October 20, 2002
Dangers Of Brain Genetic Engineering I've previously argued that the greatest danger we face from human genetic engineering is from personality engineering. I'd like to refine and flesh out thiis idea with some examples. Also, the concept of personality seems too limited and may not cover all the ways that a mind could be genetically engineered to be a greater (or lesser) threat to other humans. Let me state at the outset that I've had only one course in psychology and have a pretty limited amount of knowledge of the categories that psychologists use to speak about the mind The concept of personality most notably isn't associated with the possession of particular desires. One can speak of a desire for fat or for sugar for instance. Are desires for basic types of sensations attributes of a personality? They don't seem to be. We don't speak of a sweat tooth personality or a personality that likes fatty food or cold weather. There are people who appear, for neurobiological reasons, to want intensely physical and dangerous thrills. They can be found bunjy jumping, sky diving, river rafting, racing cars, and climbing mountains. Are these thrill seekers driven that way by personality characteristics?
The Problem With Pedophiles: Desires That Require Rights Violations
My own guess is that pedophiles are wired up to have the desires they have. Whether these desires result from environmental experiences at a young age, genetic mutations, or chance biochemical events during development my own guess is that pedophiles must become wired up to crave young kids for sexual purposes. After all, the desire for normal adult heterosexual sexual partners is obviously hardwired in humans and some different hardwiring happens to cause homosexuality. So why shouldn't pedophilic desires similarly be a result of some way that neurons get wired up? The problem with pedophiles is that they strongly desire something that they can not get without violating the rights of children. There is no legitimate acceptable way for them to satisfy their desires. Now, there may be people with such desires who never act on them. Perhaps their desires are not that strong or they have a great deal of self control. But
Lions and Tigers Have Desires That Can Lead To Rights Violations
If lions and tigers didn't naturally look at humans and think "tasty meal" then they could live among humans without our fearing their presence. Instead, as they serve as circus acts By Randall Parker at 2002 October 20 04:32 PM 
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