December 10, 2002
DNA Is Widely Collected For Felons

There is a proposal in Missouri to extend its DNA sample storage for felons from violent offenders to all offenders. It sounds like the biggest source of reluctance is monetary. Therefore this DNA will be available to test for genes that predispose for criminal behavior.

Like every state in the nation, Missouri currently keeps genetic records for violent offenders.

“Many states are expanding this policy to collect DNA evidence from all convicted felons and I believe it is time for Missouri to take the lead in this and also expand our policy to include all convicted felons,” said District 45 Rep. Cathy Jolly.

First of all, when SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism single DNA letter variations) testing becomes cheap these sample collections will become valued for use in trying to run down the genetic factors that predispose for criminal behavior. Scientists will want access to these stores of DNA samples to look for genetic variations that influence behavior.

Then when more genetic variations which are linked to criminality become identified the US states will have another reason to use these stores of DNA samples: for each convict to get a better idea of just how strong of a tendency there is for further criminal behavior. Expect to see some states move to analyse the genes of felons in order to use the results in parole hearings and even in sentencing hearings.

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