There are times when I know Im stronger than most of the people I know, and then there are times Im so flipping weak, I feel stupid and get mad at myself. I used to have the highest level of pain toleration you've ever seen. Now? it goes back and forth to the extreme.. one thing I might can just blow off, when I honestly probably should be hospitalized, and then theres the O Hdoublehockeysticks LL NO shoot me and put me out of my misery.

I used to could take massive doses of prescription pain killers at an early age, before I'd get relief, now , same thing, its back and forth, one second, it takes massive doses, the next day, one might make me loopy as all get out.

Also, when I had my second and last C Section, my husband at the time told the doctor " you REALLY want to give this woman A LOT of pain killers / blockers.. it takes more than you can imagine " .....well the doctor didn't believe him. Now this is a TRUE story. I had an epidural, that paralyzed me to my throat. But as SOON as the dr finished his last stitch.. they tried to move me and I screamed, and told them to just leave me alone and let me do it myself.. I literally got myself, off the operating table, and put myself , with NO HELP on the gurney to go to the recovery room. Needless to say, they were popping me with Morphine and Demoral by the time they put me in the recovery room, and the entire staff was freaking out. I had five of them standing around me as I moved myself to the gurney from the operating table.

The temper thing........ Im yet another contradiction in terms, Im an extremely loving, caring , nice, sweet, giving person... but for lack of a better way of putting it God HELP you if you tick me off! Im like a rabid dog with a bone. Genetics of red hair causing this ? I dont know. I have other family members who can be very mean also. And NONE of them have red hair.. so , who knows.

Heritage... u can laugh now, but Im Irish, Cherokee, and Creek Indian. I favor my sister enough u know we are blood related, but thats IT. ( I swear we were adopted ) .

wish I were redder said at March 24, 2007 10:41 AM:

I was born with bright red hair and my father had red hair all his life until it turned grey (though his beard was still pretty red...)
I am "relieved" to find out we are more sensitive to pain, I thought I was just a big suck because what other people took in stride always seemed to really, really hurt me.
I haven't had the experience of needing more anesthesia but do know that after I had my wisdom teeth out the codiene was only making me "stoned and stupid" but not touching the pain at all. So I stopped taking it and the pain did NOT increase, only stayed the same. On the other hand when I get a migraine just 2 ibuprofen can sometimes take it away. Also I seem to very sensitive to alcohol though I am only 5'1" and I know size affects this, but I consider myself "drunk" after the equivalent of only two beers. Anyone else have this issue???
My hair grows in dark brown now but the sun bleaches it to red at the ends (so it looks like I have a really bad dye job!) I have started putting highlights in it because I find the dark hair looks too dark for my complexion and makes me looked washed out and pale, especially in the winter.
Question: are any of you red heads more sensitive to light that you see? I mean, do you like to have your home dimly lit and do you see well in the dark? I hate bright lights, and find them almost painful, especially first thing in the morning. I have trouble sleeping or will wake easily if there are any lights on (even the light coming under my bedroom door) on in the house....
Also, can barely tolerate artificial clothing materials like nylon. I try to wear mostly cotton, especially when I am excercising, otherwise I get so hot. I think I am very senstitive to hot and cold temperatures. And I live in a very cold climate and find winters very difficult. I read that red heads are more sensitive to thermal pain (meaning heat?).
How about anyone else?
Yes, I seem to have the "stereotypical" quick temper. Nothing I hate more than to be told that I have the temper of a red head (especially when I am already mad!)

Jam221 said at April 2, 2007 6:45 AM:

