October 05, 2003
Low Latent Inhibition Plus High Intelligence Leads To High Creativity?

Jordan Peterson of the University of Toronto and colleages at Harvard University have found that decreased latent inhibition of environmental stimuli appears to correlate with greater creativity among people with high IQ. (same press release available here and here)

The study in the September issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology says the brains of creative people appear to be more open to incoming stimuli from the surrounding environment. Other people's brains might shut out this same information through a process called "latent inhibition" - defined as an animal's unconscious capacity to ignore stimuli that experience has shown are irrelevant to its needs. Through psychological testing, the researchers showed that creative individuals are much more likely to have low levels of latent inhibition.

"This means that creative individuals remain in contact with the extra information constantly streaming in from the environment," says co-author and U of T psychology professor Jordan Peterson. "The normal person classifies an object, and then forgets about it, even though that object is much more complex and interesting than he or she thinks. The creative person, by contrast, is always open to new possibilities."

Previously, scientists have associated failure to screen out stimuli with psychosis. However, Peterson and his co-researchers - lead author and psychology lecturer Shelley Carson of Harvard University's Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Harvard PhD candidate Daniel Higgins - hypothesized that it might also contribute to original thinking, especially when combined with high IQ. They administered tests of latent inhibition to Harvard undergraduates. Those classified as eminent creative achievers - participants under age 21 who reported unusually high scores in a single area of creative achievement - were seven times more likely to have low latent inhibition scores.

The authors hypothesize that latent inhibition may be positive when combined with high intelligence and good working memory - the capacity to think about many things at once - but negative otherwise. Peterson states: "If you are open to new information, new ideas, you better be able to intelligently and carefully edit and choose. If you have 50 ideas, only two or three are likely to be good. You have to be able to discriminate or you'll get swamped."

"Scientists have wondered for a long time why madness and creativity seem linked," says Carson. "It appears likely that low levels of latent inhibition and exceptional flexibility in thought might predispose to mental illness under some conditions and to creative accomplishment under others."

A less able mind has a greater need to be able to filter out and ignore stimuli. A less intelligent person with a low level of latent inhibition for filtering out familiar stimuli may well sink into mental illness as a result. But a smarter mind can handle the effects of taking note of a larger number of stimuli and even find interesting and useful patterns by continually processing a larger quantity of familiar information.

You can find the original paper here: Decreased Latent Inhibition Is Associated With Increased Creative Achievement in High-Functioning Individuals (PDF format)

The central idea underlying our research program is therefore that individuals characterized by increased plasticity (extraversion and openness)retain higher post-exposure access to the range of complex possibilities laying dormant in so-called ‘‘familiar ’’environments.This heightened access is the subjective concomitant of decreased latent inhibition,which allows the plastic person increased incentive-reward-tagged appreciation for hidden or latent information (Peterson,1999). Such decreases in LI may have pathological consequences,as in the case of schizophrenia or its associated conditions (perhaps in individuals whose higher-order cognitive processes are also impaired,and who thus become involuntarily ‘‘flooded ’’by an excess of a ffectively tagged infor- mation),or may constitute a precondition for creative thinking (in individuals who have the cognitive resources to ‘‘edit ’’or otherwise constrain (Stokes,2001)their broader range of mean- ingful experience).

Note from the text of the full paper that stress causes the release of the hormone corticosterone which lowers latent inhibition. In a nutshell, when an organism runs into problems that cause stress the resulting release of stress hormones causes the mind to shift into a state where it will examine factors in the environment that it normally ignores. This allows the organism to look for solutions to the stress-causing problem that would be ignored in normal and less stressed circumstances.

So perhaps we could hypothesize something like this:under stressful conditions,or in person-ality configurations characterized by increased novelty-sensitivity,approach behavior,and DA activity, decreased LI is associated with increased permeability and flexibility of functional cog- nitive and perceptual category [see Barsalou (1983)for a discussion of such categories ].Imagine a situation where current plans are not producing desired outcomes —a situation where current categories of perception and cognition are in error, from the pragmatic perspective. Something anomalous or novel emerges as a consequence (Peterson,1999), and drives exploratory behavior. Stress or trait-dependent decreased LI, under such circumstances, could produce increased signal (as well as noise), with regards to the erroneous pattern of behavior and the anomaly that it produced. This might offer the organism, currently enmeshed in the consequences of mistaken presuppositions, the possibility of gathering new information, where nothing but categorical certainty once existed. Decreased LI might therefore be regarded as advantageous, in that it allows for the perception of more unlikely, radical and numerous options for reconsideration, but disadvantageous in that the stressed or approach-oriented person risks ‘‘drowning in possibility,’’ to use Kierkegaard ’s phrase.

One can easily see how this response could have been selected for evolutionarily. At the same time, one can also see how chronic stress could lead a person to fall into a state of confusion as a sustained large flood of stimuli could overwhelm the brain by giving it too much to think about and make a person unable to clearly see solutions that will relieve the feeling of stress.

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Renee Hopkins said at October 8, 2003 3:11 PM:

Wow! Thanks for finding this. I've posted on it on my blog on creativity and innovation, IdeaFlow. Now I'm going to go have a drink and ponder how close to psychosis I might personally be.....!

Karla Peperone said at October 12, 2003 11:17 AM:

Is there a way out, or a calm down to what I have always labeled as brain clutter? No drugs, please. I'd rather live with the clutter and I LOVE the creative side of me.

Larry Brown said at December 30, 2003 11:18 AM:

Interesting, so the correlation has been established. Dumb people with low latent inhibition end up mentally ill, while the smart ones become creative geniuses. I'm sure all the mentally ill people will rejoice when they hear this one. (including me - jumping for joy!)

Dennis Monmouth said at March 13, 2004 11:31 AM:

Interesting. I wonder how this relates to Savant Syndrome? They posess an element of creative genius, low latent inhibition, but also a low IQ, yet they are not recognized as being mentally ill.

Ki Blackman said at April 12, 2004 6:56 AM:

This was orginally pointed out to me, from a magazine authored by Susan Hayes, right after I prayed to God, if I were crazy. I asked God this, because I was really really high and joyous and hadn't taken any drugs. I also could see and hear things that were non-physical. In my high state I disregarded the high-stress that I was under. For a moment I wondered, am I cheating on my course? As I was elated at a time so stressful I could have been depressed and ran ragged. Yet, I was high and could see things with a more than vivid brightness.
I am very highly creative. Have mutitple learning differences known as learning disabilities. My IQ is no doubt very high, but I because of the learning differences in the past didn't score high on standardized tests. I always wished the tests tested me, and not the standard. One day Soon! I hope! Yet, I'm learning to shift my gears and respond to the standard as a way of increased survival, even though my true calling is to be very intuitively driven.
I wish I knew more people like me! Where are you?

rajen girwarr said at April 21, 2004 8:16 PM:

I met with a person that is classified as a genius this weekend, he immediately
told me I was also a genius, much to my suprise I taught he was kidding but it turned
out he was not.
This explaines why I have done certain things in my life.
I have had taughts of cure for alhymers, aging, and numerous other things just
pop into my head. I have also found passages in the bible that realates to things
I knew that was floating around in my head. I would find a thread and keep following
it until I got to an explination, and by doing that discovered lots of other things.
I have and understanding of the universe in my head and from that I have put together
taughts of a time machine. As crasy as it sounds I know I am not crazy, and if a genius
can classify me as a genius then my theories should have some validity.
This is only a few of the theories that come to me. I notice if I go to a hospital
the cure for certain comes to me, and I know nothing about the medical field.
I talked to a doctor and he said It could work. My understanding of god and different dimentions is so clear to me in my mind its all real.
I am just trying to share info here and I believe by following a thread I can get to
anywhere I want. I learned to play the drums by figuring out the patterns in my head then tried it and was better able to play it than someone who has been playing it for 3 years.
Pretty cool uh?
If you need to know more or would like to just correspond with me pls send me an email.


Liz said at April 22, 2004 1:21 AM:

I am a qualified Psycholgist working in general business. I have been hospitalised with 2 psychotic episodes. My IQ is in the top 5% overall and my conceptual reasoning ability is 1% - 0%. Whilst I wouldn't like to be any different, the burden of my IQ has taken a considerable toll - it needn't have been the case if a litany of therapists I've been to in my life stopped looking through their DSM manuals for correlates of my behaviour. At 38 I've only begun to address managing my IQ. The findings posted here should be made more public - if nothing else rather than regaining all the friends, jobs, boyfriends and opportunities I've lost, it might prevent it happening to some one else. It would also help stop exploitation - what I call interchangably - "The Mozart Syndrome" and the "The goose that laid the golden egg" phenomenon. Thanks for making me feel "normal" for once.

Darkchild said at May 16, 2004 6:34 AM:

This stuff clears up a lot. Ever since i was a little kid i loved science, it facinated me. My dad who is very smart and has a lot of overall knowledge would explain all types of thing's to me and I would love it. In the course of scientifical and logical things I've never had trouble understanding them. I could theorize and think about the most fictional things and like doďng it. But i've always had trouble dealing with my emotions. Not beďng able to control or understand them. Wich would result in bad social contacts, and bad school performance. As I hit puberty I noticed that there would be days where everything would go great, and then suddenly everything would go wrong and i coulden't handle or manage social contacts anymore. This resulted ofcourse in depression and feeling psychotic. What made me depressed was the fact that a person needs good social contacts to function properly. So I would get frustrated when I was working my brain to understand what was wrong. This woulden't happen if my problem was scientifical, a person doesen't need science to feel happy. So I was pretty much screwed. But then again like everybody I make progress. I read that psychosis disapears as a person get's older, this must be because that person has solved the problem and no longer needs to overload his brain to figure 'it' out.

Cya, Darkchild.

maddy said at May 20, 2004 10:50 PM:

thanks for sharing this info, i have been looking for more explanation to explain the "craziness" in my head. i have always been very intelligent (sometimes testing as high as top 1%) and very creative, (i have had poetry published and sculpture displayed in an exhibit and i sell the jewelry i make). but i also am diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. i have terrible psychosis. i relate very easily to the concept of simply having too many thoughts in my head, too much information coming in to process. but i do resent any implication that i am mentally ill because my intelligence i lacking. that just can't be the reason and i wish they would figure out the real reason. i'd love to get some more latent inhibition, lol

Branford said at May 28, 2004 8:04 AM:

I have a tested IQ in the 170+ range with a digit span of 22 :)

Branford said at May 28, 2004 8:06 AM:

Well it seems like Im the smartest here with an IQ of 170 and a working memory of 22 chunks of information :)

Ricky said at June 5, 2004 7:40 AM:

Well thats nothing compared to me. I have a tested childhood IQ of 210 with a digit span of 26 :) and a near perfect memory.

Lucia said at June 24, 2004 2:02 AM:

I thought the article was interesting, but it showed no solution. What would the solution be? drugs to control the excessive input? psychological orientation to help maintain ideas within a "normal" level? yoga or other meditational therapy? I have a son that fits the description to a t, but how can I help him? I always thought of him as a black ball full of light that had many holes puncture through it. The rays of light come out of every hole, but none of them focuses on anything, so all the light is wasted. How can I help him edit the input and focus on just a few stimuli?

rajen girwarr said at October 12, 2004 10:48 PM:

Dear fellow readers
For a while now I have had taughts come into my mind, and thinking I was crazy I had myself evaluated by a
known scientist. Mankind is putting time to measure the universe. The way it should be is like this, time which is
created by man should stay on this plane and the universe which is on its own scale should not get time thrown into it to measure distances of other objects. There is no way time could be used to measure the distance from one star to
the next. The universe exist in its own realm, and every object has its own cycle. Once the universe is comprehened as a three dimentional existance then everything makes perfect sence, a lot more than using light-years and time to determine distance. Therefore the universe with all its stars simply exist. The stars you are seeing now are really there at this moment, not a billion light years ago. Once you look at the universe in a 3 dimentional view then things start falling into place and you can use your mind to create the future.

Harry Briam said at November 7, 2004 5:33 PM:

Lucia brings up a good point. Is there a solution to bringing some focus back? Is it possible that in the fray of contemplating patterns to all the stimuli our minds bathe in, that we miss the subtle threads of social diplomacy with those around us, those who may be less able to see the bigger picture, those who may run slower, but after all, are heading down the same path. Creativity, problem solving, and the love of absorbing huge quantity of info and media are things I thrive on, but if it prevents me from integrating with society or with those I love, then I don't see it as much of a blessing, but more of a burden. Brag about your IQ, then think of how many friends you have, that truly understand you, and think of how easy it is for you to mix with the general public. Some of us cope better than others, but the active word here is cope.

Marina Giorgi said at March 25, 2005 1:23 PM:

The hypothesis that "dump people" with low latent inhibition end up with mental illness and "smart ones" are high functioning is a bit optimistic and a wishful thinking, don't you think? Isn't it known that highly creative individuals are the most prone to mental illness? Creativity is a quality purely human- another indication that we, humans, are 'mad animals'. Our depression is inherent just as our destructive self-consciousness with the corresponding obsession with death and sadness coming from our way too good memory (that proves to us every moment that everything mattered and loved is fleeting and soon lost). The difference between people is a degree and an expression of madness, the more creative being more prone to it. It's a natural consequence of being human, the curse of the 'forbidden fruit' of knowledge (read 'thinking') eaten in the evolutionary Eden.

Jeremy Langford said at April 29, 2005 12:36 AM:

For all those people looking for a way of changing above mentioned states I would suggest looking into Neurofeedback.Good Luck.
As a system of controlling the brain and brainwave states it has helped me immensly in harnessing my own creativity.

Georgina said at May 12, 2005 12:47 PM:

I suffer from extremely high creativity. At school I was underachievment pupil but at the University people found out that I have extraordinary ability to deal with abstract conceptual thinking. It was a big suprise to me. A few years later i got an idea to found a marketing and sales office; I designed the products, marketing and sales and it was very profitable. Later i started to design clothes and sowed 70 models and showed them to the leading clothing manufacturer in this area and the producing manager promised to employ me but unfortunately the owner of the company said "NO" because I didn`t have designing degree.

Then I started to design furniture and there was one manufacturer who promised to manufacture my first model of bed but it was "stolen". Then I started to design decorations and functional things and the innovation-association promised me a big grant if I find a co-operator. I didn´t.

Now I`ve drawn a comic book and soon the publisher lets me know whether it is published or not.

Last year happened an accident: I became involved in politics and I had very good ideas and got lot of votes. Soon I was the leader of my party and designed the action and programmes.( Now I have embraced other party).

I suffer, because it is very difficult to be different from other people; when there is smaller or bigger group discussing almost any issue and I open my mouth there will be silence and people`s mouths are open; I have very useful and high quality ideas they say. Let`s see what happens next...

WEstly Chinnery said at July 2, 2005 9:27 AM:

I also not so much suffer from high creativity, but my IQ combined with distorted thinking has caused me tremendous troubles. I am 19 years old and spent already 2 years of my life in Federal Penetentiaries here in Canada. I was tested when I was younger and scored above 130 or close to that. Now if i would have used that creativity to do good instead of producing counterfeit bills I would be set. But, for some reason I cant seem to not want to take the easy way out. I find this so called gift of creativity more of a curse than a blessing.

Mandy McClellan said at July 15, 2005 12:56 PM:

I would like to refer readers of this site to the Harvard Gazzette Archives at this website: http://www.news.harvard.edu/gazette/2003/10.23/01-creativity.html When faced with questionable, ridiculas, information, it is best to go to the "horse's mouth."

I have severe bipolar disorder with psychotic features. I am also highly intelligent. A truth which is supported by the fact, given the numerous psychiatric professionals I have seen, I have literally been told that I am intelligent more times than I have been told that I am mentally ill. Despite the severity of my illness, a psychologist did not believe that I had bipolar disorder. Instead she told me that I should be in ivy league schools discussing my theories on the structure of time with them. Praise of my intelligence did not end there. My professors in college are encouraging me to write a book in light of my "fantastic" writing ability.

Having found wellness again, I am frustrated with my mind's insistence on thinking, creating original thoughts, formulating logical arguments supporting my positions, etc. etc. when all I want to do is wash the dishes. Hence my research into latent inhibition and my discovery of this poorly reasoned website.

Visit the above sight; you will find that it is not the intention of Harvard researchers to turn the difference between mental illness and intelligence into the equivilant of neanderthal to advanced man. They simply maintain they have found another trait to link the two.

To the authors of this site: Through your misinterpretation of medical research, you threaten to turn back the tide in acheivements in dismantling stigma, battled by, for instance, the creators of The Beautiful Mind. I wonder if the conclusions you have made are similar to Hitler's when he initiated a program to elliminate the mentally ill.

To all who are mentally ill: Mental illness is no function of your intelligence. You are neither weak nor stupid.

To all who touted your IQ's in the above posts: Do not be too proud of your abilities. They are a function of your brain that could easily be taken away by a head injury. Instead find pride in your works.

thomas said at September 19, 2005 3:05 PM:

i think that you should pour yourself into many creative activities. i personally read alot of stuff, write stories poems and lyrics, draw constantly (even in science classes), play dungeons and dragons, and many various videogames. sometimes i find everyting more interesting when i do two activites at once.

one who wonders.... said at September 20, 2005 4:01 AM:

Hallo to all seekers of the workings of a brilliant mind. I agree with Mandy that you can be both highly intelligent as well as mentally ill, or rather that the two are not separate but can be intertwined. Also agreed, those who boast- great that you have found one area of excelling but IQ only is for ranking certain intellectual qualities, not all forms of intelligences. There are those who would also be considered less intelligent even if they do not rank high on a typical IQ scale due to other factors such as learning disabilities, which does not render one unintelligent. Sure there are those who are mentally not as advanced as certain others, but they have their special gifts, for we all have been given talents from the Great Master above! So be glad within whatever your qualities, no matter your IQ level, whether high or low, and don't brag about them- like Mandy says DO something with them, (don't sit on your backside sipping the tea of self-conceit while you could be tending to the needs of those around you- whether human, animal, plant or the environment- or wherever your heart and talents lie); and be open to those around you maybe not so fortunate as you, and think there is someone out there, even a developmentally disabled individual who might excel over you in another area such as in compassion or humility or love. (Though intelligence and creativity don't preclude
a strength in these areas, of course.)

OK, I am also creative like most here, it has it's ups n' downs, but even though I feel pride at times for my ideas and beliefs, (wish I would achieve more but self-sabotage comes into play here- sad, so sad- can any of you fellow smart and creative people relate???), I also realize that despite my gifts I must share them with the world when I am further able to, and that there is so much more to learn, and even ordinary people have precious things that they could share with you if you only open your eyes enough to see beyond the end of your nose- you know who you are.

Well, I am just human like all of us, (Why am I rambling on?) Well, just to pinch our arms to remember that we who have extra talents must not let it go to our heads and if we do just to see the beauty and potential in all, to make this world collectively a better place. (That's why some people have extra blessings, more is expected of us since more has been given to us.) Too many egos already in this world. Be confident but not arrogant if you can help it- OK, I'm not your mother! --just thought I'd toss my two cents in the swirling pool of opinions on this blog.

Agreed or not agreed- just be your best self and share, share, share.

Peace out happy (or moody) travelers.....

Sayonara for a long tomorrow. END

(who knows, I may never return here- BOO! ha-ha. ha?)

Liz said at October 26, 2005 11:10 PM:

This one is for Larry Brown - (please also refer to my earlier posting). I was labeled "mentally ill" Larry and after much frustration with the "court, judge and jury" - some of whom were my "peers" (I'm a Psychologist) I decided what they had to say about me, after 5 minutes of speaking to me, was a load of rubbish. They didn't know me from a bar of soap and hadn't walked in my shoes. More to the point, they didn't know themselves enough to objectively pass judgement on some one else. Nonetheless the culture in this medical specialisation is such that they allow and facilitate each other to make these decisions. Have a read of what their decision-making "rules" are based on - a guy (Kraeplin) who stuck his finger in the air and decided there was a classification of "mental illness" at a time in history when it was still thought females presenting to doctors with head aches should have their ovaries removed to stop the headaches.

I must admit for a while I was pretty defensive about anything which was said about "mentally ill" people - after much frustration it occured to me that rather than assist people, these labels were actually stereotypes used by "normal" people and, sadly, the medical fraternity, many of whom lack broad and traumatic life experience to understand that if you get raped a few dozen times in a war, or like a friend I have, escape with the shirt on your back from a war zone, that you ARE going to be impacted. My friend has post-traumatic stress disorder, but because Australia (where I live) is a very stable and sheltered place, they are treating him as if he's a Schizophrenic - they don't have experience to understand, otherwise.

I see the whole thing being the same as it was in the dark ages, except then, people with all medical illness (physical or psychological)were exorcised or burned at the stake as witches and heretics. People with different ideas (like Giordano Bruno, for example), copped the same treatment. Was Bruno mentall ill? They'd probably call him that today because no one can follow or trace where he got his ideas - so he'd be loaded up with Zyprexa...just because he didn't fall into what we consider "normalcy" and because, basically a handful of people don't get what he says. Bruno's mate, Galileo pulled his head in and toed the line.

Churchill was Bipolar - what legacy has he left us in the middle east? In fact a whole swathe of apparenty "mentally ill" people rose to prominence historically(including Mozart). My question is therefore what is the deifintion of mentally ill? My answer is "anything I don't understand".

You might find it interesting that one ex-Oxford academic (Dr David Horrobin)who worked on the genome project is of the opinion that what society considers "mental illness" is actually a psychological step up the ladder of evolution (see his book "The Madness of Adam and Eve") - now wouldn't that be a slap in the face?

Liz said at October 26, 2005 11:58 PM:

(Hope no one minds if I indulge a bit more in my monologue)...There is also the question of how you define intelligence. When I studied Psychology at Uni a couple of decades ago amongst all the theories one, in particular impressed me. Rather than presume intelligence was effectively "learned intelligence" which basically tests memory or your ability to manipulate things you'd already learned (these are the tests with matrices, word comprehension, putting puzzles together etc), this one split intelligence into two tangents - one being learned intelligence and another which was fluid (you can see this in people who think latterally - eg being stuck in the desert with a flat tyre and needing a screwdriver and coming across a knife and using this as a screwdriver).

I've been thinking about this a very long time and I still don't think this went far enough to define the nature of intelligence. I've had a few debates with friends who studied pure science who maintained (in a nutshell) that animals were less intelligent than humans. Then I got into a debate with an Astronomer who had a really narrow idea of what looking for "intelligent life" in space woud turn up. I don't think animals are less intelligent and I don't think we'll ever find "intelligent life in space" because I think the way we define intelligence is limited to what we already know - how do you develop an intelligence test for a genius if you are not one? It's like developing a test of endurance for a class athelete based on what YOU can do - bit of a joke really. Based on our limited capacity to see and hear compared to an animal, for example, how can we presume we're more intelligent? I'll accept we manipulate and combine information better, but what's the use of that when you're only doing it on a limited amount of information - if you could see or hear like an animal, that woudl be something! Imagine if we were looking for intelligent life using only one band of frequency out of millions possible - the most pathetic thing is we are not even aware that millions of bands exist.

Cutting to the chase - for me intelligence is primarily the ability to create something out of nothing and secondarily to find scope to APPLY it. It can't be anything else, because anything else is already regurgitation (or "simulcra"). The IQ tests we have measure regurgitation not intelligence.

Personally I think to be intelligent is to step outside yourself (which is very hard to do)and stop thiking of your environment and everything in it as an extension of yourself - YOU are an extension of IT. It won't sing to you, you need to absorb it - all the answers are there but we've just become to intensely focused on ourselves that we can't see it anymore. We have a linear dimension of time, when in fact, time is a cycle. Our monthly calendar, based on the moon, has been "re-packaged" into 12 months - when there are actually 13 lunar cycles, not 12 - then to compound the issue we make up a leap year every 4 years to account for it. We've prescibed and labeled things which don't exist.

Worse still, we've regurgitated it so much, everyone takes for granted it is a given - why do we have Xmas trees? Where did it come from? What's with the baubles on it? Why does a rabbit represent Easter? What's with the chocolate eggs? The answers to these questions are not as straightforward as they seem.

According to my definition of intelligence if you are not capable of ASKING these questions you are NOT intelligent - being able to answer them is superfluous as it amounts to regurgitation.

Stexe said at October 31, 2005 6:44 PM:

They just mentioned "low latent inhibition plus high intelligence leads to high creativity," or atleast the idea behind it, on the Fox's TV show, "Prison Break." The character Michael Scofield, played by Wentworth Miller, is described as having low latent inhibition with a high intelligence who precieves the world in a unique way. For more information you can read up on the show at http://www.tv.com/prison-break/tweener/episode/475540/summary.html or at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0455275/ .

Stexe said at October 31, 2005 6:58 PM:

I also find the condescending attitude of the various posters not only immature and childish, but foolish and -- for the lack of a better word -- stupid. If you are going to say comments like "Well it seems like Im the smartest here with an IQ of 170 and a working memory of 22 chunks of information :)" or other similar comments, at least try to act the part of being smart instead of making said remarks. This will also prevent other future out breaks of similar comments. Everything is relative and so is intelligence, you can offer your opinion, but try not to make any of what you say stand out as fact that you are superior or all-knowing. That's all I have to rant about. Take care.

Gweedo8 said at October 31, 2005 7:20 PM:

Thanks stexe I feel like an intelligent person and withintelligence I know that there is know reason to act like the person your talking about!

Gweedo8 said at October 31, 2005 7:27 PM:

I wonder if there is a correlation to LLI and drugs, I use to do a lot of acid (not to be cool) and I can remember seeing the world and life for what it was the true animosity of everything, this world is so simple. Although, I believe I would have come to the same conclusions on life without drugs I dont think I would jumped levels of inteligence so fast if it wasnt for the drugs. (remember I took the drugs as a learning experience not to party)

Overall I think that maybe Drugs have a way of lowering thes LLI's, that could be why some people to learn alot and some people lose their minds????

Food for thought......

Drew said at October 31, 2005 7:45 PM:

Wow, and I only thought I was crazy. Only after a recent television show did I realize what my issue maybe. I decided to do some research on this "LI" theory and I came across this blog. It fit's me to the "T". I was completely astonished by the research that was done and the conclusion of the matter. It seem's I can add this ontop of my O.C.D., which I was diagnosed with when I was 22. I analyze everything from the inner working's of a clock's second hand to the inner working's of my relationships without even really thinking about it. I get so consumed by my thought's that it becomes unclear of what it actually is that I should be thinking about. I'm not going to say I am a genius, I don't believe I should be the one to point that out. On the other hand, I am no dummy. Thanks for the insight on this Low Latent Inhibition theory. It all makes a little more sense to me.

Patti said at October 31, 2005 8:21 PM:

I also just watched "Prison Break". Which the description of Low Latent Inhibition lead me to this website, while researching. It reminds me of my son, who is eleven, and has been diagnosed with everything from Autism to Asperger Syndrome and everything inbetween. I think there are thoughts in his head that have yet to be tapped, and LLI gave me a new line to tap. More Later

Gweedo8 said at October 31, 2005 8:38 PM:

I notice that there are alot of old hits hopefully everyone stays on this site. this is all very interesting

carale said at October 31, 2005 8:40 PM:

In regards to Leroys post, watching Prison Break and hearing them say that is exactly the reason why im here. I googled it after watching it and now here i am.

Gweedo8 said at October 31, 2005 8:46 PM:

I am kind of chewing on a thought it is not complet but I thought I would share it.

Every one that I had ever met that is truly intelligent does not associate it to any sort of IQ test. And you also do not hear them bragging about it, they usually seem content with understanding and at the same time confused with all the millions of things they dont understand. How do you measure true inteligence? happiness, knowing advanced puzzles or the definitions of words.

jmueller said at October 31, 2005 9:58 PM:

i chuckled when encountering the last few messages on here that contained references to prison break on fox. when the show mentioned LI it seemed to capture in a nutshell my entire life's experience. how maudlin. a pop show on one of tv's worst mainstream networks. but it did. and now i'm here chuckling because all sorts of people must have googled "latent inhibition" on cue. myself included. which demonstrates naturally, that even in genius one remains human.

Nate Dogg said at October 31, 2005 10:17 PM:

Just like the last few people here. Googled it after watching Prison Break.

TooMuchInfo said at October 31, 2005 10:19 PM:

Just saw Prison Break too. I always kind of thought that my brain was wired a little differently, and when I saw that, I thought, Wow! Seeing every little detail! That's me! If I look at any object or device, I see all the pieces and working parts. For example if I look at, or even hear a car go by, my brain shows me all the parts in the engine and drivetrain in motion, as well as how some of the parts are made. Some time ago, I tried to explain this effect to somebody, but I could see that they were just kind of smiling and nodding, so I don't bother. If I'm helping somebody with a problem, I have to keep reminding myself that we're not viewing the situation the same way. Often, the solution is glaringly obvious, but I make it look like I just stumbled across it so as not to belittle or humble anybody. That's another problem, (not sure if it's related) is that I worry waaaaaay too much about what other people will think.
I'm pretty sure I have hefty levels of ADD. Couldn't really be bothered listening in school, it was all so boring. It takes me a long time to do things because my mind starts wandering, and boy when it starts wandering, believe me it's always a long trip.
If I was to say I have any OCD, it would be that if I don't know how something works, I have to either find out or take it apart and figure it out (much to my father's consternation when I was young). I have to know how everything works!!! Another one, (a biggie for me) is perfectionism. It will take me months to paint a room because everything has to be just so. Most of the time it turns out not as perfect as I wanted, which I guess I have to deal with or go mad, hence the teetering-on-the-edge-of-insanity thing.
Some people measure intelligence with tests or educational degrees, but I don't think they're a true measure of how smart or creative someone is. At a former company, I was given an "Occupational Test", which was kind of a mini-IQ test. When the owner of the company looked at the results, he said' "Well, according to this you should be running the company!". Well, if I was really that smart, wouldn't I already be running a company? I suspect a great number of people get degrees because they managed to memorize a bunch of information long enough to write some tests, but have no natural ability in their chosen field. (Don't forget: somewhere in the world, there is the worst doctor.) I've met mechanical engineers who frankly weren't very bright. As well, it seems that the people who wave their degrees or test scores in other's faces the most vigorously are often the least clever.

bzzzzzzzzt said at October 31, 2005 10:42 PM:

There is no correlation between LLI and intelligence. The article only says if the two are intertwined there may be heightened creativity with intelligence or mental illness with a low IQ.

Demersus said at October 31, 2005 10:45 PM:

It's funny, I was watching Prison Break, too. When I heard the phychiatrist explain what LLI is, I too had to run to the computer because it was like I finally had some explanation for why I seem so different from most people. Although I typically score well on general/standardized IQ or apptidude tests, I don't really think they can truly measure intelligence in a meaningful way. I learned of a professor at Harvard name Howard Gardener a few years ago while taking English 102 at a community college. He has a theory that intelligence can be measured in at least 7, and probably many more, separate catagories. I cannot recall them all now, but there is the usual math and linguistics along with inter and intra personal skills, music and kinesthetic, etc.

So, my deal is that I've always been an underacheiver, even though I can usually run circles around most people in the 'ole deductive reasoning dept. I tend to bore easily and have a hard time finishing the dozens of projects that I always have going on. I've smoked pot since I was in jr. high and I think it's a form of self medication. Anyway, I have lots more to say, but not all at once. It's nice to have an idea about why I am the way I am and why others just don't understand me.

bzzzzzzzzt said at October 31, 2005 10:56 PM:

I find the self indulgent fantasies of intelligence of people blogging this sight to be amusing. All I hear is whining about not being able to function properly. If one has high intelligence it will help in filtering the nonessential information and allow for coherent thought.

jmueller said at October 31, 2005 11:09 PM:

bzzzt, stop projecting. or at least rededine self-indulgence to include your sudden appearance on a site that has never shared a trace of your commentary until now.

i think the majority of people commenting here are primarily having an "a ha" moment. and in light of their apparently isolated life experiences it is probably worth letting them, you or myself indulge. unless you're the type of person who thrills in smacking someone down right at the moment that they leap for joy.

Demersus said at October 31, 2005 11:15 PM:

Just because I can recognize repeating patterns in long alpha-numeric strings or geometric shapes doesn't necessarily mean that I can interact with the world on it's terms. I have social/emotional/psychological issues due to the way my mind works. I was just so friggin' thrilled to finally have some explanation that fits me.

Now, that all being said, I will defend my asserations as far from "fantasies of intelligence". I failed first grade. But, by the time I was in third grade I was tested as a "gifted" child and attended classes at the high school three days per week. Unfortunately, my family life was not stable during those formative years and by the time I got into jr. high I was already heading down the wrong path (drugs, alchohol, sex, etc.).

Although I have never finished college, I did work in the biotechnology field for nearly a decade. I often was in charge of people with degree; BS/BA, MS, PhD. Granted, none were senior level, but I was in my 20s as well. Hell, I even spent some time in the biochemical engineering dept. at M.I.T for professional training. I currently work in the computer/network administration field. Again, no formal training. I just wanted to learn it and worked my way up.

Terry Cowell said at October 31, 2005 11:59 PM:

Well here I am a few hours after Prison Break still tossing this phrase around in my head. It's almost 2:30am and I cant sleep, but I'm sure thats nothing new for many of you. Normally I hate when I hear something that I think might be a generic term for the way I think or feel, but tonight's theory actually seems to hit the spot. I mean I figure we have all heard we were ADD,ADHD, and well maybe we are. But with that said I cant say that I have ever in my 28 years of life thought someone else had typed what I was thinking. TOOMUCHINFO, I seriously thought I was experiencing Dejavu when I read your post. I quickly stopped reading and scrolled down to make sure I hadnt had too much caffiene, Astonishingly your name was at the bottom. Well as I scrolled back up and finished the post I just felt amazed someone sees things the same way. As a kid I was given an IQ test and scored 141 in 3rd grade and immediatly placed in gifted classes untill highschool, where the budget was cut. I had the same teacher every year and same few classmates. Upon beginning highschool I was suddendly shocked and bored of how lame even the hardest, most advanced classes were. Well you guessed it, I no longer cared about school..they had taken my ability to achieve away and even frowned upon the fact that I was done with weeks worth of work ahead of time. So I started skipping school and such and eventually quit the "public" school system. Well I enrolled in a private school which took all of about a month to graduate and moved on with life. I find it extremely hard to work for anyone else. I've owned a Automotive repair shop, Car Audio and Electronics store, and a Computer Repair shop. I find it so hard to relate to my customers, to even explain to them whats wrong with thier stuff. I just feel like every one is stupid sometimes, Like I just want to say " HOW CAN YOU NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT I'M TELLING YOU?". I've tried explaining it to several friends of mine in sort of the aspect TOOMUCHINFO used. No matter what I look at, See, Hear, Feel, I just cant see it for what it is. Its always what it consists of..When I see any object..I see all the pieces it made up of..and whether or not they are working properly. I have used the car explanation a few times..how I see all the rods,pistons/valves etc moving ..or When I hear a certain sound I zoom in on a diagram of the failing part. The best way I can describe it as corny as it sounds..In the movie Fast and the Furious..when they show the 3D motion of the engine and the nitrous going through it or CSI how they show the pop up screens of the crime happening..thats how I see shit!! The problem is I cant turn it on or off..sure It's great when everyone wants you to tell them whats wrong with object X,Y,or Z ,But it really sucks when you cant enjoy life because you cant simply enjoy, and stop diagnosing. I lie in bed for hours sometimes with all these damn ideas and fixes for stuff, most of which I never commit to, I have a zillion 95% finished projects and those only got that far because they in some way presented me with a problem of challenge beyond the normal dealings in life. How does everyone else here deal with the sidetracking issues? How come I can fix anything but cant remember to get the dogfood or be at my 3pm appointment. As long as I am constantly presented with challenge or even change I'm fine..Its the repetitous normal stuff I forget. I'm going to end saying TOOMUCHINFO...You must be my long lost twin, LoL. I have never seen someone wtite exactly what I would have before I did..Thats some wierd shit man. Laters all, Hackowell

Terry Cowell said at November 1, 2005 12:06 AM:

Well here I am a few hours after Prison Break still tossing this phrase around in my head. It's almost 2:30am and I cant sleep, but I'm sure thats nothing new for many of you. Normally I hate when I hear something that I think might be a generic term for the way I think or feel, but tonight's theory actually seems to hit the spot. I mean I figure we have all heard we were ADD,ADHD, and well maybe we are. But with that said I cant say that I have ever in my 28 years of life thought someone else had typed what I was thinking. TOOMUCHINFO, I seriously thought I was experiencing Dejavu when I read your post. I quickly stopped reading and scrolled down to make sure I hadnt had too much caffiene, Astonishingly your name was at the bottom. Well as I scrolled back up and finished the post I just felt amazed someone sees things the same way. As a kid I was given an IQ test and scored 141 in 3rd grade and immediatly placed in gifted classes untill highschool, where the budget was cut. I had the same teacher every year and same few classmates. Upon beginning highschool I was suddendly shocked and bored of how lame even the hardest, most advanced classes were. Well you guessed it, I no longer cared about school..they had taken my ability to achieve away and even frowned upon the fact that I was done with weeks worth of work ahead of time. So I started skipping school and such and eventually quit the "public" school system. Well I enrolled in a private school which took all of about a month to graduate and moved on with life. I find it extremely hard to work for anyone else. I've owned a Automotive repair shop, Car Audio and Electronics store, and a Computer Repair shop. I find it so hard to relate to my customers, to even explain to them whats wrong with thier stuff. I just feel like every one is stupid sometimes, Like I just want to say " HOW CAN YOU NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT I'M TELLING YOU?". I've tried explaining it to several friends of mine in sort of the aspect TOOMUCHINFO used. No matter what I look at, See, Hear, Feel, I just cant see it for what it is. Its always what it consists of..When I see any object..I see all the pieces it made up of..and whether or not they are working properly. I have used the car explanation a few times..how I see all the rods,pistons/valves etc moving ..or When I hear a certain sound I zoom in on a diagram of the failing part. The best way I can describe it as corny as it sounds..In the movie Fast and the Furious..when they show the 3D motion of the engine and the nitrous going through it or CSI how they show the pop up screens of the crime happening..thats how I see shit!! The problem is I cant turn it on or off..sure It's great when everyone wants you to tell them whats wrong with object X,Y,or Z ,But it really sucks when you cant enjoy life because you cant simply enjoy, and stop diagnosing. I lie in bed for hours sometimes with all these damn ideas and fixes for stuff, most of which I never commit to, I have a zillion 95% finished projects and those only got that far because they in some way presented me with a problem of challenge beyond the normal dealings in life. How does everyone else here deal with the sidetracking issues? How come I can fix anything but cant remember to get the dogfood or be at my 3pm appointment. As long as I am constantly presented with challenge or even change I'm fine..Its the repetitous normal stuff I forget. I'm going to end saying TOOMUCHINFO...You must be my long lost twin, LoL. I have never seen someone wtite exactly what I would have before I did..Thats some wierd shit man. Laters all, Hackowell

Terry Cowell said at November 1, 2005 12:08 AM:

Sorry about the double post..the page went dead when i hit post and didnt show up on refreshing :{

Teu Balin said at November 1, 2005 1:37 AM:

Well, I'm glad to say I came to this conclusion years ago. Definitely describes me, but I've learned to see some things blunt and others complex. I used to be the kind of person to get lost in the details, but now at the age of 25 I've gained managerial control over my mind and I complete projects and have begun to excel.

I recommend everyone learn from this. You have to have blunt simple thoughts rise out of the confusion of many thoughts. This is a gift. I'm ecstatic that I came across this "term". I've always said if schizophrenics had a little more humor about their situation they could rise above it.

Cruelty to those suffering from mental illness aside, if you are low latent inhibited with a high IQ get off your asses and embrace the insanity. Write a screenplay, come up with an algorithm, embark on rhetoric that'll carry you into high office, or just amuse everyone around you.

I was recently called the most highly functional insane person my friend knows.

Bivouac! Bivouac! Let's stop complimenting ourselves and get out their into the world of accomplishments!

Ron Sears said at November 1, 2005 5:15 AM:

This is really comforting, to know that I'm not the only one who is on the edge. At 44, I created companies, helped others to create theirs, ran businesses effortlessly since I was 10 years old. Took many courses, didn't show up to collect two BA degrees and one MS degree... it was just boring. Have a few recalled BS and BA degrees, two MS and a PhD in engineering, as well as tens of certifications in the technical, science, art and management fields.

