July 03, 2003
Bionic Bone Prosthetic Can Be Lengthened Without Surgery

A 13 year old girl in Wimbledon England named Kat Reid has become the first person to receive an artificial bone replacement that can be extended in length without surgery as she grows.

In November, orthopaedic surgeons Steve Cannon and Tim Briggs fitted the world's first bionic bone into the thigh of 13-year-old Kat Reid.

The extendable prosthesis, to give it its proper name, is a major breakthrough because it allows Kat's left leg to grow in pace with her right, without her having to undergo further surgery.

Application of an external magnetic field causes the implanted prosthetic part to grow by 1 millimeter at a time.

While the article does not say why Kat Reid needed a prosthetic replacement for her thigh bone many children who must loose a piece of bone as part of a cancer treatment or who were born with a bone defect or who suffered severe damage to a bone in an accident would benefit from an artificial replacement that can be extended without repeated surgeries.

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glenn m ford said at December 7, 2003 11:23 AM:

can this surgery work on adults.

amanda oakley said at October 2, 2005 5:28 AM:

can bionic bone be used to treat a child wich has non-union of bone due to pseudathrosis of tibia/fibula?

ll said at July 21, 2009 12:45 AM:

On 13/07/09 my wife delivers a boy with congenital bones anomalies (both legs in pes ekvinovarus).
Also, right leg fibula bone (tibia is bended), right hand index finger and right foot little finger is missing. Upgar test was 10/10, brain, heart, hipp and kidney ultrasound were good.
Left leg club-foot Pontesy method therapy (first week - 1st cast) started on 20/07/09, but right leg worries me!? I would like to know is there any kind of artificial tibia bone with external extension possibility treatment possible, similar like Reppihysis or bionic prosthesis? Also, ankle-tibia joint should be treat with INBONE rather than old-way GRUCA operation. Defected tibia probably will not grow same as healthy one, so is there momentary and globally any kind of treatment (except Ilizar method) where full bone length can be expected??? What about injectable regenerative graft, like PRO-DENSE and in what phase? Please, let me know what we can do for our little baby.

PLS HELP WITH INFORMATIONS whwre we can find Bionic Bone Prosthetic for tibia

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