I am a middle aged woman and born with FIRE red hair... Now it is a very pretty red, almost strawberry blonde ( More strawberry ) When I was in school, I was the ONLY redhead in the entire school... Needless to say, I was picked on ALOT!! I HATED my hair!!! I vowed that as soon as I turned 18, I was going to dye my hair!!! Well, I never did and thankful I didn't... I had heard many horror stories of redheads turning into greenheads etc. while trying to go blonde!!! LOL.... I get soooo many comments on my hair but unfortunatly most ask what color I use!! I tell them it is " El Naturaaaal"... hehe...
I also have a VERY high pain threshold... I didn't have a bit of pain medication with either of my childrens births... When I was having my daughter at the young age of 19, they kept asking me if I needed anything for the pain... Ummmm, no, I don't have any pain!! I was laughing and joking with the Dr. while giving birth and he said that he could not believe I was having a baby and that I was a natural baby machine!!! LOLOL... My second child, a boy, was 10 pounds and I again, never had ANYTHING for the pain... It just sort of felt like menstrual cramps...
I am a rather calm person... I do, however, have a VERY HOT temper when provoked!! I can take alot, but, I do have my limit!! Back in my early twenties, I was in a few " bar room brawls" and if someone hit me, it didn't hurt a bit, it just made me that much more angry and I would open up a can of whoopass!!!
I haven't noticed that during any of my surgeries, that I have needed extra anesthesia, but, I do know that it takes a much higher dose of pain medications... such as vicodin... I take a medication at night to help me sleep and my husband, whom is a BIG man, can only take 10 mgs. and he's out like a light... I take the max dose of 150 mgs and still function normally, although I can sleep better... He tells people I am on horse tranquilizers!! hehe...
Anyway, I was enjoying everyones stories about being a redhead and thought I would write a novel...
Enjoy and be VERY PROUD to be a NATURAL redhead!!! I must say, we are unique, but in a good way!!!

Greenwood said at April 24, 2007 11:18 PM:

I'm not a redhead. I'm a 20 year old blonde, blue eyes. This is a recessive gene passed on by my grandfather, who was the eldest of 9 and the only blonde, and his father was the eldest of 20c and blonde. My grandmother was a redhead, as is my aunt, as for the background of her family, her fathers side were mostly red haired.
Its funny though, I have an extremely high pain threshold, while anestetic numbs things, when I had a molar pulled, I felt it. I had an operation once, and woke up halfway through. (A kid of ten is only supposed to be able to handle five breathes, I managed eleven and had to be put back under, when I woke up.) I've only three wisdom teeth. I shave because my beard is often tinged with ginger and black hairs. I was freckly as a child, (it cleared up.) and while having greater tolerance to the sun than others in my family burn easily. I'm a very nice person, though I am passionate and rarely ever truly lose my temper. But when I have lost my temper, I have been known to lose it very badly. (I once had a shard of someones tooth removed where it had imbedded itself in my knuckle.)I also have an excessive sex drive.
Strangely I have a greater preference for redheads than any other kind of woman. Though I can never seem to find many where I live. (curse of my grandfather, I suppose, he liked redheads too.)
Another odd addition to my genetics is the fact that my great grandfather on my grandfathers side had Myleria, and has passed this down. I have a natural immunity to myleria because its already in my blood, though it only effects me occasionally. (cold sweats, lethargy, horrible stuff.) It also keeps most mosqitous away for some odd reason.

Mike said at April 29, 2007 7:15 PM:

I'm a Redhead and I have a very high tolerance to pain. I've never even needed pain meds after the dentist or even oral surgery. I've broken bones that didn't hurt (until shock set in but that's more mental than physical).

I did once get a 2nd degree sunburn from fishing in a canoe all day shirtless when I was younger and that didn't really hurt so much but the itching while it was healing was beyond words it irritated my nerves so bad I couldn't even sleep.

Everybody has a bad temper some just don't show their emotions.

frankfis said at September 5, 2007 5:56 PM:

i am a red head too and i get wonderfully tanned and i need no extra anethexixs. i wonder because i colered my heir red??? but i like isecreem a lot and i love swimming! im just kidding, i have like brownish hair...but i do lik to swim and eet isecreem

vinnie rogers said at September 20, 2007 6:07 PM:

HURRAYYY FOR RED HEADS!:D yeah im a red head too and its pretty cool. i like it, makes me look cute :) Except for the really white skin its kind of a bother. people are always asking why i don't go out and get a tan but i cant! its impossible. i just burn and my freckles start to connect. I feel little pain which i like, who wants to feel pain anyways? it might be just me but when its cold out my skin turns really purple and my arms get weak.. i don't know if thats from being a red head but it happens and it sucks. i haven't had to get my wisdom teeth out yet. i don't even know if i have any lol so i wouldn't know about the anesthesia thing. I probably will sometime in the future tho

Rachel said at October 16, 2007 12:30 PM:

i have red hair and i am 13 and i have tanish skin and brown eyes( but there a redish brown they tend to match my eyes) i am not the ordinary red head most of us have light skin and lots of freakels. i dont get burned easley mostly tan! my hair is really long and a goldish red! &&&&& I AM NOT WEAK I AM FAIRLY STRONG!!!!!!!! i am stronger than all of my friends ( who all have brown and blond hair)!!!!!!!