I literally don't sleep for years. I thank Ambien every day and I wish there was a more relaxing way to slow down a bit. I'm demanding from my environment to catch up with me, and we all know it is not even remotely possible. I don't know how my wife tolerates me. My kids are both way above average in everything (home schooled) and I believe my wife's IQ is higher than my 176. But she is not as tense and creative as I am.

How do you manage to stay as sane as possible with so many inpompetant people around you????

jay said at November 1, 2005 6:36 AM:

Here i am also after a wonderful show of Prison Break which was yesterday.(11-01)Isn't it comical how simple entertainment briefly interspersed with factual knowledge creates a whirlpool of spectators at the door of a site not usually visited.(snickers)That my friends is interest anyhow (excuse my latent I.Q.)that article was marvelous.I beleive latent inhibition might be the key to some revolutionary ideas and discoveries not even yet pondered by our greatest geniuses.It is to basd that there probably will not be any volunteers for experiments any time soon provided the fact that any attempt to lower a subjects latent inhibition would probably convert a sane person into insane.I do however hypothesize that if experiments were done eventually we would reach breaking results scientific history.Hmm i'll be thinking about this all through the high school.{snickers)

ivivy said at November 1, 2005 6:57 AM:

Add me to the list of those who had their "revelation" during Prison Break last night. For years I have been sure that something was not wired quite right in my brain. I have often compared it to the previously mentioned “black ball with light spewing out going nowhere” … like I was wasting my brain power. I have tried endlessly to devise ways to categories and retain all of the information that “appears” in my mind, but it always leads to trying to figure out 100 other questions that are totally unrelated. I am 30, I have a successful career, a fabulous wife, 1st child on the way. I do not believe that this condition is “bad”, but I do think that it leads to choices and decisions that most people would not make. I have been “self-medicating” for years with drinking and smoking pot. I have found it to be the only way to “turn down” my brain….I have never found a way to turn it off completely. What do any of you others do to deal with it?
Maybe something as simple as being mentioned in a TV show will bring more public awareness to this “condition” and give all of us some answers to the questions we all ask about ….why we think this way? Has anyone come across something more structured than this blog? Anywhere?

Dave said at November 1, 2005 6:59 AM:

Like everyone else I found this site from "Prison Break". Also if you are at this site you probably have a high IQ so lets get that out of the way, your smart I accept it and don't need you to post a shopping list to prove it. If anyone knows of a good blog to discuss this please post a link, I would like to learn more about this and find out what others experiance and how they cope with it. The followig is a list of things I attribute to this "condition" please post if you experience the same (or different) and how you cope with it.

1) A feeling that everyone around you is dumb or incompetent and that it is hard to communicate with them.
2) A quest for knowledge, I want to know how everything works, this seems to help, in that once I understand how things work they dont seem to bother me anymore.
3) Frustration with inefficiency. Always trying to make things work better even when they work fine. Hence the reason for my feeling towards the government, an inefficiant mess that I can't fix but the solutions are so obvious.
4) Difficulty working for someone, I cant hold a steady job because after a few months I know more than my superiors and start making them look bad so they get rid of me.
5) Advice giver (listener). Tied into number 4, everywhere I work I become my co-workers best friend and they tend to flock to me for work and personal advice.
6) An ability to fix nearly anything mechanical/electrical.
7) Problem solver.
8) Trouble communicating eveything that is in my head to others verbally of through writing. Probably the reason for number 1.
9) Underperformer in education settings yet knowing I am smarter then most "A" students.
10) A feeling that everyone around you thinks you are a nut(a kook, crazy, weird, insane...)

ed said at November 1, 2005 7:49 AM:

Yeah I too am here because I discovered this condition for the first time yesterday on 'Prison Break'. But it hit me... you know which character on TV has the most convincing case of Decreased Latent Inhibition coupled with a high IQ? Detective Robert Goren from 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent'. Now I have been following the show for the longest time (since the beginning actually) and I don't think they've ever discussed or mentioned Det Goren (played by Vincent D'Onofrio) as having low latent inhibition but it makes sense if you've seen his character on-screen and how he solves crimes by paying attention to the most minute of details that most cops let alone people would just ignore or just unconsciously put aside as having little relevance. They've only ever referenced his mother being a schizophrenic but this diagnosis makes perfect sense.

Paul E said at November 1, 2005 8:37 AM:

Well i'm not going to say much cause this is very weird at the moment, but I saw the show too and all these posts are blowing my mind because it's like everyone said what I would have. I am ADHD, OCD and I have an anxiety disorder. I haven't been able to sleep since I awoke this morning from my drunken haze of last nights halloween party because I can't stop thinking about this. I'm 21 and in college.

Hurricane_Poppy said at November 1, 2005 8:45 AM:

Can any of you "highly intelligent" people SPELL words correctly or put a coherent sentence together? There are so many more things / qualities that are more important than high IQ. Try coming down off your high-horse and really connect with the world. Once you stop seeing youself as "special" and begin to interact with society; you may find that everyone feels different sometimes. Don't pay so much attention to things. I used to suffer from extreme social anxiety and depression; the drugs DO NOT work, therapy DOES NOT WORK! THe only thing that has helped me in 30 years is PRAYER. Don't just talk to GOD; LISTEN TO GOD. Always look for the silver lining. It sounds trite but it works. Keep on the sunny side even if you have to FAKE it at first and on occasion. This is what "NORMAL" people do. Pick a "normal" person who you admire and simply immitate their life. I promise that unless you are alost cause this will work.

Good Day & Good Luck

Miss Nik said at November 1, 2005 8:47 AM:

Fianlly an answer for the madness!!! Ok, for those of you 'in the know' I have a few questions....

1. Does this sort of thing run in families? My Dad's side of the family has long since been labelled 'eccentric genius'. It seems to have been passed on to a few member of our immediate family.

2. The Dr.s keep saying my son is ADD. Trying to be a good Mom, and against my beliefs, I gave all the medications a good solid try with no luck. Does this often get mistaken for ADD? Wouldn't it be considered not being able to focus? And then you get 'stuck' on something that goes BEYOND focus...?

3. What happens to the individual when the creativity factor fails to manifest itself? I am not mentally ill (others might beg to differ), but I constantly have creative ideas zooming around in my head, but am unable to put them into real form. Its maddening!! I have great, wonderful ideas that never seem to manifest. I can't follow through...

4. Is there some form of test for this? Would one be able to find such a thing online?

5. Does this 'disorder' affect your social skills? I often find myself so absorbed in my environment that it is difficult to maintain conversations. I blurt out things that are off subject, and am often guilty of being too outspoken and sometimes crass. I have long given up trying to maintain solid relationships with anyone other than my husband or my family as anything more is cumbersome for me.

6. Like others, I wonder if there is a drug that will help decrease all the stimuli a tad.

Really glad this came up on Prison Break or I would have no idea such a thing existed. Really curious about any answers to these questions as well!! I look forward to hearing from everybody!

Miss Nik

Dave Snipes said at November 1, 2005 8:47 AM:

WOW like about 20 others in this blog, i came in to work this morning remembering that mental diagnosis classification name Low Latent Inhibition from Prison break, and i googled it. I clicked on the most popular link which was this one, and now i have an understanding that my "ability" to see right through things isn't as weird as i thought. I am refreshed to know that i have a talent, that if properly channeled, can provide great wealth for myself, with possibilities to enlighten others who seem to block this stuff out. Another blogger listed above named Dave made me look in the mirror with his checklist of symptoms that relate to this behavior because he is exactly right. I will say though that there are other factors in his persona that contribute to some of his skills (like #6), but 9 of 10 are exactly me.

The question remains of how do we co-exist in a world of endless stimuli, where the majority of others are inept at receiving these stimuli? We are a significant minority and probably a big factor in the social disorders of this country, but that is unjustified. I always thought i was to emotional, and is why i was analyzing everything the way i was, or that i was lost in this anger that everyone is inept because people don't see things the way i do, while knowing that those visions were right and balanced, and i didn't understand why they couldn't. A great example of what most people with LLI probably experience is the understanding that our sitting President and the congressional republicans are ruining our democracy. They are governing this way with the understanding that most people have the reverse attributes of someone with LLI and will simply ignore their corrupt actions, and they spin the responses from the discenting as angry, radical, partisan, or "crazy". Hence someone with conspiracy theories was someone who is just simply crazy, and/or "angry". Well all i got to say, especially knowing what i now know about myself, people who question authority see authority for what it really is. Right now in our times, the only good people out there are the ones who are able to see these political NEOCONS for what they are. And to all my fellow LLI'ers, we are the good people. We are the ones, if given the proper channels to communicate, can save and help re-structure a morally lost and corrupt society. If anyone is interested in attempting to pursue this far-fetched venture for our own good and the good of the world, contact me.

One last thing i would like to say, and this comes from my own personal experiences and opinion, is that i believe someone's ability to contain their desire to absorb and analyze the endless stimuli flowing to us from our environment is someone's social status. When someone has an easy life, where things go their way by having financial resources, and sane guidance, they end up being successfully creative and a little less "insane". When someone has a hard life, and a low social status financially and support system-wise, they become the targets for criticism of being crazy because the things in their life as a result of having a low social status financially etc. make them more stressed and more angry, therefore causing them to really flex their LLI muscle. My point is that this "disease" can be camouflaged depending on someone's personal living conditions and surroundings. So results will vary, but the symptoms will remain unique. I know my talents would be so much more efficient if i didn't have to struggle with everything financially, and be super-stressed since my "disease" causes me to disect everything causing me to be in this endless rut of helplessness that nothing is positive. IDK i just want to succeed, and help make this world a better place. I'm having a rough time right now trying to achieve that, but this revelation about my mentality should help me be more confident and efficient in my understanding of the capabilities of others!!! A special thanks to the writers of Prison Break!!

Miss Nik said at November 1, 2005 8:55 AM:

WoW to the previous Dave. Read your checklist- I am just reeling! You mean there ARE other smart people in the world?!?! Maybe we should form a support group and we could all be dysfunctional together :)

Randy said at November 1, 2005 8:57 AM:

Amen brother Dave!
I continually try to fit into the"matrix" but inevitably return to this same place.I am finding a sort of comfort in all that share.

Hurricane_Poppy said at November 1, 2005 9:23 AM:

...I apologize for my previous post.
I just get so very frustrated over these types of discussions. As I stated in the previous post; I have had severe bouts of instability due to "seeing / feeling" too much. I am recovered or at least better adjusted. Maybe I just outgrew it. My husband has not. He is very highly intelligent and it does NOT make his life better. He is fairly miserable. He can't seem to turn things off the way I have learned to. As with most things, there are degrees and shades of grey. I just think he's stubborn. I had a vision once where an angel whispered into my ear: "all you have to do is listen". I have been trying ever since to do just that. Listen more, talk less and see only what is important at the moment. Compartmentalize. Think of your mind as a simple computer with drives and files. Download, upload, send, shift, insert, esc(ape) delete, defrag. LOL. Everything has a definate place. See the inside of your mind as you would the inside of the computer. You have to train your mind to work properly. Simple muscle memory will take over after a while. If a slow mind needs extra stimuli to expand, would'nt a fast mind need less? Take in less by putting mental blinders on. Use your power of visualization to SEE what you want...then SEE yourself throwing the GARBAGE out. These SIMPLE techniques take time & practice. Think of them as exercises. Even though a marathon is only running, no one can make it 26 miles without conditioning and practice. I swear it worked for me even though it has taken a near lifetime to figure out on my own (doctors are pill pushing losers) a and to put into practice.

Please don't look at my post as simple and stupid...the answer is most always hidden in plain sight - right under your nose.

Exercise is also very good for clearing out the cobwebs.

Demersus said at November 1, 2005 10:03 AM:

Ok, ok already! I agree. I have squandered my abilities instead of embracing them. What concerns me now, however, is the fact that decades of chronic pot use may have actually, finally, changed my cognitive reasoning skills permanently. It has been starting to scare me in the past few years especially. I used to be able to keep a ballpark figure of the total cost of all the groceries in my cart and calculate the tax within a few cents within a few seconds. Now, I have a harder time with that type of stuff. I've decided to put down the bong and try to use the remaining 35 or so years of my life to do something worthwhile, instead of just trying to get away from everything and everyone.

Hurricane_Poppy said at November 1, 2005 10:20 AM:

It looks like everbody saw Prison Break. I have never watched it before and I did not see the entire episode; but I did see the "important" part. Also, the posts after the air of the program seem to be less "crazed and isolated" than the previous ones. My experience is that misery loves and thrives on company; some people would rather wallow in self pity than exert their will into existence. This condition is obviously wider spread that any of us thought. When we feel different we tend to feel like we're the only ones. I believe that we are all more alike than not. It really is easy to break the cycle and STEP OUTSIDE OURSELVES. Life is ultimately very, very simple. Once you step over the line and look back you wonder why you had such a difficult time making the move toward fitting in with society. Fitting in has been given a bad reputation. The society that we have been brought up in for the last almost 40 years has fed us a lot of bogus input. Input that is proving hard to shake off. Being an individual does not mean being T-totally different than every other human on the planet. We are basically the same. Less focus should be placed on seperation based on vagaries of perception. Be youself, edit yourself, exercise self control and train your mind to see what is relevant. Like one of the earlier posters said " do something positive with your gift". Focus on writing a story and don't do anything else until your story is finished. A painter is never finished with his portrait but he must STOP and let it be at some point. It's not worth the canvas it's painted on if no one can admire it. Pick something and go with it. Forget about writing while painting and leave painting in the studio when writing.

Knowing that you're NOT crazy is as good a place as any to begin. Knowing that you can sort your thoughts with dicipline and practice should keep you on track. Write things down then go back and read your thoughts with an objective mind. Study yourself for a while, look inside and see what makes YOU tick.

Focus and exertion of WILL are the keys to the success you deserve.

LLI Sufferer said at November 1, 2005 11:18 AM:

Poppy, you're being awfully.. how shall I put this.. closed minded ;). Re-read the article, the people who are SUFFERING from LLI (Myself included! I saw the Prison Break episode as well) CANNOT put on "Mental Blinders" as you so eloquently put it. That is part of the problem! Its not ADD, I am currently seeing a slew of doctors and they are all telling me that I have ADD, however I know that this isnt the case, because I AM able to concentrate on certain things, and I have no problems carrying on several hour long conversations. HOWEVER! I also see everything around me all at once and I have no control over this! I recently went to a local pier to escape these "stimuli-bombardments" by simply staring out at the water with nothing in my periferal vision, attempting to close out all external thoughts by cutting off the sources. I had nothing but water and birds in my view, however I started thinking about how the water crests with the wind, and how the sea-gulls wings allow them flight, and by locking their wings they can appear to "hover" over the water because of updrafts and the like... AHH! I could not seem to turn these things off!

I have a fairly high IQ, around the 130-140 mark typically, however I dont see this as a blessing, I see it as a curse! I saw the episode of Prison Break and my jaw dropped, I almost fell out of my chair. The shrink that the lead character was talking to said almost word for word what I told my doc. I then googled Low Latent Inhibition and voila! here I am.

The most important thing I'd like to find out is if there is any way of turning this off! The only time I seem to be able to turn off my mind is when I am doing something mindless like playing a board game or a video game. Even when I'm playing Monopoly I'll sit there when it isnt my turn and think about the odds of the dice landing a certain way, or the process of creating the board itself, or casting the little metal pieces. Does anyone else have a "Displacement activity" for their LLI? If so, PLEASE POST IT!

LLI-Guy aka ivivy said at November 1, 2005 11:32 AM:

I can see Huricane_Poppy has a lot to say on the subject!! (I've taken it with a grain of salt after her first religious rant (too much thinking = not much belief in religion))
So after everyone here has shared their “AH-HA” moment from “Prison Break” are we going to do anything with this new found information besides dissect it to death and play out all of the endless possibilities as we do with everything else in our lives?
Seeing that this simple Blog seem to be the most informative place for shared LLI stories at the moment, would anyone like to consider www.lowlatentinnhibition.com? I am willing to get involved in something like that; however I am a graphic artist not a Web Designer. With all of these “Creative Geniuses” here we should be able to pull together our resources and keep the momentum of our moment of revelation going and come. If we pool our resources I am sure that the information we are all looking for will not be too difficult to uncover. I am sure that people like Jordan B. Peterson,*, Kathleen W. Smith & Shelley Carson, who wrote the above paper titled “Openness and extraversion are associated with reduced latent inhibition: replication and commentary”, would be very interested in hearing what we have to say and perhaps having their input heard given the appropriate forum…… anyone interested in contributing some time?

Randall Parker said at November 1, 2005 11:42 AM:

As LLI Sufferer points out, low latent inhibition is not an unalloyed blessing. It has some benefits. But like medicines things the benefits do not go up continually with higher doses. Once the dose gets high enough you end up getting harmed by it.

Also, those of you who have LLI do not all have it to the same degree. So you are not all having to fight distractions to the same extent.

I also suspect that distractability from stimuli varies between people as a function of particular stimulus sources. Some might be more easily distracted by sound and others by sight.

I find I'm more easily distracted by visual things and so tend to work in low lighting conditions where I can see my computer monitor and not much else. I'm often more productive at night because there's less ambient light and fewer things to look at.

Some people have developed better adaptations to LLI. Some are in jobs where noticing distractions is adaptive. To take a simple example, a lifeguard has got to notice the distraction of someone seeming to struggle out in the water. Or a soldier has to notice the ruffling of some underbrush. Or a boss needs to notice who is at their desk and who looks like they might be in a non-work related conversation.

The problem with getting lots of stimuli is that on one hand you might be more likely to notice stimuli that are important that others might miss. But on the other hand you are more likely to get distracted from important tasks by the stimuli.

Also, we differ in how we react to those stimuli that we do notice. Some are more easily frightened by the unfamiliar or the unknown. For those people to have LLI really puts them in the position of feeling frightened a great deal. They are always noticing unknown things. There's the saying "ignorance is bliss". Well, someone who lives in fear of all the things they notice would be better off noticing fewer things.

Whether your LLI is a curse or a blessing is a function of its severity, your intelligence, your training, your job, your emotional make-up, the kind of neighborhood you live in, and a great many other things. But if you have LLI and become aware of it you can at least start trying to adjust your environment to make LLI work for you more often and work against you less often.

LLI-Guy aka ivivy said at November 1, 2005 11:44 AM:

Re: my previous post....
If anyone is really interested mail me at lowlatentinhibition@gmail.com and see if we can get things going.

LLI Sufferer said at November 1, 2005 11:45 AM:

I am struggling with this revelation as it is ivivy, I would be interested in something like what you have described, however I am afraid that my "creativity" seems to be involved with language, I can write well and the like.

tom said at November 1, 2005 12:34 PM:

This is my first exposure to this forum; Michael from Prison Break sent me. I think that the traffic here in the past day is pretty remarkable, although I'm not sure, as Randall Parker suggests above, that many other factors don't weigh heavily on the degree to which this affects us one way or another. I will say though that the possibility of LLI being a significant component of my mental makeup explains an awful lot in terms of how I have perceived and reacted to different phases of my life, as well as both my accomplishments and failures.

This is to me a very personal thing, so even submitting this post is difficult. However, I have a twelve year old who, since very early childhood, seems to have manifested the good news/bad news of this condition so I am interested in learning more. I will be sorting through all of the available information and posting links as I find them.

Tom (not my real name lol)

tom said at November 1, 2005 12:48 PM:

By the way, to LLI Sufferer - try Windows solitaire. It usually works for me until I start wondering if the face down cards are predetermined when dealt or if the algorithm randomly selects them from a pool of unused cards...


Dave said at November 1, 2005 12:58 PM:

Randall you have made some great points and I thank you for your post. I find myself subconsciously doing many of the things you mentioned and seeing this has helped my identify the why. LLI Suffer I agree with your comments too its not something that can be just turned on and off at will, although at times I wish it where, (similar to you my displacement activity is video games). I consider it a blessing and a curse and just hearing others talk about it has helped me to understand that I am not alone and that the majority of society does not experience things the same way we do. I was wrong in my assesment of others in my earlier post in feeling that I am surrounded by dumb people but now realize that they are not experiencing things the same way I am, this is akin to describing color to a person who has been blind there whole life, they will never be able to comprehend the experience.

I am also curious if any of you are on any medications and if any of them work. I see ADD and OC mentioned often in previous posts. I personnally have been on an anti-depressant for several years (though I have never been diagnosed with depression or related ailments, I think it was the best guess of the doctors I have seen to offer some help).

Jason said at November 1, 2005 1:01 PM:

First of all I have to say that for some reason last night I turned on the TV and watched Prison Break. Don't know exactly why. I have not been diagnosed with LLI, nor do I claim to have it until diagnosed properly. But I can say that the research I have put in within the past 18 hours is definitely starting to make me uneasy. It seems like a lot of people on this blog are probably misunderstanding what LLI actually is (in my terms). In this entire thread I see people talking about how creative they are and how they just knew they had a nack for something. Also, they talk about how high their IQ is and how something just popped into their head one day and they kept following different things from research and discovered something. From my research this is not what LLI is implying, but more importantly it is stating that you are basically crazy. For instance, you think about 50 different things at one time. When people without LLI are thinking about what just happened, and how they hit the car in front of them, you on the other hand might not hit the car if you process information very fast and have the ability to "edit" thoughts. So with that same scenario, you would have already known that the middle lane was clear, and have already judged the distance to stop, as well as any maneuvers that you can do in order to miss the car. This is all done within a matter of seconds. However, someone with a low IQ would not even be able to drive a car but would be more like "Rain Man." Process large amounts of data but can't complete a sentence.

I am not saying that everyone in here does not have LLI, nor is this a flame in any way. It is just my rendition of what I have researched within the past 18 hours. I do currently have an appointment with a doctor for basically sleeping problems. I am unable to turn off my brain at night. I have 50 million things running through my head and all I want to do is go to sleep. Finally, after crawling in bed at 9 and falling a sleep at 3 and then waking up at 5 rested and ready to go, it has started to take a toll on my health. Basically, my brain just keeps taking things in and won't stop. During the day it is great because of the fact that I can do things faster than others as well as process and retain information for long periods of time. That is great.

Okay. I think I will quit rambling and go take some sleeping pills or something to go to sleep.


KArL-eEzY said at November 1, 2005 1:07 PM:

I am also here because I watched Prison Break. It is so nice to finally pinpoint what I have known about myself since I can remember. I dont consider myself a genious, but I know I am different. And I have never met someone that I can truly relate to. I was amazed at how the Dr. in the show basically described me!! And then when I googled LLI and read all these posts I was in pure awe. The description some of you guys have of yourselves are so close to what I experience, everything from being an underachiever at school but feeling like the smartest one to not being able to work for "The Man" because I feel more competant than the managers, to having the need to figure things out. I dont think of it as a disorder, I love being the way I am. I dont feel like I suffer at all from this. The only thing that sucks is that I sometimes feel like no one understands me, and if I start talking about certain "ideas" people think that Im crazy and I feel that I am always underestimated. I would like people that feel the same way as me, to contact me. I would love to share ideas and learn from you. Subjects that catch my interest are mechanical/Engineering, conspiracy theories(i.e. New World Order, Illuminati) Business Ownership/Investing. I think its amazing how the brain works and I look forward to the development of mankind and the human brain.

P.S Learning is AWESOME!!!!!!

Dave said at November 1, 2005 1:15 PM:

Tom (and everyone else), with reference to your windows solitaire example I just want to clarify and am dead serious with the following question. Are you saying that most people who play this game do NOT start to think about how the next card is determined? This gets at the heart of my whole understanding/discovery of LLI. As hard as it must be for others who do not experience LLI to understand us I have a hard time understanding what it would be like to not have thoughts like "how is the next card determined" not be apart of my experiences. So for most of society "ignorance is bliss"

Dave said at November 1, 2005 1:26 PM:

Jason, that is the same thing I have told every doctor I have ever seen, I can't turn it off, my brain is always on I also have a hard time sleeping. As mentioned above they're solution was an anti-depressant so I will be curious to find out what they say, so I hope you post your results.

Randall Parker said at November 1, 2005 1:27 PM:

Another point about adapting to LLI and creativity: If you are full of creative ideas but never translate them into useful action then the creativity is to a large extent wasted. Someone can pat themselves on the back and brag about how creative they are. But creativity only becomes impressive when it is harnessed to productive or pleasing ends.

Imagine Mozart spent his life listening to music in his head and never wrote it down. Well, today we wouldn't know about Wolfgang Amadeus. He'd just be another guy who died a long time ago.

If you want to demonstrate your creativity then find a way to harness it constructively. Write a computer program or design a building or write a song or write a short story or a movie script. Or solve a technical problem whose solution benefits other people. Or write articles on a web site that collect up research results and try to present and interpret the results in ways that let people benefit from better understanding. Or find a job or learn skills that let you harness your brain's pattern recognition and pattern creation capability.

You have to connect with the real world in some focused way or your creativity is equivalent to a bunch of natural gas getting burned in an oil field instead of getting shipped to market.

If you've managed to spin your wheels for much of your life and you think you have low latent inhibition then you need to find ways to manage the LLI and to manage your environment so that you don't just go thru life thinking lots of thoughts that stay disconnected from the world of real events and the larger society.

Miss Nik said at November 1, 2005 1:38 PM:

Jason, I'm following what you're saying. For me, its like this: Everyone keeps a mental list of what they need to do in a given day. With 3 kids and business to help run from home, mine is pretty big. However, I am unable to discriminate between what is a priority and what is not. It goes way beyond poor organizational skills. When I do start a task it is done in a very organized fashion and usually 'overthought'. The problem is, with my mental list EVERYTHING is a priority. I get so stressed by seeing everything that needs to be done at once that I am almost completely immobilized. I spin my wheels most of the time. I'm really good at delegating and telling others how to 'fix' their lives but can't seem to fix mine. My husband thinks nothing gets done because I might be a little lazy :( This simply is not the case. I feel so overburdened, and feel inadequate when the super-mom next door rambles on about how she had a great 5 mile run at 5am, she and her 6 kids made a 'such n' such' today, then she took the 2 year old twins to the park, then after her evening pottery class she made a fantastic dinner for her weary husband, then she blah blah blah. I'm lucky to be able to get a load of laundry in the wash and she just climbed Mt. Everest. On top of all this she is really nice and sweet and offers to help ME. ARGHHHH.

As for others speaking about medication, I recently went back on Wellbutrin after a few years hiatus. During my last period of taking the RX I could define that year as the happiest and most productive (yes, at the same time) time of my life. I have been on it for a month now and it does seem to be helping. The only diagnosis I ever got that I agreed with was an Anti-Social disorder. As for quelling the rampant thoughts when I lay down at night, well, Demersus has got my number on that one. I found a bedtime doobie is quite therapeutic, and I'm not groggy in the morning like sleeping pills seem to do. Science has proven there are many medicinal benefits to marijuana. Interesting enough, many of my Dad's older brothers (all eccentric geniuses)also use marijuana regularly. I haven't noticed any burn out effects with any of them. Look people, I'm not saying smoke weed! smoke weed!, but it does seem to help some people who just need a break from THEMSELVES. Of course anyone who smokes continually won't be very productive, but I think a bedtime J is no problem.

Hurricane Poppy, your answers won't help those of us who do not seek religion. I'm an agnostic, and I think if there is a God, he probably has more important things to handle than some depressed housewife in Missouri.

Has anyone else become so apathetic towards mainstream society that they have almost completely cut themselves off from the rest of the world? Perhaps 'shut-ins' or hermits suffer from this as well?

An interesting link my brother sent who also has 'LLI' details a very similar disorder (HS):

As I ramble to my husband about various ideas and thoughts, he always tells me I 'think too much'. Derrr what? Is there such a thing? This godforsaken internet shit has really caused some trouble too, seeing how all the questions in my head can now be answered by a click of a mouse. So many questions, so little time!!!

We definitely need a web page, I would like to help but I'm afraid I'm not very reliable...lol!!!

LLI Sufferer said at November 1, 2005 2:14 PM:

Miss Nik, your statement:

"...However, I am unable to discriminate between what is a priority and what is not. It goes way beyond poor organizational skills. When I do start a task it is done in a very organized fashion and usually 'overthought'. The problem is, with my mental list EVERYTHING is a priority. I get so stressed by seeing everything that needs to be done at once that I am almost completely immobilized. I spin my wheels most of the time. I'm really good at delegating and telling others how to 'fix' their lives but can't seem to fix mine.."

Almost 100% accurately describes how I feel every day, all day. Like I said, my only current escape is video games, and even they are starting to lose their "displacement" appeal.. I am starting to overthink them as well! I am also a sort of "shut in", perhaps not quite to the extent that you are thinking of, but I CANNOT go into a public place without muttering under my breath about the vast majority of people around me, from decisions I see them making to food that they are eating, I cant fathom why people do these things..

(For instance, the smoking industry is the only industry that rewards its loyal customers with death...[Not looking to have a smoking debate, just giving an example, dont want to get anyone's back up either, both my parents and my fiancee smoke.])

tom- I tried solitare, but when I saw the cards I instantly started thinking of all the potential orders they could be dealt in, and became overwhelmed and turned it off :p.

I have been on anti-depressants on and off for the last two years as well, to varying degrees of success, the only thing I have found is that they help to stave off depression, but do nothing for the overwhelming amount of information that I recieve second to second.

I have been thinking about this quite a bit for the past 3 or 4 hours, and I notice a few things...:

1. Not sure if I am or am not falling into this myself, but perhaps a few of us are falling prey to the "Barum Effect" here... that is when something is so general that it could apply to a host of people.. I guess that self diagnosis isnt very practical.

2. All "creative genius" aside, I am completely unable to "switch off", and I dont think that this has to do with stress either.

3. It seems that almost everyone here has been diagnosed with some sort of other "disorder" as well, from depression to OCD, and while this may be stating the obvious, it seems that these "disorders" share "symptoms" with LLI.. So is it LLI masquerading as OCD and Manic Depression, or the other way around...

Randall Parker said at November 1, 2005 2:20 PM:


Try not to assign everything you experience in your mind as being a consequence of low latent inhibition. One can be hyperactive without need of environmental stimuli to get you going. You can have a mind that tends to race over old events even when not reacting to new stimuli. Also, you can be depressed for reasons unrelated to receiving too much stimuli.

The idea that some people filter out less of their stimuli than others is a very useful insight. We certainly differ from each other by the extent to which we notice various sorts of stimuli. Some of the differences are due to training and education. Some of the differences are due to innate differences in how our brains got wired up during development due to genes, fetal environment, and random chance. But we also differ in our pain thresholds, ease to anger, ease to get depressed, general intelligence, and a lot of other qualities. Do not try to assign too much about what you are to having a low latent inhibition.

Dave said at November 1, 2005 2:43 PM:

Randall i think you are missing the point, we are not trying to dump all of our problems and quirks onto LLI but rather this is the first any of us have even heard of it and since there is little information on the subject we are trying to share what we have in common so that we don't have so feel alone in the way we experiance things. Just knowing that there are others out there like me has already made me feel better. I also agree the world would be different without Mozarts contribution to music but to say we are wasting our lives by not sharing this creativity with society is wrong. The cure to LLI, if there is one, does not have to be creating something great for society, though that may work for some, but could be as simple and importants as being a better parent, husband, wife etc...

LLI Sufferer said at November 1, 2005 2:51 PM:

I dont see LLI as a blessing, and I'm certainly not "scapegoating" it, but I honestly was floored when a TV shrink described what happens in my head on a day to day basis.. I'm not sure about it being linked to genius\creativity, but those who say "YEAH I HAVE THIS AND THATS WHY I CAN DO...." are missing the point here, its fine to have a high IQ and have this, but I'd really rather see how blissful ignorance is.

Dave said at November 1, 2005 2:54 PM:

I would also like to bring up the possible subject of professional athletes. From the description of LLI i would wager that many of the best professional athlete suffer from this condition especially in sports like football, basketball and autoracing. Sports where the amount of rapid sensory input is very high. The reason i bring this up is that many of these athletes have been busted for smoking pot or have admitted to smoking pot, maybe there is a connection as mentioned in an earlier post. This post in itself is what I am talking about, since starting to read this blog this morning the number of "ideas" that have crossed my cognitive thoughts about this topic is in the hundreds.

Randall Parker said at November 1, 2005 3:21 PM:


While "LLI Sufferer" might want a cure I suspect some people with LLI enjoy it and others would just like to be able to turn it on and off depending on what they are doing.

I see LLI as a sliding scale phenomena rather than an on/off you have it or you don't phenomenon. I also think whether one's own level of LLI is maladaptive or helpful depends on a lot of other factors besides just the levle of LLI you have. One such factor is intelligence level. But surely there are others.

In any case, I do not expect a cure any time soon. But one can find many ways to manage one's level of sensory input and the types of sensory input one encounters. One can wear ear plugs and ear phones. One can turn the lights down or make a room more spartan looking. One can live in the country.

My main point you are responding was really just to avoid over-interpreting the finding. You might not be. But some are.

Another point: However one's mind works one needs to find ways to compensate for one's deficiencies and weaknesses. Can't figure out priorities? Try making lists and just go down the lists and do each item in order. At least some things will get done. Easily distracted? Make lists of what distracts you and for each one write down methods to avoid those distractions. Accept what you are and try to work around whatver makes you less effective and less able to cope.

LLI Sufferer said at November 1, 2005 3:32 PM:

Randall, it is odd that you comment about lists, my doc suggested the same, and I have been trying it recently, it seems to help a little!

To all those who use video games as "Displacement Activity": Why do you find that this works for you? I know why it works for me, and I know why its starting to lose its appeal, so I'd like to know why you find that this "Therapy" works!

Jason said at November 1, 2005 3:41 PM:

I agree with everything that has been said. And I also have to say that I did "partake in habitual marijuana"(

Now. LLI Sufferer, I think that you might be mistaken. Yes it does seem that a lot of people have been diagnosed with other disorders or problems that correlate with LLI but I don't think anyone of them actually has an effect on the other. That is they don't create a different disorder if you have one of them. I have never been diagnosed with any disorder and have never even thought about seeing a psychologist for my thinking. I was just basically going to make a doctors appointment in order to get some sleeping pills. After reading all of this then I will be making that extra appointment in order to see exactly what is wrong and if I have LLI. But, I can tell you that I am not Manic Depressive, and I dont have OCD. OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) does not mean you think all the time. I believe there are a couple different types of LLI persons. 1. Those who have OCD and have to do things a certain way. But from what I understand is OCD persons do not actually think about things. They just do it. Without even knowing they do it. 2. Those who just are unorganized. Probably most the people in here. I for one am. But I can tell you where everything is too. I think these two types are basically the foundation of what we are looking at here. Organized/Unorganized. Creative thinking does not mean organizational skills and thinking about what has to be done during the day necessarily. You could have LLI in one area of your life. Writing, reading, or a hobby.

I am a computer programmer, so I think about different codes and algorithms all day long while I am doing my normal job. My normal job has nothing to do with computers. But I think about it all day long, with how my wife is doing, what am I going to have for dinner, getting in a fight with someone and different ways to beat the crap out of them. Okay, maybe went over the edge with that one. Just kidding.

Quit! Kidding.


Randall Parker said at November 1, 2005 3:49 PM:

LLI Sufferer,

I got the idea of making lists from a brilliant friend a long time ago. He told me he had notebooks on various topics where he collected his ideas and questions on those topics. He found that when he finally got to talk to an expert on some topic the discussion was much more productive and the experts were much more willing to talk to someone who had a list of questions and points.

I find the act of making the lists declutters my mind. I no longer have to think about all the things I have to do. I just have to go down the lists. This reduces the feeling of being overwhelmed.

I've worked at places where I made lists of tasks our development team had to do and one manager in particular really appreciated it.

In a way my blog site here is a way of decluttering my mind and it serves as an extension of my memory. I write stuff down and link to where I read about just to be able to find it again. Occasionally (like last night and today) I get an avalanche of people coming in who suddenly all got interested in the same topic. I'm glad you are all interested in LLI. I think it is a neat topic with a lot of explanatory power. It certainly has changed the way I think about myself and how I manage my environment. I more seriously treat sensory inputs as things to consciously manage.

Miss Nik said at November 1, 2005 3:59 PM:

lol Randy, LISTS?!?! When I make them they seemingly take on a life on their own. I have even made a list of things I need to make a list of. Easily distracted? I wish it were that simple. I thought it had been decided we weren't going to compare IQ's, but it would seem you are wondering about levels intelligence. I won't get into a pissing contest w/anyone here, but let's suffuce it to say mine is on the high side, rather than low. I have tried to accept who I am, but still long for my 'place' within the society I have so much disdain for. Isn't 'over-interpreting' the same as 'over-thinking, which is a manisfestation of this? I understand your pessimism towards some of us here, believe me, my husband is the same way. If ever there were a nay-sayer it would be he. I think maybe you are over analyzing the over analyzers, which is just what we are and what we do! I think people are trying to understand every facet of this, because they feel there is a strong possibility that an answer lies within this diagnosis. I've had plenty of experience with different psycholgical and physiological problems through friends and close family. I, my son, my father, and my brother have been unable to find a disorder that characterized our sypmtoms which include(but are not limited to)those associated with OCD, ODD, ADD, social dysfunction, icluding high IQ. Seems to me LLI fits the bill, and really explains a lot. I'm hoping this will help us cope and deal with life. My Dad and brother were able to find professions that utlized their abilities, one being a self taught engineer with over 300 patents, the other making video games for Playstations. Me? !@#@#$^&*@ I can't find an outlet and it IS making me nuts. I'm hostile. I'm angry. I too mumble about people in the store, on the street, in traffic. My family can sit at a dinner table and have 4-5 conversations going on at once about completely different subjects. There is so much coming in but nothing coming out. I write but my writing is crap. Please, some of us have only just discovered and are thrilled to have found it.

Miss Nik said at November 1, 2005 4:16 PM:

hahaha funny- talking about my IQ and i typo'd suffice with suffuce. lol!!! serves me right!!!

DC said at November 1, 2005 4:19 PM:

hello, i have also responded to the apparently random viewing of Prison Break. After taking in all of your comments I have realized some of the unexplainable thoughts I have been expierencing, may just be true. Every night I lay in bed contemplating death, evolution and reincarnation. Some of the thoughts I have expierenced deal with Karma and the fact of a perfect balance for every action. Gods global law, which seem to exactly follow the 10 commandments. Though school I would avoid homework and every assignment but when it came to tests I was top in the class. I graduated with avergae marks but did about 50% less of the average work of a normal student. Poetry and writing fluently flowed facinating my teachers while smarter students seemed to struggle. Every action I take in life seems to have purpose and reason for sumthign which has previously happened. I have recently tested a portion of pure MDMA which has spiritually awakened my mind into an even further stage of LLI. I believe the fact of evolution is to explain all of our supposed Psychological "problems". Through time we have evolved in periodically "noticable" changes such as we have become less hairy and smarter to our ancestors. Our bodies have not drastically evolved other then hair and intelligence, but the evolution in our brains is not over. We have an undeveloped part in our brains which is supposedly the strongest yet I feel we are slowly evolving into them. What could this mean?, telepathy?. I am the youngest child of 2 very large families, I am the least hairiest (I am 18 and I dont even shave anythign on my face) and by far the smartest. Please anyone who is expierencing karma or anything related to trying to figure out why the world is the way it is, in their heads, please e-mail me. I was never sure how to explain myself until I heard the description of LLI by the actor playing the psychologist in Prison Break. (Mainly when he exampled the way a person will mentally interpret a visial perception of a lamp).

DC said at November 1, 2005 5:08 PM:

I just finished reading every comment on this page and it seems everyone is almost arguing about LLI. I would like to hear peoples idea's and thoughts about life, such as the reason for space or other interesting topics. The fact that were all rawn here shows we are all expierencing this feeling. Maybe this was a signto brign us together and figure something out such as an answer to life and death. I do not believe this is a blessing but i do believe it has somethign with evolution in humans.

Dave said at November 1, 2005 5:28 PM:

Dont get me wrong i didn't mean to say LLI is all bad and I should have used the word manage and not cure. I like the way i think but the down side is that others can not comprehend or understand it and thus i am treated differently. Just knowing that I am not alone and the realization that I do interpret things differently than most of society has helped tremendously. I understand that IQ varies from person to person but I never realized that the different levels of LLI resulted in different degrees of input stimuli. I have a friend that i will never ride in a car with because he is totally oblivious to his surroundings and the 1 time i did ride with him i was amazed that he was still alive for his lack of noticing any potentially threatening occurances. Me "holy crap we almost got hit by that semi" my frind "What semi?", not a joke this really happened.

