December 20, 2002
Moore's Law Could Be Ended By Thermal Noise

A physicist friend who alerted me to this article says this will motivate scientists and companies to accelerate the development of quantum computing.

The semiconductor industry has obeyed Moore's Law for about 40 years and some experts believe that it will be valid for another two decades. However, Laszlo Kish at Texas A&M University believes that thermal noise -- which increases as circuits become smaller -- could put an end to Moore's Law much sooner (LB Kish 2002 Physics Letters A 305 144).

Share |      Randall Parker, 2002 December 20 02:15 AM  Computing Advances

Tabisa Makaula said at May 1, 2005 4:36 AM:

How valid is Moore's Law compared to the predictions about progress in computing with the actual properties of silicon chips and microprocessors, for example 4004,8086,80486,Pentium 1,2,2,4 upto the year 2002?

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