mikey said at October 18, 2007 11:05 PM:

I've always been a bright orange/redhead since the day I was born and have always had a high threshold for pain, but like others painkillers and anesthesia usually had to be doubled if not tripled to work on me. Anymore I tell the dentist to not even bother with novacaine since it doesn't work and the needle bothers the hell out of me since I can feel it. As for sex drive, I don't think its that high but according to my exes and friends that have known me forever its extremely high. I have alot of pride in my vibrant color and would never dye it, its too expensive to dye considering the eyebrows and body hair. My temperment is a bit hotter than most people, I can't stand intollerance and stubbornness. I absolutely love being a red head!

Tina Lin said at December 8, 2007 9:11 PM:

i am a natural redhead and i do burn easly. unless i go in the ruva tanning beds. (only because their rays are different then the suns) I do have a big sex drive i thought it was normal until i talked to my other girls and they didn't get aroused as easly as i did. And when i talked to guys they were suprised how big my sex drive was. i find that also for my size i am strong. i have always been stronger then the girls my age, i don't even go to the gym that much either. I don't have temper too much...but when i am mad...watch out. 'Cause i can hold me ground and run over people when needed. I don't have any wised teeth...i remember the dentist trying to look for them and couldn't see any. So he waited a year for them to grow in and they never came...he was very suprised. i have perfectly straight teeth and never had braces or a retainer. i can take pain. i broke my finger and didn't even cry, took me a month before i went to the doctor to look at it and only because it was still swollen and it looked ugly. i don't take medicine unless a doctor proscribes it to me. When i was little i hated being a redhead. mostly because only the old people would comment on it and the kids my age made fun of it. but now i LOVE it. Men think it's hot and sexy. And alot of girls now are paying lots of money for the color. :D

Jay said at March 10, 2008 9:09 PM:

Iam a 15 year old Redhead. I keep reading these comments and alot of you said you have a tempor. i personally dont get a tempor other that what normal people would get. i also cannot get a tan, and iam too always the lightes one around.i also can take some major pain. i have had over 15 sergerys and after them, i need no pain medicine. I do hurt a little bit, but not enough to take morphie over. But other than all that, i think being a redhead RULES! GO ALL REDHEADS!!

stephanie said at June 26, 2008 11:16 AM:

I am a 31y/o female third generation (at least). My Dad, Granddad, 2 Uncles and Aunt are all Reds. They are all the freckley type, while i only get a few scattered freckles in the sun (not covering my entire body). I always tell my dad that if he got about 10 more freckles they would all blend together and he'd just be TAN! haha

My two younger brothers are brunette like my mom, but when they let their facial hair grow it is 50% red! It is like every other hair is red. Crazy!

I agree with the firecracker temper stereotype, unfortunately. All the redheads in my family seem to be similar in that we will "pop" but then fizzle out and get over it.

Oh, and ditto on the pain meds not working. Worst experience with that was when i had a root canal and felt EVERYTHING!

redheaded devil said at January 3, 2009 11:40 PM:

Go Team Redhead!
I'm a woman in my late 20's with strawberry blonde hair. Something no one else has mentioned though: I have a streak of white-blonde hair that comes out of a birthmark on the lower side of my head. Its underneath all my red hair & looks cool with my hair up.
It appears to me after reading through this site that I'm a typical redhead; which is amazing to say because I haven't fit in as typical in any other category until now. I'm not so alone & unusual after all!
I never leave the house without atleast spf 15-30 & I hope the rest of you do the same. After several severe burns as a kid my chances of skin cancer are something like 80%. I get yearly dermatological screenings & use my spf religiously as prevention.
As for the pain topic, I see a pain management specialist because no other doctor has ever believed me. I have joint problems & extreme menstrual pain that cripples me like no other. Anyone else suffer through monthly childbirth labor-like pains to dispose of those unused eggs? I do have a high tolerance to pain but that is because I've had to deal with higher levels of pain all my life. I can quadruple a normal dose of prescription pain meds & function normally.
I only had 3 wisdom teeth total like many others here & yes I too need several shots of novacaine before that damn stuff works.
I have the customary fiery temper (my ex calls me redheaded devil, among several other lovely names). I'm always hot, in every sense, thermal & sexual.
Being a redhead has its downfalls, especially as a child, but I wouldn't trade my minority status for boring hues anyday.
Redheads around the world I love you! Cherish your redheaded children if your lucky enough to have them & instill in them how special they are.