Learning to deal with this is what we are all here trying to understand. For many people the solution for dealing with the majority of society (that come across as dumb) is to not deal with them or get overly stressed because we have to deal with them. For me no amount of prioritizing or lists will help me cope with my friends driving, the bank teller, my boss, my co-workers or the miriade of people that i have a tough time dealing with in a daily basis. Don't judge me as intolerant i own a thriving business that is based on good customer service and my hundreds of customers love me and will drive hundreds of miles past my competitors to come to me. But lately i have been bored with my business and trying something new but am unable to hold a job because of the frustration i have with dealing with others inability so see what is obvious to me. Thus resulting in what i mentioned in a previous post.

So the point of this is we are not looking for a scapegoat for who we are but rather an understanding of why we think to much and how to function with the gift/curse. Just knowing this exists is a step in the right direction and sharing our experiences and possible coping/managment tools we will be able to help each other.

LLI Sufferer said at November 1, 2005 5:29 PM:

Miss Nik - I honestly feel sympathy towards you, I know how you feel! My lists are comprised of the most, and I mean MOST basic of things: 8:30am -wake up 8:35am - make bed. etc etc etc. The list goes on. I only have to worry about myself, but I think it must be somewhat amplified for you, having such a large family. Have you tried playing a video game? I know it sounds immature or maybe foolish, but it seems to be almost a therapy for this... If you want to discuss why, before I state why on this forum ( I dont want to say my reasons for finding it theraputic before I hear other's reasons!!!) then e-mail me.

Randall - I have to thank you for making this blog, as it seems to be the hottest spot on the net to discuss LLI right now, and for those of you who are flying off on another tangent (ALL TOO LIKELY ON THIS TOPIC, LOL!) All the articles I personally have found have been dated approximately June 2004, thus making LLI a FAIRLY recent discovery.

Since I didnt really see an answer (Not trying to start a fight, just saying..) I'll restate my question..:

For those of us who find Video games to be a sort of "therapy" for LLI, why do you find it thus? I know my own reasons, and have rationalized them, but I'd like to know everyone else's...

DC said at November 1, 2005 5:49 PM:

I have a gamecube and a PS2 and are thinking of buying an XBOX lol i love getting lost in things it is a therapy, lose yourself in another world. Problems seem vacant when my mind is busy killing monsters ;)....I really do not think of LLI as a disfunction and absolutely not a curse. It is part of evolving, I feel our minds are expanding and realizing everything in this world and learning to cope with daily emotional management.

Miss Nik said at November 1, 2005 6:09 PM:

Thanks for the sympathy LLI Suff! As for video games, not really a big buff. I tend to get lost on the internet, and now have what I call internet ADD. You go to look up something, and wow- look at that link, which leads to another link. It's an hour later and you still haven't found what you were first looking for but discovered a new 'whatnot' you didn't know you needed. I shop. I shop alot. Mostly online. At the store it gets to be too much, my heart races, I get giddy, I talk to wackos and can't shut up. I also have really enjoyed my DVR cable box. Wow, all the stuff you can record!! So, once I get the LOUD and overly stimulating children to bed, I sit up (do my business), and watch TV for about 3 hours. I love FFWDing through the commercials!! I really need my alone time after the kids go to bed and the house has quieted down. You might try that, it does seem to help me 'unwind'.

Joe said at November 1, 2005 6:26 PM:

rajen girwarr

I'm very interested in learning more about your experiences b/c I find that I have more in common with you than all the people on this forum.

Jane said at November 1, 2005 7:26 PM:

Thanks people, love your posts, except for Hurricane Poppy.....lol Hurricanes aren't so popular right now, even though However, I have a relative so good as a salesman he could definitely sell a hurricane to Florida!!! TRUE! LOL

Hurricane Poppy, don't worry about the spelling, I could tell, and you should have also, that the person was a foreigner, and they definitely spoke/spelled better English/American than I can a foreign language, and probably yourself also........and, by the way you did mis-spell a word yourself!!!

Back to the subject matter, LLI....Low Latent Inhibition....Odd name, actually....but who cares it seems to fit, but must we seek a Label for ourselves? What we really seek is a way to manage/understand what is going on inside our brain, or moreso, an certain level of acceptability from those who see us as crazy/different. Isn't it true that being crazy is what keeps us from going insane?

Too much input, as I see it. The cure......Stay away from stimuli. The reason to become a hermit? It is so much better for me to be alone. But not better because of the lonliness (sp), okay so if i mis-spell I at least acknowledge or question it. It is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease!!

I'd love to stay and chat more, however, I haven't even finished reading all the posts..I must return another day and catch up.

This is a relief, to know that someone is getting close to acknowledging the existance of our Prisoned Minds.....Did anyone watch "A Beautiful Mind" If you didn't, I highly recommend it.

Prison Break gave us the words...Low Level Inhibition....A Beautiful Mind gives us insight into a similar Bright Mind.

Jane said at November 1, 2005 7:35 PM:

Dave, love your comments!!! Feel somewhat connected. Of course, we're the few, the proud, the smart?? It's all relative.... Good grief. here i go again.......i have to sign off before I get sucked into this ........................lata gata!

Too Much Info said at November 1, 2005 9:05 PM:

Demersus, the second paragraph in your first post is the exact description of my life. Creepy.

Terry Cowell, I felt the same way about some of the things you wrote as you did about my post. Glad to find some other crazies like me.

Dave's top ten list really hits all the nails!

Another thought just flew through (along with the uncountable others every bloody waking minute) I guess only the people who were watching Prison Break (not Academy Award material but a good cliffhanger/bad-guys-get-screwed-in-the-end type of show) and went "Jesus, that's me!" are the ones who showed up here. I figure most other people just heard "The condition is psycho-blah blah lamp blah blah pieces yada yada yada." and didn't give it any further thought. Just like the lamp example itself. Interesting. For those people, it just didn't strike a chord. I can't fathom that.

It might be interesting if this or some other forum became a place for "us" to just talk about experiences or frustrations rather than pontificate about overcoming our difficulties through mental muscular flexing (?!). It may be beneficial (for those who feel they need benefit) to talk things out and get things off their minds. Kind of like an AA meeting. Except it would be LLIA.

Hope everybody keeps coming back; it's like I found a life preserver to cling to in the middle of the ocean (of thoughts?)...

Jessica said at November 1, 2005 9:08 PM:

wow Jane, you know what, I've been linking Scofield's mental state with that of John Nash in the movie A Beautiful Mind since I watched Prison Break on Monday night. After I read more about LLI, I've been convinced that there's connection between LLI and schizophrenia, which is the mental disease that John Nash was claimed to have.

Chris+Rob said at November 1, 2005 9:59 PM:

hey I watched that show too and i read a few of these posts and me and my friend have both been feeling that we are smarter than.....well our whole town. Also we kinda have been slacking off in school because of it. I mean some of our teachers teach us the WRONG THING, which completly pisses us off. Well this is the first time either of us have heard of this "psychosis"

p.s. were smarter than you! and we know it
p.s.s. the guy with the 210 is lying same with the 170

Sten (Sweden) said at November 2, 2005 1:31 AM:

At last I know why I'm different. Where can I learn more about this Low Latent Inhibition.

Chase (hong kong) said at November 2, 2005 4:14 AM:

Yeah where can I learn more about this Low Latent Inhibition...
I watch Prison break also, when the topic of low latent inhibition was brought up, I was very intrigued. I need to know more about this, if anybody has more info, write me or post.
All I can say is: People who say they have Low Latent Inhibition.. most likely don't have it.. check out scofield.

Bryan said at November 2, 2005 6:38 AM:

It's funny to me that so many were watching the "Prison" show and here we are, is it an wonder, we were processing the show differntly than everyone else. I decided to share this site and my experience with LLI with my wife. She asked, why I have not shared this with her before, "because I thought I was nutts", I told her. I feel i have been dealing with this for years, since childhood. I have often wondered why it is that I analyze things the way I do & do others do the same, never heard anyone talk about it??? What a relief, I am not nutts, well maybe!

The big question, what next? I'll stay tuned for the possible answers ... and I am sure that I will pocess those as well. LOL

Have a great day!

Dave said at November 2, 2005 7:07 AM:

Where to go from here? Has anyone tried contacting the original article writer? It would be nice to have an expert in the field explain some of what is going on. We all seem to share a common thread and it would be nice to be in touch with someone who is researching this topic (blessing/curse) and find out what they have to share.

Has anyone else tried to contact a "think tank" it seems we would be the type of people that could function very well in that type of setting. I have tried a little but have been unsuccessful so far, anyone have any better insight or suggestions.

LLI Sufferer said at November 2, 2005 8:08 AM:

As a matter of fact Dave I live about an hour's drive away from U of T and I've been thinking about contacting the fellow there who was in touch with Harvard doing the studies...

It seems that we are getting an influx of people who are still on the "I'm smarter than you are!" band wagon. Oh boy. By the way Chris+Rob... you spelled 'completely' wrong...

Anyways, without getting into an arguing match here, are there any web designers out there who could make a site for this? I'd like to have a website to reference when I e-mail the prof at U of T, and this one is all I have right now.

(No offence Randall)

The reason that I find video games ( Of all things! ) to be a sort of therapy is that there seems to be an "instant gratification" factor involved, that is to say that you have an objective, and you must complete it within a pre-set boundary, a time limit or without being seen, etc etc etc. I notice that when I'm playing I look forwards to the next set of objectives and it seems to suck me in because I can see results immediately instead of over-thinking and not re-acting because of the overwhelming amount of information.. I have acted on several of my stimuli before, through sketching, art, and writing, but I dont feel the same sense of accomplishment, I can always find flaws afterwards, whereas in a game there are little or no flaws to analyize and as long as you are accomplishing the pre-set goals you are accomplishing SOMETHING.

Miss Nik said at November 2, 2005 9:18 AM:

Hey Chase, Scofield is a CHARACTER on a TV SHOW.

Chris and Rob- are you the two 17 yo kids I saw at Target yesterday stocking up on Bionicles?! (actually happened) Just kidding!! How old are you 2? I wonder becaue I have a 13yo who says the same thing. Got kicked out of art class because the ART teacher wanted to have a debate w/him about the cause of the Vietnam war. Helllooo?! BTW, she WAS wrong, but the principal failed to understand why my son thought it was important to correct her.

I too, see the 'mechanics' of things (which as I understand it is rare for a female). On that note, I must add I inherited the 'gift' from my Dad. I can fix almost anything even if I don't know what it is. I think about the way the 'thing' is supposed to work, think about how its not working, and usually go right to the source, even when I have no idea what the part is called. Imagine me at the auto mechanics! The thing that turns the engine over isn't working, or the thing on the inside of the wheel under the other thing is stuck. They think I'm an idiot, but I can see it perfectly!! Funny thing is I'm usually right. I was able to fix our dryer after my Dad the genius and husband who can also fix anything couldn't. It was so funny I kept saying check the source, check the source. After many days and many dollars they decided to check to see if the outlet we had it plugged into was connected right at the box. Hellloooo, I told you to do that days ago!!!

LLI Suff, I was trying to explain all this to my hubby last night, who tends to survive really well on underthinking things. I always hear " Don't worry about it", "You think too much". Anway, I came up with a good example or two. But for me it goes like this: Say I pass by the linen closet here at home, even though I'm doing nothing with linen at the moment and all of a sudden in my mind I can see the way everything in there looks, i.e. the rows of towels, the way they're folded, the extra pocket of useless space on the end and so on. This in turn gets me thinking about how can I make my linen closet better. Re-organization? Then in my head I move all the towels around. Nope, not good enough, not enough space, which leads me to ponder how to re-structure the frame, re-build, next thing you know I've re-designed our entire home with a ginormous linen closet!! Most people would pass by the linen closet and not give it a moments thought. I realized last night that that is one reason why I'm immobilized and projects never seem to get started around here. If I do something, I do it ALL the way. No half-ass jobs- nuh-uh. I'm a perfectionist like PP said. A minor bathroom cleaning becomes an all day job with me on my knees scrubbing with a toothbrush, it just goes on and on and I can't stop. I know if I quit it will be sub-par and I just can't have that. I always thought perfectionists were the people in your neighborhood with the sparkling clean siding and perfect lawns, you never see them not looking their best. A few years ago I read an article that said it was quite the opposite!!

I was wondering about others who think this might be the root of their problem. How is your health? How is your BP (mine is terrible)? Would you classify yourself as a Type A personality? What about delays or speech problems? When I was 3 yo I developed a bad stutter, so of course my parents took me for help. The therpaist said I was a unique case. My vocabulary was way beyond my age group, and my ability to assimilate information and create compound sentence structures was amazing for my age. But, she said the real clencher was the speed with which I tried to put thoguht into words, simply put, my head worked so fast that my mouth couldn't keep up, resulting in my stutter. She taught me to 'slow down' and think the entire sentence through and to pause after each word. I'm o-o-o-okay n-n-n-now. :0)

Teery C, TooMuchInfo, and LLI Suff- I feel like you are all right inside my head!! Freaky deaky man.

Dave!! I keep meaning to comment on your subject about professional athletes. I have a perfect case and point. My Dad's brother, also an eccentric genius, is a professional athlete. He is in his 70's, and is still at the top of his field. I won't give up his identity because of what I'm about to tell you, but let's suffice it to say that for his age it is an AMAZING unheard of feat, and he is well known and well respected. Many articles have been written on him and all his accomplishments. The sport he is in requires extreme physical exertion, quick thinking and fast moves. Interestingly, he has been an avid dope smoker since his early 20's, (as far as I know the sport he is in doesn't require drug testing, but I'm sure if they did he is smart enough to find his way around that one!) with no signs of fried brain cells. In addition to his sport he also owns and runs 2 separate very successfull businesses. If you were to enter his home your jaw would drop. Stacked from the ceiling to the floor (in no apparent order to the 'normal' person) are loads and loads of books, magazines, periodicals, coupons, old televisions, toasters, you name it. There are rows and rows throughout his house, hardly any space to walk around in except for the tiny little narrow path he has created. This fills every single room and has been like this since I was a kid (I'm 35 now). He knows where and what evrything is and what he is keeping it for. He has one little area that is about 6x8 where he can veg out in front of the TV. I haven't seen the bathroom, I'm always too afraid to use it!! I did peek in his bedroom and there is a little path to his dresser and bed and that's it. He doesn't show any sign that this isn't normal. He is one of my favorites of the eccentric uncles. Another time I can tell you all about one of my other favorites who is a self made millionaire but shops dumpsters for clothes, shoes, etc. Or I could tell you about the one who dug a 'basement' under his kitchen, and has wired the little dirt pod with christmas lights. Last I heard he was going to dig it a little bigger to put a pool table in there. He's always proud to invite anyone down there, " C'mon, lemme show you my basement!". WEIRD man.

I think it is interesting that it appears that for a few this LLI might manifest itself as some form of religious fervor. I consider my self very spiritual, living by 'The Golden Rule', and am agnostic. I was wondering about every one elses religious perceptions.

Also, we should all bow down to Randall for providing this forum for us. Just imagine where our heads would be if we hadn't found this after watching Prison Break!!!

Peace to all- and may this obnoxious war for oil end soon.

Jason said at November 2, 2005 9:41 AM:


I'm so right there with you man. For years I have kept this mind boggling problem in my head for fear that my wife would think I was crazy. When I found out what "could" be the problem I had to share it with her. Turns out, she was really intrigued at the fact that there is a reason for me acting the way I do sometimes.


My sister is currently studying genetics at MUSC in South Carolina and has offered to do more research for me. These are the places that we non-med students are unable to view. Once I get more information I will definitely post it to a website and share the link.

Chris and Rob,
You're kidding right. People don't deserve to be treated like that.

NOTE: If anyone has been diagnosed with this "professionally" and is in the military please give a buzz @zerotech@hotmail.com. Thanks.

Tom said at November 2, 2005 11:07 AM:

An amazing site...I had heard of LI in the past but never explored the true definition. Some of your posted comments (Dave / Brian) are relavent to my day-to-day functions. Very interesting...I too wish there were a "think tank" or an organization (other then the traditional "Mensa-like" forums) to express and share ideas.
Many of the symptoms, shared emotions, and definitions describe my troubled existence.

Miss Nik said at November 2, 2005 11:12 AM:

TooMuchInfo, I put your theory to the test:

"Another thought just flew through (along with the uncountable others every bloody waking minute) I guess only the people who were watching Prison Break (not Academy Award material but a good cliffhanger/bad-guys-get-screwed-in-the-end type of show) and went "Jesus, that's me!" are the ones who showed up here. I figure most other people just heard "The condition is psycho-blah blah lamp blah blah pieces yada yada yada." and didn't give it any further thought. Just like the lamp example itself. Interesting. For those people, it just didn't strike a chord. I can't fathom that."

I went to the Fox Prison Break message board and posted a message regarding Scofield's disorder and asked if it intrigued anyone or if they identified w/it. The only response I have received thus far was "Is this an actual problem?". So, either this is rare, or everyone is too distressed over the show being put-off by Fox (to resume possibly in May) that they failed to notice my post.

Rick said at November 2, 2005 11:54 AM:

My Office Manager saw "Prison Break" and couldn’t wait to tell me about it. Hey Doc! she said! They got a name for people like you! And, they can say the name on family TV I replied?

Actually its three words.

Yep, you guessed it! Low Latent Inhibition. Its what drew you here too.


Intellectually, I’ve been there and done that. I’m a dentist, my IQ is 145. I am Jungian species ENTJ for those who are amused with Myers Briggs and such. I’m a good dentist but I feelsometimes I could have been a great.. Something Else. President, Educator and at times Social Master of the World. A quick thinking big fish I’ve never found a pond quite big enough to contain me. ( although not necesarily the IQ 200 plus 26 discrete mental package guy) From where I stand, you all look like ants down there. Ho Hum. What’s for lunch?

My office manager is quick to remind me that I have at times bounced a check, married the
wrong woman worn mismatched socks and missed a 2 foot putt. So much omniscience. I can be
intuitively right, but brother, can I be wrong at times!

So I Looked up this site.. Cool, eh?

It appears For better or worse I probably have low latent inhibition. As my IQ is a mere 145 , no sense writing back to the real heavy weights on the message board with my puny input.

As a friend once put it watching the many TVs on NFL Sunday at Hooters ... God must be a busy man. Yes,he must be. I know I am. Many channels are always playing simultaneously in my mind. 5 or 6 permanent TiVo's going all the time.. Yeah, that's the ticket. Probably same as you. Tough to turn them off isn’t it? Jungian Psych has its pluses and minuses. It is my theory that Intuitive Thinkers (NT's) like us see things in unusual ( some would say excessive) detail across a time frame. We also see potentialities in the present and in a time frame. I might guess also that they might have unusually good long term visual linked memories. I have no research to back this up. And, (like most everyone on this board) of course I see how things work, the moving parts that make up a machine and the patterns and currents of groups or societies. I am always suprised that others cannot.

In any case, back to the message board. Many talked ( er make that wrote) about how smart they are and how they and how everyone (including themselves) thinks they are weird ( Well,
first they ought to engage a spell checker, they are so smart) Hey, nobody's Perfekt! Come to think of it I ought to turn on the Grammatik tool. Then again.. Nah

Relaxation is tough for those with endlessly spinning windmills of minds. I might urge one to bevery careful with caffeine, amphetamines chocolate, marijuana and alcohol. These will do you no good in the long term. To clear your mind you might try some kind of endurance sport. Such asrunning, swimming or Cross Country skiing. If you do these activities well you have very little room for thinking. Your concentration is mostly on your breathing. And survival in the moment.

For the non athletic I might suggest yoga and its calming inner focus. Bored? Yoga defines
boredom. And yet.. You want a challenge O Low Latent Savant? Try mastering yoga. Its harder than golf and quantum physics if you want to get to the highest level. And you ( and I) do want to get to the highest level. right?

There are some pretty high powered people here.. If my IQ were higher, I might suggest to some that more is not necessarily better. You probably can't think yourself into a happier place. An eagle is impressive both on its perch and in flight. It may fly the highest, farthest and fastest of all. However Mr. Eagle, the solutions to some problems lay where you cannot reach them.Below the surface of the ocean for example. Last time I checked, 3/4 of our planet is covered bywater. An eagle might want to check in of the fish once in a while to see how they get their business accomplished. Thinking isn’t necessarily getting it done for us. You ( we) need a different approach. Fish ( ther rest of the world have theri good points) Body Mind Spirit. You have to feed all three I guess.

The problems that cannot be solved by deep and long term my thinking may have emotional
solutions in the here and now. A sunny day, a beautiful woman, a great meal, a laughing child....

These may have no purpose in your mind but are to be merely appreciated. Appreciated all the
more in their ephemeral transience. You have the memory, my friend. You can access these
images anytime you want. If you must weep, then weep for the others who cannot. Their minds' images are truly lost.

Hardly anyone gets Plato. But almost everyone can relate to Helen of Troy, The Prodigal Son and Romeo and Juliet. Who cares what their thoughts were? But the stories of their rage and passion live on. And on. We all can relate. Its what makes us all.. human.

Yeah, Thinking and feeling about it. Yeah, that's the ticket.

I had a friend once that whimsically said that all the wisdom of the world was on Star Trek. He was a nut. But... a fun nut!

There is a great line at the end of the otherwise dreadful Star Trek III.
They ask Spock how he is. He thinks for a moment and says "I feel fine".

Hey, if its good enough for Mr. Spock, Its good enough for me!

Go forth Do good things, LLI’s and
feel better..


LLI Sufferer said at November 2, 2005 1:35 PM:

Rick, very... Vonnegut-esque. :)

Miss Tik - I definately feel some companionship with a few of the posters here as well, and I have still been searching for more info on LLI, to no avail I'm afraid.

I've been trying to think of other activites that have instant gratification tied onto them, and I've come up with a few, (no laughing please!):

1. Sex... Um. Not quite instant (hopefully) but.. duh.
2. Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball, Football, Soccer, Golf - I probably am missing more than a few - but these things are not only physical therapy, they have instant gratification tied in - ie. Golf, getting a few under par is a good feeling, no?
3. Video Games - See my above post

I have patience, I can concentrate on things for near endless amounts of time (if I am so inclined) however I've also noticed that when I do the above activities most stimuli are muted somewhat.. I'm not saying become a nymphomaniac or a jock or a brain-dead gamer zombie, but I think that these things in modulation could be a "quick-fix" treatment.. I definately feel better after I lift weights and exercise at night than I do when I am, say, driving along the highway thinking about how quickly the pistons in the engine are firing the more gas that is pumped into their chambers..

jeff said at November 2, 2005 2:14 PM:

i too saw this on prison break, i have no relation to this problem and came to it only because for a school report i am psychoanalyzing the movie"good will hunting", it appears that in some form or another he may be related to this problem, if not then its no biggie but i have to say that the info i am reading is extremely interesting. i had no idea that there were so many people that were affected with this. anyway good luck with your quest for knowledge.

the only piece of advice that i have for you all is to be glad that you have a high iq and have not gone crazy like some have...

Miss Nik said at November 2, 2005 2:20 PM:

LLI Suff- SEX?!? lol!! Sorry had to laugh. Unless I've had a few cocktails (or something else ;) ) I'm constantly worried if my butt is jiggling too much, and oh oh we knocked the remote on the floor and the batteries came out and are now lost forever, or wondering if its my breath or his that stinks, and oh we better be quiet, please don't get anything on the sheets because then I'll have to change them before bed and oh gotta flip the mattress while were at, oh shit, lets go ahead and vacuum the mattress too, have you seen all those mites on TV? holy shit one is crawling on me now i can feel it
- what? yea i like it keep going- i wonder if he can tell im thinking about mites, oh shit i hope i don't hurt his feelings, my back itches, is that mites? now my ear itches too.....and on and on and on. Sure there are moments of pure enchantment, but usually it has more to do with what led to the union, know what I mean?

As for video games, when I played them I picked them apart and was constantly looking for flaws, to the point where my guy died or my car ran off the road. I would probably make a great beta tester for Sony! The only recent one I could get into was Grand Theft Auto. I began to worry about my husband tho' because all he did was run around and beat up hookers!!

LLI Sufferer said at November 2, 2005 3:48 PM:

Lol Miss Nik! I guess the sexual experience is different for men than for women, when me and my fiancee are.. ahem.. engaging in nuptuals? I am ONLY concentrating on that, and thats all. I guess Video Games would be it for me for sort of the same reasons, when I am playing a game I am concentrated on that moment only.. I mean there is a difference between hyperactive thinking and LLI.. lol.

(On a side bar, beating up hookers in Grand Theft Auto is probably one of the most normal things a 30 year old guy can do... [I am hoping to god anyways, cause if not that means me and your hubby are more screwed than we let on..])

JMan said at November 2, 2005 4:27 PM:

I just finished skimming through this string and believe I might have LLI. I've always felt like I can see right through mechanical objects and understood how they work, without ever having studied a manual. I usually end up taking a device apart and putting it back together (for the fun of it) to understand it better. I also tend to solve difficult/abstract problems with ease.

C said at November 2, 2005 5:30 PM:

I hate to jump right in as a buzzkill, but... oh, hell, no one here knows me, so buzzkill away:

1. LLI isn't a mental disorder or illness that you can find in the DSM-IV - it's just a personality trait. Everyone's brain filters stimuli a bit differently, and some people filter less than others. Some people filter very little at all. Some people manage quite nicely with this unfiltered stimuli, and some people don't.

2, If you came here with a self-diagnosis because you watched Prison Break and thought you might be just like Michael Scofield... I'm sorry. Really, I am, because it would be nice if things were that easy, but the show gave a very limited, very basic, and absolutely crappy definition of LLI. They tailored it to fit one character's situation and to explain why he can see blueprints in his tattoo, but what they said was mostly dramatized for TV. If a car drives by and your brain rushes into a CGI-esque IMAX exploration of a loose timing belt, you've got something else entirely going on.

3. If you're constantly thinking that everyone around you is an idiot, if you can't interact with people who think on a "lower level" than you, if your superior intelligence interferes with your personal or working relationships, that doesn't mean you're some kind of yet-undiscovered supergenius. It means you're an asshole. LLI doesn't make that okay.

I'm out. Flame away.

LLI Sufferer said at November 2, 2005 5:44 PM:

Oh good. Another person calling me an asshole because I think nearly everyone around me is as thick as a plank. I'm sorry you feel that way C. I've had quite a few friends, I'm just saying that as I walk through the mall, a parking lot, or along the beach (how cliche.) I see people doing foolish and just plain stupid things. I honestly dont believe that the whole world is over-run with complete and utter idiots, so there must be something up with my thought processes.

Ramarim said at November 2, 2005 6:23 PM:

I started to read the entire blog but I just got fed up with everybody's feeling that they are so smart. But this LLI thing can go both ways. Are there any sufferers that are not smart? Hey anyone with ADD ( attention deficit disorder)? I think this is just the tip of the iceberg...this needs further research before everybody starts self diagnosing themselves.

Randall Parker said at November 2, 2005 6:41 PM:


Go back thru and just read my comments. You'll see I made points about how LLI is separate from IQ, that LLI doesn't always make a person more productive, and so on.

Also, a lot more people think they are geniuses than really are geniuses. I'd be more convinced of the brilliance of various people if they either had impressive accomplishments to point to or at least IQ tests. I figure a significant fraction of people who claim super-high IQs are lying. 140 IQs are rare. Higher IQs are rarer still.

Miss Nik said at November 2, 2005 6:54 PM:

I don't mind posters like 'C'. Differing opinions offer insight, whether or not they are correct. And no, I'm not an asshole :) Most people usually comment on how friendly and outgoing I am. I've never met a stranger!! I've always been an extrovert. What people see IS me, I'm not faking being nice. On the inside though I'm thinking "What makes this person tick", "Why is that nice obese woman putting all that junk food in her cart". I thought everybody did this. One girlfriend and I would sit outside on our lunch break and watch people go in and out of the building. We would enjoy our gossip and poke fun at our co-workers. I wound up with a 'new potential' friend and slipped up and made some offhand comment about someone and she just looked at me blankly and said "I don't know what you mean". Boy, was my face red!!! I felt really really bad. This 'Rick' doesn't bother me either, but he does sound pretty out there for a dentist! Not sure if I'd let him come at me with a syringe a drill!!! My dentist is so drab and boring, and has really bad breath!! Helllooo, you're a dentist!!! Brush your damn teeth!!

As far as self diagnosing, I've done alot of it, and have been right some of the time. One particular situation could have been deadly if I didn't force the doctor to do a test. I see no problem with this if you're not a hypochondriac and do sufficient research. Besides, I don't trust doctors all that much anyway. Some are good and some are not. Some I even wonder how on earth they made it through med school!! I think it is wise to know your body and what makes you tick. Be in touch with yourself!

And no, Ramarin, I personally don't think I'm soooo smart. If I was I would have accomplished more with my life. This is partly why I'm so glum. I wish I were smarter. But, do I think I have more common sense than the average Joe? You bet your sweet ass I do!! And what's up with everyone critiquing spelling and grammar. I personally am not trying to impress anyone. This is a relaxed forum, not a letter to the State Board of Academics. So I typo here or there, I might say and and or the the, so what. I don't think it reflects on intellect for most but rather what is going on in their environment at the moment. Like now, my little Katrina rescue dog is looking at me and trying to get me to play. I better run!!

Let me know when you guys find us a 'home'.

Dave said at November 2, 2005 7:25 PM:

Hey "c" not a flame but a rebutal:

You obviously don't understand.

1)Is IQ a mental disorder or illness? I didn't reread all the posts but i dont think we are saying it is a illness or disorder, it is just something that some of us are experiencing and came to this site to learn more and it is turning out that most of us have several things in common. Just because DSM-IV doesn't list it doesn't mean that we are not experiencing something different.

2)I don't think any of us came here to self-diagnose but rather to learn more about something that we have never had heard of but have been experiencing our whole lives. Your last sentence sums it all up, we DO have something entirely different going on and we just want a better understanding of it, if it is not LLI that is ok by me but this is the first discussion most of us have had with others that experience the world as we do.

3)If you think we believe everyone around "us" is a complete idiot than you are both correct and wrong at the same time. Up until coming to this site I did beleive that everyone around me was an idiot but know i, and possibly the others here, have changed our position on this, everyone is not an idiot they are seeing the world differently and with the lack of our understanding the only lable we could place on them is "idiot" because to us it appears they are missing much of what is going on around them. I am sure in your life experiance you have at least one instance where someone you know did something that was so obviously wrong that you couldn't believe they could be so dumb (ie watching a child stick a fork into an outlet). Well mutiply that by 1000x and that is how we see everything and everyone in the world around us and it doesn't stop.

The show was just a trigger for most of us to learn more. I know it must be hard for you to comprehend what you do not understand or can not experience so you do what society has always done when the encounter something (or someone) that is different they disnmiss it and resort to name calling. (LLI suffer i dont know you but i doubt you are an asshole) So maybe next time someone calls you an idiot it could be becasue they know something you don't. We are not superior and you're mistaken if you believe we think we are. It is a feeling we are experiencing that we are trying to understand.

C said at November 2, 2005 7:58 PM:

Don't understand? I've been living with this thing for eight years. I completely identify with wanting to know more about it, because when I was younger and struggling, there weren't any studies putting a name to what I was going through. I would have loved to have a site or a blog where I could talk to other people going through the same thing, but at the time, I was pretty much stuck as The Weird Kid. Nice place to be in high school.

But even after I had a name for my odd thought processes, I didn't go around acting like - or even thinking that - I was better than anyone else or that everyone around me was stupid. That "list of symptoms" that someone posted? Pissed me off. LLI isn't an excuse to feel superior to the world at large; it doesn't give you an "out" when you treat other people like idiots. Nothing makes that okay. If anything, you should be more understanding about what other people are dealing with; you're getting all of the cues, absorbing all of the stimuli, right? The "asshole" comment was directed at everyone who has posted about the idiots around them and their own high IQs, and my opinion stands.

I'm glad that the show has inspired people to do research and to look into their own thought processes. That is always a good thing. But one thing that annoyed me somewhat about the show was how wrong they got it. If their bizarre interpretation of LLI leads every antisocial high school dropout with a superiority complex to the conclusion that not only is he better than everyone, but he's a genius, then it hasn't done anyone any favors; don't slap on an easy label and lump me in with that crap. Outside of that, explore away, and I hope you find comfort and all the answers you're looking for.

LLI Sufferer said at November 2, 2005 8:04 PM:

Dave, your last post at 7:25pm made me stop in my tracks... that is precisely the change I just underwent whilest reading your post! I dont believe everyone around me to be an "idiot" any more, because I know that they arent being bombarded with all the stimuli that we seem to be!

Talk about a personal revelation! You sir, should be an advocate for this! While I believe that my LLI manifests itself in writing and the like, you far surpass me in that capacity! I recently was able to talk circles around a lawyer that I came into contact with, and subsequently was ignored (dont ask), but I feel as though you are putting MY thoughts into words. KUDOS!

Agreeing with Miss Nik, we need a home.
(Sorry for typos, I am somewhat inebreated at this time.. a nice german wine actually :])

TooMuchInfo said at November 2, 2005 9:52 PM:

Well, it seems easy to tell which posters are having to deal with this trait/disorder/syndrome/condition/illness/characteristic/state/whateverthehellyouwanttocallit on a daily basis, and which ones are not. I did not think 'Ooh I'm just like Michael Scofield'. That juvenile, superficial thought didn't even cross my mind.

Miss Nik, I like your style, (your relatives sound interesting too) and your examples about the linen closet and bathroom cleaning couldn't describe it better. As for being immobilized when trying to start a project, check this out; I just sat down and wrote this several years ago, feeling the need to see it in print:

I defeat myself in advance by thinking of every single detail coming up in a project instead of focusing on the goal or end result desired. This makes me focus on (or create a mental image of) the dark, gloomy, drudgery-filled side (image) of a project where every little detail is seen with every possible thing going wrong, making the smallest tasks seem monumentous from the outset. So, when I start to think about a project, my mind starts rapidly filling up with all these little details, until I’m mentally reeling from the perceived magnitude of the upcoming task.

Wierd, huh? It's like I'm exhausted by the project before I've even done anything. At the time, I had left the text on the screen, and my wife saw it and added this little pearl of wisdom when I wasn't there: "Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goals……." This could be just a catchy witticism or an inspirational revelation, depending on your outlook.

I've never boasted to anyone about being smart, however other people have told me, and other people how smart they think I am. I have never taken a formal IQ test, and don't plan to. I could read fluently before I entered kindergarten (not Dick & Jane books either). The teachers were amazed, and would send me around to the senior grades to read to the class and freak out the kids. However, I didn't march in on the first day of kindergarten class and announce that I was smarter than everyone else, I just thought it was normal. When I started high school, they gave me some tests and put me in the 'enriched' class (with all the nerds and thick-glasses-held-together-with-a-band-aid kids). Well, I don't know if it was boredom, hanging around with the 'wrong' crowd, discovering pot (which I'm still discovering) or what, but after a bunch of report cards filled with "he has so much potential if only he would apply himself", they put me in the 'general' class, i.e. delinquents and lost causes. Eventually they booted me out halfway through the last year because I was late for every class every day. They let me come back at the end of the year to do final exams and said that they would count as my mark for the entire year. Well I never did crack a book, but passed everything and graduated with everybody else. I even walked in and wrote an autoshop exam though I never took the class. A friend in that class later told me the teacher was wondering who the exam with the name 'Jack Spratt' belonged to, because it had gotten the highest mark(!).

I work in the field of packaging machinery design. I don't have any engineering degrees, nor did I even go to college, yet I seem to function just fine alongside accredited 'engineers' some of whom it seems couldn't design their way out of a paper bag. It can't be just coincidence that every day I see something so painfully obvious that everyone else missed/didn't consider. There was one machine that a couple of guys spent a week or two assembling. When I went and saw it for the first time, I looked at it for about 2-3 seconds and said, "how is that big piece supposed to fit through that small opening?" They stared at it for a bit and said, "aw crap, now we have to take it all apart again and make that opening bigger." But they were staring at the parts for a week! A friggin' week!! Nobody noticed? (including the 'engineer' who designed the thing in the first place?) Does this make me an asshole for quietly pointing out a design error? I didn't march around the shop with a goddam sign stating that everyone is an idiot and what my IQ is.

I'm a pretty quiet, easy-going guy (with the exception of an explosively destructive temper I inherited from my dad, although that has softened somewhat in recent years, though my BP still spikes when confronted with stupidity/frustration). I can't think of anyone upon whom I might have left the impression of being an asshole. I think the only assholes in the world are 95% of all salesmen and all politicians (who are basically just salesmen, their product being themselves).

TooMuchInfo said at November 2, 2005 10:05 PM:

'C', Why only 8 years? What was happening before that?

Smartiskboy said at November 3, 2005 5:54 AM:

At first I wrote this long rant about how I am so much like you posters. I also decided I didn't need to vent or express my level of intellect.
Enough of that right? :) So I ctrl+a'd and del'd it. All I want to know is "What do you believe came first, the chicken or the egg?

My answer is: I believe that having low latent inhibition has created my label of "major depressive"*.

I believe that once I further explore LLI, understand it, and utilize it, that my depression will go away.

By far, low latent inhibition feels most comfortable than any definition for my feelings i've ever discovered. I think this is the answer I have been looking for my whole life (i'm 90% sure). I'm extremely excited to see where we go from here.

*please include what you have been diagnosed with

Dave, great list of symptoms! I agree.
One way I cope is to play video games for hours on end. Exploiting bugs or places i'm not supposed to be, or I try mindlessly do the same thing over and over. I also have a huge fascination with how things work or are built. Especially buildings. I like to make maps for games but never finish them, bah! Another thing I did for awhile was take html code from sites and dissect it to see what everything did.


This LLI thing just makes so much sense to me, I must rant. It fits for reasons I never connected to people like I had hoped, especially my stepdad. Most people are not like me so I cannot judge them anymore. No more "What the hell are you doing? Stupid idiot!" in my head. I guess i'll have to say "That person must have latent inhibition, poor guy!" and smile. I'll be more understanding of others and not be so frustrated. I'll catch myself dissecting things and laugh, "Here I go again". I won't think of my behavior as negative anymore. LLI is a personality trait and a great one at that (if you know you have it) and can utilize it! This one is for that guy, the one stuck on evolution. Perhaps LLI people are the next step in the way humans think? We're the next step in evolution perhaps! Spread your seed people! Have lots of kids! Get us out of the minority class! Perhaps now I can keep a job without feeling too good for it. Maybe I can go back to school and accomplish something. What if i'm able to now explain my "condition" to my friends and family? Ah, probably not on that one. I think we'll need a diagram, perhaps a short film, maybe some strippers, and time, lots and lots of time. They might eventually get it, right? Anyways, if that doesn't work, I still have you guys! We can all move to the same state, start a cult or something. No, i'm not serious. That brings something to my attention, seeing as i'm getting silly. If you stay up really long, like 35+ hours, do you get really, really obnoxiously talkative? Or am I the only one that stays up that much? I find that if I stay up that long, then I don't have as many filters to shut me up. I don't censor my thoughts before I say them. Like alcohol, but free. Although it takes 35ish hours to get there. Speaking of alcohol, I rarely drink. I like it too much and fear it could become a crutch. I've never smoked marijuana because the thought of jail scares me too much. Kids should not be allowed to see rated R movies! Especially LLI kids. That sparked another thing. Anybody else start exploring touching themselves at an early age? I think I was 6, is that early? I saw my dog hump a stuffed animal, that's how I learned. Embarrassing. LLI people have too much imagination/creativity for their own good sometimes. I also like to dream a lot, especially when I can control them but that doesn't happen often enough. I think I have warded off peeing long enough. Hope you enjoyed my rant!

Oh, and i'm agnostic...for that person that is curious to know.

C said at November 3, 2005 7:32 AM:

TMI, I started therapy when I was sixteen, eight years ago, and was able to start dealing with it as a phenomenon that someone had actually heard about. Before that, I just figured I was crazy. The general feeling was that I just wasn't like everyone else, that despite all of my efforts to fit in, I just never could. Sometimes, I would say something or make a mental connection that made perfect sense to me, and other kids would look at me like I'd just confessed to manslaughter. My close friends just accepted it as part of me; C was the wacky one, the zany one, the one who would say something completely out-there and everyone would pause, and sometimes laugh, and enjoy the pleasant interlude. Everyone else thought that I was just weird. If I actually took the time to sit down and diagram my thought process, I could show, on paper, how I came to a certain conclusion, and it would be perfectly linear and make perfect sense. But for most fifteen-year-olds, it's easier to just snicker and spread rumors than it is to actually listen. My feeling of other-ness and my desire to fit in led to clinical depression, anxiety, occasional acting out, self-injuring and bulimia. I feel lucky that I got into therapy before I did something permanent.

