November 12, 2002
Genetic Testing Changing South India Mating Practices

Consanguineous mating is even more widely practiced in Arab countries. Genetic testing will change the mating practices in many socities.

"In south India many people marry their relatives," Dr Sridevi Hegde said, clinical geneticist at Bangalore's Manipal Hospital.

"It is the elders who decide and mostly women get married to their uncles.

"When this happens, most of them are at risk of bearing an abnormal child," Dr Sridevi said.

"I see an increasing trend in the number of people approaching us to check their family tree and find faulty genes."

Two years ago about 100 couples used to walk into the two genetic departments of hospitals based in Bangalore.

Now the figure is about 1,500 every year.

As the genetic tests become cheaper and more detailed expect to see millions of people per year testing themselves and seeking counseling for mate choice.

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Dr. vrinda J Bhat said at June 15, 2004 2:35 AM:

Dear Dr. Sridevi,
my husband is suffering from extensive Psoriasis. I want to know whether it will be inherited to our progency. What are the chances for the same. Can any tests confirm it?

jasmeet said at July 14, 2005 5:01 AM:

dear doctor,
my name is jasmeet singh and I 'am living in chandigarh. I'am in love with my maternal cousin who also loves me sincerely. but we are really confused to make this relationship open to our parents.mam we will be very grateful to you , if you can guide us in this regard. though this has been in practice in my family (marriage between second cousins) and every couple is happy with healthy children. infact i came to know that this has been in practice in European as well as other countries till recent. what shall we do, shall we go for any test to see that we can have healthy children or what. we are in a dilema ,so pls help us mam. I will never forget this gesture of yours all through my life.
yours sincrely

skylab Dey said at December 2, 2005 2:36 AM:

Dear Doctor,

I'm from Bangladesh.My elder brother is suffering from Xenthoma.He is 30yrs old,We Knew that from very childhood that he is a fool type person,some mental problem,We had checked him up by several Dr.s.But dint get his any treatment,But from last 7/8 years we saw an swelling in back side of heel,and from last 1 year saw swelling of his both leg's Tendon,Then a Dr. said he is affected by several problems in his Brain,May be lung or Kidney ,eye also may be affected,He suggested me to show a Neurologists.
I'll be very greatful if you pls check the attached file and give me a proper suggesstion.
I've sent to a Dr. In UK. Name Dr. Pulok Majumder of Liverpool. after Seeing the attached file he suggested me to check him by a Geniticist.

Pls help me ?

Shaleen said at November 17, 2006 3:35 AM:

This is Shaleen (male 30 yrs) from chhattisgarh, india. Last month, we suffered a full term loss of pregnancy.The placenta sample were tested positive for Trisomy-16+.Also, the chord was found wrapped thrice around the neck on delivery.
So, the cause of death was not determined.

Can u guide me on the step i should take next???

Preeti said at November 27, 2007 10:54 PM:

Dear Doctor,

Like one of the cases stated above in your posts, I plan to marry my maternal cousin (our mothers are sisters). What kind of tests, screening should we undergo to check if our children may suffer from any genetic disorder? What are thre chances of such complications. Please guide us.


Prashant said at November 12, 2008 11:44 PM:

Dear Doctor,

Like one of the cases stated above in your posts, I plan to marry my first cousin ( My dad and her mother are brother and sister). This is the first case of such kind on both the sides. What kind of tests, screening should we undergo to check if our children may suffer from any genetic disorder? What are thre chances of such complications. How can I find about recessive genes and how are they going to impact me.

Please guide us.

PS: Just to mention , my paternal grand parents, and her father are diabitic.


Deepti said at April 7, 2009 1:49 AM:

Dear doctor,

Like some of the cases posted in your site i plan to marry my first cousin (My dad and his sister are brother and sister).My dads brother has married his first cousin and they didn't have children for some years and later they had a girl and a guy(after consulting so many doctors and after much effort).I feel that we also might have such kind of problems but my cousin says that we can take precautions and so many ways are there for such kind of problems.We have some features in common also.He looks like my dad and i have some features of his mom.I have studied that there are more chances of abnormality if we have more common genes.

please guide us what we need to do.


Muzammil Azimi said at October 19, 2009 7:56 PM:

Hello, Im inquiring in regards to a genetic problem. I am actually looking to get married to my first cousin and she happens to be related to me in 2 manners. My father and her father are blood brothers and both the mothers are blood sisters. I need to know if my kids will be affected from this and also how many of my kids. I also want to know how i can get genome sequencing done and how much the charge for it is? and also the procedure for acquiring whatever it is you guys need to do the test. How do i send it or if in fact i need to come down to India? And how long to produce the results???

sayali said at March 28, 2010 5:36 AM:

dear dotor,
My husband’s real sister has 2 daughters( 12 years and 09 years respectively) both are suffering from hereditary spastic paraplegia autosomal recessive diagnosed in J.J Hospital( but no chromosomal testing was carried out in hospital) elder daughter suffered from skeletal muscle tightness from age of 5 years while her sister at the age 2 and a half year. Now both of them are not able to walk at all, fully dependant on others and can not speak properly, some what mentally retarded also. According to my husband their (both girls) development phase in childhood was not normal they use to understand the things slowly, drooling was there.
In my husbands family my sister in law (mother of these girls), uncles son and aunt (paternal) also have problem in walking i.e. by one leg they walk on their toe but I am not sure that they also suffering from the same disease or not as no test is carried out for them. Aunt has 2 children one girl and one boy around 15 year and 10 years old, both are normal.
I wanted to ask you few things….
Is there any prenatal test available to detect this disease??
Is there any test available for my husband to detect the genetic disorder??(though he is physically and psychologically normal)

plz guide us for the same as early as possible
thanking you

Punjabi Habib said at June 22, 2010 5:33 AM:

Dear Doctor:

I am planning to marry my first cousin on my mother's side. We are both pretty ugly from what we've heard but we are in love. My face has been compared to a car wreck and my cousin's been compared to a retarded horse. I've heard from the media that generally two ugly people would bear great looking children. Is there a test that is avaiable to ensure that this theory is true? Or will both our uglyness multiply ten-fold in our children causing a mutated hunch-back of notre dame looking freaks? If so, I'm getting castrated and she'll get a hysterectomy just so we can continue to make hot donkey love.

Thank you for your guidence.

Saurav said at August 19, 2011 3:52 AM:

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Saurav said at August 19, 2011 3:58 AM:

mein apni cousin se pyar karta hu or woh bhi. par humare parents hume saath nahi rehne dena chahte. i am looking for same cousin lover couple so that we can help each other. contact me at

ramyashree said at September 26, 2012 4:44 AM: is a complete genetic lab where you can assess lifestyle disorders.

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