aunty_em said at January 24, 2009 6:26 PM:

I too am a redhead. My father is Black Irish and Cherokee, my mother Irish and Norwegian...neither has red hair. My grandmothers on both sides had red hair. My fathers mothers hair turned black by the time she was 40, she didn't color it. Every now and then I find a black hair on myself. Growing up my sister, grandmothers and I were the only redheads in the family on my mothers side. My father had one brother with fire red hair, all the others were Black Irish.

I've yet to meet a quick tempered red head. I've met many blondes, brunettes, and black heads that are quick tempered. My sister married a red head and they have 3 red heads. They are all even tempered. As far as anger brewing than blowing up...that would be normal regardless of hair. People would pick and tease me as a child until I would yell at them, then say "see there's that red head temper"...DUH!!! You pick at someone long enough they're going to get mad and yell.

As far as pain goes, I don't think it so much as being more sensitive to pain as merely requiring more to dull the pain. I think the amount of pain a person can withstand without yelling or crying has a lot to do with they way they are raised. If a person has a parent (regardless of hair color) that makes a big fuss over a tiny bump, the child is going to milk it. The less attention they get the louder they will be. I have a niece that is a brunette that would be OK until grandma came in the room then you would think someone just pulled a limb off.

I've never heard anything about teeth to do with any hair color. Really tired of being asked if it's true what is said about red heads and sex. I reply that I wouldn't know, I've never been with one.

Lindsey said at March 6, 2009 3:06 PM:

My brother and I are both redheads. My parents both have dark brown hair. People call us the milk man's baby. When i was little my hair was fire red now it has calmed down quit a bit. But it is still red. I have green eyes and I tan but my brother has blue eyes and he burns. I love being a redhead. I do think when it comes to redheads you are either hot or not. I also have a high threshold to pain. When I got a tattoo it really didn't phase me much the second hurt a bit more but I still seemed to impress the artist with my lack of flinching lol. I'm not sure about the whole anesthesia thing. When I got breast implants I woke up quickly after the surgery but I never asked if they had to give me more anesthesia then normal. I have had all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out. When it comes to sex drive I think that redheads do have a high sex drive. I know that I have a higher sex drive then some guys and I have also dated a red head guy and he too had an extremely high sex drive. Anyways, pretty much everything sums up to is that redheads are pretty sweet. lol

kayrln said at March 23, 2009 12:58 PM:

im seventeen and i have strawberry blode hair.
the firey temper thing is a myth, i think. i really dont have a temper at all, unless you really piss me off.
higher pain tolerence? i can handle pain some but i had a miscarriage and i couldnt stand it at all.
i always want sex. so id say the sex drive is a redhead trait. all my redhead friends always want sex too.

every redhead i know is so sweet and some of the coolest people i know. :)
so i guess redheads are just all around nice people, unless you piss us off.

Kim said at May 27, 2009 6:44 PM:

I have to agree that novacaine doesn't work well on me and it usually takes an extra shot or two for me to be numb. Maybe this isn't from a lower pain tolerance, but rather from a resistance to anesthetics that's unique to redheads? Maybe our bodies just aren't affected by the stuff...I say this b/c I don't think of myself as someone with a low pain tolerance, but i still always feel that dentist's drill!

Katha said at July 1, 2009 7:49 AM:

I too am a natural redhead. I am 36 yrs old and I have 3 beautiful daughters and none of them are redheads. My oldest two are brunette like their father and my youngest is blonde. My youngest was redheaded til she was about 1 1/2 yrs old then it started turning blonde. So most people probably do think I dye my hair (which I never have) because none of my kids are redheaded. But I've always gotten compliments on my hair. I had a lady that use to cut my hair when I was younger and she would save some of my hair to try and get her hair my color. As far as pain tolerance. I believe that I have a high pain tolerance. Like I've said, I've had 3 kids and I had a rough time delivering each and every one of them and I remember the nurses complimenting me on how well I did with my breathing and dealing with the pain. And just 2 days ago I had two teeth pulled (one of them being a wisdom tooth). I did require alot of shots to numb my mouth because I was still feeing the pain. I don't know if that's just because I'm a redhead or what. But the dentist had trouble getting both teeth out and one of them I felt coming out and the dentist said I was the best patient he's ever seen dealing with what I had been dealing with before and after. About the temper, I can have a temper but you have to generally make me really upset. I'm a very compassionate and caring person. I work in the health field (I'm a therapist) and I absolutely love what I do. Now I do have freckles, but I'm not covered in them. And I do tan easily. I'm actually pretty tan right now! It might take me a little longer than others, but I do tan. As far as the sex drive, maybe I'm just one of the select few that doesn't have one. Maybe it's because I'm older, maybe it's because I stay drained all the time. Or maybe it's because I'm on high blood pressure medicine (which I've heard can lower it), I don't know. But as far as being a redhead, I wouldn't change it for the world! I love my hair, even with the few grays that are popping up! I've always been told that I was a pretty redhead and I take that to heart because I absolutely LOVE my hair color. We are of rare breed and that in itself makes me very proud to be a NATURAL redhead.

Passionate Redhead said at July 29, 2009 5:14 PM:

I am also a natural redhead. I have always loved my red hair because of all the lovely comments people have given me. I am Scottish and Irish but I am the ONLY redhead in my entire family! I am also half Italian. I can't explain that one. When I was younger I never made connections about my pain tolerance, I just thought maybe my friends were wimpy. I don't really have a bad temper, but my moods change quickly. I haven't had any surgery so I don't know about sedatives, but I do know that when I give blood, I tend to pass out. :( I sunburn very quickly and I am always pale. My natural skin color has a pink tint to it as well, so I always look a little sunburned. I have read that redheads are a lot more sensitive to pain but we have a higher pain tolerance. I also am a strong person, inside and out. I love being a redhead and even if there are some things I will have to deal with, I would never trade it for anything!

Agnis: I am also extremely passionate and I feel alone too. I always thought I didn't relate to others because I like uncommon things. Maybe its just my hair? You are not alone. :)

Miss-Understood said at August 3, 2009 3:42 PM:

I am a Natural Strawberry Blond w/blue eyes. Years ago I was made to believe I was a drug addict after an anesthesiologist attempted to sedate me intraveneously to no avail. He asked if I smoked marijuana as that could cause the sedation to not work. I told him no but he rolled his eyes and I had to have the procedure rescheduled under general anesthesia. I woke up during the procedure under GENERAL ANESTHESIA! I have always told doctors that I am hard to sedate but they just shrugged it off and smirked...until they couldn't sedate me :o) Although I have a high tolerance to pain, I also have a high tolerance to pain relievers. I once took 5 200mg ibuprofen at one time, after several days of taking 3 or 4 at a time to relieve severe back pain. This resulted in a bleeding stomach ulcer. I then saw the article on the study done on red heads and a high tolerance to anesthesia. What a godsend!!!! Finally..to see in writing what I experienced and believed for so long was such a relief. I felt like going back to that anesthesiologist and rolling my eyes at him (that is being nice!!!). I carry the article with me now :o)

Carly said at December 5, 2009 5:59 PM:

Wow! this is the coolest redhead related thing i've ever seen! My hair history is interesting: when i was born i had carrot-like orange hair. my dad was like "where did that come from?" because he has brown hair and my mom is a blond. it turns out my maternal grandpa had strawberry-blond hair and someone on my dad's side had red hair. so from one of them is apparently where i got it. back to my history... from age 5-18 i had strawberry-blond hair (it would bleach in the summer sun but redden in the other season, cool) but gradually it became darker and now i'm officially a permanent redhead. i love being a redhead and i'm complimented all the time! my mom says if she ever colors her hair it'll be stawberry-blond. Red-heads will one day take over the world. muahahaha...

Franswa said at December 15, 2009 1:51 PM:


I had red hair as a child and it became darker as an adult. I cannot suntan at all, I sunburn easily, peel and turn back white. I cannot tan. I had surgery for the first time for a broken leg and the surgeon said it took alot of anesthesia to knock me out. He also said I had a high pain tolerance. I have had teeth pulled and never had to use pain killers after. Once had a tooth pulled and never used even an ibuprofen. Woke up from my wisdom teeth being pulled and first thing I said was I felt better.