With a lot of work and a lot of understanding about the way my brain functions, I've been able to work around and through this phenomenon. I'm a writer, so for me it's actually an advantage to be able to look at the world and see things that other people just don't and to process things to conclusions that others might not reach. It's also made me a more sympathetic and empathetic person, because I tend to be more open to subtle cues about a person's emotional state than others might be. I'm also freaking McGyver when it comes to fixing things or assembling things, because where most people think, "Now, where did I put my hammer?" I'm thinking, "Now, what in this room is very much like a hammer?"

There are also some pretty significant downsides. Social interaction can be difficult, because even to this day I still find myself dealing with people who, like my "friends" in school, think that my way of thinking is crazy. Dating can be really uncomfortable, because I'm always censoring myself to keep from saying something that might sound weird. I try to avoid shopping malls entirely, because the voices and the crush of people and the colors and the smells overstimulate me to the point of anxiety attacks. I can be a real pain to watch TV with, because I can become obsessed with the tiniest details that slide right past most people; I saw an ad for ceiling fans recently, and I could not get past the point that the woman in the ad was doing yoga on a hardwood floor. Who does yoga on hardwood? And when I brought it up, the response was, "Was she on a hardwood floor? I didn't notice."

The lamp example given on Prison Break was a fairly poor one, I think, although it's possible that a structural engineer would be aware of the washers and bolts enough to be distracted by them. I think a better example would be to say that most people walk into a room and think, "It's not dark." I walk into a room and think, "Lamp on the desk, retro wrought-iron base, probably reproduction, beaded shade, 60-watt bulb. Two lava lamps, yellow on the left, green on the right, but the green one isn't turned on. Torchiere in the corner, black, clicking like it's about to catch on fire." It's a lot to process when all you're trying to do is get to "not dark."

I guess that's one reason that I get so frustrated with people who identify LLI with a feeling of superiority or higher intelligence - I've been there, and the people feeling smart and superior were everyone else around me. People who assume their own brilliance really tick me off, because I've been on the receiving end of that behavior and it's really, really hurtful. Getting all of this extra information never made me feel like I had an edge on anyone; it made me feel like a freak, and as much as I wanted to fit in, I never could. I don't get special-effects "CSI: Miami" cross-sections of internal combustion engines or messy closets. I get everything, and then I have to figure out what information is important and what I can discard. I still get it wrong sometimes. And it's not fun, it's not genius, it's not superheroic, it's painful and it's annoying and it's something that I have to deal with every day.

Miss Nik said at November 3, 2005 10:10 AM:

I think you are looking at this from a different angle than some of us C. I spent the most part of my childhood believing I was a freak becuase the other kids thought so. I even spent a part of that time trying to live up to their expectations. When I got old enough to understand processing I realized that just because I was 'different' didn't make me a freak. That's about the time that I started feeling 'superior' as you put it. I was tired of 'them' judging me, so it became me against them. When you know you're not stupid and people continually underestimate you it only stands to reason that you get fed up, angry, hostile, and develop feelings of superiority. I am so tired of people casting judgement on others when they've never even attempted introspection. When I say superior I also mean superior in the fact that I can read people and figure out their motives rapidly. I pick up on whatever emotion those around me are going through. I was finally able to turn that off in my early 20's, as well as the guilt complexes and the poor me syndrome. The part I'm really having trouble with is finding an outlet, time management, and getting rid of all this anger. It doesn't help that I'm in a part of the country where I'm surrounded by right wing elitist facists, bent on spreading their fundamentalist 'values' into/onto the rest of society. If I was to move beyond this ring of people into the next, then I would be surrounded by god-fearing fundie hoosiers riding around in their pick-up truck throwing around racist remarks like popsicle juice running down a childs chin in 101 degree weather. I know environment can really affect LLI, so before you decide to cast aspersions on us with a 'superiority complex' you really need to consider what each individual situation might be. My blood pressure zooms when yet another minivan almost runs me off the road with the 'W' and the "It's a child not a choice" stickers plastered all over it. We can't move because we make all our money off these elitist snobs so its a catch-22. Do I wish I didn't feel this way? Hell yea I do, I wish I was more tolerant. But I feel that is probably easier to achieve when you're not surrounded by 'them'. I would love to go somewhere like Seattle or San Diego, but that ain't gonna happen anytime soon. So for now I KNOW this is a problem with me, and that's partly why I'm here. To learn more and maybe learn how to move beyond this. Funny enough I'm extremely tolerant with them face to face, but my head is exploding inside. Yes, I DO feel like I have an 'edge', but NO I'm not using it like a good girl should. I hope that makes sense to you and will help YOU be tolerant with the rest of US, since it seems you dislike intolerance to begin with.

Terry Cowell said at November 3, 2005 10:41 AM:

Well I must say that one thing about this is kinda odd. Out of the hundreds of thousands of viewers that tuned in on Prison Break, only a select few of them ended up here on this search. So why all the negative comments from some people about how everyone flocks to belong or feel to be a part of something? 99%+ of the people who watched it never thought twice about it. Also for those who said not many of the people here have this syndrome..Why in the hell did u pick the same exact date to come to this Blog? I'll tell you why ..because you heard it and said "Wow maybe thats my problem" and you ended up here just like us. Anyone who didnt have some connection with this issue never even gave a shit when they heard it, so quit telling people they don't suffer from it or even a different condition we all may likely have and don't know a name for. It's just too unlikely that so many people here have never been able to properly figure out whats going on and so many share the same thought processes for it not to be a valid issue. I think everyone here just wants to understand a way to filter out some unwanted stimuli and be more content with regular life, as in the Ignorance is Bliss statement. I'm sorry to have had to bring this up but there are a few Posts on here that just really piss me off and show the same ignorance that I have to deal with daily from the normal world.

Btw..I'm down with helping on a website to give everyone a way to share ideas and to talk with others who actually perceive things as I/We do. Anyone who is actually acting on this Email me or Msn message me.

Gotta go take something apart now :P ....Hackowell

Terry Cowell said at November 3, 2005 10:49 AM:

One last thing..TO the comments about us "Self-Diagnosing", Anyone can tell you anything that want..they can tell you all sorts of problems you have. The thing is untill YOU decide and self diagnose your own problem YOU cant fix it. Just because some people are brighter then others and realize a condition may exist..check yourself for the traits and make a diagnosis doesnt make them wrong. How many times did you see someone acting a certain way and say "Wow, he sure was an asshole", then think to yourself ..Wow maybe I act like that sometimes..and help your self improve your own attitude? Well my friend..thats self-diagnosis, and I'm sure you would rather figure it out yourself then have someone else tell you your an asshole:P


mzarra said at November 3, 2005 11:28 AM:

This is an amazingly informative thread of conversation. First off, thank you for posting this Randall.

For those who are interested in putting together a site dedicated to this so that we can all learn more, I would be happy to help and would suggest some form of wiki so that those interested can post "articles" which we can then respond to. If someone would be willing to purchase the domain I would be happy to host it and see about getting a wiki installed.

One question I have to those of you out there -- remember back to your childhood. I am referring to your early years. Do you recall any of the nightmares you used to have? I had this one particularly dreadful one and looking back at it now, it seems to coincide with what others are describing. The dream/nightmare was simple but hard to describe in words. Basically, every time I would touch something or focus on something in the dream it would grow gigantic with all of the detail of the object coming into stark relief. Looking at a piece of wood in the dream and it would zoom into showing the ridges of the grain like valleys that you could fall into. Naturally a dream like this terrified my child mind at the time. Eventually I grew out of them but can still remember the feeling they gave me and I am now 35! I was curious if anyone else had a similar experience.

One small nit to those who are long winded. Paragraphs!!! They really make it easier to read your comments and all of us would really like to read them but when you have 50 lines of text with no breaks or pauses -- its rough.

Please contact me at __mzarra@gmail.com__ if I can be of assistance setting up a wiki to explore this further.

mzarra said at November 3, 2005 11:34 AM:

To get the ball rolling and so that we do not kill this blog entry, I have set up a yahoo group to discuss this further.

Randall, if you want I will be happy to turn over moderation of the group to you.

The groups email address is low_latent_inhibition@yahoogroups.com and the homepage for the group is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/low_latent_inhibition

Lets get this going and share all of our research.

Miss Nik said at November 3, 2005 11:43 AM:

mzarra, I have been doing lucid dreaming since I was about 11 when I read a book on nightmares. So now if a dream comes along that I don't like I make it what I want. I also used to have dreams that my dead relatives were visitng me. They would come for discussions about my spiritual path and so on. Don't know if it was my head or what, but they stopped coming when I started smoking nightly. I also ask myself questions before I go to bed, like "Where did I put Grandma's ring??", and then will dream where it is, I will SEE it resting between the car seats. I wake up, go look, and BAM- there it is. The power of the sub-conscious is awesome. I haven't been able to make myself 'better' that way, but I'm sure there is a way. I have also used visualization techniques to get myself over a headache or a bout of acid reflux.

Good job setting up a group, I'll check it out.

Oh, and sorry if you were referring to me on the paragraph thing. Sometimes I get to typing so fast with the thoughts all fighting for release at once that I get quite distracted!! lol....

LLI Sufferer said at November 3, 2005 12:33 PM:

The lamp example given on Prison Break was a fairly poor one, I think, although it's possible that a structural engineer would be aware of the washers and bolts enough to be distracted by them. I think a better example would be to say that most people walk into a room and think, "It's not dark." I walk into a room and think, "Lamp on the desk, retro wrought-iron base, probably reproduction, beaded shade, 60-watt bulb. Two lava lamps, yellow on the left, green on the right, but the green one isn't turned on. Torchiere in the corner, black, clicking like it's about to catch on fire." It's a lot to process when all you're trying to do is get to "not dark."

Agreed! I also get the same when I walk into a darkened room!

TooMuchInfo said at November 3, 2005 5:31 PM:

mzarra said:
Basically, every time I would touch something or focus on something in the dream it would grow gigantic with all of the detail of the object coming into stark relief. Looking at a piece of wood in the dream and it would zoom into showing the ridges of the grain like valleys that you could fall into.

My hair stood up when I read this! It was like a super zoom lens. Though for me, it wasn't really a nightmare, (I think I was kind of older) but more of an interesting phenomenon that would happen when I was in the gray area between awake and asleep.

If I don't smoke before bed, I dream nonstop all night long and wake up exhausted feeling like I never slept. Could just be a physical effect of addiction....

GPaul said at November 3, 2005 5:33 PM:

The Prison Break episode and subsequent internet searches have been somewhat of a relief to me. Although, everyone who has this condition already knew they had it, somehow it makes it better to see it described in black and white.

As a child I took everything apart and was inventing by the fifth grade. I was recognized by the school and other entities at various times. Most people got a kick out of me always being up to something interesting. However, as an adult it is difficult to be the only one who can see certain things.

I believe that at this point in my life (44) I have learned to make the most of the way I am wired. About 15 years ago I realized that I was going to burn myself up doing something and / or go mad. So I decided that I might as well do something that had value. I had already been in several businesses and been a pioneer in a few areas. So I chose a philanthropic life that has been more challenging of my varied skills than anything before. And saving lives is quite rewarding. I still suffer major depression and anxiety but there is purpose in my life.

Now my unsolicited advice to fellow sufferers:
1) About a "cure" or answer to the problem, turn it down. Your mind is wired to go but you can actually choose not to let it run. It is amazing but now I choose to let it run or not. I am much less tired and anxious now. For example, if I visited business I would ask a few questions and then in my mind formulate a complete business plan which would make them much more effective and successful. This is just picking up my dry cleaning and I don't even know them! Now I just don't do this unless they ask me. Believe me I enjoy planning complex situations with many difficult seemingly unrelated issues. But I suffer if I do this everywhere all the time. Now I just turn it off.
2) For those of you who are anti-social or feel you can't connect with others, this too is your choice. I have always known that the flip side of genius is madness and that no one would understand. But isolation creates many problems and will ultimately permanently damage you. And eventually no one will care. My tendency is to isolate but that is where I get into trouble. Now when I feel this way it is a red flag to somehow connect with someone I trust.
3) Contribute to the world - on your death bed it will be much better to feel like you actually made the world a better place somehow. If your last gasp is "I am a genius, but no one understood and no one liked me because I liked no one and therefore accomplished very little" then God have mercy on you. If you really are a "genius" then point it in a direction that can help someone.
4) Stop talking and do something - no one but you cares that you are a genius. Use it to actually do something. If you need to talk then find a good counselor, a group of others who are suffering also, a mate, etc. Some medications help some people. "Unrewarded genius is a proberb"
5) Be sure to have some right brain activities. Find something which makes you forget about time and is all out fun for you. Exert yourself. This will help you detach and build up good brain chemicals and if exersize is involved all the better.

Make the most of what you have. Everyone suffers.

Tanz said at November 4, 2005 11:26 AM:

I just think that we must not get carried away with the results from the research done. It will definately simplify life, and make it possible to blame everything on LLI. Everyone would love to be labeled as a creative genius, but how sure can we be that all the quirks are caused by LLI. With Prison Break being a popular show, it might lead people to want to associate with the character, so I'm just a bit worried that people might start walking around saying they have LLI, when I'm sure it's not a very common case.

Anony Mouse said at November 4, 2005 6:31 PM:

I have studied briefly the concept of latent learning. This theory is derived on the empirical findings of the brilliance of E.C. Tolman -- traditional behaviorists shrug at the mere mention!

Edward C. Tolman (University of California, Berkeley, Ph. D. Harvard) was amongst the pillars whos "Rats in Mazes" coined such concepts as "Cognitive Maps." Tolman's research provoked the onset of the Cognitive Paradigm against Watson and the Behaviorist's Theories of Classical & Operant Conditioning.

I too am intrigued by the concept of "Low Latency Inhibition" and this sample study. I have read a few threads and I do not wish to slander anyone.
Thank you for the link to the Harvard website.

I am happy to see that this is in part a Canadian research study in conjunction with our friends at Harvard -- not mine personally, but with all do respect -- that cites empirical evidence toward a possible explanation, that may very well be a stepping stone for other pertinent research bridging the gap to the mysteries of the mind, and internal workings of consciousness and learning.

Here is the text information from an Intro Psych class (current:)

After a person has an insight, learns a task, or solves a problem, the new learning is
not necessarily evident. Researchers in the 1920s placed hungry rats in mazes and
recorded how many trials it took the rats to reach a “goal”—the spot where food
was hidden. It took many days and many trials, but the hungry rats learned the
mazes well. Other hungry rats were put into the mazes but were not reinforced with
food on reaching the same goal; instead, they merely were removed from the maze.
A third group of hungry rats, like the second group, was not reinforced; however,
after 10 days, these rats were given food on reaching the goal. Surprisingly, in one
day, the rats in the third group were reaching the goal with few errors. During the
first 10 days of maze running, they must have been learning something but not
showing it. After being given a reward, they had a reason to reach the goal quickly.
Researchers such as E. C. Tolman (1886–1959) argued that this was an example
of latent learning—learning that is not demonstrated when it occurs. Tolman
showed that when a rat is given a reason (such as food) to show learning, the behaviour
will become evident. In other words, a rat—or a person—without motivation
may not show learning, even if it exists. Tolman’s idea of latent learning was especially
significant because the definition of learning at the time was strictly behavioural.
Observable behaviour was an essential part of the definition. His early work
laid the foundation for later studies of latent learning (e.g., Prados, Chamizo, &
Mackintosh, 1999) and of generative learning and cognitive maps, and learning to
learn. We consider each in turn.

Learning that occurs in the
absence of any direct reinforcement
and that is not necessarily
demonstrated in any observable
behaviour, though it has the
potential to be exhibited.

I thought this would help others that may not be familiar with Psychology.

Anony Mouse said at November 4, 2005 7:05 PM:

Personally I believe that the concept of being ill in one's mind causes any of numerous derogative effects such as relapse, the onset of comorbid disorders and symptoms (turn to alcohol or other substances to cope with the knowledge that one is "ill"), and by far the worst of all, segregation. The vicious cycle of deterioration due to psychological stressors that people have a tendancy to see themselves as a part of that which represents the "damaged" population amidst the societal statistics in diagnosis. The inevitible "what's wrong with me? Why did this happen to me? Why can I not simply be normal?"

Take a good look at yourselves if you are suffering. Look throughout this thread and its posting's and see how normal it is to be ill. Why segregate yourselves? Accept that like a common cold, it takes time to heal. Think positively and act responsibly. Pursue the things that you love on the good days, and get the rest that you deserve on the not so good days. Make the best of what is available because we are all, healthy or not, the summation of a society that makes unlimited demands from a limites species. It is not your fault, nor is it bad luck! It just happens; just like the first time you fell in love.

Believe in the power of positive thinking and free your mind to love, and enjoy the happiness that you are capable of. Accept yourselves as being the normal. beautiful and good hearted people that you are, and be good to yourselves!

Jane said at November 4, 2005 8:25 PM:

HMMMMM........lots of catching up to do since my post of 11/01.....Interesting comments to say the least, I find it hard to read them all. Distractions, sitting here reading, typing wondering, listenin to the show on TV, eating, thinking of a zillion things at the same time. It is mind boggling.

Trying to go to sleep at night is the worst....It's even been so bad at times that I have even contemplated just "blowing it away" then zillions of other things are thrust in that says NO....Hopefully, now we have found each other, we won't have to wait for the results of a 10 year study approved by our government..

I'd love to be able to find a cause of this phenomenon, and hopefully if not a cure, a quieting of the INPUT.


IQ: 110-115; 116-120; 121-125; 126-130; 131-140; 141-150; 151-160; 161-170; 170-up?
HERITAGE: American Indian, European, Spanish, Latino, African, Mixed (with what), etc.
PHYSICALLY: Hair, eyes, height, weight, etc.
SEX: Male, Female, BI, Gay male, Gay Female, "low latent tendencies" LOL, etc.
MEDICALLY: List Any Abnormalities, Conditions, etc.
List long term medicines; allergies, unusual medical items, etc.

Who can/will create a form and post it so it can be copy/pasted with individual responses and the information gathered so see where we are also alike, and any possible connection to having this LLI thing?

Jane said at November 4, 2005 8:29 PM:


Mr. Ni Enas said at November 4, 2005 10:34 PM:

I have what they seem to think is low-latent inhibition. I still really don't understand fully what it is... nor do I really care. I'm tired of all these doctors trying to figure me out. When I meet them, I already know what they are thinking, what they are going to say, what they are going to ask, and what they are going to TRY and do. I've been tested so many times I feel like a lab rat. Yes, I'm a freaking genius... so what... who cares. I just want to understand what low-latent inhibition means.
Do you know how hard it is to just look at something and see everything except WHAT you are looking at. IT'S REALLY ANNOYING THE HELL OUTTA ME... Why can't I just be "normal" and see the exterior of things.
The funny part of all this thou... I was considered an idiot in grades K-8, somehow skipped, 9th grade, 10th-11th was again, an idiot, graduated in 11th grade, once again, I have no clue how. Only thing I cared about was ART class cause I could get my emotions and thoughts onto a canvas. College, I wasn't able to focus worth a d**n. Now I go to the doctors cause I get these horrible headaches, can't sleep at all, and thou I don't sleep, I NEVER FEEL TIRED... how weird is that. So the doctors and the psychiatrist say it's this LOW-LATEN stuff...
O WELL... guess one day, I'll get hit in the head, and it'll go away... LOL, like a bad dream...

Jane said at November 5, 2005 7:37 AM:

Dear Mr. Ni Enas:
OR maybe the question should be "Why can't anyone look at us, and see the inner workings: WHO AND WHAT we are underneath?" Again, the age old question...."WHAT is normal?"
We are Normal unto ourselves...everyone else is different.....Right? There may be more of us than they want us to know. It's them keeping us out of the lime light that makes them seem the "Normal" crowd!

I personally do not trust our government nor other practices to keep us truly informed. I feel that they must hide a lot of what they know, in order to not cause an uprising! Who knows, we could find out that the Flouride they chose to put in our drinking water is actually doing us harm. Or, the recommended "flu shot" (one thing I have never had and will not get!)

We already know that the daylight savings thing is making people more quirky, there is a rise in crime, depression, suicide,and the like, after the "Fall Back" change in time. They blame it on the holidays.....Weeeell, we had holidays prior to daylight savings time and we did not have the rise in those things then did we!!!!? There's countless other items that could be mentioned, but ........I'll leave those for others to list.

Jane said at November 5, 2005 7:41 AM:

My feeling is that traffic on this site will soon die down if we are not getting any positive feedback concerning this LLI. I know now we are trying to find a connection with each other. I hope we can become a collective effort on obtaining information and feedback, and possible solutions. Who's with me?

Chase (hong kong) said at November 5, 2005 6:19 PM:

what a joke..

somebody tell me who in this forum ISN'T writing and writing jus trying to blow everyone away with that one defining comment that everyone stops argueing with because it is so raw and real..?

my interest in LLI did originally spark from Prison Break.. and yeah.. I did have the brash notion in my head that what if there is some sort of lli going on in my head. But what I was really wondering, was what I had loss.. during high school, an intense relationship pushed me to depression and things started getting unclear... but it seemed so much worse. And when I came around I knew I had lost something, I know I have lost something... living overseas from the states, I travel alot, and I used to live in Thailand, Japan, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, alotta places... and when I'd go to those places I would notice things, I would notice the structures of airports I started memorizing places by their airports and through smells. smells of places whether it's a friends house, of the streets of bangkok there is always something defining in my mind connecting all the places together. When I stepped off the plane into a new country I was centered, i knew exactly where I was because everything was so real, I would notice everything, and now i'm just too lazy to even label all the shit. But it came down to the tones and colors of everything about places, the gradient of the ceiling, textures in wood, I would notice every striation and every scrap/dent, things gave places, my environment a face to me. The same way you would notice yourself in a mirror, I had for every place I had been, all over maryland to my home in Nichada, south of bangkok... and after I went throught hat depression... i go through life feeling none of that. I'm fine, I'm happy, but that side of me seemed so much easier. straight A's came easily to me because there was no challenge, post-depress, i have been struggling with stuff, yet everything I learned pre-depress I know infinately well, it feels like certain things, no matter how far back are imbued into my mind.. I can remember everything photographically in my mind back from when I was 1 and 1/2 years old back in inglewood, LA. And so when I saw that prisonbreak I thought.. maybe that is what made those connections, and is it possible to lose it once u have it? I ask so many questions about it.. is it kids in general? do youngens and toddlers have LLI because it is natural in the course of human reproduction? which all falls along the lines of 'babies with minds like sponges' they absorb all info, and is that what it is? DOES EVERY KID HAVE LLI for a certain amount of time in their youth to absorb information that is meant to be passed on by us? which could all fall into the theories of charles darwin and natural selection, that biologically, we have processed LLI into our offspring in order for them to learn... evolutionary shit. ---Of course I realize the unbelievably low chance that an individual has LLI---
and i'm no so ignorant to implicate that I did or do. But the modern human instinct is introspection when provoked or tempted by a thought that could result in self-revelation. We live in a selfish world, and I guess I am just somebody who wants to know about myself, selfish some may say, but whatever, that's what all of us are here for in this forum, to find out about what this shit is because it intrigues us..

I completely feel you C
that is some deep shit you been going through, and I completely agree with the comments u made, this shit is all jus a little too complex for us to yet be making our own definitions and all.. I'm jus waiting for it to play out..

I'm considering applying for Psychological Studies in University of Toronto, I just don't know if I want to be caught up in this... the real struggle:
Do we fight to understand the mind we have been dealt? Or do we live it out with the belief that, 'understanding it won't change it' and live your life... either falling into the crowd or becoming glorified with fame..?
no one knows

love to all of you who care enough to read all that shit above.. one man's junk is another man's treasure.. I'm assuming all the words I jus laid out is junk to yall.. but it's my treasure

Vitaliy said at November 6, 2005 2:17 AM:

Hey everyone, I have an IQ of 130, graduated valedictorian from my high school, and currently an A student in an engineering major at the University of Florida. I don't have any of your crazy problems (I am a nerd though) LOL ^_^ I just don't understand how some of you with IQ's well above mine can get low grades. Are all of you lazy and blame some disorder as the cause? If this is the case I have some phycological advice to you free of charge, now read carefully, read again, and memorize the next two sentences. "Stop It!" "Just Stop Doint it!" For example if you cannot finish a project for some reason then stop not finishing and just finish the project. What is so hard about this? Having problems with too much sensory input, then stop it, stop getting too much sensory input. This is sooooo elementary that all of you smarties should know this, but I cannot figure out why you don't. So just stop doing all the bad things, just stop it, it is that easy.
here is my kewl website: http://valedictorian(dot)atspace(dot)com/index.html

DontPissMeOff said at November 6, 2005 4:37 AM:

Hey Vitaliy,

Low latent inhibition is not something you can simply stop doing. Just like if you were hit hard by someone, you would react with an "ouch" or by crying. We react to things of this world differently than yourself. When we see an object, it stirs up many thoughts in our heads automatically. These thoughts in turn produce more thoughts that are linked to that such object and in turn, those thoughts can provoke more thoughts. We were born this way you see. These thoughts are rapid and natural for us.
Have you ever had an impulse to do something? Perhaps buy something or say something? Our brain works in a similar fashion. Our minds have impulses to rapidly see many aspects of a single object.
You telling us to "just stop it" is like telling an OCD person to stop being OCD. It's like telling a child not to cry when their mother dies. Better yet, it's like telling someone to swim when they don't know how and yelling at them "It's easy, just move your arms and legs" while they drown. It's not something you can just do. Thinking the way you do about us is ignorant. Perhaps you should use your intelligence to figure out what you do not understand before casting your simple thoughts from your simple mind. Or just focus on what seems to really be important to you, school grades.
As for grades in school, they don't mean much in my opinion. School in my opinion, for the most part, was designed for the way your mind works. Simple and straight forward.
I don't believe that low latent inhibition is a curse or an illness. I believe it is the next evolutionary step, finally coming into light with more accurate understanding. Our brains are so complex that we don't know what is going on until long after our brains develop it. Just like speech. It was once new and underdeveloped but look at us today. I truly believe that low latent inhibition will be more common as the future approaches. Guess your gene-pool is a little behind.
Lastly, it's spelled psychological and "kewl" makes you look dumb. Also, leaving a link to your site screams that you require attention. What I don't get is why you want a bunch of people that you don't understand, to visit your site. Hello?

P.S. - Go brag about yourself to someone that cares.

DontPissMeOff said at November 6, 2005 4:43 AM:

Mr. Ni Enas = Mr. Insane :)

Jane said at November 6, 2005 4:49 AM:

If it were so simple as that, we would not be here. It's very apparent you don't have it, or you would understand. If you were blind, we could not explain the color of blue or orange to you.....and so is the case here. But if you were to open your mind and and think, if you had a headache could you "just stop it". Highly unlikely!

Try imagining wanting peace and quiet but it is raining, thundering, lightening, children are crying, cars are crashing, ambulances are sirening, you just cant turn it off!!!! So it is with us, only it is everyday happenings sounds, thoughts, things that inundate our minds relentlessly. Thoughts that go on and on and on, from one subject matter to another.

We WISH it were simple....but it is not. You may be 130 IQ, but you are not LLI. You are a lucky one. Enjoy it, spend your time and intelligence helping others, not bashing them. And to correct you....We aren't doing "bad things". Thanks!

DontPissMeOff said at November 6, 2005 4:56 AM:


I found a better one for you. Telling us to "Just stop it!"... it's like telling someone that is gay to "Just stop it!" like it is bad. Gays used to be extremely misunderstood, beaten and even murdered for it. It still happens. From this "coming out of the closet" thing, gays were depressed, self-medicated, and miserable because they too thought something was wrong with themselves. They were different that the "norm". My point is LLI people are different. One day, perhaps people will understand us and we won't be such "freaks" to people like you. I'm sure even you can comprehend that.


Jane said at November 6, 2005 4:59 AM:

For those of you who miss this. Some one here set up a site for us. You are all invited.........:


Miss Nik said at November 6, 2005 2:11 PM:

Come now folks, stop with the "I have it, but you don't" mentality. I hardly think you would find schizophrenics arguing over the validity of each other's disease. Personally, I find that attitude arrogant and self-righteous. I think there are those of us here who are excited at the possibility of an explanation for certain behaviors, and that is mixed with relief and curiosity. It may seem to some that we are picking it apart, trying to relate it to every facet of our everday life. That is just the way M brain works. Everything must have a reason. I'm not a fimr believer in what will be will be. If you want results/answers you have to make things happen.

I also happen to contribute to my community through charities and such, so I'm not so apathetic to the point I've totally given up.

For the schmo who said to just stop it, well I've got another one for you. Why not tell the poor guy in the wheel chair to just 'get over it. Why not tell my Dad to just stop having brain damage from his stroke. Whatever man.....

MaRisa said at November 7, 2005 12:29 AM:

Wow! To think one show could bring so many of 'us' together. For some reason when he said that line, key word, latent inhibition, i had to find out what the heck that meant. Here i am. You think you have probs? Try reading the bible and throwing in the fact our belief system can hugely impact our life? A zillion thoughts for who am i why am i here.. etc. OK, my two cents about this is i could believe i dropped out of school for family probs, suicidal attempt, breakdowns, all by 20 yet without a high school diploma i managed to get myself into some crazy fun jobs and meet cool others out there like you all here. My problem today is I'm back into trying to be a Realtor - but bored b/c I'd rather be solving world problems instead... why is it i can walk into a room and sense the sadness of that one kid and have to go see what I was sent there for? MY mission in life. Ahh.. so knowing I'm 'saved' and others aren't really bothers me you know? IT keeps me up at night and the more I read the Bible the more I want to use my creative abilities to free the damaged souls like myself, from their demons.

If you choose to believe you were created with a purpose and you believe the bible, it say's God say's 'we cannot choose our own steps, they are ordered by God.' This helps me in life that chance isn't all that is happening - that friendships are formed that can alter a decade - change technology - save a life. IF we think this is all there is,, and we are barely coping to survive.. imagine the universe being beyond this life.. where thoughts are still and love is beyond a four letter word. Pure joy and bliss.. and this life is a challenge where we must overcome... if truly there is an advesary our minds are the battlefield.. we have to have the filters God said protection He is to us,
since we all struggle with being so 'open'
it's the same openess a child has to God.. pure spiritual faith... stay focused if nothing else ever matters to you that He, the Creator of us all, choose us we didn't first pick Him.

I believe there's great people here waiting to be told they matter and in that antiquated book there is a hidden treasure of wisdom knowledge from ancient times.. our minds are attacked by demonic entities

if you truly are a believer than this life we live can be used for good or evil. Still a sinner whose looking up for peace that calms everything. JESUS CHRIST.

Bhavesh said at November 7, 2005 3:01 AM:

What do I say?
prison break...lli - ppl like me...the world is dumb...inefficiency sucks!... finally found an answer!
thanz a lot all of u, u just made my day!
is thr ny community of ppl wid lli n high iq?

X Anonymous said at November 7, 2005 5:37 AM:

Hmmm.I have read an abundance of amusing comments on how people perceive themselves different after reading an editorial.Shal we not forget that unless these questionable assumptions about ourseleves have been scientificly proven,to simply state that you are this (acting as though you dont care for the pay off of an intelligent label,given high I.Q.) is an ordinary human function as well.We call this the need to feel special kids.Not to be condescending though if anyone is offended I'm simply stating fact.Those who get offended at fact are usually at fault or discovering truth about themselves not exactly delightful.Love u guys and umm,yea Prison break was inexplicably a dedactic piece of entertainment that i enjoyed as well.Funny how so many are here because of that.Tah-tah. (a highschool kid waves)

X Anonymous said at November 7, 2005 5:57 AM:

OH and by the way,One might have high I.Q., but cognitive advantage to is not equivalent to wisdom.This validates the possibility that these idiots bosting on high I.Q. may not exactly be wise AT ALL.
..(Points to bosters)You may still be and probably are fools.Lets not foget that an opinion is no more correct than the next persons just becuse its yours.Lets be mature kids (says the teenager to grownups).Comments on please,thats what we are here for.

P.S.-Chase your judgemental additude renders you a jack with an I.Q.What a waste of mind power on the foolish

X Anonymous said at November 7, 2005 6:03 AM:

oh and thats vitality not chase. ^-^.Toodles

X Anonymous said at November 7, 2005 10:51 AM:

Vitaliy, I just changed my mind and now complectely agree with you. I am the arrogant idiot. You are not judgemental but are actually fairly accurate. Man I wish I was as smart as you and did not have this disorder, I just have an inferiority complex because of this disorder which makes me think everyone is better than me. What can I say? Vitaliy you must use your mind power to improve the world so keep doing what you are doing, Great Job. :)

Lifer girl said at November 7, 2005 11:38 AM:

Has anyone here with so much going for them ever stopped long enough to write a book or publish on this HOT TOPIC? I'd like to read your insight since you all seem so gifted at sharing and such. Is it possible for LLi's to finish a book project, has anyone here done it? Esp. on the this topic?

Liz said at November 7, 2005 3:04 PM:

Now there's an interesting question Lifer girl. Why would anyone write a book about it when we have shows like "Prison Break" (which I didn't see) presumably to educate and illicit interest from the masses looking for the next big thing or a way to be different (as evidenced by some postings on this site)? I wonder whether this show depicted the "phenonmenon" as something atypical, bad and punishable or endearing, good and useful?

I'm over being nice about this topic and apologising for things which I had no choice over in the first place - if my hair is blonde why pretend it's brown? It's such a touchy topic - if some one can physically run faster than you why is it easier to admit than some can one running cognitively faster?

Whilst I didn't have a choice in the first place I do have a choice over being a victim or a victor. We're slaves to the bell shaped curve - have been, are and always will be. This "thing" is derided and marginalised in society and then looked upon with awe in future tense - if society doesn't kill them, then they kill themselves. What a wonderful world. That answers a lot of statements re. people "wallowing" in self pity alluded to by the "have not's". Not that I expect much understanding here - that's like expecting a master to see it from the slave's point of view. Despite being the slave at least I KNOW what freedom is.

FaUeCiKoUu said at November 7, 2005 9:01 PM:


Thanks for this! Its a good start for people who want to compare and collect ideas about this LLI.

With regard to vitality:

Stop it! Stop it!!

Thank you for this bleeding edge Cognitive-Behavioral, aversive, yet intrinsically covert sensitization that is in sooth, a decry toward our meta-cognitition.

>> |||

Stick to the mechanical definition of depressions and projections; there is no cardinal rule with regards to a nominal wall. The mechanics of the mind are neither based along the cartesian axis you're used to visualizing with, nor are they scaleable within the world coordinates depicted by your limited trihedron.


Been there, done that, and that, and that...and that too!

Justin Time said at November 7, 2005 9:17 PM:

Do you really know what freedom is? Most people do not.

Play the cards your dealt in life. Do not question your existence, whether it is within the norms or not.

Free your mind: Symmettry = homostasis -- it is within us all.

-- 1 --

I am interested in LLI -- but I am not ill or medicated; never have been and I never will be.

Chuck said at November 9, 2005 7:18 AM:

To try to be brief:

I saw the show too.
When I read the post that has 1-10 symptoms, I thought this has been me for 35 years of my life.
cant even remember when I started to dissect every trivial thing because I was too young to realize it.
I have always been told that I have a gift.
could never sit still in class, and mind would wander in tangents a non LLI could never comprehend.
I have been designing, building, fixing things all my life.
Relatives and friends do flock to me for advice and services. Never work for family by the way!!
I was a very poor student but excelled in the things I was actually interested in.
I graduated with BS in business and am now Virginia class A contractor. I build the most beautiful furniture anyone has ever seen. I cut my own Walnut, Cherry, and other hard and soft woods. I can see the piece before it is even built. At night, I put the furniture together in my mind while trying to sleep. When I am under contract for a complicated project all I can think about is how to put the puzzle together in the most efficient manner. My shop and truck are a complete mess, yet I know where everything is! If I "organize" things I am lost. I have always been able to see into things "ordinary" people could not. Most "A" students I knew from school have booksmarts but no common sense. For me it was the opposite, common sense but no booksmarts. What these people memorize in college to take a test will be forgotten in no time at all. I have about 15 pieces of furniture under construction in my 30'x70' woodshop. I actually finish everything I start......eventually. For the last 10 years or so I thought I had ADD. Now I know what I have, and for you Phd's out there that criticize me for the self evaluation I say this. Just because a doctor has a degree and experience does not guarantee that they are doing the right thing for society, ie., the prescribing of the worst chemicals known to man. The chemicals I am talking about are the anti-depressants whose long term effects are not known and will only manifest their ill-effects later in the lives of the people who are mis-diagnosed and needlessly advised to "medicate" because they are gifted. The pharmaceutical companies are giving kickbacks to doctors to get society hooked on these drugs. I have some friends on these evil drugs and I tell them to get off of them. The suicide connection to anti-depressants will only get worse as time goes on. If you feel that you truly have had LLI for life and are on an anti-depressant I highly suggest that you stop taking in the chemicals. There are other alternatives. With "the gift" comes great responsibility. I get over it by writing lists of things to get done everyday. I set goals for myself and set them in a realistic, achieveable manner. KISS principle....Keep it simple stupid. This will help. To have 50 different things going on at once is not madness if you dont let be. I will be reading this blog regulary now that I can finally go on in life knowing what I have and that there are others like me.

bye for now.

Scout said at November 9, 2005 9:15 AM:

This is a new topic of discussion for me, so please be gentle. I am 23 now and have always been told I "think too much". I can relate to many of the postings here, particularly those from Miss Nik. Excluding the fact that I am an introvert and always have been. I am not close to (barely know) my mother's side of the family. My father is adopted and we have no knowledge of his biological family. He is very intelligent, a psychology major in college turned advertising guru. My mother is an extrovert, she oozes self confidence for no apparant reason. She is also bi-polar, an alcoholic, and a drug addict. She has never met her potential in life, but she is quite intuitive and intelligent. My signifigant other and father of my children has been acurately described in almost all of these postings. If ever a person had LLI, it is him. He is mechanically inclined, can fix anything. I'm being vague, but thers's more to it than that. We've talked about these aspects of himself a lot throughout our relationship. It is something that he's learned to live with. And it's not been a great life full of the industrious achievements you would expect from someone as skilled in as many areas as he is. But, he, nor I, sit around wallowing in self pity about it. The reason we are revisiting the issue is that our 7 year old daughter has recently been diagnosed as having ADD. Not by a psychologist, but by her pediatrician (who I respect and generally trust) after a 20 minute interview and having read through the ADD assesment paperwork completed by her school. She was given a trial (1 month) prescription for ritalin in the lowest dosage available. It has made a minimal difference in her school behavior. Not enough, in my opinion, to justify giving it to her for the rest of her school career. In my internet research and books, I have found a link betweeen learning disabilities and neurological disorders such as ADD and giftedness. Did I mention I have a problem with run-on sentences... Anyway, given that my daughter is intelligent, I might even say above average, I locked on to the gifted child phenomenon right away. I think I wanted to believe that she is gifted rather than just attention deficit. But I have to be honest with myself. In order for a child to be considered gifted, academically or creatively, they must exhibit an understanding in at least one particular domain before their peers without being instructed by anyone else. This is not my daughter. She is struggling with reading. She has sloppy handwriting. She likes math, but gets ditracted sooo easily that it's hard for her to progress. She loves art and can spend a signifigant amount of time on an art project. She is also emotionally sensitive. She worries about death. She worries about what other people think. She worries about what other people are going through. Last week she got $2 from the "tooth fairy" that she knows is me. She took it to school to spend at the school store on a pencil or something and instead she ended up donating to the school's disaster relief fund to help hurricane victims. What king of 7 year old would give up a psychedelic looking pencil to help people in need?! My kind of 7 year old! So, she fits the bill for some of the qualities often found in gifted children, but she hasn't excelled in any particular domain thus far. I have a sneaking suspicion based on her dad's history and my similar experience (my expertise has always been in the reading/writing area) that this LLI might be something she suffers from. Also, although all of her teachers including p.e., etc. have noted distractability and trouble focusing, she always gets her work done and on time. She doesn't appear to be listening, but when it's time to do the worksheet she manages to know what she's doing. She gets good grades overall. When I asked her how she felt during school and why she kicks the seat in front of hers constantly, or why she fidgets with everything in her desk, she said she's bored. That school's alright when they are baking pumpkin bread or making a castle in art, but when the teacher is reading or writing on the overhead she can't concentrate on just that. I mean, someone next to her is scratching their neck, and someone else is tying their shoe and their's someone in the hallway walking by...it's too much for her to just listen to the book. She has to hear the book being read, and watch the other kids, and wonder about what she's going to do when she gets home, what's for lunch. Is this LLI? Can kids with ADD focus on things of their interest and not others? Is 7 too young to diagnose someone with LLI? If, based on biology, we catch this now can we help her cope as she grows? I haven't seen a lot on this site pertaining to kids and I wonder if that is because this type of disorder is something that you can't put into words when you're 7 and confused. How do I help her verbalize what she feels without leading her or putting words in her mouth? I want to get to the bottom of my daughter. If anyone has any advice regarding my tangent here, please reply. There is so much more to tell, and so many more questions. I am just scraping the surface here. I want to believe that there is more than meets the eye going on. And, I want to hear that ADD and speed are not the bootom line. I'm listening...

