March 03, 2003
Virginia Collects DNA Samples From All Felons

Starting on January 1, 2003 Virginia became the first US state to collect DNA samples from all convicted felons.

Beginning Jan. 1, the state expanded its sampling to include anyone arrested for a violent felony. The DNA database, which already contains roughly 200,000 biological profiles, is expected to grow by a third.

Britain already requires DNA samples to be taken of all people who are arrested. Since not all those arrested are convicted that is an even broader approach

Expect to see some countries adopt a policy to taking DNA samples from all babies at birth and from all the adult population. Already many US states require a thumbprint to be taken as part of the drivers license application process. DNA sampling is just another way to uniquely identify a person. So the thumbprint requirement is a precedent for sampling of DNA for the general public.

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