Had both of my children natural no epidural. In fact on my first baby they gave me demeral and I remember when i put my foot in the stirrup the stirrup was loose and it fell down and I started laughing hysterically. My second child was born even without demerol.

I think I have a normal sex drive though, but I like sex and even being on Celexa (which kills sex drive) I still get turned on easily and can have an orgasm.

I am not sure if this makes a difference to anything but I take Klonopin for anxiety and for six years now never have built up resistance to the drug, I am still able to use 1.5 mg. per day.

rae said at December 21, 2009 11:45 AM:


Im more of a strawberry blond color and I burn real fast in the summer. I can sometimes get a slight tan but Im still paler than everyone else I know. I only had three wisdom teeth and my doctor for the surgery warned me about redheads being harder to put under than others. I can remember bits of the surgery and talking to them while it was going on but its kinda blurry. Never had problems with novacaine just the needle. But sedatives and ibuprofen wear off pretty fast. In general I have a pretty high pain tolerance though.

lynn said at January 8, 2010 1:39 AM:

Like Nica posted earlier, my parents and I have dark hair but both of my sisters have red. Every time I've had to go under for surgery, dental work I've woken up in the middle of it or could feel everything.
So is this due to the recessive red hair gene that I carry?

Renee said at January 9, 2010 12:36 PM:

I'm an auburn redhead, blue eyes and I tan well and easily. My family roots are almost exclusively Irish.

I have all four of my wisdom teeth. My pain threshold is ferocious, and it's a good thing because about the only drug that works for me for pain is codeine, as we found out when trying to find something to alleviate horrific menstrual cramps that were accompanied by fever and nausea.

Anesthesia seems to have strange effects on me, also. I've only been under once, for a tubal, but the pre-anesthetic had some horrific side effects for me. Rather than being giggly, it made me extremely depressed and sent me into a crying jag. I was also told later they had a difficult time getting me fully under. When I got home after the day surgery, I paced for 10 hours and found myself standing in the kitchen, thoroughly cleaning my favorite paring knife in preparation for slitting my wrists open -- long ways. What stopped me was the realization of how ridiculous it was to be worried about infection from a dirty knife. It was just enough to allow my rational mind to recognize the influence of the drugs in my system and stop.

I was also sexually precocious, passing through full puberty by age 8. When I'm involved with the right man, I'll have to admit to being voraciously libidinous, and I'm discovering that phenomenon is even more pronounced now that the man I'm involved with is also a redhead. He has commented that the experience is heightened for him as well.

I think we are a pretty special species, overall.

Beth said at March 8, 2010 2:07 PM:

Im a redhead and it rules. Im in my teens and get called names at my school for my ginger locks. I once dyed my hair brown and i have to say it was the biggest mistake i ever made. I looked so ill all the time as it tottally didnt match my skin tone (very pale). I have to say that i to burn very easily and this summer (i live in england) i went on a 5 mile walk with my school and burt so badily i had first degree burns and blisters all over my back . I had to take the holw week off school as i couldnt sleep at night - i was far to uncoptable. So yes i deffinatly do burn easiler. My mum told me recently that redheads give births the easist so i thought id do some reasearch in to it. She said that the scotlish region has the highest percentage of women who have no pain relief during birth and as most of the scottish women are lovely giners it turned out that gingers have the highest pain threshold. Was very dissapointed when i reserched in to it though and found out its not true:( i always think that i have a high pain threshold so .... Love to all the redhead out their (real not fakes ! ) xxxx

Laura said at March 17, 2010 6:31 AM:

i'm a dark redhead. like, its been called "strawberry brown" before. i think i have a pretty decently high pain tolerance, and i am capable of a mild tan. i'm still pale, but not glow-in-the-dark like some. my dad was a bright redhead before he went grey, and my mum is(was) a reddish brown, i also have a cousin on my dad's side with red hair. my sister is a weird one. she was born with blonde hair, then around 7 or 8 ish, it started turning brown, and now about 2 years ago it started turning orange! so at 17 she's got a sweet coppery color. as to pain tolerance, my whole family is actually pretty hardy. my mum and i get long heavy periods with cramping and cranky moods... my sister just gets unusually flatulent on her period. i have noticed i can have a fire-temper, but only when i'm really ticked off. my dad is the same, it takes A LOT for him to get angry, but when he does... watch out.