P.S. This is a great site for anyone interested in knowing more about their fellow man, wether they have LLI or not. I'm glad I found it. I also watched prison break with my sig. other and we looked at each other to see if we'd each had the same epiphany. Sometimes you know how you feel long before it materializes in front of you on FOX. Sometimes a bridge to walk across is all you need to get to the other side.

Messimom said at November 9, 2005 5:15 PM:

Hi, unlike most of you (but similar to Scout) I am writing on behalf of my husband! When we saw "Prison Break" I looked at him as he looked at me and our jaws simultaneously dropped when they gave a name to what seems to be my husband's lifelong issue. We've always known he's a "genius" along with several others in his extended family. And I can't tell you how often he has tried to explain something to me but its as if he has a completely different way of seeing things. Usually what happens, is that as I try to rephrase it back to him he says, "No, that's not it...it's like this...." and he tried to re-explain. And after we have gone around in circles a few times, we usually end up agreeing that we were both essentially saying the same thing, only coming at it from very different perspectives. It's as if his brain is wired completely differently. He is very introverted and has a hard time talking with people, although he loves to get into deep discussions, he just always feels he is surrounded by morons. Just how so many of you have described. He has always felt he was somewhat crazy and suffers from depression, never feeling good enough, like he can never accomplish enough. And yet he is so smart, he just blows my mind sometimes. So I write with the same question as others, how do you live with this? How can he come to accept that this is more normal than he thinks and how does he deal with it on a daily basis?


Asher said at November 10, 2005 1:08 PM:

I have read a lot...but not all what has been discussed here. And to tell you the truth i just dont get it! The article was about LLI + HiQ = Creativity, well thats great...except a lot of you are talking about how you see the world differently from others, and then discussing HiQ and Creativity....well thats got nothing to do with it! What has got to do with it is that you probably, maybe, kind of in for the chance, of having LLI, thats it!!

I mean, wowwwwwwww i have a HiQ, my IQ score was a snooker break of 147, got tested at the age of ten. Yet i dont have a piece of paper showing me i have a degree in microbiology or astrophysics, why? Because its not what i wanted to do! I wanted to live and experience life, i wanted to understand it and i took while doing it i tell ya.

What is an IQ test? Its an exam as such that asks you a set amount of questions on a number of categories to measure your cognitive abilities...great...but how many intelligent people here have any common sense..okay a lot of hands...now put ya hands down if your lying..come on be honest now...thats better...

But the real point of this i suppose is that intelligence, common sense, creativity, or whatever, it all means nothing really. Yes you are different, but we are all different from each other, its called diversity, there is no such thing as normal..and dont forget that!

Jane said at November 10, 2005 6:20 PM:

Hey Scout......... ADD or ADHD has become a more "popular" way for teachers to "not have to deal with" proper discipline. Discipline is an area that has become a "no no" for them......So, they will all readily score a child so that they "seem to fit" the definition of an ADD/ADHD child so they will become MEDICATED!!!

Absolutely the wrong road to take!!! #1 Studies have shown that children who become "drug users" (even though properly prescribed) do tend to drift toward that direction for recreational purposes later on in life.

My sisters youngest child was the first child to become labeled ADD/ADHD and was put on medication. I witnessed what this did to him. If you can imagine a child "coming down" from a drug (like a drug addict needing a fix) you would never want that to happen to your child. This is what happens when it is getting close to needing "another dose". AHHHH but the drug companies have gotten smarter, and now make a "slow release" form. This is just a masking effect, if you ask me.

I had two sons who were both termed Hyperactive. I CHOSE to NOT have them medicated. I was willing to deal with the hyperactivity, this meant I had to be more patient with them, constantly explain to others why they were not spanked more....blah, blah blah.... I had to be firm and stand my ground. I had a hard time with the teachers, (even if it meant telling them a thing or two!!!) It was rough going, but now my sons are 23 and 24 and I am happy to say that they DO NOT USE DRUGS NOR ALCOHOL. They are well adjusted and have no residual problems. They outgrew it about the ages of 14 & 15.
I BELIEVE I MADE THE RIGHT DECISION, FOR THE LONG RUN...... AFTER ALL, isn't the end result of childhood......adulthood. We dont raise children to be well behaved children...we raise children to be responsible adults.

Good Luck. Only you can make that choice for them.

Miss Nik said at November 11, 2005 8:33 AM:

On the subject of using prescriptions to medicate your children.... I personally believe there are a small percentage of children that benefit from them. I have seen what it did for my niece, who had OCD so bad she pulled out every single hair on her body, i.e. eyebrows and lashes, hair on her head, arm hair and so on. She would also pick at sores until impetigo was inevitable. Her parents tried intense psychotherapy to no avail. The quality of her life was drastically improved when she started taking a drug similar to Paxil. She is still on meds now 6 years later and a happy healthy non drug abusing 18 year old female on her way to college. This never would have been possible without medication. I think it is a generalization and quite possibly dangerous to tell people not to take prescriptions given by a qualified professional. If someone's hardwiring is biochemically corrupt in some way, then that might be the only answer for some people. You wouldn't tell a diabetic not to take insulin because 'drugs are bad and pollute your body'.

Conversely, my sons'school suggested from 1st grade on that he start taking an ADD med. I took him to our pediatrician who said there was no harm in trying a short run of it, to see if there was any improvement in his behavior. After 3 months of treatment, and a zombiefied kid who cried at the drop of a hat, I knew it wasn't for him. I felt like I had made an educated decision, even though I was against. I knew I didn't know everything, and if there was a chance it might help him, then it was totally worth it. Funny enough, about 3 months after I had taken him off, I had a meeting with his teachers. They sang bountiful praises for his improvement and gave kudos to me for making the right choice to medicate. I sat there grinning like a cheshire cat and let them sink themselves, "Ohhh really? That's great, glad to hear it....", and then dropped the 'bomb' that he had been off for some time. They asked if it that was okay with his doctor, to which I replied " What does that matter? I'm his MOTHER." I don't regret trying it, and actually glad I did, because I was able to rule that out.

I come from a long line of teachers on my mom's side, so I'm able to look at this from all points of view. I feel bad that teachers have these preposterous class sizes and are expected to use differential teaching methods. Not all parents are interested in their kids or helping them meet class requirements and expectations. I also know that research suggests there is a significant quantity of children born between 1990ish and 2000ish that were given vaccines that cointained a harmful amount of mercury and another preservative (perhaps Randall with his wonderful expertise could help us locate the study?). There was a federal mandate to have these chemicals removed from the vaccines by (I think ) around 2001. During the time peiod they were being used, there was a spike in the amount and a 'cluster' of children born with autism, ADD, ADHD, and other various developmental delays. If this is the case, then it sorta makes sense to me that meds wouldn't help this particular group of kids.

My sister graduated magna cum laude from a major university in Texas with a major in biology and a minor in psychology. She currently works for a company that conducts research for pharmaceutical companies. She has done her own personal study on drugs used to treat various disorders and psychosis'. ADD/HD is significantly and consistently innapropiately given a diagnosis, used so very indiscriminitely. But, for the folks/kids who really do suffer from bichemical illnesses, proper prescription medication along with psychotherapy can profoundly change the quality of their life. I wouldn't deny someone that.

As for me, I take Wellbutrin and am doing quite well with it. I had some traumatic events happen this year, and hit a pretty low low. I've tried therapy, and that just wasn't my thing (maybe I just haven't found the right one yet, I dunno) I am actually being a more productive person and am enjoying life more. I can also see how it is affecting those around me, esp. my kids, who now have a better mother able to handle day to day situations with much more ease. So, for those who thinks drugs shouldn't be used for mental problems, or something that's perceivable 'just in someone's head', probably don't understand the brains/body's bichemical response system.

To those who are posting that some are being pretentious or superior or are poor me-ing themselves, or accusing others of thinking they have LLI when they don't, why the f*** should anyone listen to you? I don't see M.d. or Ph.D after your name so get off it. If you don't like people waving their IQ around then why flash yours? The condescneding nature of some of these posts is just plain sad. I don't think everyone here is seeking affirmation from anyone else. Personally I could two shits if some blowhard here thought I was/was not LLI. I am just exploring like many others, not here to condemn or judge. So, to the self appointed 'judges' and condemners, I say look a little deeper within yourself. Dig deep man.

Miss Nik said at November 11, 2005 10:36 AM:

One interesting thing to add about the mercury vaccines:

Remember the 'Patriot Act' so many of elected officials failed to read in its entirety? There is a clause in there that protects pharmaceutical companies from being sued by parents whose children have a developmental disorder and were born between the years stated above. Pretty much gives credence to the 'theory' to me. Officials were afraid that once the news got out the pharm co.'s would go bankrupt (and then who would fund their political agendas????).

Scout said at November 14, 2005 2:50 PM:

Thank you Jane & Miss Nik for responding about medication. My initial reaction was that if it helps, then we should try it. If that's all she needs to fully reach her potential, why not? Then I went home from the pharmacy, got on the internet and researched the crap out of add/adhd. What scares me the most is the tendancy for stimulant using kids to get majorly depressed a/o psychotic towards puberty. That and high likelihood that it will stunt her growth. And then, being the devil's advocate that I am, I think these are statistics. You can't rely on anyone else's experience. And who cares if she's short as long as her greater needs are being met?... But stimulants are a controlled substance. Often a gateway to cocaine,etc. It is so hard as a parent to know what's right. I also found sites regarding gifted children, she meets most of their guidelines. But, again, she hasn't excelled in any particular domain as yet. She's very smart, but gifted? When I think about gifted kids, I automatically think of the kid who plays piano before he can spell or rainman like savants. My daughter takes everything apart out of sheer curiosity. She can build anything out of legos. She makes grandiose forts in her bedroom with every pillow and blanket she can find. She is constantly creating or demolishing something. But, she struggles with reading. She has terrible handwriting unless she's forced to slow down and really concentrate on it, when this happens- she adds curly q's to all of her letters and makes the "artistic" and less "boring". Her teacher has moved her seat 5 times so far this school year to no avail. She seems to find distraction everywhere. On the final attempt, she was placed directly in front of the teacher in hopes that she would be inclined to act accordingly with her teacher looking right at her. Well, now she asks her teacher random questions every 30 seconds or so. Her teacher has told me that she's been positive that Christian (my daughter) had missed an entire discussion, was not listening at all. She handed out a worksheet to follow the discussion thinking Christian would need it explained all over again. Christian finished her paper, sat around for a minute or two, and then asked if she could help kids who weren't done yet because she was bored. Her teacher doesn't know what to think. She encouraged the meds, but says she truly hasn't noticed more than minimal improvement with them. Her reading group teacher raves about how improved she is on the meds. She takes a pill ten minutes before reading group starts. She is happy that Christian sits stills and listens when it's not her turn. It hasn't changed, however, her tendancy to get down on herself/seem "depressive" when she doesn't read quite as well as the others in group. I'm sorry, but doesn't everybody feel like crap when they aren't living up to someone's expectations? Expectations are a major factor in life. I don't know that I want her to be giddy when she isn't performing as expected. Granted expectations are relative, and some people expect the unreasonable,but you have to learn coping skills. That said, maybe she needs to be taught differently too. I plan to check out a book tonight called 'Right Brained Children in a Left Brained World'. It's supposed to offer alternative techniques for teaching visual-spacial learners, plus a series of tests to administer to your child to determine if this is in fact the way they learn best. I think I/we could really be onto something regarding this low latent inhibition. Her dad knows without questioning, because he's lived it for so long. He says all I need to do is really pay attention. I do, and I see, but I want to be positive and I want results. That's just my way. As far as the medication goes, I think we are going to stop for now (witness the side effects of stopping) and not let school in on it right away- Thank you Miss Nik. I'm curious to see if we'll have results similar to yours. I don't feel that are her solution. She's a bright girl, and even if ADD is all that this is, she can work through it and I really hope and believe that she'll do okay. She may have to work a little harder than the kid next to her, but I'd bet $100 she's a little more interesting too. We'll see what develops.

P.S. I'll be getting back about eccentric genius and background. Nathan (my counterpart) has native american heritage from both sides of his family- his paternal grandparents and we don't know as much about his mom's side, but they definitely have the look. He himself (he is not insane- I swear)has had "visions". Not clear vision forewarning of death or anything quite so interesting. More along the lines of imagining a house that he's never been to for years, and then ending up there oneday. My daughter seems to favor him in every way, other than her farsightedness, which she can thank me for. His father is quite an eccentric genius, as is he. More later & thanks fo ryour support.

Mark Carter said at November 14, 2005 9:22 PM:

Umm... before you all start doing the good old wish-fulfillment self-diagnosis because some TV show threw out some psycho-babble and intimated that you, devoted fans of the show, could be geniuses...

Does anyone know of any sites with information on clinical testing procedures or online testing beyond the simple "I share a few of those vague symptoms!" variety?

Truly, briefly reading through the DSM IV, anyone could self-diagnose for a multitude of conditions. Many symptoms are extremely common (show up in almost everything), but don't necessarily mean anything.

Anonomyous X said at November 15, 2005 6:39 AM:

Very smart posting information on my name vitality.Very mature.(snickers)How about this?Instead of using your marvelous mind power to boast about assanign individuals ,(speaking of yourself)use it for something useful.Interrupting this site with yout foolishness telling people to stop a function as viatal and natural to themselves as breathing is as intelligent as primates that scratch themselves,which is actually pretty intelligent but nonetheless.One cannot stop a function commencing with them unnaware of it.

P.S.-In case of future posting in my name contrary to what I Anonymous X has to say you will know by the lack of intelligence the poster has.Carry on my wondeful people with LLI,and may vitality choke on something he never had(KNOWLEDGE).

Scout said at November 15, 2005 10:15 AM:

A. I am not an avid watcher, or even necessarily a fan of the television show Prison Break. I tend to do several things at once, and t.v. is usually on in the background.

B. I would never assume a condition based on a web blog.

C. When you feel different is a welcome suprise to find others who can sympathize.

D. There are a variety of great, informative books on subjects relating to creative individuals who have trouble filtering stimuli. If I have been able to find them, surely you will too.

E. Cloning was once a new subject too. The ball has to get rolling somewhere. Likeminded people coming together for a common cause sounds like a good step to me.

F. If you weren't searching for something, then why are you here?

Anonymous X said at November 17, 2005 5:54 AM:

OH!Check this my wonderful fellows.I just had a monumental thought about LLI.Does anyone realize that its possible some of the greatest minds in human history may very well have had LLI.My god,think about it! Isaac Newton,even though I doubt the factual origins of the tale upon which an apple fell upon the ground stimulating a revolutionary hypothesis and concomitant that a force called gravity exists,upon that tale and all of Newtons discoveries lies nothing but pure evidence that Isaac might have had low latent inhibition.Lets review again! 1.Isaac was definitely an outcast in school because he was always busy and didn't understand his fellow peers(this shows him at the misunderstood prospective) 2.If the story was true,when that apple fell all of his attention shifted to it with all kinds of interests and then to gravity and then to the universe and on and on.3.His attention was always shifting,if you remember there was first:mathematics,chemistry,then other sciences,then even to the bible because he wanted to prove it all unified in a type of crosshair correlation,then he went to alchemistry becoming an alchemist,and it goes on and on because everytime something happened it sent him into theories and questions.Isaac barely even had a life because of this constant attention shifting!Henceforth I prove possible evidence that yes!One of the most vital icons in human adaption and technology might have had LLI.NOW who says LLI is a bad thing! Let us not forget that opinions without thought are worthless.I would have liked to see you tell Isaac to stop having attention shifts Vitality.Half that sciencebook you use in class everyday might dissappear.(LOL)I don't have LLI or at least I haven't been tested to know if I do,but LLI just like everything else has a good side and a bad side and just thinking it a negative thing as some have done here is completely wrong.I needn't speak of other scientists who might have had LLI.^-^ nuff said. (highschool boy waves)

P.S.-I could use a buscuit.

ronnie cea said at November 17, 2005 11:04 AM:

can we test me/commentators before reading their comments to evaluate answers, answerers and subject commented on/answered simultaniously?

do the experts read these comments...? I was trying to find their emails.

can one get past records of teachers/professors assesments from earliest education on? I was told, I was offered grade skipping numerous times in elementary. Told I scored higest in 11 years on wonderlick employment strange test by employee (who wouldnt put it in writing or even let me take test home with me)

all i ever hear is how im so creative and intelligent, jokes on me and you the question never meets the answer?

I bumped into your page from the how to commit suicide section, ha ha.

bye bye

Anonymous X said at November 17, 2005 11:06 AM:

Hey!Check this my awsome cult followers.I just had a small opinion about LLI.I realized that some of the greatest minds in human history, like me, may very well have had LLI.Please,think about it! Anonymous X,even though I doubt the factual origins of the tale upon in which I fell on the ground stimulating a revolutionary hypothesis that force called pain actually exists,upon that tale and all of my discoveries lies nothing but pure evidence that I might have had low latent inhibition.Lets review again! 1.I was definitely an outcast in school because I was always busy and didn't understand my fellow peers(this shows me at the misunderstood prospective) 2.If the story was true,when that I fell, all of my attention shifted to me with all kinds of interests and then to pain and then to my self and on and on.3.My attention was always shifting,if I remember there was first:Pain,Myself,then other people,then even to the my self again because I wanted to prove it all unified in a type of crosshair correlation,then I went to the forum becoming an poster,and it goes on and on because everytime something happened it sent me into theories and questions.I barely even had a life because of this constant attention shifting!Henceforth I prove possible evidence that yes!One of the most vital icons in human adaption and technology might have had LLI.NOW who says LLI is a bad thing! Answer: Me. Let us, my follewers, not forget that opinions without thought, like mine, are worthless.I would have liked to see you tell me to stop having attention shifts.Half that crap you use in your life might dissappear.(LOL 31337)I have LLI but, at least I haven't been tested to get institutionalized,but LLI just like everything else has a bad side and a bad side and just thinking it a negative thing as some have done here is completely right.I need to speak of other scientists who might have had LLI.^-^ nuff said. (highschool boy leaves)

Anonymous X said at November 18, 2005 5:14 AM:

The previous posting was not something I said ^-^ Notice the lack of Vitality's intelligence. llol I guess hes allergic to intelligent opinions.carry on.^-^

Anonymous X said at November 18, 2005 5:17 AM:

and apparently ur refering to yourself vitality because you don't seem to have anything better to do than pretend ur a great person.ME ^-^

Anonymous X said at November 18, 2005 6:53 AM:

Also, I am the greater person because only I can make intelligent opinions, no one else can.^-^ So vitality stop pretending that you are a great person, in reality I am the greatest of all the mental posters in this forum.^-^

dcb said at November 20, 2005 5:07 AM:

Have people lost interest? is the topic not hot anymore?

I can relate to some of the things mentioned, but still feel i have many unanswered questions. I would appreciate if we could keep the discussion going (or did it just move?).

I think a webpage - wiki - forum about / for people with LLI is a good idea, and i would be happy to contribute with whatever i can.

wren said at November 21, 2005 5:02 AM:

This topic will become hot again the next time Low Latent Inhibition is mentioned on Prison Break. Perhaps in rerun season. Then once again, delusions of intellectual grandeur will abound.

Anonymous X said at November 21, 2005 6:38 AM:

Despite the ignorance that will surely parrot me I'll bet kids wih low blood pressure often have LLI.I wonder if this is true because to be honest i have no idea, but it would seem likely because of there focus.Its not exactly going crazy,but has anyone noticed that kids with low blood sugar are usually smarter? Its a long shot but it could be.

rajen girwarr said at November 21, 2005 11:50 AM:

There can not be anything as a time machine because time is something man invented to measure different points in the universe. First you will be wasting your present to build something to go back and fix what should have been done in the first place. So basically it comes down to this you are in the present for a reason. The universe is not random and everything happens for a reason, even at the subatomic level. So since the universe is not random then the reason we are here is because our existance was percieved before we were created, and since this is the case then we were put here with all we need in order to complete our life. Every atom in the universe is related and is connected to another in a certain way. The earth has its own life frequency and all of us on this planet is a part of that frequency, just as the earth is a part of the universe, we are all part of the universe, and are all connected to each other. Man created the existance of time and therefore it should stay at our level and the universe its own level. We cannot mix time with the universe and its laws. That is why things are corupted, be precieve time as being universal, and its not. We are confusing our own self. Bottom line look at it as two different palnes, man is on one level, and the universe on its own level and you will see how everything becomes very clear....


rohan said at November 23, 2005 12:29 PM:


calle said at November 26, 2005 11:21 PM:

It is my experience that people love to think that they are not just different but brilliantly different. Just because you think differently doesn't mean you have low latent inhibition or are exceedingly creative nor does having a high IQ. I've met a few geniuses in my line of work and while they certainly had a high abstraction level none of them where creatively brilliant. Mathematical savants are dime a dozen and boring.

scout said at November 29, 2005 10:20 AM:

dcb, there is a Yahoo group about LLI, a lot of the people from here moved there. Mostly the people who don't have delusions of grandeur and aren't getting all of their info from Prison Break. It's more an ongoing discussion in an effort to understand ourselves and our families. And there is definitely no IQ boasting or petty critism, although you will find an occaisional topical tangent. I suppose that is to be expected from this group. I know I'm guilty. You should check it out.

s said at November 30, 2005 8:06 PM:

Hello everyone,

I thought it would be a good idea to put up a forum where you can have a little more structured discussions than here.
So I did...

AnonymousX said at December 7, 2005 10:01 AM:

Okay wait a minute.How can one say time is not universal.Time refers to a medium in which everything existing has a cross correlation with everything else in one systematic on going progress.I don't beleive man created time at all.The thought is actually giving to much credit to man and personifying man as that of a god.I mean lets forget the word time, withought the word time would what one is reffering to when they speak about it still not be what it is? and the universe.Lets say man never existed.Even if man didnt exist ,if any object in space or space itself, exists it is either aging or changing or in that medium which man refers to as time when one something does something or still is something after being itself.I hope hope you were able to follow me because this is the only place that probably could follow that.A room full of you wonderful geniuses.Now for the question of the universe being random I say this, it comes down to what you beleive.If you beleive there is a God then what your accepting is that an anomolous superior being created this medium and it would have to have had a reason.Therefore a millisecond or smaller has just as much relevance and importance as a time period that alters the universe excluding any assumptions that the universe is random.If you do not believe there is a God than what your accepting is that the universe or the rock that created it plus the concomitant(the universe) existed since the beginning of the medium called time itself without true explanation to what came before the rock and created it etc,because no matter how far you go something had to come before that which created it that trumps the rules.SO if your believing there is no god ur accepting the universe being created randomly from a series of events yet to be explained.henceforth anything proceeding that which was created randomly must also be labeled as created randomly.And so I prove it depends on what you believe.As for a time machine.THe chances of a man creating a machine that throws off a medium connecting so many things far greater than that machine and himself are terribly bleek.I will say this though,just pondering it i do find it possible though you would need something with so much power it can puncture the medium of time and I doubt that man is even capable of producing such power.^-^

AnonymousX said at December 8, 2005 9:36 AM:

SOrry, but also the machine would probably have to be able to perpetually create its own energy because you wouldn't even be able to find that many resources it could burn on earth.Even after that if you did so manage a blast or whatever that could puncture the medium 1.Where the heck are you going you to aim it because you can go ahead and count that which is in its line of fire for millions of lightyears gone. 2 You would have to travel right up with that beam and then curve to the direction the past is (and who the heck knows where that is) 3.Just the force from it would probably propel earth out of orbit and then we are all dead because the conditions would be to extreme. 4. Earth would go def and think its doomsday and all hell would be unleashed in panic destroying the human race. This means you better succede or so long to the human race.Then again,maybe all of this is possible through some alternate theory,but given the gargantuan offspins from all the factors I thereby cannot claim it impossible,but THOROUGHLY and ABSOLUTELY improbable.Like I said the chances are bleek.Oh sorry we have digressed again and now I wonder if I have low latent inhibition ^-^ Continue with the subject lovely people.

P.S-If I do I'm not a smart person so that means curtains for me.^_^ tata

Peter said at December 10, 2005 2:41 PM:

Interesting,. :) I saw Prison Break and the explantion of LLI I heard there cought my interest because I could imediatly relate. I always wondered why others don't pay attention on things the way I do pay attention to. I kind of thought I just am more perceptive than the average. I don't consider myself a creative genius, but I do know I am open minded to just about everything.

I´m going to study LLI a bit,... and perhaps there is also something called HLI (High LI) and I wonder what the signs of that are.

As to the last posts I read about time travel,... If it would be possible, we'd known already I think! :)

Patrick said at December 11, 2005 2:56 PM:

Hi! I've thought i was alone and on the boarder of going crazy for all my life, but i saw this "symtome" on prison break and search for info and ended up here. I know it sounds crazy that a tv series changed my life but i have to admit that it was a relife!
I live in sweden, any sweeds here ? I am only 19yrs old and have been aware of my extreme creativity for about 8 yrs.
I also have a tested very high IQ.

Please contact me for ... anything at all really ;)

Snipes4Life said at December 11, 2005 7:35 PM:

I was just wondering if drugs (pot, shrooms, acid, salvia, etc.) have a different affect on people with LLI than people without it.
I sarted to think about LLI when I saw that Prison Break episode, but I had always known that there was something different about me, however, I had always attributed it to ESP. I'm still not sure what it is, but LLI seems more logical.
Me and my friend get high a lot and I have always been able to realize things faster than he was and got a lot of better grades that he would, but when we would get high he would be a lot more in control while I was a lot more persceptive such as noticing when someone was around or knowing when someone was suspicious while my friend woudn't be able to spot a cop right in front of him. I just wanted to know if it had anything to do with LLI or if that was just how I reacted to Pot, Shrooms, etc. Maybe it was just the paranoia, but i figured that if I posted this up maybe someone with a similar situation would be able to explain it to me.
P.S. I there a correlation between LLI and ESP?

JAY said at December 13, 2005 5:10 AM:

Sounds like plain pot symptoms to me. No offense, but accurate paranoia comes with the package.^-^

madox said at December 16, 2005 9:28 PM:

I am here, as many of you, because I saw that episode of Prison Break, googled the LLI and found some articles and this site. I'm glad to know that such condition exists and doesn't necessarily imply a mental disorder. I have had different psychiatric diagnosis during the last ten years. I was never satisfied with any of them. I don't consider myself a genius but I was the best student during all my years in high school, I speak Spanish (my native language)French, Portuguese, Italian and English. I play the guitar, sing, used to compose songs and have a bachelor's degree in psychology. I'm glad I found this site to share experiences and ideas with people who have this condition or are interested on it. Write me if you have any comment. I'll post something else later.

TooMuchInfo said at December 17, 2005 7:00 AM:

I notice a lot of you who claim high IQ and LLI don't seem to notice how bad you are at spelling and grammar... The smartest people don't boast, they just know what they know.

madox said at December 18, 2005 10:10 PM:

I didn't want to boast. Actually, I don't know my IQ.

Peter said at January 1, 2006 8:35 AM:

I dint know i wuz smartcause i had thease thoughst in my head but its good too know im a genios

Beltran said at January 6, 2006 9:02 AM:

I suppose the smartest thing to do is to try and your own filtering system that will allow you to quickly and efficiently process and disregard information in order to function in a way that appears "normal" to the average person.
Since everyone is different, you basically have to programme your own mind for this. depending on how soon you found out about your "problem", you might have an easier time.

Blazelin said at January 11, 2006 9:59 AM:

Hey, all of you who have seen this episode of Prison Break, remember the next thing the docter said about low latent inhibition? He said people who thought this way were more aware of other people's problems, needs, etc...So here is a great idea. How about all of you who are "cursed" with bieng a creative genious help others who have bigger problems instead of complaining about the way God made your brain work!

Theo Antichi said at January 13, 2006 6:09 AM:

I have strong reasons to believe I fall withing the LLI group. I
often find myself making lists (like Mr. Parker), have a persitent
belief I am surrounded by "idiots". I have an uncanny sense of
focus, which manifests itself in the sociological realm mostly; I
see social connections. I have written about it here:

I have been diagnosed with OCD. Have not been tested for IQ. English
is my first language even though it's not my mother tonge. I feel I
adopted in order to be able to amass more data.

I work as a web designer. Have filmed a feature lenght film and a
pilot dealing with the paranormal. Everyone wonders how I lured
Panasonic and Palm Inc. to finance. Just an understanding of the
human condition, maybe?

In short, I would love for this forum to keep going. The reason why
we are at odds with LLI is that, given that it is a strange,
statistically insignificant sindrome or condition, the medical
apparatus is simply not interested in providing treatment for it.
Sometimes I'm so innundated with stimuli my head aches.

Amani said at January 17, 2006 10:33 AM:

Other than realizing how keen on bragging you all are, I've finally realized
a categorization that fits me. Anyone out here felt like this since early ages?
I was because of numerous factors an introvert at 3, since the time I proved
to know how to read. And also, because of numerous factors, I have suffered
immense hallucinations at such ages. I have also proven to myself to be the
kind of person who finds solutions, and I have never really asked for help
from anyone. It's not my kind of thing. I did however lapse into that once
more under the heaviest circumstances, due to trauma.

Theo Antichi - I have been diagnosed with OCD. ... English
is my first language even though it's not my mother tonge.

Me too. Though I diagnosed myself :lol: Consuming task that was.

And as Beltran already stated, we should not curse this gift. But I ask,
should we really "help" those who lack it. I mean, we're human, gifted
with autonomy, we can practically be whoever we like to be.

MB said at January 18, 2006 8:15 PM:

Hello all,
I didn't read the whole page, but in skimming, it appears strange to me that there are virtually no mentions of books that people here have read. It seems as if nobody can stand to listen to the brilliant ideas of SUCCESSFULL geniuses through the much heraladed literature that they left behind. To do so would be to realize that they themselves are actually just so-so nerds. Perhaps if everyone here began to be "open" to the idea that they are not the greatest human being to have ever lived, they would be able to learn some modesty and actually go out and earn the praise they so easily drizzle on themselves.
All the best,

Theo Antichi said at January 19, 2006 4:38 AM:

Hi MB, First of all, most respected intellectuals read journals and not books. I've read on the subject, though never directly as there is virtually _no_ information on LLI; most psychologists I know have no clue what it is. In your library's Psychology area, however, you can find: C. Baker, Behavioral Genetics: An introduction to how genes and environments interact through development to shape differences in mood, personality, and intelligence, AAAS, 2004; J. Carey Ed. Brain Facts: A Primer on the Brain and Nervous System, The Society for Neuroscience, 2002; T. Blass, Obedience to Authority: Current Perspectives on the Milgram Paradigm; J. M. Twenge, R. F. Baumeister, Social exclusion increases agression and self-defeating behavior while defeating intelligent thought and prosocial behavior in The Social Psychology of Inclusion and Exclusion; P. Földiak & M. P. Young, Sparse coding in the primate cortex in The Handbook of Brain Theory and Neural Networks, MIT Press, 1995 and the _highly_ controversial S. Thomas, Only the bright commit suicide, The Times, September 2005. Of course, taking a look at some of the greatest minds in the history of mankind, who strived to see things afresh, such as Descartes, Nietzche and Darwin, it dawns on you they were often hermits who felt as strangers in their own lands.

Amani said at January 19, 2006 8:24 AM:

Nobody seems to have noticed my error, so I'll correct myself.
I wasn't referring to Beltran 2 posts back, I meant to write
Blazelin. How old are people around here anyways? I'm beginning
to doubt my initial assumption, that you were all Prisonbreak
following teenagers. I thought so only because I am one, and
haven't really grasped the concept of an adult, except for my
parents and teachers at high school.

Theo Antichi, are you a certified psychoanalyst or something?

And what you said about respected intellectuals is by my book
wrong. I don't respect those who see past novels, and such
kinds of literature, because they do immediately seem arrogant.
But I know the feeling of not finding any good prose, and
settling with other stuff.

Richard said at January 20, 2006 12:13 AM:

I don’t think I am a creative genius like most of you out there but I do understand your problem. I am not a psychologist but have insatiable passion for anthropology. I like practical solutions that work.

Pondering the universe and our purpose is simple in concept and complex in detail. So complex in detail in fact that it allows for every person that ever existed to be completely individual (different).

The information age is forcing us to change the way our minds are mapped. We need to increasingly take in more information and filter it at a faster rate if we wish to continue functioning in this new world we are creating.

Our minds can handle the digital age but they need to adapt. It is in this adaptation process where we can lose the balance. For example on one end of the scale we can place too many filters on the incoming information and lose the links to the rest of reality (often associated with ignorant people). While on the other end of the scale you can overload you mind mapping processes with to few filters and you can find yourself in a perpetual cycle of loops (as explained in the original document). If a core belief is linked into one of these loops your perception of reality can be lost. The balance between your perception of reality and the creative world within your imagination is lost and then you will find you need to give all your money to a psychologist or become a pill popper. There are a number of possible solutions but the right one will depend on why and where you have lost your balance.

I want to help people and would love to share what I have learnt with anyone that’s interested. I have a lot of possible solutions (but many more questions) and if you want to have at least a little control over your mind I can hopefully lead you in the right direction. I don’t pretend to have all the answers and sometimes I am wrong so I appreciate any positive criticism. I would prefer to continue chatting on the forum but if you really want to you can email me directly.

Peter said at January 24, 2006 9:12 AM:

any, of you. Geniuses would like to chat? We can talk bout how smart we r n stuff, i tell my freind i have lli and im smarter but hes stupid i cant talk to stupid ppl

Zoom said at January 28, 2006 4:50 PM:

I beg your pardon for not sensing a reason to introduce myself at this point.
Since there is so many interesting thoughts written here, (they even made me feel the need of heightening my inhibition for a while :]) this ought to be a nice spot to put theese questions;

1. Is it explained anywhere in theese reports where ability of abstraction comes into the picture?

I assume abstraction abilities are a part of IQ? So in my non-educated opinion abstraction should be the one of most importance in the "Creativity-boosting" effects of low latent inhibition.
Feel free to ask me how I reached this opinion.

2. Do any of you who are blessed/cursed with low latent inhibition have ideas about what affects this inhibition? Or if you will what lowers or heightens your latent inhibiton?

Since some of you have lived with this a long time if not all of your time maybe you have noticed behaviours that have affected this "function".

Problem solving by logic, "Correct" reasoning and math are associated with IQ am I right?
3. If so it would be very interesting to read your thoughts about how low latent inhibition affects IQ?

I think that low latent inhibition could only affect IQ in a positive way (maybe indirectly it may have negative effects from physical damages caused by suffering), And that the ability of abstraction decides how much it developes the IQ.
In my mind it would affect IQ positively because if you've learned so many possible solutions and noticed things that for the moment was trivial, you would be able to use alot of this for your non-creative problem solving and thinking.
So I'm interested in a research where you examine if there's a circle effect of IQ and low latent inhibition, if low latent inhibition developes higher IQ does that mean that the mind could now endure an even lower latent inhibition, and you get more interested by your enviroment so that it does and then that in turn developes the IQ and so on.

Well, I will be glad for any answers especially corrections since they will instantly provide contradicting information.
I am very curios but I may very well have incorrect assumptions of the meaning of words like abstraction ability.

Theo Antichi said at January 31, 2006 6:35 AM:

Hi Zoom,

-Do any of you who are blessed/cursed with low latent inhibition have ideas about what affects this inhibition? Or if you will what lowers or heightens your latent inhibiton?
I personally seem to have gotten it from a natural predisposition (either nature or nurture) along with fibromyalgia (chronic stress).

-Since some of you have lived with this a long time if not all of your time maybe you have noticed behaviours that have affected this "function".
Stressful situations put me on a higher state of alert.

-Problem solving by logic, "Correct" reasoning and math are associated with IQ am I right?
If so it would be very interesting to read your thoughts about how low latent inhibition affects IQ?
I think some LLIs have a mathematical mind whereas others have a sociological/interpresonal one, which allows them to form social abstractions.

I think that low latent inhibition could only affect IQ in a positive way.

Zoom said at January 31, 2006 8:26 AM:

Hey Theo,
Thanks for your input.
Yes stress...
I guess as adrenaline has a lowering effect on the "LI", caffeine would be the closest thing to come into my mind as using like a tool for lowering "LI" or expanding perception if you will.

Totally agreeing with different affections by LLI (if that was what you meant), I think examining a link including feelings (interests, motivations and enjoyments(is that a word?)) and what LLI manifests on would be very interesting.

I'm hereby going to take a chance of refering to my own experiences (really hoping this will not make my message painfully melo-dramatic and proving history repeats itself)

For me the function of what LLI means in my opinion has mostly affected what I assume you meant by social abstractions, but also an overall "extreme" perception. But not close to the low levels that some have here described.
My mind does not always by default examine "trivial" objects, but it does so with more or less "trivial" people :), and things that find my interest gets examined thoroughly.
Caffeine lowers "LI" for me too and has strong effects on my mind but results in a severe headache and other feelings of discomfort, stress caused by threat could also be a problem because of the "unused" adrenaline altough it might be resolved by physical movement in routine.
So I'm interested in trying to lower my "LI" in more ways that i hope you could help develope.
That made me think of when trying to "force" myself to turn on "enhanced perception" on everything meets a problem in apathy.

I assume its pretty obvious that apathy or indifference is related to inhibition (thinking that information not of survival/interest importance are subject to indifference and that in turn gives the mind a habit of inhibiting that information)(I hope this is somewhat making sense it might be wrong)
What I'd like to do is to look at apathy in another sense for this same subject; that is when (we)/people already are receiving information because of LLI indifference/apathy should be one factor of deciding when this information feels owerwhelming. As an example; A feeling of fatigue and disturbance by a headache meets the feeling of anguish over unwanted information about an certain object or indifference to the twenty something experiments your mind is building pictures of doing with the pen lying in front of you.

This is my thought of how indifference is an obstacle if someone like me would try to lower my "LI", in my opinion it sets the limit of how far I can expand my perception before fatiguing into apathy (of course this is a question of will and the answer is to keep pushing). But what I'm finally revealing as my purpose of this long text is the questions of; How you would advice me to keep interest? Do you feel this indifference?, and if so what creates it? How do you fight it? Does the indifference decrease/increase with lower levels of "LI"?

I hope some of theese questions feels important and that I'm not polluting your time.

Zoom said at January 31, 2006 8:36 AM:

Ehm Hi,
This last message was written too fast it seems.
"Caffeine lowers "LI" for me too" this was supposed to mean stress lowers it for me too and that i get stress from drinking caffeine, and by stress i mean adrenaline.

I also noticed that "quote marks" have been used 'til infinity, by "LI" i mean Latent Inhibition (you dont say?).
As this is also written in my iregular way of expressing text I beg your pardon.

Theo Antichi said at February 1, 2006 5:20 AM:


My feeling is that serotonin plays a large part in LLI. Come to think of it, it regulates our mental highs and lows. http://nasw.org/users/twoharts/serotonin.html

By experience, I can tell you that prescription drugs generally do not do the trick as the brain tends to adapt to them, and even if you increase the intake the effect tends to vanish, or worse, put you in a stuppor. The best results I've gotten have had to do with miorelaxants, but were far from succesfull.

I hold the belief that in order to ward of LLI (if that is what we indeed want to do) is to borrow a treatment from another pathology. I recall how certain rosacea patients succesfully eliminated it by using drugs used for other purposes.

