November 18, 2002
US Scientists Moving To UK To Do Stem Cell Research

After 30 years working as a researcher at UC San Francisco, American born Roger Pedersen moved to the UK to do embryonic stem cell research:

So Pedersen called his British colleague back, said yes to the job offer, and took 30 years of knowledge and a still-burning desire to heal across the Atlantic Ocean. He assumed a powerful perch in the Renaissance-towered University of Cambridge's surgery department, from which he now guides an all-out national push, tinged with Union Jack patriotism, to bring stem cell medicine to England first.

This demonstrates why therapies using embryonic stem cells will be developed regardless of what any particular national government decides. A huge unexpected change in attitudes in Britain wouldn't affect the ultimate outcome. If the Brits weren't working solve the problems of turning embryonic stem cells into useful therapies then the Chinese or Japanese would anyway.

Share |      Randall Parker, 2002 November 18 06:56 PM  Biotech Society

RB said at November 21, 2002 7:54 AM:

Bravo for England. Science knows no borders, and national governments need to realize that, if they do not want their scientific efforts to fade into obsolescence. With the aging boomers in the US, who really do want to live forever, this issue will be a potent rallying point in political elections to come.

Wally Weber said at October 20, 2003 8:05 PM:

I graduated high school with Roger Pederson in 1961. He was a brilliant student and everyone around him felt he was destined for greatness.
I'm glad he is pursuing his career in England. We will certainly all benefit from it.

Terry Quinn said at August 15, 2004 10:27 AM:

I'm glad someone out ther has the desire to continue to do good for those that suffer with disabilities. I was previously a very active 39 yr. holding a Full-time job and also afitness Instructor at the local YMCA while being a mother to my young daughter, being a wife sister and daughter were the only things I wanted until my life changed on December 12, I suffered a stroke following removal of a 6 cm. benign tumor and I still suffer from left sided paralysis and am unable to care for my young daughter provide full-time assistance to my family, or even work at my job. I would like to take part in neural stem cell transplants & stroke patients. Please send information to the address below or email me ASAP.
Maybe ith Roger's help, I will have a chance to get my life back.

Jon boyle said at February 14, 2009 5:17 AM:

I think we should do stem cells in the uk cause i was knocked down in 2008 and badly my spine acord and its left me in a wheel chair and others.
So stem cells might be the only chance i got to have abit of my life back cause i was 19 when i had my accident and now im 20

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