December 07, 2002
Xerox Breakthru On Organic Flat Panel Displays

A research group at Xerox has developed a material called polythiophene which can be used to make spray-on organic transistors. These organic transistors can be used to make incredibly low cost flat panel displays.

A research fellow from the Xerox Research Centre of Canada has described the design and synthesis of semiconducting organic polymers that allow the printing of electronic patterns on a plastic substrate, paving the way for the printing of integrated circuits on plastic sheets instead of etching them on silicon wafers. Beng Ong made his presentation Tuesday (Dec. 3) at the Materials Research Society's fall conference in Boston.

The manufacturing equipment for making organic polymer transistor displays does not cost very much.

"The reason the cost is lower is that we don't need the same capital-intensive process as the one used with silicon," Ong said. "In our process, we can make the material into ink and ink-jet print it to create a circuit."

Xerox is not alone in chasing this market

"I'm aware of six or eight companies trying to make these transistors," said Dr. Michael D. McCreary, vice president for research and development at E Ink, a display manufacturer in Cambridge, Mass. He said that his company planned to commercialize its first display next year and that it had created a prototype plastic display in partnership with Lucent Technologies.

What we need are displays that are about the thickness of a heavy duty file folder. Then integrate a radio modem into the display and one ought to be able to hold in one's hands a rather lightweight touch sensitive display that can call up the entire internet as well as files stored on the local server. Throw in a headset that allows one to talk commands to the computer.

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