Zoom said at February 2, 2006 1:38 AM:

Large part indeed,
It would not be all wrong to have large quantities of serotonin floating around in you!
No but seriously this is a good point, my examples of indifference is probably due to insufficient serotonin or at least that's what sets the limits.

Yes I've had my "stuppors" too thoose tools would defininatily have reversed effect on me.
Don't know much about miorelaxants, will look into that, but I've been trying to figure out more natural "training"/"enhancing".
As example a game which purpose would be too trigger lowering of inhibition by a survival/competetive touch.
One would be locked into a room with a few objects that could be used together to build something and the solution to the problem would let you get out of the room (any volunteers?)
No, but this is more the line of tools I was thinking of.

If medication would be a tool borrowing probably would be necessary yes, the brand that comes to mind is ritalin which of course has the same dilemas of addiction and dosage adaptions.

Chris Ianson said at February 8, 2006 4:52 PM:

What a revelation. All my life I have known I was 'different' and struggled with a flow of too many ideas, over-sensitivity to outside stimuli, and the onset of anxiety as a result of wanting to over-achieve then burning out. Relationships suffered, people called me irritable or over-sensitive, and I've been accused of having too many ideas that I then let go and move onto the next. I have been to personal counselling, marriage guidance (her fault not mine! :P), cognitive behaviour therapy... all of which helped, but I always felt there was a 'cause' other than the text book answer they wanted which just that I was anxious which caused increased adrenalin, which enhanced my hearing! But why did my mind buzz with ideas and why did I develop anxiety when other people didn't, in apparently the same boat as me.

Have I got LLI? My IQ has been measured at 150, and I am an author (working on a time travel book), songwriter of over 100 songs (several published), actor (have worked in very small parts on 3 of the Top 15 grossing movies ever made), property developer, inventor... Just writing that makes me dizzy (not literally) and looks unfamiliar to me -- do I really do all that? I feel like an imposter, but yes it's true, I do do all that.

Can I ask anyone with LLI some Qs?:

1) Do you have Low Latent Inhibition of SOUND as well? Someone eating with their mouth open next to me will drive me to a point where I have to ask them to close their mouth, causing a fierce response if from a parent, or arguments of being too 'fussy' from a partner. The same goes for someone fidgiting next to me - it totally distracts me, e.g. watching TV. "Just ignore it!" they say. "I can't!!!" I think. I never understood why I can't, and they certainly couldn't. Is this LLI? I also hear everything my neighbours do and sometimes it can ruin my day, yet my partner hasn't even noticed! She has good quality hearing though, all my girlfriends have, they just don't "notice" when I couldn't help BUT notice.

2) Do any of you hate the sound and touch of certain materials? That may sound weird, but you'll know what I mean if you do.

3) Where can I go for a proper diagnosis of this? Is there an online 'self-diagnosis' questionnaire, or would you say the answer is obvious from what I have written? I don't want to presume. It would be nice to have an answer at last, but only if it's the right one. Please don't say go to my GP because here in the UK at least, if you go in with any sort of idea of what's wrong with you, they immediately scoff at you and make you feel like you're a hyperchondriac -- especially 'new-fangled' ideas like this. And I can't even spell hyperchondriac, let alone be it.

Constructive replies most appreciated. Keep inhibiting! ;)

Chris Ianson said at February 8, 2006 4:57 PM:

PS: I also constantly think about the workings of things. As a kid I would take things apart to see how they worked. I am aware of everything in a room. I sometimes notice my girlfriend seems either in awe of this or surprised by it, as she sometimes asks me how I know certain things. I thought it was just normal, but wondered why partners haven't noticed or realised such things. I also seem to have a knack of working out other people's psychological problems and where they stem from. About 7 different people in my life have told me I should be a therapist, as I have helped them. I seem to be able to step inside their minds. (Of course my partners have thought I was just using 'pop psychology' and getting ideas above my station, as I do it to everyone who has issues - behind their back mostly!) Is this all linked at all too?

David K said at February 9, 2006 11:18 PM:

I started researching intelligence and madness and I came across some sites including this site one. I wrote a letter to my wife today trying to explain my mind because she never understood and I need her help as I am on the verge of insanity. I couldnt say it any better than in the letter so I will post a piece of it. I apologize for its length and if it seems conceited. I also apologize for the "drama" of it - but that it the way I think. I am posting it in hope of someone connecting to it. I hope someone can point me to a helpful resource.

My Love,
I am glad that I recently found a way to describe my mind because even putting a name to it makes me feel less crazy - "spinning the balls". It is not a conscious decision to spin them. There is just this violent storm of a trillion balls constantly spinning in my head. EVERYTHING is valuable information. Either consciously or unconsciously, I am always grabbing big handfuls of balls to play with like an excited child! It is a world without rules, walls, preconceived notions, etc. It is a world that is both pure and free - no boundaries.

It is as if I can exist it that world because I am simply too naďve and stupid to know that adults shouldn’t play with such things. Adults know there are rules, boundaries, responsibilities, learning, consequences, fears....crap like that. Kids just play.

I use that world to sometimes create such beautiful things - masterpieces!! I have seen incredible business leaders, brilliant engineers, killer salesmen, etc. I am none of them and I am sometimes jealous of their capabilities. BUT, I have never ever seen anyone do what I can do. I have never ONCE ever seen anyone create the things I create. I am simply the best. It is not bragging. I simply am because that is what the balls say and I always listen to them.

Sadly though, I have never seen a person understand what I have created - not one person. People usually see that what I create is incredible. They may be awed. But, they can never see the heart of it. They can't see that it is beauty in its purest form. Maybe that is because the beauty is in the way I created it - with no knowledge and no skills. Out of thin air in a flash!

To me, there is nothing more beautiful than finding beauty in incredible chaos. To me, there is nothing better than that intense feeling of knowing without knowing; the feeling that I don’t know the answer at all but I know with 100% certainty that I do if I just look hard enough into the chaos. It is the feeling when I uncontrollably say, "It's easy" and everyone looks at me like I am an idiot or an ass. And I don’t mean to say it but I am like a child and don’t know better. It's easy and I know it and I say it and I can't help it. Someone always says, "It is most certainly NOT easy! It is likely impossible! Anyway, you have no experience with this so who are you to say?" They then say sarcastically, "Well, genius, if it is so easy then what is the answer?" I say, "I don’t know. But it is easy. I just know". I don’t say anything else. Ironically, they think I am a bit dim witted because any really intelligent person would see all the work and all the issues and thus logically any smart person would come to the conclusion that it is most certainly very hard! But, what they don’t know is that I have already seen their angles and the 1000 angles they will never see and I have a world of balls with the answers that they don’t have access to and every freakin time I have been right. I have never once said it was easy like that and later came back to say I was wrong because in the end - it was easy. While they were solving I was dreaming and painting and seeing the beauty of it all.

And they all hate me for it because they can't see what I can see so easily. They hate me because I told them it was there and they can’t see it. The beauty is just there waiting to be grasped by them and they just can't see it. They will never see it.

I just crave that feeling of knowing without knowing. It is such an unreal experience that I bet only a handful of people ever get to really feel - I love the pacing, the increased heartbeat, the walk I must take because I can't sit, the nervousness.......incredible nervousness....aching......tension.... This can be quick or it can go on for days. And then it just appears and I now "know" - there it is!! The painting! Pure beauty! It is the feeling of the happiest most naďve child at play and I want to show everyone what I painted. It is bliss.

The problem is that there is an exact opposite side. I have the ability to find horror in the same chaos - pure and unstoppable terror!! I simply can't help it. Because, in the end, I am just a naďve child playing with balls in a world without barriers or rules. I wish I could say, "Okay, don’t spin the balls this way. Leave the bad balls alone. Put up this wall. Learn to get over things." But, I can’t because the child has no prejudice against certain types of balls. To the naďve child there are all the same and he doesn’t know better.

That is the rub of it all - you can't have the beauty without the terror because they are same. Beauty is terror and terror is beauty. I can't explain. It is why I can feel such incredible and deep love and it is why I can feel such sheer terror. When the balls spin the right way, I am the man at La Bella Vie. I am the man who loves a woman as much as any man ever has. When they spin wrongly, I am walking in the snow to nowhere until I collapse or I am shaking and staring at a clock at 4:00 a.m.”

Theo Antichi said at February 11, 2006 5:37 AM:

Hi there Chris,

Do you have Low Latent Inhibition of SOUND as well? Yes, absolutely. My focus is copious most of the time. I have "the neighbor thing" as well and I can assure you it has gotten me into endless fights with some of them, because I can distinctly hear them talk about how weird I am (hey, intellectual, anyone?) We have to narrow down the cause, however, (you posted it has to do with adrenalin levels), because you are bound to meet people who think you are simply paranoid shizophrenic, as I have.

2) Do any of you hate the sound and touch of certain materials? That may sound weird, but you'll know what I mean if you do. Indeed. I have an oversensivity to certain fabrics, and some metals as well. Sound; bikes, unless Im riding or co-piloting, is something I feel in my entire body.

3) Where can I go for a proper diagnosis of this? Hard to say. I currently visit a psychiatrist who essentially tells me the diagnosis is not important; what matters is how you feel. This is no moot point as this particular subject can create a division in the doctor/patient relationship.

Keep up investigating, we're going to be recognised some day as legit.

TOMAS said at February 13, 2006 7:53 AM:

has anyone experienced the following:
* a weird kind of lucid dream that feels like you are awake and looking at the ceiling but you are unable to move
* creating physical symptoms mentaly
* unable to visualice things like connecting your fingers together in your mind(like the sobriety test)
* if you want to seeing images everywhere you look or moving figures on the wall
* creating a kind of half sleep by moving the feeling you have when you get goose bumps to your head
* beeing able to "turn up the volume" on high frequency noises like the one coming from the computer

JAY said at February 13, 2006 8:21 AM:

Well Iv'e wanted to know how things work too as a kid, because I was in fact a kid.Lets not forget kids are naturally curious and this is not caused by relinquished corticosterone, but by the natural cognitive gift given to a childs biological makeup to help it learn fast about as much as it can while its little.Thats another reason kids learn fast, and not everyone curios about almost everything has to have LLI.Whether u want to believe it or not some people are just curious.We are all made different, and Amani not all of us are old people claiming to have spiderman powers{no offense some of u do have LLI, but to those false}some of us are just teenagers without this.LLi is not just a hieghtened sense of focus so unless diagnosed lets not self diagnose ourselves people.much luv.

Gary Crispin said at February 15, 2006 11:45 PM:

I would like to comment briefly on a solution to filtering usefully. I have a B.S. in Psychology from UB having never taken one page of notes. I listen to the teacher, ( always had a problem with teachers by the way, most of them seemed highly underqualified) skimmed the chapters for 25 minutes or so, and then ran my 3 businesses, and everyone elses lives for them. People think I am psychic, but they don't understand. I can tell you the exact month a couple will break up, 2 years in advance. I have done this 3 times and have witnesses. I am not psychic, I have every minutes of every day I have lived documented in some way that none of us can quite understand. Patterns are consistent in everything. The same pattern for any topic you can possibly think of. It is so hard to put into words. I have the ability to manipulate the world around me, because I know what comes next. If you have high levels of stress or arent properly filtering info. , use that same ability to come up with the answer. This is not attention deficit, you can direct your mental efforts toward a solution. Be careful. It is, as you probably know, easy to get distracted. You have to think for hours in silence. You dont have to know the answers but you will open a door. If that doesn't work, or you dont want to use your abilities, SMOKE A JOINT. But dont think that pot is the answer. It will slow things for you to choose your thoughts. Dont just do it to stop thinking, always be working toward a goal. DO NOT DRINK. YOUR BRAIN WILL TURN TO MUSH.

yuyis said at February 18, 2006 9:49 PM:

I`m a mom.... of a five years old boy... starting the journey of phycologists, therapies... ADD... Aspergers... Out of sync child.... sensory integration dysfuntion... Tomatis therapies... etc... Doctors not being able to solve the puzzle or give a diagnosis but recommending to give him Ritalin...

I also saw Prison Break... release just tonight in Latin America... when I saw it, and in my continuos search for answers, and not the quick labelings that Teachers are giving him... I continue to read & learn to help my kid. I observed how he thinks, I get amazed on things that he does, he has been tested 143 IQ, he sees things that others do not see... he analyses-compares and process information on different ways... I like to talk & teach him things that are usually not for his age... I he seeks more & likes it so much... of course he also has low attention scopes, well as teachers say... but not when I`m explaining him how something works, on when he is playing on the computer, or when he sees a TV program... He has had trouble in fine motor skills... I have guess he is such a perfectionism that he know exactly what he wants to write, but is like he gets frustrated that the picture does not match his criteria of how is written... he is doing it more like drawing... I have so many examples of things that for all of you will problably be so common... but that are really unique.

The difficult part leaving in other parts of the world is that if this is strange in USA-Canada-Europe... try to picture this in a country were this is less common, incidence or this phenomena on an smaller population... Schools here labels either you are part of the pack.... or you are weird... things that are set for standard schooling, but I know he has so many talents that properly channel can make him find his true meaning-usefulness of his talents later in life... and foremost achieve to be fine-be happy.

I think of him as a gift, and not as different. I also think that I can also help him out... not neccesarily protecting him of suffering, but explaining him what will happen... and that every one has different gifts & different ways of being... none better or worst, just different, and each one has to seek-find-put to use what he-she has, and make the best use of it. I know at home he is happy, but at other situations (parties, schools, social interactions) he gets unbalanced. Do you know there are many kids being raised right know that has the same blessing-or as some of you have mentioned curse... that are being tagged and are just starting the road that you have already crossed by...

What about channel your brightness to help them... You can really relate to them and open new ways to fill not out of sync, but in sync. I will agree that one of the hardest things of growing, is feeling lonely.. and knowing that something was different, but had to explain by other that do not understand how you think-process things, but who says different is bad... I will say that to challenge and to seek different alternatives is what has made the humans evolve... I do not understand why the educational systems wants all kids to be alike, of course is the easy way. Educations system should evolve... there are many kids out there needing guidance & an environment were it geniuses... if it can be called like that can be put to a good use.

Advice to raise my child will be greatly appreciated. What worked for you..


Assassin said at February 21, 2006 8:02 AM:

Educational systems are not expecting kids to be alike.There only trouble is helping hone the special kid's skills as much as the other kids are being taught.This is why it seems like they don't like the different,but that has nothing to do with it.Almost all kids feel alone and different coming up in the world and has any of you mothers,teens,adults or what have you, considered the fact that your natural bias, towards your sons and selves,is actually whats at the heart of all this ranting about just realizing that so and so is Superman? Could it be possible that your bias and this is undeniable if your claiming yourself to love or like that person who almost always happens to coincidentally be on all of your loved-ones sides,is whats stimulating these thin correlations of observations that almost always get claimed linked to LLI?I don't expect many aggreements made because that would mean you would have to crush the new world built upon a spontaneous wim that someone has LLI from a Tv show or other resources, giving up something that just made them even more special in the world.Even then if your defense is that crap about it not being a gift but a curse,allowing you to claim that no one would want to have it {Tell it to the judge}.{Notice} everyone that has claimed to have it or thought someone has it has displayed signs of not wanting to be that person with a low I.Q. that gows crazy.So this shouldnt surprise you if a couple of people on this blog simply pegged themselves or someone else intelligent for the appurtenance that comes with this so called "Curse".Furthemore who is to say that any instabitlity diagnosed is an instability at all?People think different and sometimes many people think differently the same way.You wouldn't consider this even though one of the main symptoms of LLI is taking more than all into consideration.Theres many mental problems with people these days and if you noticed some of them have popped up over night, but you wouldnt consider this being a concomitant of stupid diagnosing.Humanity is changing, but one thing that never will is the presumption that people can make people "Better" than they are {stupidity in itself}.FOr you fakes stop trying to be special and realize that you always have been.Its whats called individuality.If you cant even consider this maybe you don't have LLi. No offense to any of u beautiful people,but try to Smoke That.

P.S. You Cannot Simply Slow down thinking By killing off cells With Pot.Realize you will Never get those Cells back. Take my word for it Kids and dont do drugs despite anyone asking u 2. sheesh!

Pater said at February 23, 2006 5:38 PM:

Hi Everyone.

I Am 666. Well for your joy and revelation considering the topic in discussion, you can all call me "The Antichrist" if you so may choose to do so that all of you may feel more normal. Seeing that some in here struggle to find and resolve the obstacles in their own minds. I am no more and no less human than any of you, and no, I do not have A False Messiah Syndrome, but if any day in the future they will coin the term, True Messiah Syndrome, well then I guess that only one man can be the classified as having it :)

You should all know that they air Prison Break in Europe as well, needless to say, the matter at hand seems to be that much of humanity are seeking ways to define their own cognitive abilities or malfunctions. Thus they do by either attributing their intelligence or madness to either facts or delusions. In my mind, not even a genius has enough years in his or hers lifespan, to dwell on all types of knowledge or information that exists in the world. Thus it really dose not matter if you have low or high latent inhibition. Sure you can cover allot in a life time, but usually most of us will die before we reach a point when we can say that we have created or realized something from "all" that we knew. This is a sad fact, and surely people like Einstein or Newton felt this at their ends, I believe everyone feels this at the end either you feel stupid or smart through your life. Hence I am sure many of you including me, feel that (Low) Decreased Latent Inhibition is something positive for the inner self evolution through life, if it is followed by a fairly or abnormally high intelligence level, which strangely enough most of us whish we posses.

I have until now never met anyone who wants to be stupid or more of a fool. Then again we should remember that in the face of death or life, humans be them mentally healthy or ill, live side by side, well we do tend to lock the ill ones up, fearing for our own sanity if we mix to much with the ill like as is it were something contagious. But as it was many times in history, that mental illness at later times or in many cases have changed the way we perceive them and have led to revelations, that have contributed to recognize many if not most of all the functions in our complex neurological pathways and connections.

As some have mentioned in here, that experience with drugs have led them to see or comprehend other levels of their intelligence, is a matter I can witness for. And if these instances of mind-altering moments indeed have decreased the levels of an already Low Inhibition "opened minds", then I would suspect that the brains of most people with enough time from evolution hopefully before we self destroy, will eventually show a rather high potential that more people or the coming generations will have Low Latent Inhibition qualities in their brains. I guess if Timothy Leary was still alive then he to would like to debate these findings :)

Remembering that this condition enables some humans to receive inputs, that normally in most people are blocked in favor of only the crucial survival information that the senses perceive. Otherwise the additional inputs from nonrelevant matters that do not aid or confront our survival needs, these inputs that "all" experiences, end up either in their subconscious like in most people, or as in those with Low Latent Inhibitions it ends up to be consciously known,in the second case I believe the people automatically would adhere to what their minds show them, if just enough time and serenity would allow for any given person to actually render their own will, to understand and fully transmit their external inputs to their inner creativity levels.

The danger of low latent inhibition lies not only as I see it in people with low IQ, rather also in those with high IQ. Hence as many have argued that the lack of enough memory capacity in a person with LLI and high IQ, equally places that person on the same level as a person with LLI an low IQ. The question we should ask is, how many mind-altering drugs or herbs actually induce LLI and at the same time increase the memory capacity of a person, seeing that IQ falls short of accomplishing much by itself. In addition to this we can wonder at revelations of Low Latent Inhibition, and what without doubt must be a relation to such matters, as Synchronicity and Psychokinesis.

Which both demand an long awaited explanation as to how those things are possible, seeing that the transition of information plays and important roles in these scientifically unrecognized fields of knowledge which utterly may be some of the most important truths that control all our lives unwittingly and even the universe itself. Such also that I now start to understand is the case with Low Latent Inhibition, that the flow of information from anything external plays a role in life if we choose to let it do so. Hence our minds have in our past evolution, has taken the decision that with an ever changing environmental phase, our survival has placed a higher demand for what our biological energies should be used for during an everyday wakefulness or sleep, this fact has placed a strain on what our minds do with all the information that it gathers. This way of perception, can also be recognized in Evolutionary Psychology.

What also may be a fundamental part of this mystery may some day be shown to be the common and collective subconcioussnes of all humans, or the " Anima Mundi " Hence in my faith lies the fact, that knowledge and wisdom is shared, and if my mind dose not use any of it, now or later, then surely I should not worry about this and fear that my possible creativity will be lost because my memory is to small, either I can start eating more fish oils to aid my memory or I can just rest assure for the probability is that someone else will sooner rather than later do what I have not done, such is the case with most inventions in the past history, even at times when inventors at the same time think or create the same thing. Thus since many of them, to even all humans, that will and actually right now have access subconsciously to all that I know and "do not know", thus others will always finish what others have started.

To finish of, remember that sympathy and empathy should always be present in your minds when pondering the many instances of mental illness or inabilities that others have. For us normnals to grasp those that are sick, is hard and surely not without a reason. Were it not that we ourselves have something in us that safeguarded our cognitive abilities, we to would be mocked and thrown into mental institutions.

The aim we should all have, when discussing these things should be to fully understand, why "CREATION" cannot and until now still isn't able to create perfect beings? Is that to much to ask of a perfect God, if you believe in such a God then I am sure you understand my question. Creation can create Man and Woman and even Hermaphrodites, now please forgive me, but mental perfection must be possible.

And yes in my life I to have heard people saying: the diffence between a genius and an crazy person, is that a crazy person places no limits on himself :)

Whish you all the best in finding your true minds.

Ps. There is not much time left to dwell on wisdom or any other matters for that cause, soon my mind and your minds will tell you nothing else than "bird flu" so use your serenity with wisdom while you still have it.


Theo Antichi said at February 24, 2006 7:04 AM:

Hi Pater,

Funny you should mention Synchronicity and Psychokinesis, as I have reviewed much of the FOIA data on anomalous cognition and to my mind there is no real connection between LLI and "psi". No such thing as a perfect human being either, anyone who has read up on some biology knows the human eye has a poor design, etc. On a further note, an LLI is either a natural engineer or a natural sociologist; good at taking note of what's going on around them. My IQ test turned out to be above average but not genius, by the way. Is the bird flu site yours?

Assassin said at February 27, 2006 6:15 AM:

In response to Pater,I feel that I must say this.It is already almost impossible, to judge something fairly and according to what is just, without bias because 99% of the time your judgement will correspond with what you feel.Even then almost everyone never seems to understand that it is impossible to judge something fairly without first having had a look from the other sides perspective or been in their shoes.One of my biggest wonders for example is how people judge other people or even "bad guys" if you will,everyday when they themselevs haven't been the bad guy to fairly understand him or his actions. In conclusion to this i must say that what you said about God not being able to make perfect beings is completely aggreeable if it wasnt missing one thing.I see that you have studied the side of the critic well and your thoughts are well digested making complete sense.What I do not sense is that you have studied as that of a bible fanatic which would be the other side to see if you are wrong.Thus,not that you care,I can only conclude that your opinion is flawed because there is an answer had you not been missing that perspective.I know alot people wonder what the answer to your question is.Let me give it to you.If we are looking from a bible fenatic's perspective.In the beginning,according to a believer,God did not want us to be robots speaking blatantly.He gave us one of the greatest gifts immaginnable.Choice {the ability to choose}.Without this ability we might as well have been machines to do his bidding.With this {according to a believer}the first man and woman rejected God.They would have still been in the garden having a great life but they chose to be banished and go off doing what they wanted.They have been doing what they wanted all the way up to 2006 which happens to be:making chemical,destroying the earth,builing chemical plants ,nuclear war heads and all kinds of things that deform mens bodies.{Accord ing to the believer theirs not much mention of homaphrodites or deformed beings even back in the day when the naked people were fresh out of the garden.Notice as man became more advanced and made more chemicals peoples genetics became more confused.Thus it is not Gods fault unless you would have wanted to be a mindless machine.Its more like loving your child so much that you dont want them to be your slave and you want them to be able to think for themselves.Hence I give you all the answer to why God is not able to make perfect beings.{according to the believer} he did and always will make perfect beings.It is what man has done that already has permently messed up human genetics and what man will do that causes deformities {according to the believer.}By the way something else you said really bothers me,not that you care, but you say we need to embrace those that are sick.No offense but if I had LLi I would be offended.Thats condescending and who says LLI is even a sickness.According to your own words its could be evolution.

Anyhow Ive given You and not just you,but anyone else feeling God can't make perfect beings the missing link in you perspective.It is your "choice" as to what you do with it. A wise man takes root in his findings but a fool ignores them and searches for contradictions.Which Are You?

michael said at March 11, 2006 12:35 AM:

i also just watched prison break and instantly looked up this disorder. But i wouldnt really call it a disorder more of a gift and definitely not a curse. If you truly want to understand things then you will be able to because that is the type of person you are. If i wonder on things when im lying in bed ill think about it for days then if i dont figure it out i look it up on the internet, thats what its for right. I have theories on lots of things the cure AIDs even once. But seeing as im only 14 I am still too scared to say anything to anyone at all


Tess said at March 15, 2006 10:12 AM:

Hey Michael,

Dont fear, just tell, some of the best ideas came from people that were lying in bed, wondering.
Just think of all the good you could do, just by accepting yourself,

Greetz Tess

tess said at March 15, 2006 10:13 AM:

Hey Michael,

Dont fear, just tell, some of the best ideas came from people that were lying in bed, wondering.
Just think of all the good you could do, just by accepting yourself,

Greets Tess

Tess said at March 15, 2006 10:53 AM:

Okej, have to admit,

The only reason I ever landed on this site is....prison break.
Only saw episode ¨tweener¨ just now, because I live in Holland and have been downloading the entire
I dont know why, and certanly will never consider myself genious, but I felt that there finally is a word
for the mess in my mind. Hearing the description, all I was able to think about was; damn, thats me!!!
Feels like a relief I guess, it is to me anyway.
Imagine living your entire life realizing you are different in some way (different, not better!)
and than, while watching a tv show, it hits you, even when you are different, you are not the only one.
Just nice to know I am not alone in this.
I am not saying that I have got LLI, just saying that I have come to realize that I am not the onlyone whose´s brain works like this.

Love, Tess

A Kerner said at March 21, 2006 3:57 PM:

Tess - we share the common reason for being on this site!

Tonight, Helen my wife said oh , by the way the you got a letter from the University (where I'm doing a Cert Ed) and I opened it )- got 60% (Not confident of getting a good grade, because of time factors). Prior to this I kept saying was it minimal latent experience - I',ve had problems with my hearing - reply ' minimal latent personality '- which confused me.

fligged channels - and caught repeat episode of Prison break - 5 seconds from the chat re : low latent inhibition , and hence a seach of sites, cos this explains a lot to me!!

Wife says synchronicity is the culprit: interesting concept.

hon gibso said at March 23, 2006 10:23 AM:

low latent inhibition syndrome. the madness in the genius within the afore mentioned subject, is that it has to be see through its own diversity to enable the self, to then open, that of its doors to its own perception.

through the basis of my own research of my mind, i have identified the difference between the genius, madness and its doors to perception, and that of its conditions of worth. i am not neither genius or mad, but all facts are based on a reality subject matter related to mind of thought, highlighting the differences of philosophy, science and religion with our own being, in which the theory of its own subverted loyalities remain intact with that of its own diversity, within a discriminatory factor of relationships between arrogance and ignorance, taking place within the inner-selves and primary-selves in relation to the will and I.

The source and magnitude has took near forty years of inner reflection built upon six aspects within its matter of subject. the source, was my birth born a blue baby, in which i displayed dyslexia of thought, its magnitude was the awakening to that of my own peception within its own diversity, which then unloaded that of this beginnings of which because of its own connections, to that of its own stimuli, and the process of seeing the effects of all things again different, but on a other level took place.

i then pushed those and myself to the limits in the interest of not myself, but others, with myself fully understanding that of my own perception in that of its own regard, to which the foundations and basis are now that of the principle element in the realisation of which has yet to be discover about LLI.

i am looking for someone that is prepared to work with me on this subject, in which i have also went into the mind of people of whom suffer the defects of emotional, mental, physical and sexaul abuse.

i have approached the psychosnythesis education trust in london, who took my information in relation to my theory, and then ignored myself. i know that they are now working with that of what information i gave them, but like everything in life thats different, it has its own mind, which is just a mind within a mind......

i offered to work with them, but these people are the main source to the arrogance in the mainframe of its own nucleus, for its primary purpose is that of the four major factors, that have driven the mind of its own perception to its wrong conclusion, in that being the inability to comply with its greed, ignorance, money and power, plus they dont like being proved wrong.

i have challenged these people, but still they ignore myself, reason being that this is something that does not happen in life, if some one can see it through the own consciouness to help me in this regard, then only people can benefit and begin to face the fact of its only mind of fear or fear of mind, borne out of frustration of who, we, and they are.

this is not about me its about those who need it from the bottom to the top and from the top to the bottom.

thanks for reading.


Syzygy said at March 26, 2006 2:05 AM:

I just watched 'that', 'Prison Break' episode like half of the other people who replied in this post and i just read a fair few of the posts. Everyone here thinks there 'different' but maybe your not, maybe everyone has a form of sub-concsious LLI. Just because the hero of 'Prison Break' has it and you have looked at this site and reading this message, you don't have to go around basically saying 'yeah I'm smart but i was dumb at school but i have this syndrome that makes me smarter than everyone else'. It's a quite ridiculous way of making yourself feel better. Now that I have said that I feel way better about myself.


Syzygy said at March 26, 2006 2:06 AM:

I just watched 'that', 'Prison Break' episode like half of the other people who replied in this post and i just read a fair few of the posts. Everyone here thinks there 'different' but maybe your not, maybe everyone has a form of sub-concsious LLI. Just because the hero of 'Prison Break' has it and you have looked at this site and reading this message, you don't have to go around basically saying 'yeah I'm smart but i was dumb at school but i have this syndrome that makes me smarter than everyone else'. It's a quite ridiculous way of making yourself feel better. Now that I have said that I feel way better about myself.


Ed said at March 28, 2006 11:48 AM:

Prison Break is a great show, very well put together (compared to others). However, try to look at this from every little cynical angle. Does this give you hope? Hope is emotional candy - and as we all know.. we shouldn't take candy from strangers. I think a lot of people are refusing to acknowledge that all this would be a great way for a show to develop personal connections between the character and a massive audience. Get people saying, hey - I'm a lot like this guy.

And then you root for him as you would root for your own self... Watch his interactions with people as if you were scanning for material to further define yourself as.. misunderstood, original, unknowingly brilliant (until now!).. Or whatever you wish to extract from it. Who wouldn't want to have at least one of his characteristics? To look at the screeen and say - hey thats me! I'm the protagonist - I'm misunderstood, but I'm here to help. I'm good and I have a plan.. a purpose. No matter what the circumstances, he can work it out. He can get it done, after all. He is special, he is a genius..... And you know what? He is a lot like you. That means you are special, and you are a genius - you can do what he does. You just didn't know it and damn, (conveniently) that sure does explain your troubles as of late. Damn society, and damn the people that didn't understand you (causing you all this anguish and isolation) - you'll show them. Now you just need to find more about whats been limiting all your potential, I mean.. YOU HAVE LLI!! You take in more information in one day than one average person does in a life time! If the average person is.. average.. Think what you could be... But, how do you harness all this power? Who do you turn to?

A-Ha. The internet.. You'll find answers. You'll find others just like you. Then you can swap stories.. picking each others story apart, extracting every insignificant detail to feed the thing you need, the thing that keeps you reading from post to post. The feeling you get when you say to yourself "Oh my god, me too - I'm the same way." And you feel as if you apart of something now. Who knows, maybe you'll even make a LLI club.

Stop, take a look around. Observe the world and witness everyone.... Saying "Hey, me too." Baseball fans, country anthems, chess clubs, message boards, religion, political parties.

Now, rewind.. Think about how different you are. How you never really went along with the flow of society. How you always had different views and ideas.. deep thoughts that no one understood. Fast forward to this thread.. So many different people all saying "Oh my god - Me too. I'm just like you."

This is life. This is the crash, the sense of reality crushes your notions of originality and great ambitions. Now, all of your great ideas - are on sale at Walmart. You truly had great ideas! But so did others. But instead of others, you kept your ideas hidden. As if you were storing them for some.. time. You never took action.

No you must come to the fork in the road. The question we all fail to say outloud.. Yet always answer. Does one admit that he is not original - that he.. just like everyone else. Is fully capable of anything. He is NOT special, things won't always work, he might be sad, he might die tomorrow. But.. just like every unoriginal, shallow, human being.. he is capable of ANYTHING. Limitless possibilities, capable of dying, capable of failing - exposed to the harsh cold of reality without the blanket of denial; vulnerable to the emotional death that is the realization of it all being too late.

Or does one simply move on? Altering their perception of so called reality as their own denial-device sees fit. Painting pretty dreams for them to dive into, head first.. smiling. Displacing the blame onto "their condition or circumstances".. Anything that can make choice #1 dissapear. A new thing, a new challenge and obstacle for our protagonist to overcome before he can fulfill his destiny as this great being - as this purposeful human being that made a difference.

Somewhere in a pscyh ward a frightened man takes pills to make the reality he percieves disappear. In the back of his mind, he knows that through great struggle and pain he can control his demons - but he must open the door and face them. step into the unknown - alone. Doubt and fear of failure fill his world and he turns around.. Walks towards another door, and takes his pill for granted entry. The door he takes leads him to a path that is well lit - every step of the way, he feels great. He has friends, and they know the way; so he follows them. He doesn't want to walk in the dark, he has never done that before, so they carry him. They carry him to a room much like the many others before it. He sits down and waits for the inevitable return of his reality. And so. he is back at the door.

Two completely different people, two completely different realities. But it all comes down to a choice - breaking down the walls of percieved reality (doubt, fear, insecurity) and facing your truth - or - opening up the friendly door, the one you've opened your entire life... You know where it leads. But.. maybe it'll be different this time. And so, you set on. How long will you walk down this path?

You may see irony in this post. Hell, I do. It is a piss in the wind. What do digitized words and thoughts do? Nothing. I'm not going to change anyone, I'm not going to better myself.. So whats the point.. All I'm saying is... Hey, me too. I'm just like you.

flossie said at March 29, 2006 3:19 AM:

I think a lot of you have missed the point. I wouldn' think that people with this LLI would lie in bed at night with their brains whirling. It would be more like they can't function well because they "can't see the forest for the trees". Like a lot of you, bells went off during Prison Break. My daughter (ADD) and my husband (probably ADD) both take 10 times longer than normal people to do something because they are distracted by every little thing that goes on in the world around them. Plus they have to concentrate on each thing. Catching a plane is a nightmare.

My latest theory, based on the Prison Break definition, is that their "ADD" is the manifestation of LLI. In fact, a couple of years ago when I was trying to find out why my seemingly intelligent daughter couldn't seem to finish her schoolwork, I noticed that she seemed to have to pay attention to things that I automatically think are of no immediate relevance. I thought she had something wrong with her eye-brain connection, in that maybe she couldn't visually filter out distractions. Ot that she had some hearing problem. It didn't seem to be simply ADD as she can actually concentrate for an extrememly long time about something that I consider totally irrelevant.

Then I put 2 and 2 together and realised my husband is exactly the same. And guess what - he is at the top of a creative profession and did not achieve well in the usual subjects at school. I have no idea what his IQ is, sometimes I think it's really high and others really low! I happen to know that my daughter, who is breathtakingly similar to my husband, has an IQ of about 130, ie reasonably smart but not a genius.

I was fascinated to hear about LLI. Fortunately neither seem to have other mental problems, in fact the opposite - they are both quite well grounded. In fact, they both do very well in spite of having a bit of difficulty running their lives.

It's all very weird, and I suppose part of the problem is that some of the labels given to things like LLI and ADD suggest that they are discrete problems, whereas they may in fact be simply symptoms of many things (like a runny nose can be a symptom of a cold, a bacterial sinus infection, or an allergy.

We must put more money into research!

frustrated said at March 29, 2006 4:27 AM:

like most of the people on this site i also watched prison break. As soon as it finished i jumped on the computer to find out W.T.F it was all about only to find that hundreds, maybe thousands of people have the excact same problem i have. I say problem in the sence that i cant sleep or concentrate if i am by myself of in a quite place. Until tonight i Thought i was different and although none of us may have L.L.I we have all self diagnosed ourselfs with it. How can it be proven that i have it. would it be found if i went to a shrink who had never heard of this before. I spend most of my free time loosing my mind thinking there is something wrong with me and then this F###en show come along and sends my mind racing again. Am i looking for an easy explaination for whats going on in my head, or HAVE I FINALY FOUND THE ANSWER.

Frans van Wamel said at March 29, 2006 9:22 AM:

From Down Under, diagnosed with Cyclothymia (www.ptypes.com/cyclothymicpd.html) with a relative high IQ (although Gardner’s Multi Intelligence’s are not included in this score), running off the emotional intelligence scale, as an ENFP type personality trait, extremely creative, eccentric, a loner, uneducated, ‘seeing’ things I can not explain to others until they happen years later, invited to work for de Bono but rejected the offer, gone mad, lost the plot, lost my business, gone broke, wrecked my career, I just watched Prison Break with my wife and children.

Intrigued with the ‘perfect’ description of my thinking, I too dropped my jaw and googled myself to this website, no longer interested in the very program that made me aware of LLI. Whether I have LLI or not that does not matter to me, I feel comfortable with it.

To me, I can see a strong and clear correlation between LLI, ‘depression’ and IQ, just don’t ask me to explain it. It is there, in my mind. Perhaps I perceive this in a way that perpetuates my own thinking. But then again, I can not detach myself from the emotional connections I get from this concept. It just seems to feel right.

Most of the previous entries describe my own trails and tribulations, and I too find solace in the fact that I am not alone. In fact, my journey is bringing me closer to become the man I am, rather than the man which ‘society’ (education / knowledge) made me to be.

Maybe the many spelling mistakes in the above entries can be contributed to dyslexia, or, a different way of putting things together. In my case, only certain words that ‘sound’ different are always spelled incorrectly. Any takers on that one?
In my grammar, I construct sentences in a different way than the norm, and confuse the hell out of people. Could that be a form of ‘word dyslexia’?

Without being superior to others, we could be a group of people who have an ability to think for ourselves who are simply misunderstood by others, as Emerson said a long time ago.

As we are nearing the point of Singularity, we might - as a group - just be at the right time and place to understand, decimate and use our collective unconsciousness. Could this be another small step in the evolution of our brain, but now from a conscious perspective? We are in the midst of a shift in our thinking. But there are only a few who can see and drive it. Time will tell.

If ‘mental illness’ is hereditary and symptoms are set off because of sensory (or societal) inputs and perceptions, are we not already on that path? Perhaps then, we should celebrate the increase of mental illness and embrace it with all our might.

If I had the funds and time, I would love to (action) research this on an academic level, and help society. Better not ask drug companies to sponsor me for this, so is there anyone else out there who will?

Ah-well, just a dream I have whilst I wash dishes to get by, as nobody wants to employ a person who has had a 'broken head'. But what about many of our great thinkers and leaders, past or present? Someone agreed, saw merrit and supported them in their quests to change the world as they saw it.

Asassin said at March 30, 2006 6:25 AM:

ED gave a perfect take on what alot are saying.
I'll brighten that comment up and end it with the words of a genius like this.


rajen girwarr said at April 4, 2006 1:08 PM:

Ok so look at it this way if you want to see something then you have to have a perspective from which you are looking at the object from.
there is no time in the universe because man created the measurement of time to plot bodies that are in motion in the universe. You cannot put something that man made into the universal soup. There is no hour mins etc in the universe.
Just as the bible is a manual for the universe. If you were god and you created man then you build him a house and make him happy, you dont tell him how to be man, you tell him how to operate the home he is in. It is instintive for man to be man, just like if you have a pet and you put it in a home, you show it where the water and door is. So if god was writing a manual for man he would not tell him how to be a man, because that would be instinctive, he would tell him how to operate his home,,, the universe.....

rajen girwarr said at April 4, 2006 3:46 PM:

Come on people be real, if you find an rolex whatch in the deseart sand do you thing it was there by accident, no just as the human body was not put here by accident, there is too much technology with it. There has to be something controlling how we got here and after that what controlls the controller is more than we can comprehend for now, and leave it as that, know what you know and have solid data and facts.
There is no time in the universe because you cant go to the universe and ask for time, you can ask for energy, and matter, but one thing einstien left out and it was LOVE.
See love is like this when any of the atoms colloide with eacheother then they give off a residule sort of like a ordor, so i call it atomic odor, this odor remains in the atom and when it comes into contact again with the same atom the odor is the same hense love. So with that in mind the universe has matter, energy, and love. Love makes everythgin work, its the missing ingedent in things today. Love has to be given a place as an object such as matter and energy.
Love explanes reincarnation, and dejavu, and all the other things, quantom or, atomic......

