April 04, 2003
Impressive Handling Of First American SARS Case

Three months after SARS first appeared in China but almost a month before it started causing deaths in Hong Kong a Loudon County Virginia woman recently returned from Guangdong province China came down with what appears to have been the first American case of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). On February 17 2003 after showing up in the emergency ward of Loudoun Hospital Center she was placed in a sealed room and the health care workers who treated her work protective gear in order to avoid infection.

In the emergency room, she had a high fever and a cough and was having trouble breathing. She and a relative mentioned that she had been in Guangdong and that a flu seemed to be going around there. A triage nurse put the woman in a sealed room that had a dedicated ventilation system to prevent her from passing along the infection.

The details of how she was handled read like a textbook approach for how to handle an unknown and potentially dangerous infectious illness. The Loudoun Hospital Center folks had the assets needed and made the right call.

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