Kathy said at March 31, 2010 1:13 PM:

I have auburn hair (red, brown, and blond mix), with very light skin that doesn't tan, only fades to tan after burning. I've awakened during ear surgery five times for five surgeries, one time almost pulling the trach tube out of my mouth before they could stop me. I have recall from all the surgeries (performed 1984-1989) and have never awakened in the recovery room. Glad they're finally figuring out why.

jen said at May 3, 2010 12:56 AM:

I'm a brunette who has had a life long envy of people with red hair. You lucky bastards best not complain in my direction. My obsession is such that I deliberately married a red head (who isn't turned on by a fiery lover) to increase my chances of at least having a red headed child. Bingo!! I got a gorgeous red headed son and I am proud to say I bask in the glory of the compliments he gets. I see the appeal like birds. If you looked into an avairy and saw 100 sparrows and 1 parrot, what bird would you admire? I rest my case!

Quinn said at May 21, 2010 1:12 PM:

Im 18, and obviously a red head (oh yeah!) and i have been pale and full of freckles all my life. i have never been tan, but sunburn faster than anyone i know. People alway are like "i bet you use like SPF one billion and still get burned (followed by a stupid, im better than you, kackel)!" but its strange because i will get a good ole pink sunburn after being outside for an hour, but if i use even the lowest SPF sunscreen i wont get burned at all, just freckle like its my job. I too have a crazy temper, but its weird because i wont be mad then something happens and i completly lose it, but only around certian people like my family. i have a very high pain tolerance dealing with blunt force, like getting punched or hit in football, but i cant stand sharp pains like needles or getting slapped, which also sets off my raging temper (doctors quiver in fear when they have to give me shots). The "red heads are weak" thing is total crap because im one of the strongest kids i know. Be proud to be a red head, and pale, because we are awesome, and everyone is jealous!

Cathleen said at July 19, 2010 8:34 PM:

When I was about 22, I had my wisdom teeth removed and that afternoon had my first migraine headache, with the aura, "blind" spots, pain and sensitivity to light and smell. I also have always been very sensitive to all skin touch, and sex is incredibly good if my partner takes some time and finds the hot "spots" like my neck and ears. I have always believed my nerves had to be very close to the surface of my skin, which makes me react so much to touch. I also have had problems every time anaesthetic has been used. The doctors always have made comments about having to take extra care with us. I think it's great being the real minority. We are beautiful. Take pride, redheads. We really are special.

bluehealer said at July 20, 2010 9:13 AM:

Redheads are 50,000years more evolutionary advanced but orangutangs will soon be extinct--reject palm oil!

RedJ said at July 28, 2010 8:08 AM:

36 year old male in the states here. Always been known as a redhead, although it's now it's like 1/2way between red and dirty brown-blond. long, Curly locks. Green eyes. My skin has a naturally red complexion and I have freckles over my body. I can get a tan if I'm smart about it, but it fades very quickly, and my legs go back to blinding people once again.

Like another male mentioned, I am much more comfortable in the cold vs. heat. I can wear shorts and flip-flops while other people are wearing layers of clothes and jackets. Conversely, I am miserable in the heat, that's when I just want to find someplace cool and sleep.

I am pretty strong physically, more "pure" strength rather than athleticism. I can't throw a football worth shit but I can put up respectable weight in the power lifts (bench press, squat) with just a couple months of training. As I've got older, I've become much heavier than I look. When most people see my 5'8" frame, they think I'm about 170 pounds. But I'm actually 205 pounds, don't know if bone density has anything to do with that.. I am a little doughy around the edges (I love beer too much) but basically proportional.

RedJ said at July 28, 2010 8:18 AM:

Forgot: I have pretty good pain threshold I think. That might go along with the lifting strength. I also have avery hard skull, which my older brother found out the hard way when he used to try to give my "limpies" on my noggin! In some ways my skin is sensitive to touch. If I wear shoes a lot, my toes get very sensitive due to being shetered inside the shoe. But if I go barefoot or wear sandles a lot, then my toes "toughen up", and don't hurt if I stub them.

a.maven said at February 11, 2012 9:16 AM:

WOW, just wow. I'm a 67 y.o. and found this page. It certainly answers these questions I've had about me, never relating it to RED hair.
I have most of the stated characteristics. Except the child birth biz, yes I'm a man.

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