The universe is in my head
Rajen Girwarr

rajen girwarr said at April 6, 2006 7:25 PM:

If you put yourself in gods position the you will see that god looks at mankind as one, and mankind cannot take care of itself, look at all the inhumanity, and suffering, and poverty, and then you have others spending millions on lavish items..
Thats why all the biblical catastrophe are happening. Until mankind can take care of himself then we would be in harmony with the universe and we will understand how the universe works, and we will have peace of mind...
So if you are reading this and you are in a position to help someone who is less fortunate do so.....


Tess said at April 10, 2006 10:01 AM:

Hey you all.
Here is Tess again, from the Netherlands.

I actually believe there is only one thing that is important here, and that is what
you think of it yourself.

People that suffer from LLI are pure, but missunderstood. They feel they are ahead of their time, so full
of power, like true kathalysators. Look them in their eyes, than you will see. Unconditional love, sensitive, just give hem the chance to be themselves, they will give you insights you have never expected.

Do you believe you suffer from LLI? Well, you probably do. The human mind,and spirit is created so it can self observe, and self discover. So your body and mind probably tell you the truth.
I believe that people who suffer from LLI are more sensitive than others. Why dont we listen to the little voice within?
If that voice, feeling tells you that you are right, you probably are. If it feels right to you, you do not need some study or a vistit to a doctor to prove it.

It is a relieve, knowing you are not alone and it is not as bad to be different than you have always thought it was. You just see things more clear, in greater detail and you know where that constant jiggling and twisting of the mind comes from.

Besides, having LLI does not neccesary mean that you are a lot smarter than everybody else,.... we are different, thats for sure. We have got more ideas and often see things much clearer, we are more sensitive than others. But does that make us smarter? I dont think so.
Maybe we one can say we are smart in a different way, some way others can never comprehend.

What I do know is that I am not alone anymore, I am not crazy and in the end I might not even be that different from the rest of the world. Knowing that there is a condition that describes the way I have felt my entire life, calms me. It takes a load of weight of your schoulders.
I do not care if i indeed have a form of LLI, I do not feel different, or better for that matter, but I do not feel as weird, as an outsider anymore.
Knowing that is enough for me.

Loads of love,

24 years old

Deb said at April 16, 2006 6:22 AM:

Does anyone know of a self-test, online help for LLI?

ana said at April 19, 2006 4:02 PM:

hi my name is Ana i also want to know about test and stuff
Does anyone know of a self-test, onlinehelp for LLI?
Thank you

Ilan Halperin said at May 4, 2006 12:21 PM:

Well Well Well
It's good to see I am not alone.
After a few years of looking in to my mind and searching.
I got it!!!!
It took me a long time but now I am sure, "Low Latent Inhibition" Is my problem
I saw it on a TV show. I wrote the name and checked it out.
And found out that what I have been feeling and thinking all this time, is a defined problem, and I am not alone.(and I was sure I was just going crazy)


If you know more about it please tell me about it ,I need help. I feel I'm going crazy,But no one undestands me

What can help me calm down my mind!!!???

carlos sandoval said at May 7, 2006 12:02 PM:

this is a very interesting hypotesis.... how ever, i desagree on certain ishues. Yes, its a way of explining the congnitive process of a creative individual, much like a powerfull computer that process all info at the same time instead of just some archives at once, All right, but i think that stress can motivate a person to search info in order to minimize or rationalize the stress caussing problem, but thats it. it is not the key or the causing of creativeness, because... i have tried to be cretive in stressing situations, and all i do is decrease my cretive processes. i mean, the info that normally is available, suddelny is blocked.

i consider myself, not to be a genius or anything like it, but i thought that every one had the same form of proccesing info, and talking to many persons i saw that i was wrong. my way of process info every time is integral in an extensive way.

so i have come to the conclution, that, yes, in stress, a person tends to get receptive about the info availabe in the enviroment, but the quality of the resulting cretitivity, i think, its going to be low- maybe in the same or a diferent enviroment (similar or familiar) he can create or use that info in a more effective way.

i find this hypotesis very interesting and i congratulate you for your work in this field. i hope you continue to search for the answers and probe yout hypotesis. good work.

Rich said at May 21, 2006 7:22 AM:


There's alot of people on here who are trying to find an answer for a question that can't be answered. There is also a lot of people who are clearly quite insane. Justifying yourself to a bunch of random people only means one thing; you need attention.

We are all unique.

I don't need to justify to people why i have lli scores. I offer some words of advice.

Stay away from drugs, especially marijuana. Personal experience has taught me this.

Remember we're bording psychosis, don't tip the balance.

Few observations:

Finding everything easy.
Thinking too much.
Constant need to be efficient and solve problems. So much so that they wear you down.
Being misunderstood as being daft or in a world of your own.
ALOT of energy.
Long term memory.

That's all.

Take care folks. Remember, don't make marijuana use habitual.

Rich, UK.
20 years old.

ruu said at May 22, 2006 4:55 PM:

Yes i saw the PB show and yes i though i had low latent .... but that was a while a go. So, just like everyone here i thought of things that connected me to this "illness", and i read trough a bunsh of posts here. I was shure i had it. So, now i can easily say that after some months i have gotton better.... And only tonight i discoverd the meaning with my life and that this are more simple then they seem. The anwser to i think many peoples problems here is:

SLEEP AT NIGHT, AND BE AWAKE AT DAY TIME...... it took me a while to really understrand the importance of this. And if you dont belive me. Try it a couple of days (if you have the problem) and i promise you will be a new human that can think and feel straight. And if you are wondering what the meaning with my life is.. i can share it... To do everything i want when i want it. dont mnissunderstand that. its ment in the long run... anyways.. Ill be posting this now

Kelly - uk said at June 11, 2006 3:02 PM:

Hey Guys,

I don’t have LLI, I feel quite bland compared to you all. However I need your help, I have extremely close friend who well we both
Believe has LLI. We have seen Prison Break and like many others of you came across this website, which has been a fantastic help already. However he doesn’t seem to understand that LLI can be a good thing. I need to show him it can be and try and find a way to help him.

He is extremely down in life and feels his head will explode with the amount of thoughts he has. Like you all he is extremely clever in everything he does and feels life is not challenging enough.

Is there anyone out there that can help me break through to him?


Kelly - UK

Tess said at June 15, 2006 7:04 AM:

Hey Kelley,

Maybe your friend just needs some time to clear his head, it is a big change when all of a sudden you know that you are different from others. Not different in a bad way, but still.
He will have to accept that this is just the way he is, there is nothing that can change that. Compare it with people that are selfconcious about their bodies, they are born with them, and even though they do not like them, it is all they will get so they ´d better treat it right.
That also counts for your friends mind, he has to come to realize that he has to be proud of his mind, it is speacial in an ordinary way.....

He is one of the few people that will have to deal with the extreme flow of extra stimuli that he is not able to shut out, some of that info will be exausthing, frightening, etc. On the other hand, some of that info will make his life so much richer, if you know what I mean.
Almost the entire rest of the world see a tree for what it is, but your friend,he can see the little signs of life between the branches. He is able to see all those beautifull things in the world, in a way nobody else can.

I am not saying LLI is only beauty and fun, but I do know that we can adjust to it and that we can learn to do good and see good, and I believe that that is a gift itself,,,

greets, Tessa

kelly said at June 19, 2006 9:22 AM:

Hello Tess,

Thank you for your reply, hes read it and i think hes beginning to accept. This is a new road to happiness now thank you ever so much.

Kel x

eric said at June 24, 2006 9:56 PM:

All you people have done is talk about yourselves. Your problems don't stem from your 'creative genius', but from the fact that you are all whiney (probably american) narcissists.
What's even more laughable is that many of you claim to be super intelligent and also to suffer from severe mental illness. Surely if you were that intelligent you would be able to
solve your own mental illnesses? But I digress, my main point is...go and hang yourselves
you whiney little morons.

Daniel (god is my judge) said at June 25, 2006 12:23 PM:

Confuscious once said "man who keep hand in pocket all day feel very cocky"
Got your attention.
This is all very new to me as my wife has just told me about LLI and I feel like life is starting to make sense.
I am not going to go into test results nor digress into digit spans.
I struggle with the constant whilrwind of data and stimulai in my head 24/7 and have to be chemically induced to attain sleep.
I refuse to complain.
I get to the point where the overpowering of the thoughts and formulai sound like voices in my head. I am starting to understand that this is actually my neurons firing during states of emotional or physical fatigue, then attempting to solve those childhood problems that I had difficulties with. The problems that many of us had at school, that wrongly enticed the teachers to tell us we were dumb.
I refuse to complain.
I am on the verge of learning to filter out the noise and target the profitable thoughts for the true blessings they really are.

To summarise.

I do not count myself a genius, though my wife and others would say otherwise.
I am not special in anyway only different to the masses.
I need not live a life of isolation, mental anguish nor depression.

My only target is to get by in everyday life, my only charge is to do what I can, my only hurdle is to end this mortal race and be able to say "I ran the race and got to the end the best I could".

Thanks for reading this drivvel.

Daniel (not a crazy american but a barmy brit).

Ankur Patel said at June 26, 2006 12:39 AM:

i think organization is needed. has anything been done yet?

Niveche Ramawthar said at June 29, 2006 12:10 PM:

In grade school i was chosen for a special education - it was called classes for gifted young minds - it was flexible in terms of syllabus but the teacher also said that it was too simplistic for me - he said my creative ability drove me to such a high level that he had no doubt my potential was limitless - i scored a 176 on the preliminary IQ test and finished fifth in the state for a math olympiad when i dont really like maths - cos it exist within creative boundaries - sometimes i come across as arrogant when that is exactly what i am not - i have a high level og empathy and this has helped in my career although my true passion is art, writing and poetry and I practice both - when i realised that i have a low laten inhibition i started to see things clearly - pun intended - this acute sense of decoding the world around me is extremely frustrating when I have to deal with people who can not see things my way but a gift when i can explain it to them and they understand - although ive a lot more research to do my OCD will ensure that im not gonna stop. watch this space.

KraigA said at June 29, 2006 5:13 PM:

Hey, I just googled low latent inhibition because a character in Prison Break has it.
Since it gives people these skills and makes them smart I wish I had it :(
In prison break it says he see's things defferently from us?
What does that mean?

"Well, people who suffer from low-latent inhibition see everyday things just like you or I do.
Like this lamp and for instance. But where we just process the image of a lamp and they process everything. The stem, the bulb and the bolts even the washers inside.
Their brains are more open to incoming stimuli in the surrounding environment.
Other people's brains and yours and mine shut out the same information. We have to do it in order to keep our sanity.

If someone with a low IQ has low-latent inhibition and it almost always results in mental illness. But if someone has a high IQ and it almost always results in creative genius."

So what it mean you proccess the bolts and washers, I am curious? Thanks alot.

ROBERT said at July 5, 2006 8:16 AM:


Snic said at July 6, 2006 8:19 PM:

Hands up all the hypochondriacs in the room

Theo Antichi said at July 20, 2006 2:25 PM:

Frans, I agree with you and I've started my own research for what it's worth. Asassin: NOTHING IS SO COMMON AS THE WISH TO BE REMARKABLE.-(Shakespeare) That reminds me of something. Psychology actually has a name for our denial to accept our seeming state of naivete. Over-claiming is the tendency to claim more knowledge than we actually posses. It is the difference with being familiar with and knowing a given area of knowledge. How large a problem does it represent? Painfully, a very large one. J. D. Brown conducted a set of surveys showing that the majority of surveyed individuals claim that they are above average intelligence, a concept that doesn't hold up as evidenced by over-claiming and other studies. Having said that, I believe those who have come here have done so for the simple fact that LLI resonates with who they are. I'm fairly sure I have it and I assure you I wish I didn't. I wish certain ex friends of mine wouldn't see me as a smug son of a gun (oh, those teenage sins). The truth is that the LLI definition is straight forward AND it has come to my attention that it is not well known in the realm of psychiatry. That means that there could be far more cases around that we believe. Something I wrote regarding this: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/23117213/ Cheers.

Asassin said at July 21, 2006 12:46 PM:

Hmm. So Theo your saying that despite the thoroughly questionable proclomations made here today by people who are probably just attempting to be simialar to a character in their favor. The fact is that there could actually be an inconceivable amount of people with LLI. Interesting.....Even though this is probably true I find something odd.
Every 5 seconds their is a new type of label put on the distinctive eccentricities a group of humans have. And get this part....they are always shown as a problem. You've sparked my interest Sir and now I feel I must shed some light. This is will sound way Far fetched, But I find it very informative to watch the didactic fiction of todays movies. You may wonder why I would bring such an irrelevance up. Well, the way i see it, fiction is often looked at as irrelevant to the reality we face eveyday, but if you notice most of todays fiction is an Extrapolation of a simple incident. Its almost as if someone simply says WHAT IF.. and then includes all solutions this random situation could cause. Upon the same Time I found this site I watched A very interesting Movie. It was called Serenity . Bear with me please?...I dont intend to ramble about crap,but upon this "What if" is a very delicious tangent on what would happen if these tests and labels went to far. Yes you have your monsters and laser beams that make it look like a a 2 year old movie but once again bear with me. In this 2 year old movie the scariest thing is actually something that might make one scared. A conclusion on what could happen when humanity begins to see humanity as imperfect. THink about it. In this movie the conclusion is that these fixtures for things like A.D.D., Depression, and Schizophrenia do go to far. THe movie doesnt say it but if an intelligent someone such as you saw it you would know this is implied. THe movie says people start trying to test for a final cure. A cure that simply stops people from being violent and all other problems that causes the world trouble. Now of course the cure goes wrong I mean this is a science movie, but I dont have to go as far as to expound on why thats wrong.THe fact is You can't Cure being a human.You can't cure being a human because its not something thats a problem. NOw i KNow someones thinking that no one is ever going to try to change humaniy like that, but stop there.We already are. Think about the way we are dishing out mental illnesses and then cures. Add them all up even now without future illnesses and you will get a perfect human psyche. OUr problems are what make us human and different. VIOLENCE, ATTENTION, INFATATUATION, ANALYZATION THESE THINGS LITERALLY MAKE uS MOVE.9 (A.D.D, LLi, +other illnesses comparable)

FACT- without violence, persistence or something to make you move , why would you?
Well WIthout these we would all just be living and breathing organisms that do nothing else.

Your next question is when is the Government or someone going to work On this Giant super alien cure you rambling psycho?

My psychotic answer is that its already being dished.

HAlF the worlds taking cures for the way they act now...

Theo Antichi said at July 28, 2006 6:56 PM:

I do agree with what you are saying. It shocks me to hear from a psychiatrist I know, how many labels they now have for purported dissorders. I mean, calling someone a "social phobic" for being shy is certainly pushing it. I highly recommend an online book called "The Romance of American Psychology" http://ark.cdlib.org/ark:/13030/ft696nb3n8/ which sheds light on how psychology has become everpresent. My stand is that sociology is overlooked in favor of psychology.

Andrew said at July 31, 2006 4:54 AM:

I do not mean to sound like a child with little intelligence and so following the herd, but I myself have LLI. It all fits. I have been searching for the reasons and working behind how I think and act, I have known for a very long time that I have been different, with it came 'premature' maturity, partially due to many traumatic experiences as a very small child and onwards. This all lead to me being an outcast in society, and still being so today. I cannot connect with my peers well, for anyone at all for that matter, only a select few can i do so with. It never stops, my mind disects every detail of every thing, no matter where i am, what i am doing. I don't even have to look at an object, although in doing so it creates further stimuli for thought. It is one endless string of thought, never ending, it is always one massive ball of thinking about EVERYTHING. Aswell as this ability to dissect the mechanics of everything, both of a physical and mental sense, i also have an incredible thirst for knowledge, and as others have said previously, after i find what i search for and in doing so, understand it, i become bored of it and move onto the next source of knowledge. The simple things bore me the hell out of me. In school i always failed because i didn't see the point in it. I understood everything i was taught, and on top of that, i could see every flaw within the system.
Another thing is that it isn't just about the mechanics of physical things, as i said before, i cannot stop breaking down and analyzing a person's psyche, no matter who i meet, where i am, anything, i cannot stop. I can quickly and efficiently decipher a person, learn who they are, how they act, how they think, how they move, how they feel and what is behind any front they try to put on if they do. I constantly do this as the same as i do with all other thinking. On top of this, due to my training and studying of martial arts since as long as i can remember, whenever i go anywhere, see anybody or any action, I work out every possible situation that can happen and work out a solution to it. In the case of a person, i work out what they could do if anything, and if it be hostile, what action they would take. My mind then creates an immediate solution to each action to neutralise that threat, and upon that person doing such an action, my body reacts without hesitation while thinking dynamically to recalculate in a split second to any further movement and to the surroundings. Obviously this kind of thinking also makes me well equipt for any situation requiring tactics.

'1) A feeling that everyone around you is dumb or incompetent and that it is hard to communicate with them.
2) A quest for knowledge, I want to know how everything works, this seems to help, in that once I understand how things work they dont seem to bother me anymore.
3) Frustration with inefficiency. Always trying to make things work better even when they work fine. Hence the reason for my feeling towards the government, an inefficiant mess that I can't fix but the solutions are so obvious.
4) Difficulty working for someone, I cant hold a steady job because after a few months I know more than my superiors and start making them look bad so they get rid of me.
5) Advice giver (listener). Tied into number 4, everywhere I work I become my co-workers best friend and they tend to flock to me for work and personal advice.
6) An ability to fix nearly anything mechanical/electrical.
7) Problem solver.
8) Trouble communicating eveything that is in my head to others verbally of through writing. Probably the reason for number 1.
9) Underperformer in education settings yet knowing I am smarter then most "A" students.
10) A feeling that everyone around you thinks you are a nut(a kook, crazy, weird, insane...)'

This aforementioned list (which was writen by a person named Dave a good bit down from the start of the comments section) is exactly what i have, and more. At first when i was a small child, it was hard to handle it all, it crushed me, all i had was information flooding my mind constantly and i couldnt take it. I kept going in and out depression a lot. Over the years i have learnt to not control it as such, but to handle it, to use it. I now embrace it and use it the best i can instead of trying to block it out and ignore it like i used to to no prevail. I learnt that it is the truth of who I am, and like any truth, it cannot be denied, no matter what it is or the effect of it is.
Another thing is that I cannot watch a person in pain or struggling. If i see someone in such a situation, i am compelled to help them and give them advice, no matter who they are. I have always been the local supply of help and knowledge to those around me, including my enemies.
I have to admit aswell, that on recognition that what i heard and saw on the program Prison Break, i immediately persued this link to what I myself go through, and in doing so, have found this website, along with others, explaining, at last, what i go through on a daily basis. I also admit that i clearly show signs of other forms of, if only a small amount of, what many people refer to as OCC and a few other forms of 'mental illnesses/instabilities'.
I would like to take this opportunity to once again say, this is not meant to sound like bragging, or like a simple minded person following the herd. This is a genuine account of my life. It is 100% truthful as, as i stated before, i believe in the truth no matter how damaging it may be. I simply wanted to share with others what i have experienced from LLI and other forms of supposed problems and to gain feedback from those I have related to on here, aswell as from those that will inevitably relate to what i have said.

Might i take these last words to make a point. Those that have relied on religion on here to explain or to keep themselves balanced (aswell as in real life, of course) need to pull their head out of their ass, stop relying on others telling you the mechanics of life etc and search for it and learn yourself. It is, in essence, a con. It is a place where those that dare not question, who are ignorant, who dare not risk being hurt, dare not unleash the beast that is human nature and who wish to live by what others tell them reside. Freud once wrote, 'God is an illusion created by Humanity to comfort them in the face of their helplessness when they have outgrown their parents', an elaboration on Nietzsche's original writings, and needless to say a damn good one that is undoubtably true. (Off topic, I know, but might i take this opportunity to say that Buddhism isn't a religion, a very common mistake, it is infact a way of life based on the truth in life and understanding it)
Please, if you wish to go on with religious ramblings, do so elsewhere. This is not the place for such things.

With my closing words, I say good luck and take care. I welcome any feedback i can get from others out there who are in the similar position I am in, aswell as those that want to learn more.

Lori said at August 6, 2006 4:32 PM:

Hi I am highly creative at writing songs and fixing things, but my attitude has always gotten the better of me. My boyfriend makes fun of me if I add a little flash of mental gymnastics to the conversation, he says, "Oh, there goes a butterfly!" like I have ADD and can't concentrate on his boring rants. I am capable of long concentration, but just don't find average entertainment or conversation fulfilling. I too did a lot of acid and used it for moments of clarity. You have to focus your thinking on acid or you will go crazy. I think the whole point is tapping into the highest level of creativity and walking that fine line between genius and insane. Having a high IQ is a disability socially and emotionally, because you have so few people you can relate to on any more than a superficial level. I wish at times I was like Homer Simpson-easily amused. (also part of a Kurt Cobain lyric from All Apologies) The best we can hope for, by being special, is to have someone else bring home the money and just let us create. HAve I convinced anyone yet? Write back if you want to support a "genius" and just let her ponder, wander through nature, and write clever dittys. Seriously :)

Koujinkamu said at August 7, 2006 7:45 PM:

Reading your post Andrew (2 posts above) I find that I recognize about 80-90% of your experiences. I always thought I had a high latent inhibition because I'm no good following a conversation that goes fast. I thought that required a fast and creative mind. Maybe it's just because I'm horribly confused all the time (although my iq is well over 120). I never verbally and conscioussly realize a fact about myself or other people before someone puts it into words. My thinking generally only involves noises, music, images and "feelings" of things.

I get strange occurences like:
Knowing the exact time without having looked for a long time
Knowing how stuff works without seeing it (once bumped into a street light and suddenly I saw what was inside of it)

I have so many ideas about the use of different physics, situations and other stuff (some probably not possible) that I feel like writing a book, just don't have the comfidence. It's all planned out though, just need to get over myself to get it started.

When I'm in any emotional situation, I suddenly start gathering information about my surroundings like crazy, for instance in my former classroom there was 223880 little ventillation holes in the roof, spread out on 64 rectangular plates of plastic, there are 34 holes vertically down through every radiator in the classroom, 9 windows along the wall, 2 on top of each other every place (18 windows total)... this is only the number-related stuff, I could tell you for hours about how any building I've ever been inside or seen, is constructed or COULD be constructed (I don't have X-ray vision though), every time I learn something in school it's not memorized by any means of mnemonics, I just get images that TELL ME DIRECTLY IN FULL DETAIL WHAT IT'S ABOUT.

Just wondering, is this really low latent inhibition or what...?

Koujinkamu said at August 7, 2006 7:49 PM:

I am also highly sensitive to movement, even if it's an ant crawling 5 meters away, I'll notice it if everything around is standing still. At night, even if I know there's nothing there, the least hint of movement will set me in "fight or flight" mode.

Again, is this due to LLI or not?

Jay said at August 10, 2006 9:41 AM:

I appologize for only have time to read the first and last few posts. I'm 27 years old and for the past few years I've been living abroad simply to experience a new culture. I've been in Japan for a few years now but I want to move on; go somewhere even more different, but where?

I'm always totally stressed about the smallest things, and have only recently noticed I'm different than my friends. I think back about the worst time of my life (a few years ago when I was having court problems) and how it very well could have been the best time of my life. Now, I have no major problems, but TINY things--a scratch on my floor, squeaky shoes, anything not perfect--will drive me crazy.

I call myself an idiot because I think deeply about things that won't even cross into others' minds. I lost a girlfriend because of it last year. I remember her quoting her past thoughts of me and finally telling me in the end: 'Sometimes, when you talk, I'm like what?...He's thinking about THAT?' I had a friend who was like me and it was amazing how sometimes he would be thinking of the same thing I'd be thinking of, something totally off the wall but never entirely pointless. Unfortunately we're no longer friends.

rajen girwarr, that's amazing stuff. I'd like to hear more and will when I read this page entirely. I will search for more pages about this too. I'm interested in psychiatry, but also in ways this "problem," as I am starting to think it might be, could be used to my benefit.

koujinkamu: I can sometimes tell the time within 3 minutes after not looking at the clock as well. That's not too beneficial though. I have big problems with a napkin being out of place on the next table at a restaurant, something crazy like that. .... your name, it's Japanese. What does it mean? Grateful?

yoshiiii said at August 14, 2006 11:27 AM:

im 18 and i too have been quite enthralled by the LLI theory... i came to know of it thanks to prison break but ever since i was small,i too felt the need to know HOW things works, HOW it happens, and wen i do know,it just visualizes in my mind,vehicles,mechanics,dynamics,forces,weights,speeds,sounds,tones,theories,formulas,shades of colours and thoughts... everything just always seemed more indepth in my mind,everything i learned in physics,EVERYTHING just runs everyday im my head,if i see battries, i see the carbon wrapped in metal and the electron generated and so on,everytime i stare out an aircraft window, i see Bernoulli's effect,wen i see riots on the TV, i see Chaos Theory,its so agravating sometimes i feel like killing myself,but that too i cant cuz before i think of slittin my wrists,ive already seen every possible contingency in my head before i even pick up a blade and then i wonder,is that wat i want?...wen i speakl to friends,i feel they think in a surface-scraping manner of any issue... i feel that everytime i see a situation that relates to the ICEBERG theory, i see the submerged bit much clearer than most of my friends can. Well i wouldnt say im a genius because 110 IQ is really not the highest score, but i just want to say that i feel very much different to how most of the ppl around me think... even my mom once told me i think too much... i dont know, i feel really good that im not the only one out here in this zone of though and frame of mind.I cant keep my mind a track on ANYTHING, even wen i listen to musik i hear tinkles and unheard sounds and i can visualize every instrument, bieng played in-note...i always find my own chords for guitars cuz i can easily figure it out wen i hear it... i draw piks, but all my framed pictures have been drawn on the back of study papers! lol.. i play games to keep my mind in constant work, the sense of infinite possibilities in games helps me feel.. NORMAL shrug...even my sense of respect for women (whichh my guy friends quite obviously LACK)is such that every woman my friends classify as EUGH! or UGLY!, i see the beauty,each part about her seperately, smile, eyes,nose... like each part as a unique, i dont know... most of friends just laugh at me wen i tell them about my THEORIES on how Quantum Physics is outright stupid and how the fact that a lifeforce can be measured... im just so glad i watched prison break and stumbled here...

if u are interested to commute on how to reach the zeneth of our capabilities, i believe 2 great minds would definitely be greater than one... - yoshith_w@hotmail.com


Life's Too Good, So Smile!!

Marvin@kenya said at August 15, 2006 9:38 AM:

Finally a site that talks about the condition am sufferin from.Such a relief.my ma has always told me i was special because i had too many shrink sessions while being a kid.but i came to learn abot my condition in my early teens and i embraced it.i've never had any problems with educations infact samtyms i think my condition is to thank for me scoring straight A's in my final exams.thamx 4 being here.

Peter Nuttfister said at August 15, 2006 3:48 PM:

they're are a lot of posers posting here how they say oh i am the smartest person in the world and you ar eall bullshit. Im the only one here who actualy has the condition so yes i am the smartest person here i can see things clearly like when i look at something i know how it works. the rest of you grow up and realize you are not special.

James Walsh said at August 15, 2006 5:03 PM:

Can you prove it, for all we know you are the poser?

James Walsh said at August 15, 2006 5:03 PM:

Can you prove it, for all we know you are the poser?

Jake said at August 17, 2006 12:38 AM:

one of the posts was making me think, if God lets us have the ability to choose, then why if one chooses to not believe in Him, they are sent to Hell? I guess this may be a easy question to answer but this logic doesnt seem right to me. also, i do not have much prior intelligance of much of the contents of the Bible.

Ankur said at August 17, 2006 12:56 AM:

how many of the people with low latent inhibition believe in a form of god?
i do not because it is not logical.

Nick said at August 17, 2006 2:08 AM:

After hearing about LLI quite recently, it has had me thinking. I am not the most knowledgable on the condition, as well as other similar conditions, but hearing about LLI hits home but in a different way from what most people here seem to be explaining. I am a very logically-minded person, and I am always trying to place theories and methods to anything and everything. However, not so much physical objects; using the lamp example, I don't look at a lamp and see individual parts, nor do I take it for granted; I look at a lamp, and know how it works. For that reason, my mind is very rarely occupied with the workings of physical objects because I know that with thought/research, most things can be explained. For me, I am almost CONSTANTLY in deep thought in regards to my own emotions, and social relations. I am constantly trying to explain and evaluate my own feelings, with varying degrees of sucess. Not only am I constantly exploring myself in my mind, I am always trying to do the same with other people; constantly trying to read people, read social situations and the rest; breaking them down (or at least trying) into logical patterns and thoughts. I can't help myself; those things are always on my mind. And what's quite funny is, that although in my own mind, I believe I am good at reading other people in this way, I cannot fully understand myself, and my social skills are..strange. I have varying levels of confidence with different people I meet, to the very extremes of shyness or being outgoing. And because of the way I analyze other such situations, a lot of things I do in a social situation aren't always natural. Things like "Hi." and "How are you?" don't come out because I am generally interested in how they are, just because my mind tells me, "It's normal to ask that, so just do it".

Now I am aware that this isn't exactly bound to be any form of LLI (not that I have the ability to self-diagnose anything like that, because of the way my mind works) but still the topic of LLI interests me. Anyone have any comments?

Nick said at August 17, 2006 2:24 AM:

And just to add, I have Synesthesia, and I often relate a lot of the things that I am analyzing to patterns, shapes, graphs and colours in my mind.

Asassin said at August 21, 2006 8:11 AM:

Um. I keep getting sucked into these dialogues, but I feel the need to answer Jake. Jake that question is of biblical essence so I will answer you with such. The answer is,(looking from biblical prospective),People arent "sent" there.
Technically hell is not even meant for people in the first place its only made for Satan and his followers. (biblical pros.) In fact the reason the fire is so hot is because its not meant for humans, but for deamons. If you don't choose God you aren't sent to hell by God at all. You go to hell because there is no middle choice between him and Satan, and not choosing God means you choose Satan so that where you go.Plus any middle choice simply adds up to Satan. (biblical pros.) For example- the aethyist who doesnt choose Satan but prefers not to belive in GOd.(bible pros.)THe fact is that thats rejecting God and there is no other side to fall on but Satan's so thats where you fall.Either your good or your evil their is no hell's angel. From Biblical prospective that is your answer.
As a famous M.C. physician would say- Their ain't no such thing as half way crooks. (sarcasm)

For those who are touchy about religious talk I was just answering a question so don't shoot the messenger.
Jake hope hope you have the answer to what you were asking.

Tess said at September 10, 2006 1:04 PM:

Hi all.

I havent been on the blog for some time now, but that does not mean I have not been thinking. I have an opinion that says:
LLI is very narrowly connected with being high sensitive. HAving LLI,means that you see, hear, experience stuff much more clearly and intense. Just like people that are high sensitive. I am clearly not sayoing that thois is the same, cause it is not, but I am saying that the two are connected in some way.

Like to hear your opinions people....

Love, Tess

Nick Livingston said at September 18, 2006 11:29 PM:

What are some realistic things factors of having LLI?????

Tess said at September 19, 2006 2:32 PM:

Hey Nick,

LLI has not been tested trough, so it is not very easy to say what clear charataristics are.
A few things that stand out however are.....

another person on the blog, wrote this some time ago, and I can only say, he was right.... maby it helps ya...

1) A feeling that everyone around you is dumb or incompetent and that it is hard to communicate with them.
2) A quest for knowledge, I want to know how everything works, this seems to help, in that once I understand how things work they dont seem to bother me anymore.
3) Frustration with inefficiency. Always trying to make things work better even when they work fine. Hence the reason for my feeling towards the government, an inefficiant mess that I can't fix but the solutions are so obvious.
4) Difficulty working for someone, I cant hold a steady job because after a few months I know more than my superiors and start making them look bad so they get rid of me.
5) Advice giver (listener). Tied into number 4, everywhere I work I become my co-workers best friend and they tend to flock to me for work and personal advice.
6) An ability to fix nearly anything mechanical/electrical.
7) Problem solver.
8) Trouble communicating eveything that is in my head to others verbally of through writing. Probably the reason for number 1.
9) Underperformer in education settings yet knowing I am smarter then most "A" students.
10) A feeling that everyone around you thinks you are a nut(a kook, crazy, weird, insane...)And so yourself,,,

Posted by: Dave on November 1, 2005 06:59 AM

He is right about these remarks, so no need for me to write them down too.

Good luck,


qforce said at September 22, 2006 8:47 PM:

Some time ago I suffered from heavy brain clutter and social phobia, like most of you did. Then I found out that if I'd wrote down all that crap I was thinking, that would clear up my mind for quite some time and give me peace of mind - the more I wrote, the more peace I gained. First, it was a small folder, which then grew into huge database full of ideas, conceptual fragments, open questions, and whatsoever... Most of the open questions are still open, as before, but they don't bother me anymore, because I know they're down there in the database, so I won't forget about them and I can think about them whenever I feel there's need to. Whoever suffers from brain clutter, USE THIS:
- http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
- http://www.compendiuminstitute.org/
Any opinions about these programs? Thumbs up? Down? Left? Right? Other useful tools you know about?

Unfortunately, it seems to me that the brain clutter is to stay forever, only its intensity can be reduced, and only temporarily: Whenever I had to stay away from these two programs for some time (more than one or two weeks), I felt like going mad or so, like turning into a psycho. Just like before...

Dante said at September 23, 2006 1:07 PM:

since i was a kid ( im 15 years old)it was dificult to me to comunicate whit other childrens because i didnt have his interest...you know football or jokes or thinks like that...but i really enjoyed to learn about astronomy paleontology and too many other things ...so my parents thinked that i needed to go to the psychiatrist so i went with one from my city and he said i have a diferent way of thinking and a rather high IQ and that i needed to go to a diferent type to school the bad thing is that in this contry there arent this type of schols so i continued to learn by myself and a weeks ago my new psychiatrist told me that Probably i have low latent inhibition but it is not sure ...but in other things i have a almost perfectly memory and a need to help people and empaty ...

well thanks to read this and if anyone wants to talk...please send me a mail

au revoir

solo said at September 25, 2006 2:02 AM:

I just wana say thank you to all the people with information and storys. I also think i have Low Latent Inhibition but not sure. i also think about the universe and all that stuff. First of all let me tell you a story about the same dreams i use to have for ages. The dreams were about alien spaceships, not the small tiny ones but massive spaceshps. In the dreams there were 2 spaceships which went over the city. the buildings were very tall and i am pretty certain it could of been Newyork city. I use to wake up scared and the i had the same dreams loads and loads of time. Believe me or not guys im 19 going to college in UK i am watching prison break at the moment and i wanted to search for Low Latent Inhibition and this website came up. Why am i telling this stuff becouse its easier to say to u guys thatn people here. Dont nobody take this serious nobody is crazy just live ur life and be happy :).

Dante said at September 26, 2006 11:01 PM:

well there is something else about me...for example when i think about something is almost normal for me to think about 50 diferent posibilities and i chose one of them and i imagine( like live this idea and see the posible results) every one of them( the better for me o for the people i want to protect or help) and it is very weird to think not too many people can do this or al least in my city is weird to have this "ability".

thank all of you for open to us whit your stories.

au revoir

Dante said at September 30, 2006 1:38 PM:

if anyone wants to talk with this curious boy please contact me ...

this is my mail neo_sora@hotmail.com

KraigA said at October 2, 2006 11:06 AM:

I wish I had Low Latent Inhibition - it seems it's more of a gift than something you'd wish you'd rather not. :(

I would love to know what it felt like and what they saw when they look at things and the kind of Ideas and things they get :(

Dante said at October 2, 2006 9:16 PM:

hmmm having LLH or high sencibility is dificult...very dificult...i think that this kind of people sufer much more than the avarage person and the strugle that sometimes is in their minds it is horrible...

Jordan said at October 3, 2006 5:41 PM:

It's amazing how many people here are happy to pigeon-hole themselves with a label. If you really do have low-latent inhibition then you know that the variety of thoughts in your head make your personality and behaviour so variable that no label quiet fits. Saying you are "crazy" or "psychotic" or whatever are labels only useful in diagnosis but generally impede treatment.

A lot of people have also been asking "how do I cure this?" The answer is that this isn't something that needs to be cured. It is simly mental energy which needs to be channeled in a way that is not selfdestructive. The fact that people with low-latent inhibition are considered creative means that they have already begun this process through art, writing, music, whatever it may be.

In my short 21 years I have tried many pursuits in order to channel that excess energy, in order to focus it instead of letting it turn inward where it can become a destructive force. Some of the things that have helped greatly in the past have been Martial Arts, particularly Tai-Chi which is very relaxing. Bushwalking which I try to do at least 4 times a year to "clear my head" in the mountain air - there is also a deap seated metaphotic relationship between the landscape of high-altitude locations and the higher thought space of the mind so visiting the physical place can be very comforting. Writing (as you may be able to tell) is also a great outlet for me.

What I've learned too is that the process of discovering these outlets is never ending, and can be very rewarding. If you view this searching, this longing that drives you, as a journey it starts to become a destination in itself.

Having this "trait" can indeed be difficult at times, but it is how you use it that determines whether it becomes a disability or a gift. If you manage it well and don't let it get descructive you will end up with an experience of life and the world far richer than that of those without it.

If you'd like to read more, visit: http://www.iondah.com

robert said at October 5, 2006 1:49 PM:

It makes me sick to see so many people come and talk here priding themselves with the fact they think they have this illness, when they blatantly show signs of idiocy . LLI is simply another way to stereotype a certain set of functions the mind has, everyone possess's these qualities, maybe not with the same prowess or speed as others, but they do. And people referring to similar situations as each other, LLI isn't directed at one thing, like engineering, problem solving or thinking about the universe and being able to figure out the answer to life, it happens in all apsects of your life, it doesn't come and go, its the way your brain works all the time. And don't be fooled by prison break, lamps don't jump out at you and seperate, its a train of thought, its simply is how your mind works.

robert said at October 5, 2006 1:50 PM:

It makes me sick to see so many people come and talk here priding themselves with the fact they think they have this illness, when they blatantly show signs of idiocy . LLI is simply another way to stereotype a certain set of functions the mind has, everyone possess's these qualities, maybe not with the same prowess or speed as others, but they do. And people referring to similar situations as each other, LLI isn't directed at one thing, like engineering, problem solving or thinking about the universe and being able to figure out the answer to life, it happens in all apsects of your life, it doesn't come and go, its the way your brain works all the time. And don't be fooled by prison break, lamps don't jump out at you and seperate, its a train of thought, its simply is how your mind works.


robert said at October 5, 2006 1:52 PM:

It makes me sick to see so many people come and talk here priding themselves with the fact they think they have this illness, when they blatantly show signs of idiocy . LLI is simply another way to stereotype a certain set of functions the mind has, everyone possess's these qualities, maybe not with the same prowess or speed as others, but they do. And people referring to similar situations as each other, LLI isn't directed at one thing, like engineering, problem solving or thinking about the universe and being able to figure out the answer to life, it happens in all apsects of your life, it doesn't come and go, its the way your brain works all the time. And don't be fooled by prison break, lamps don't jump out at you and seperate, its a train of thought, its simply is how your mind works.


Tess said at October 5, 2006 1:53 PM:

I think that LLI is more linked to any physical conditions than any other condition is. or maybe, it is the thing that links them all togehther. Think of all the people that suffer from ADD, or people that are high sensitive?

I hink it is time to try to find out more about this, and the way it is all connected...
Besides, nothing ever comes alone, body and mind are connected, so the extra stimuly that the human body cannot reject, the mind has to deal with that.

I also do not believe we can call this a defect or an illness, it is the way we see it. Like the way we live our entire lives; We are the ones that have to fill in the colours of our lives, fill in the pages, write our own story. We can all decide how we want that story to turn out...

The moment we feel pathethic, we will be, and the moment we call ourselves ill, and we have got a condition, we will behave like it,,,,

Just something to think about,,,


Andrew said at October 5, 2006 5:52 PM:

I haven't been on here since July now, and I must say, I am speechless. It's taken a while to figure out what to say. I am truely moved to see so many people so similar to me, it is indeed comforting.
I do have something to say in reply to some posts on here, such as that lovely one from /Robert. Tell me something now, do you find it necessary to connect to the internet to simply slam down that which you do not fully understand, or even comprehend for that matter? You make a valid point, yet it clearly cries in ignorance and naiveté. You take a few small sections of knowledge out of a comprehensive subject, jumble them up and throw them out in a pattern that suits you best, which suits your prejudices, while forfeiting the rest of the works. Without that it becomes meangingless and incomplete.
As others have also said, it is not an 'illness', nor is it a steriotype. Some or many people on here will inevitably be grabbing at ideas though, plastering themself with the term without proper knowledge as few people can be certain as of the current moment, I do not deny that. What is important is that many people with such extraordinary similarities have found others like themselves instead of being locked in a cage, unable to speak about such things in any other situation or feeling alone with no release of thoughts and knowledge.
Looking forward to replies again. Would love to hear from both previous and new posters. Don't be afraid to do say your mind.
Ciao for now.

chaben said at October 6, 2006 4:22 PM:

So, LLI is romaticized on a pop tv show, and the masses self-diagnose this gift/illness. Pat yourselves on the back; you are most obviously geniuses.

will f. said at October 10, 2006 4:40 PM:

Why is it that some people around here believe one couldn't reliably self-diagnose with LLI? It's just like love: If it's there, then you'll know it. And even better than any therapist, DSM crap or whatsoever. If this were for the sole purpose of priding oneself, there shouldn't be anyone who claims NOT to have LLI, which is obviously not the case.

Glenn smeulders said at October 12, 2006 12:07 PM:

I just went to a psycholgist last weekend , i freaked when i heard i had a disease.After a while i begon to realise this isn't a bad disease...infact , now that i know what im dealing with i feel myself back normal. Im only a kid of 14 years. Is it odd that i have it on this age ? because im feeling a little unreliable with it ,now that i know that most people find out when they are grown up.

Assasin said at October 13, 2006 12:03 PM:

Will that is a perfect point. Anyone reading should pay perfect attention to Will's comment because this is one of the overall problems cycling the blog.
Will you are correct, proclaiming to have LLI is just like proclaiming to be in love.
Why is this bad? Love is one of the most fickle things to have ever existed.Imagine if love was a condition like LLI. To even say that one out of every 2 people could correctly diagnose themselves with love would be crazy! I know 5 year olds who fight people just for denying the fact that there in love with their boyfriend. I gaurantee you the majority of them will have around 8 partners after the first in the future. This goes for people 30 and up as well (except for the fighting). LLI is like this because you have things to consider when self diagnosing or innaproprietly diagnosing someone else. One has to consider they might just be looking for something to blame for the person's problems, might just want to be special, just wants to be like a character on TV, might just be a hypochondriac, or a million other reasons they end up living a lie. Why shouldn't one falsely diagnose themselves just to have something to pride themselves on? We are talking about people taking pills for no reason at all! We are talking about people self consciously forcing themselves to become outcasts just because they want to be special and ruining their own lives! This is not a game and LLi definitely has its set of problems. For instance,slow progress through any stipulation.
You people want to be heroes?
Try not to spread a problem thats got people ruining themselves forever.
You will save lives. I promise.

will f. said at October 15, 2006 9:54 AM:

Sorry, but you're arguing about the wrong point. I didn't mean you have to trust every person who claims to have LLI. Of course, there are always some unimaginably screwed up people out there who need this tiny little piece of pride and attention. But I'm not talking about this minority. I'm talking about the guys around here. All the things they tell about themselves are life experiences I can relate to, and I really have no doubt about their truthfulness. What I'm trying to say is: Not everyone can reliably self-diagnose with LLI, of course, but there *are* people who can, and there's a lot of them. And then there are those guys insulting everyone of priding oneself and drowning oneself in self pity. So we're all just non-LLI psychos panting for love and attention, right? I don't think so.

Other than that, self-diagnosing with LLI isn't just an easy thing you do after watching that prison break episode. I think people who really have it can immediately relate to what they read about it, and they quickly start to realize, 'oh boy, I always knew something was 'wrong' with me, I always knew I was different in some way!'. The normal guy on the other hand might think, 'yeah this is cooool, maybe I have it, too'. And if there's some 'maybe' or 'perhaps' in your thoughts, then you probably don't have it (and you wouldn't bother searching on the web and posting your 'discovery' here), because LLI isn't some add-on feature, it fills the entirety of your life. And that's why you just KNOW you have it - if you have it.
Now what about the screwed up guy panting for love and attention? I do not deny the possibility of finding them here, but I think they're just in the far minority, because the posters around here seem intelligent and "LLI-styled" enough to have LLI. A lot of people just feel relieved after seeing all this, and this surely wasn't caused by a strong need for gaining attention.
IMO there are very few self-priders in here, but quite a few angry, jealous and quarrelsome guys who feel uncomfortable when others start to develop the (realistic or unrealistic) idea of being talented in some way.

will f. said at October 15, 2006 10:30 AM:

Oh, and about that love analogy: If that girl you've mentioned finally found the right guy (after 9+ toads) and then for the first time gets to know what real love is all about, she would in the end obviously acquire the ability to 'self-diagnose with love'. Of course, if one never experienced love, how could one know if a certain feeling was love? The same thing is with LLI: Only if it's there, you'll know how it feels like. But then you're completely certain about it.

Btw, just to mention that, this love analogy has its limits: LLI seems to be a stable personality trait, while love is a mood that may change from time to time.

Glenn said at October 15, 2006 11:33 AM:

Sometimes when you broke up , or anything related to that. You still love her/him its just a feeling you can't simple delete. LLI infact is just another look on life you can't delete it and sometimes you can't be proud of it that you have LLI. If people claim that they have LLI and if they lie about it than he gets the attention but other people might think bad about it because its still a disease. Some people think bad about diseases and if you explain what it is , they still think bad about it. Its just the way life is .

Asassin said at October 16, 2006 11:50 AM:

Will I understand what your saying.I wasnt saying that everyone here was lying Im simply pointing out that there are people who are wrong about themselves along with those who really have it. In fact, the fact that you all could not get past one descriptive sentence on Tv, and couldnt stop there, but insisted on researching this miniscule detail only counts as an attribute to the LLI traits. This in consideration, there is no doubt lots of you have it whether you know it or not. In response to the love analogy we are both saying the same thing. Of course one could probably correctly diagnose themselves with love after 9 relationships, but the analogy was not in reference to a person after 9 relationships because Who attempts to diagnose themselves with a mental disorder 9 times? The analogy was in reference to a person who doesnt really have any love experience because not many people here have experience with diagnosing themselves with a disease. Who does that anyhow? not to mention 9 times? unless we are speaking of a hypochondriac. I mentioned people 30 and up just to express that love is always fickle even unto the experienced. We just misunderstood each other thats all.

will f. said at October 16, 2006 10:25 PM:

Agreed :)

Simon said at October 17, 2006 5:34 AM:

Very interesting.

I have a high IQ but have difficulty organizing my thoughts.
I'm always sprouting new ideas and concepts and yes, frequently overwhelmed, leaving a trail of incomplete ideas in my wake.
Getting help sorting it all out and learning how to focus would be fantastic, but I don't know where to look or who to ask.

will f. said at October 17, 2006 10:32 PM:

Hey Simon! Some guy mentioned these mindmapping tools, see above. Maybe it helps...
- http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
- http://www.compendiuminstitute.org/

Olivia-ox said at October 26, 2006 2:17 PM:

hello, i am just wandering how do you get LLI, is it justsomething you are born with or not. please post back. cheers

will f. said at October 28, 2006 1:43 PM:

AFAIK, even the scientists who work on this don't have a clear answer.

Glenn .S said at October 29, 2006 1:10 PM:

Well i think its something your born with , but you will figure it out on an older age. In the begin (i think) is no sign of it. so you can't really say that its something your born with.

Johan said at October 31, 2006 1:57 AM:

Whoah. Way too much to read in office hours.

Won't say I have LLI, but at least I can identify with something now. This is a good place to start from with a medical pro.

But, here are some of my traits, maybe somebody can relate

- I am 30 and have an IQ of around 135 - 146
- I feel frustrated at work due to other people's 'lack of intelligence'
- I feel frustrated at other people's inefficiency
- I feel frustrated mostly by people’s inability to do simple things like drive a car properly
- I am the creative person in a company of 8, and I can pull the hair out of my head when they can not ‘see’ simple design issues, even after explaining it to them repeatedly they still look at you with dull eyes. Then I have to wait until the ‘told you so’ moment arrives.
- I feel underestimated, under appreciated and misunderstood at work
- The point above lead me to have a bit of an anti-social personality. I like socializing, but I tend to get angry easily and put off people. This is due to a ‘do-it-my-way-because-I-know-I-am-right’ attitude. However, I am open to learning stuff from others.
- I would love my own office with silence and not other people distracting me when coding behavioral procedures to VR simulations
- I do not pull everything I see apart in my head, but I do notice detail to a level that nobody else does, and like to figure out how things work
- I have had many of my friends laugh at me as a kid because of the ‘stupid’ questions I asked, or statements made, which many years later was discovered to be true
- Apparent intelligent people just can not understand what I am trying to converse with them regarding my thoughts, and I need to resolve to physically proving a point before they can understand
- I have a need to always be right
- My wife loves the way I look at things
- I am terrible with names
- I have felt that I have become ‘dumber’ over the last few years, and I am wondering if it is due to cellphones roasting my brain, or due to the fact that I am not excersising my brain.
- I was told that my low marks (55 – 95%, as opposed to straight A’s) in school was due to boredom
- I am not a thirsty sponge who want to study all the time
- I studied Computer Systems Engineering, and finished all the subjects except Electronics 2. For some reason electronics and I do not match. Despite this, I aced Digital design 3, Applied Maths 3, Electronic Communication 3 etc…
- Later, when I studied visual communication, I hardly ever had to look at the books, but was top 5 in my class for the entire period

That is me in short.


chess playing freak said at November 8, 2006 4:09 PM:

I would like to learn getting LLI.No I am not crazy.I just think it might be pretty useful.Tips please.

will f. said at November 10, 2006 9:14 AM:


Don't have any tips, just a few hints: You're right, LLI is pretty useful, but only with a high IQ, otherwise you might end up in a loony bin. So if you're planning to get LLI, also consider heightening your IQ. Then, assuming you somehow will manage to get both LLI and a high IQ (can't help you with that), consider that it's simply NOT COOL to feel lonely all the time, with a load of bad, uncontrollable thoughts in your head, and no one to talk to, because they wouldn't care and/or understand anyway. With LLI, you might get constantly frustrated at other people's stupidity, your own stupidity and the imperfection of things in general (of course without being able to control that frustration).

chess playing freak said at November 11, 2006 7:18 AM:

Fist of all.I have a pretty high iq.Have not tested though.These lli people have born with this thing.They have thought it was just natural so they did not learn how to control it.But I know so I might be able to switch it off and on.And remember being lonely does not mean you have to be unhappy

will f. said at November 13, 2006 5:23 AM:

I wish I had such a switch. Life would be a lot easier then: If I want to sleep, do my homework or just wash the dishes, I'd turn off my LLI. And if I want to do a piece of art or something, I turn "boost mode" back on and become a creative genius. Now THAT would be cool. In fact, this would be thousand times better than LLI per se, because you'd get all advantages of it WITHOUT its disadvantages. If you think you can figure out how to do that, good luck, and please let us know. And no drugs please :P

Btw, I didn't want to talk you out of that, just threw in my 2 cents. If you think you can stick with the loneliness, then go for it.

Andrew said at November 22, 2006 7:14 PM:

I can fully relate to you Johan, except for your age of course (mine being 17), I'm guessing others on here will also. Very good to see you have joined our small yet ever growing community here.

Moving on, I would like to point out that yes, there may be some, or even a lot of people out there coming on here and participating to gain a sense of being, of intergration within a community in one form or another, that or they are a hypochondriac. If these people wish to do so, then let them, they are simply misleading themselves into something other than what they truly are, sooner or later they will realise their unhappiness is due to denial, compensation, a mix of both or other psychological defense mechanisms. This can be found throughout society no matter where you look. This discussion is not about debating the existence of such people, but to analyse the processes behind LLI and for people to relate to these. To discover, to understand themselves, aswell as for other people to research this ever elusive topic. A bit of banter between people goes a long way also, given that it is on or near the topic at hand.

I would also like to say that it is highly unlikely that LLI develops postnatally due to the nature of the beast, but nothing is impossible, especially in the case of discovering the unknown.

As usual, looking forward to further replies. See you once more soon enough.

Ivan said at December 9, 2006 4:24 AM:

hello from europe, i found out recently about LLI and from reading your symptoms i recognize myself in it. My dad and my brother doesn't know about this but i think they have it too. My dad is very nervous man and i hate him sometimes for that (when doing some job together it is not rare that we argue and I'm always trying to give him another point of view to get his brakes working), so im trying not to be like him. I'm trying to be calm as possible cause i noticed people don't love me cuz of that.
Last few years i started to observe people's thinking (psychology) and it helps me a lot not to get frustrated like Johan does (it's kinda like when you expect something to happen it doesn't surprise you, and then trying to look at it as normal thing), problem is, that little things can bounce you off from focusing this thinking.
Also i started to predict too much, i am right in most of the time but i can get stunned sometimes, dont know if this is good or bad
I'm 20 years old and i think i'm lucky that psychology interests me so much even tho im not studing it...like you all say you have many ideas in different things i have a feeling/ideas in controlling this. Hope to discover something...

Asassin said at December 12, 2006 12:45 PM:

Well said Will, indeed LLI is as much a switch as it is a super power that one can turn on and off. Yet I wouldn't have even needed research to know that. Such information is common with almost all mental disorders.For instance, Obsessive Compulsive disorder is not something one can just turn off after they've finished repulsive spring cleaning.Your obsession for cleanliness is present even when you don't want it to be. My take on the present enygma is that prenatal LLI is possible, yet highly unlikely.I'm inclined to say that LLI is most likely a concomitant in the aftermath of ongoing cerebral challenges in retrospective. For instance;if one were to go through a series of dramatic mysteries that require highly critical thinking, trying to predict who the antagonist is, such critical thinking would not stop after the mystery is solved. The cognitive procession for insight would most likely remain for a while as the brains way of preparing for the next mystery.In the case of LLI I would guess the cause would have to be an environment of constant mental challenging. Sometimes the change might even be permenent like cases where deep thought causes one to be smarter. In other words mental changes, such as this, are usually set in motion by different types of cerebral abrasion.
Just my opinion.

dcryans said at December 15, 2006 12:59 AM:

19yrs old, 3rd year of college(software)

LLI has always been a problem for me. When surrounded by 10+ people, who are all talking, I felt helpless and lost myself in my mind, thinking and trying to concentrate on only four conversations. Losing myself in the flow of voices, I tried to understand as much as I could. Headache! Headache! Headache! Owwww! In a bar, hearing multiple conversations (but not understanding every word, only hearing), trying to understand, to decode every noise, listening to the music, watching the flashing lights, all the different people, smelling them, concentrating on everything like multiple threads in my head were trying to synchronize. I couldn't understand what people enjoyed about it, how they could have so much fun, etc.

Since I learned, it's quite different, I know that I'm not 100% normal and I try to manage my brain activity, more efficiently every day. Worst cases:
- Bars
- Partys
- Room with 30+ computers turned ON
- Cafeterias
- People, lots

I ask you guys, you share that problem don't you? How do you handle more than 10 conversations, plus noises, plus lightings, ...? I usually try to not take part in more than 5 and you know, I don't like to be alone, I like to have a lot of people around. Alone, I miss stimulis, feels like my time is not worth it when I can't learn from everybody's mistakes.

Do you have some days where you can't handle anything, like if the "switch" was turned to TURBO? When there's nothing to do, except hitting your head on the wall. I hate those, when you start hearing every noise with your brain not only letting you feel all those stimulis, but even letting you feel them as strong as they are (normally, as an example, when you listen to three songs and you turn one's volume up, it only feels like others went down).

Enough for tonight, good points coming later, waiting for your comments...
Thank you,
(sorry if my english is not perfect, I'm french canadian)

Dan said at December 15, 2006 8:14 AM:

Does all that extra input get directed straight into the ego? Or does reading about high IQs just get all your panties in a twist... If you all have super elite ninja intelligence and spidey-senses to boot, what the hell are you all doing up at 1AM posting about it on some blog? Go save the world, smart guy. Or shut up.

will f. said at December 19, 2006 9:26 AM:

Hey Dan, welcome to the X-Men forum! Despite our incredible fantastic superhuman abilities, we're generally nice guys and even let "normal" people speak out, but remember, this is a mutant's place, so BEHAVE, and no one's gonna get hurt.

WOODY said at December 29, 2006 5:30 PM:

hey all well i have gone on a search to resolve an issue that has been assisting me since i was young... low latent inhibition. And its weird you know because i have only just started to look into the reason why i dont miss a THING (every now and then i do but my brain doesnt stop ticking until i have located and prossesed the missed information, ussually it takes a few secs).

It gets annoying sometimes, when people speak to me every detail of what they are saying gets through even what they dont want me to know,all it takes is a twich and the smallest of detail and 50 reasons why go through my mind and i always come out with the right one nothing gets past me and my girlfreind hates it:) but hey i had never heard of l.l.i untill a while ago they say that if you have a good memory and high iq its all good...well my brothers and sisters say i have a bad memory (and i dont) they dont know of my lli (yet) and im like you try remembering EVERYTHING :) because i forget a few day to day things... my iq is around 132 mark i did a test like when i was 15 now 24 and i didnt put any thought into it at all, and i did a e-iq test a little while ago and i got 220 i dont consider myself an overly intelligent person just a normal guy with a poor education somtimes i wonder what i would be like if i had finished year 8 and gone on to uni but i didnt 2 days of y8 is my high school education, i felt like i was with a bunch of idiots at school:)but i have gone back to school and am getting good scores i have jumped into year 11 all is going well and i will be at uni real soon :) anyway thanks for listening take care and happy NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

Bob said at January 2, 2007 9:17 AM:

Haha ok ok, like everyone else here, I watch prison break... and was a little curious. but having read some of the initial posts in here, there really are some serious kooks about! Seeing things like the insides of car engines??? Sure, you can pretend to yourself that you thought like that.... you just have an imagination that is all! everyone is able to see things in 3d in their heads if they want to! Grow up, stop pretending that your special, or have a special ability! This is the real world people, not some tv show! I wish I was intelligent, able to see things and have several degrees, a PhD and turned down two BAs and a Masters - "because they were boring" - yeah right!!! LOL... but yes, the psychological side of people does interest me, a lot, but stop pretending you're super heroes!!!

tony chen said at January 5, 2007 9:25 PM:

i have low latent inhibition which includes strong senses right i have super natural hearing

tony chen said at January 5, 2007 9:30 PM:

yo those ppl that have low latent inhhibition super hearing is included right thats how they demonstrated it in prison break
i have super hearing also 1-3miles theres this chick following me i never knew i had low latent inhibition until i saw my first image on the wall i saw my self typing literally on the ceiling . i never knew for 15years of my life until that special girl activaited and made me acknowlegdge it . they kept on trying to c if i really could hear them this girl named stephanie chiang stalked me for 2months but in the end she left me for another guy

tony chen said at January 5, 2007 9:48 PM:

sup i watched prison break season wen season 2 was coming out i discovered i have low latent inhibition
i was in psychosis in a hospital which was bullshit they said i diagnosed with depression and bi-polar. i thank a girl named stephanie chiang who made me realize how special i am. even with a team of experts diagnosing me they ended up wrong. THIS WAS AT UCI HOSTPITAL even with a team of psychiatrist they couldnt figure it out. i hope u read this and explain this to my psychiatrist who doesnt even know wat it is . He says "oh photographic memory" im like no low latent inhibition SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS TO MY PSYCHIATRIST HE DOESNT EVEN UNDERSTAND WITH 25years of experience

Andrew said at January 8, 2007 8:02 AM:

There is no 'special abilities', LLI is simply a decreased (usually by quite a bit) level of latent inhibition when stood up against 'normal' people. Latent Inhibition is basically the mechanism within your mind subconsciously blocking out 'unnecessary' information not relavent to your needs, living requirements etc. With LLI, this barrier is lowered, allowing you to sense a much wider array of stimuli, or information, then a 'normal' person would. With this obviously comes a good few psychological differences to those without it. What this report writen on here shows is that without the intelligence needed to process such a high level of stimuli, it could very well effectively drive you over the edge, and so those with an average or less IQ usually will experience psychosis, obviously on a varying degree. This does not directly mean that psychosis etc is caused by such situations, it's just another reason why some may have it.
A good few of the stories people have taken the time to put up on here do correlate with what is known of LLI.

-Frustation will commonly occur with those around you, mainly due to the fact that you can see the solution when many others may well not, and the higher level of intelligence then the vast majority of society.

-High levels of creativity will be a noted addition also due to the ability to sense much more stimuli with your environment, and again with the addition intelligence more bonds can be created within the mind.

-A feeling of being underestimated, under appreciated and misunderstood often comes with intelligence, but more so with this additional insight, leading to less people who will listen, let alone understand, especially at a younger age. Negativity from others when you seem 'forceful', when you simply know that what you say is the truth just they do not understand.

-A massive curiosity drive, a wish to seek all the knowledge possible and push for more.

-A general lack of interest and like in the education system. Often caused by being able to see the flaws within the system and how damn tedious it all is when you understand already and require more.

-A wish to be challenged and can seem to be 'lazy' by others when not given enough (goes with the previous one)

This is just some of the usual thoughts behind those with LLI, and as you can see, most are also linked heavily with higher intelligence as this is required to 'function properly' under a constant bombardment of stimuli and information.

tony chen said at January 8, 2007 9:53 AM:

im pretty sure there is special abilities just not alot of ppl know it if u watched prison break they demostrate michael scofield has super natural hearing talking to lincoln burrows from at least 1 xmile away
how would u know do u have lli

tony chen said at January 8, 2007 10:35 AM:

im the only person in this school that has low latentn inhibition. anyone know the odds being born with lli ratio? 1:million? lol

tessa said at January 8, 2007 1:59 PM:

Hej Andrew.

Nicely said!! I am studieng psycologie right now and am searching extra info on LLI... Want it to be one of my papers..
Just need more info, I mean, it is quite simple,but I need more testinfo and research material..


tony chen said at January 8, 2007 8:41 PM:

sup im 16 and have low latent inhibition i discovered it by my super natural hearing i have a 2nd year that opens directly to the ear drum which allows me to hear from 1-3miles away
this chick was following me (stephanie chiang)she made me realize it on the first day she followed me i saw my self typing visually like on a video cam on the ceiling. I thnk i was mis-diagnosed for being bi-polar i saw these elephants and mickey mouse on the ceiling before i entered a medical UCI hostpital and they gave me meds which works negatively wen u have low latent inhibition it caused memory loss. 2years later i figured it out by watching this show called prison break i saw season one but i didnt know i had it until season 2 feb 17. these friends where stalking me for 2months everyday even my chem teacher. all my senses are ten-folded hearing, touch, smell , taste and etc my friend was opening a chocolate outside eating it some how i smelled it from the inside which was really funny. who would open a chocolate at this time i mean it was about me lol. i can see anything at will even moving objects my first moving object was porno. even though i didnt watch porno for months it was still in my head i just couldnt clear it. My sense of smell is so strong from atleast 50feet away my friend opened a bottle of coffe and i was eating i acutally tasted the coffee it was mocha or something. if u guys have any questions i'be honored to answer them
yo andrew u can call me ill answer ur questions just say is tony there on the phone
im guarenteed to have low latent inhibition we can do an interview if u want lol or list of sources
my email is xxtc1022xx@yahoo.com

tony chen said at January 8, 2007 8:48 PM:

ill answer all the questions anyone need help on just call med 562-802-7658 tessa
its better coming from a person who has lli instead of a person who knows from knowledge

email: xxtc1022xx@yahoo.com
aim aznkrazybadboi90

the reason i was hostpitalized (diagnosed by me) was that i was in psychosis but the hostpital didnt figure that out i had a low iq wen i was 14 which caused mental illness but at age 16 i am now able to handle it i c everything in little details wen i focus on one item it lets me c everything at once with a rainbowish color
also did i not mention i can read my memory visually in color
all u scientists dont have to believe me that i can c in color i just need another person who has lli to prove it U ARE either born with lli or u dont have it at all no matter how hi ur iq is it wont matter because u are not born with it

tony chen said at January 9, 2007 8:07 PM:

can somoene who has lli post here ? i can make sure if u really have it leave yur number or email

Asassin said at January 10, 2007 12:24 PM:

Okay kids, now we are back to superhuman abilities, X ray vision, and underwear. We solved this 8 posts up,pay attention.
#1. Tony Chen. The fact that you can picture pornogrophy is nothing abnormal. Its called a photographic memory, Einstein. It is however gross and perverted.
#2. LLI is in your head. It has nothing to do with anything physical like superhuman abilities. Its a way of thinking idiots.Thats for you jesters claiming it gave you rainbow vision, and showed you pornography.
#3. Scofield was never portrayed with superhuman abilities.You probably misinterpreted some new way a director wanted to shoot a scene. Even if you have LLI, the fact that you believe everything you see on T.V. shows why you sound insane. From your I.Q. you probably are.
#4. Andrew, much respect for stating something wise in this flood of stupidity. Even though you were trying to help it was probably in vain. The blog's just going to come back to superpowers later. Thats the benefit of incoming retardation.
Much respect Clark Kents and PowerPuff girls,
Asassin 4 that ass.

tony said at January 11, 2007 10:26 AM:

watch the episode where michael scofield talks to lincoln burrows talks to him from all the way from his cell that was the main point showing abilities of low latent inhibition ill find the episode i recently purchased season 1
im sure i dont have photographic memory I can actually see the images on the walll not recalling with my mind i visuually can see it literallly i saw a map of russia in color mediterraean sea was the first words i saw. IN COLOR visually not recalling with my mind .even though i may have photographic memory it is wen u see it through ur mind only that image shows but mines on the ceiling or ne clear space i can see the picutres

tony said at January 11, 2007 10:27 AM:

also how to do u explain seeing every detail thats called low latent inhibition not photographic memory. see every little detail all at once

tony said at January 11, 2007 10:31 AM:

i can visually see it like its on a tv. i only experienced one photographic memory event i just saw it with one flash. but the low latent inhibition ability i can visually see it and draw it out etc

Andrew said at January 12, 2007 6:28 AM:

Tony, in all honesty, what you speak of is not LLI. Your a child trying to heavily overcompensate for your lack of individuality. You have an overactive imagination that is simply trying to make something of regular human activity. If you have nothing constructive to add, as this comments section is for on a (note this for future reference) scientific blog, quit the spamming and please grow up.

Thank you tessa (swedish i'm guessing?), and Asassin, well said too. As some may have guessed, I have LLI myself to answer that question.
Those that are childish enough to make such loud, obnoxious comments as tony, by definition, show they do not have LLI, but are simply attention seeking. Alas, it is inevitable people will act in such a way, society is founded on the herd instinct for a reason.

Good to hear your a psychology student tessa, and might I say, it is also good news that you wish to write a paper on LLI. Would be glad to read it when you are finished. Good luck with the search for material, it is hard to come by, but it is out there, so don't let that deter you.

Once again, i've come to the end of my post and wait for more replies of a hopefully serious nature.

AverageIQ said at January 12, 2007 6:45 AM:

YOU people need to get lives your not special, you just like to think you are so you think your lives are a little more significant, and that makes me sick. There is a slight chance that some of you may have LLI, but for the vast majority, you have a superiority complex that seems to cloud your "wisdom". If you really have LLI, couldn't you think of a logical or more productive thing to do than bitch at people over a stupid internet forum. You may be saying to yourself, "why are these guys posting?" We're posting because we want you people to stop. Just stop, you're crapping up the internet with this pile of pixels. For those of you with LLI, how many pixels are on this page?

Maybe you can diagnose the common cold, but how can you self diagnose a mental disorder? Maybe your thoughts are astray, and you have a different mental disorder leading to such a case, making you think you actually have LLI.

Some of you say that when you walk through a mall, you feel better than everyone you see around you, but really, you're just like everyone else. In fact, if you're better than everyone else, why do you still go to the same mall as them? Because in reality, everyone is equal in their own unique way. No one is better than anyone else.

When you were younger, people used to make you feel bad by calling you "The Weird Kid" or not accepting you in their little cliques, but now you're the one doing that, how have the tables turned? How old are you? Grow up.

I didn't want to, but now I'm going to stoop to your level. You're all stinky-heads with potty-mouths.

By what most of you say, you can't control it, or cope with it, by what my sources tell me, those who are smart can cope, and deal with it.

For a change, why not use those your creative minds you take so much pride in having, and read about what you "have".

I'll even help you out a bit, heres some links:


From the kid doing the grade ELEVEN term paper on LLI.

Thanks for wasting my precious class time. Assholes.

will f. said at January 12, 2007 8:19 AM:

I think we should just ignore the post above. Folks, DON'T give in to your burning desire to make a comment on that!

Tony, I have to agree with Andrew: What you speak of is certainly not LLI. It rather seems to be some sort of "Low Sensory Inhibition". LLI is not seeing things in a different way, but *thinking* about them differently, that is, in a more intense way. If you are very creative, then you might also have LLI, because it's essentially the same. Though, looking at the confusing stuff you wrote, I tend to think you rather don't have it. Sorry kid, but I think you're just mistaking us for something you want to see.
Btw, next time you want to say something, please *think thoroughly* before posting it. No one really wants to read an unordered mess of thoughts, so if you want us to read it, just think about it a bit longer, okay?

AverageIQ said at January 12, 2007 9:52 AM:

But isn't that whats happening in your mind? In an unordered stream of thought. Isn't that what my last post consisted of, according to you? So, according to you, I potentially have LLI, but thats just self diagnosed and unreliable.
So I would like to ask of you, please *think thoroughly* before posting.

TooMuchInfo said at January 14, 2007 8:04 PM:

It's obvious who has 'it' and who doesn't. 'It' is just an aspect of your personality. You can have 'it' and still be a jerk, or you can have 'it' and still be a regular guy. Or you can have 'it' and be a repressed psychotic homicidal maniac waiting to go postal. It all depends on the person. Enjoy!

will f. said at January 15, 2007 3:57 AM:

@ AverageIQ: I've written in my last post: "Though, looking at the confusing stuff you wrote, I tend to think you rather don't have it." That means: According to my post, you potentially don't have LLI. Well, now it's your turn to think thoroughly, isn't it?
However, I admit that you could write confusing stuff even if you had LLI: Blame the low IQ for that. (Low IQ makes you less able to tell apart the sense-making ideas from the nonsensical ones, so that most of the confusion in your head spills out without filtering)

Ignacio Martín Godoy Palmás said at January 15, 2007 2:25 PM:

Hello. i think i am sufferin... or simply i have it cause its not a sufferement.. LLI.. In some ways its amazing

Here is my e-mail if you want to write something.


I always think about different true ways to save the world. or smallest but not simple situations. About all you can think... environment, technology, history, politics,survellaince, sociology, and else. Im interested in all of that, even in paranormal things, metaphysics...

I wish someone with this kind off attitude against.. daily life write me. We can exchange a lot of information. Some people think we are nerds, or stupid, but we are the opposite.

By the way, arrived to this page after searching about the disease MICHAEL SCOFIELD has in PRISON BREAK (S01E09 - Tweener).

Hope to receive a mail.

m roberts said at January 15, 2007 2:46 PM:

I have undergrad degrees and a PhD in chemistry... I've also suffered from chronic depression (insomnia, and related symptoms in extreme) due to chronic stress (work related at times - persons rather than the actual work!)... for this I've been seeing a psychiatrist for "relaxation techniques" such as "progressive muscle relaxation" and others... to try and filter out (after reading this) this "latent stimuli"... I think the nature of me exemplified by my work, and the situation I was in caused this in the first place - and my only way was to discover ways of shutting the stimuli off.

Reading some of the above: (specific section given below: BOLD) makes me see why I needed this sort of "reboot" - to shut of this stimuli... Something until I read that above I couldn't understand.

So thanks - I'll discuss it with the "shrink" (I hate that word - prefer counsellor or psychologist since they sound more benign!)

"Note from the text of the full paper that stress causes the release of the hormone corticosterone which lowers latent inhibition. In a nutshell, when an organism runs into problems that cause stress the resulting release of stress hormones causes the mind to shift into a state where it will examine factors in the environment that it normally ignores. This allows the organism to look for solutions to the stress-causing problem that would be ignored in normal and less stressed circumstances.

So perhaps we could hypothesize something like this:under stressful conditions,or in person-ality configurations characterized by increased novelty-sensitivity,approach behavior,and DA activity, decreased LI is associated with increased permeability and flexibility of functional cog- nitive and perceptual category [see Barsalou (1983)for a discussion of such categories ].Imagine a situation where current plans are not producing desired outcomes —a situation where current categories of perception and cognition are in error, from the pragmatic perspective. Something anomalous or novel emerges as a consequence (Peterson,1999), and drives exploratory behavior.

Stress or trait-dependent decreased LI, under such circumstances, could produce increased signal (as well as noise), with regards to the erroneous pattern of behavior and the anomaly that it produced. This might offer the organism, currently enmeshed in the consequences of mistaken presuppositions, the possibility of gathering new information, where nothing but categorical certainty once existed. Decreased LI might therefore be regarded as advantageous, in that it allows for the perception of more unlikely, radical and numerous options for reconsideration, but disadvantageous in that the stressed or approachoriented person risks ‘‘drowning in possibility,’’ to use Kierkegaard ’s phrase.

One can easily see how this response could have been selected for evolutionarily. At the same time, one can also see how chronic stress could lead a person to fall into a state of confusion as a sustained large flood of stimuli could overwhelm the brain by giving it too much to think about and make a person unable to clearly see solutions that will relieve the feeling of stress."

m roberts said at January 15, 2007 5:20 PM:

m roberts - my alias... btw I don't wish to reveal personal info...

Incase anyone thinks that I refer to a common case of stress... NOTE: I have websites setup (by me) on my own subject interests and I am (has been commented on by my highly qualified peers and others) obsessed with looking at the "bigger picture" in my work...

How my work (science) relates to changes in the world, economic, sociological and environmental in the most unbelievable detail... I'm able to literally absorb information - it sometimes scares me - my memory is such that I have "total recall" of events and what people where 12 months after an event! And can recite conversations like a dictaphone word for word! That skill has frightened some of my friends previously! I do not exaggerate.

I have found it difficult socially though, due in part to stigmas that can be attached to people with unusual behaviour, I was younger then and less experienced. Obviously everyone gets lonely from time to time. My psychatrist has said that apart from dealing with stress I am normal in most respects (everyone has neuroses / parculiarites). Mine are not overley massive - just difficuly adjusting in certain (negative) environments and shutting out negative stimuli - if I express this correct?

The key thing is that I generally learn/memorise by association and what I term as "grouping" items together. I don't see everything together - but I SEE the connections, and the layered structure of something.... so almost like SIMULTANEOUSLY in LINEAR FLOW and in PARALLEL FLOW of how things are connected together.

To a certain extent this has given me an uncanny knack of predicting correctly future events - one example changes in the stock markets or commodity prices actually... not 100% accurate obviously (since I think its based on patterns I see around me) but certainly a high percentage... definitly, above average I would say...

I wonder if the ILI has allows me to see linear and parallel events subconsiously?

Either way if this ILI is correct in my case - it explains afew things I did not know about before.

I would say that ILI can be both a blessing and a curse. It depends on the environment one is in, the other people around and the stress levels involved. Bad events had left me replaying the same sequence of events (these "events can be days or weeks" not isolated moments) repeatedly - trying to work a way through the sequence that caused something bad - OFTEN THAT I HAD NO CONTROL OVER and that I hadn't predicted.

Oh and in terms of intelligence "PROBLEM SOLVING" is the highest form of intelligence - since it requires integration of identification of the problem then, skills, experience and learning to obtain a desired (positive) result. - IQ tests are merely AN ATTEMPT to measure "incident" intelligence as a factor of age. What they don't reveal is incident POTENTIAL!!!

Well people - its thought prevoking for everyone!

For those with mental illness - they can happen to ANYONE - like cancer - its just environmental and genetics (predisposition). It should not be mocked , but understood and never encouraged. Tolerance is the byword. If you go through all the great literary classics you'll see mental illness (even temporary) at one point or another q.v. The ILIAD (Achillies killing Hector) or HAMLET maybe Macbeth???

Its a part of being human.

Andrew said at January 17, 2007 5:21 AM:

The fact of the matter is, it is not a 'mental illness'. This is a false term as there is not, and never will be (contrary to what society wishes to believe), a norm. It would be wise to point out that this is not a disease either.
The 'obsession' with looking at the 'bigger picture' comes with intelligence, although is most likely spurred on further by LLI due to the fact that there is more to analyse. Have to admit, I'm the same way.

tony chen said at January 17, 2007 11:01 AM:

some people develope low latent inhibition and some ppl are just naturally born with it like me. Special abilities only imply ppl that are born with it like super natural hearing senses are ten-folded. being able to create picutres of anything moving objects too. how do u explain i saw the trench war-fare wen one of my friend said trench war-fare i immdediately saw trench warfare. It was my chem teachers idea. No im am not here to seek attention i just want to know more about my ability

m roberts said at January 18, 2007 1:14 AM:

Yeah Andrew, thanks for the comment. One point although we should read these "research papers" like other scientific papers it does not mean we should agree with everything they say, or assume that the understanding now will not change in future. They allow us however to make informed choices.Even the most highly qualified academic can be mistaken - and can correct themselves later in their career when further evidence becomes available!

I agree with many of their points but not with all - or that they are too specific in parts and general in others. We have to remember they themselves are limited by language and communication.

Healthy debate merely allows us to get a better idea and allows us individually to learn and grow from this...

I agree that LLI appears from my reading/understanding to be nothing more than a personality trait and the way an individual absorbs, assimilates and integrates information or stimuli. It is not a "disorder" - I noted the error in "a well known ONLINE editable encyclopedia" and changed the word "disorder" in it where it refered to LLI.

Although some of the things I described in my above posts that are general character traits I (and others) think of myself.... are handy things (highlight INTEGRATION OF INFORMATION from a variety of sources - HENCE MY LOVE OF THE INTERNET!) - they don't mean I'm infaliable/correct all the time - more than anyone else.

As I said - I think I see connections between topics that others generally around me don't often and that I remember things very well by associating the connections. Nothing excites me more than reading the good ideas of others - and I just love to try and improve on them or INNOVATE!!!

The phrase "...disadvantageous in that the stressed or approach-oriented person risks ‘‘drowning in possibility,’’ to use Kierkegaard ’s phrase..." and the following two sections:
"...Note from the text of the full paper that stress causes the release of the hormone corticosterone which lowers latent inhibition. In a nutshell, when an organism runs into problems that cause stress the resulting release of stress hormones causes the mind to shift into a state where it will examine factors in the environment that it normally ignores. This allows the organism to look for solutions to the stress-causing problem that would be ignored in normal and less stressed circumstances..."
"... One can easily see how this response could have been selected for evolutionarily. At the same time, one can also see how chronic stress could lead a person to fall into a state of confusion as a sustained large flood of stimuli could overwhelm the brain by giving it too much to think about and make a person unable to clearly see solutions that will relieve the feeling of stress."

Particularly the idea of me being in a perpertual-thought loop, as a result of bullying I suffered, and was seeing the psychiatrist about - and doing the "Progressive Muscle Relaxation" technique was almost what I term a "reboot" of the minds system... since it shuts off the stimuli in an ordered way and is a conditioning-technique for coping with stress in future.

But this mental illness was not as a result of lack of intelligence! Look at my career! Highly technical with eye for detail etc - working in scientific research...

It was a lack of EXPERIENCE or KNOWLEDGE dealing with this "problem"(which are forms of APPLIED INFORMATION!) ... the psychiatrist merely taught me skills for processing information and controlling the stimuli a different way. I discussed this with her yesterday and she seemed to agree - although may or may not have been an original intention.

I think this highlights the ENVIRONMENTAL FACTOR. I do have a family history of mild mental illness - but could this be the genetic predispositon of LLI - coupled with negative enviromental factors for those individuals

My lack of experience related to controlling negative-stress causing stimuli I believe. That sort of overwhelmed anything else. I think its easy for outsiders to consider this as "OBSESSIONAL BEHAVIOUR" looking from the outside in, but in actual fact - it was my attempt to actually solve the conflicting stimuli in the environment around me (the people around me).

Anyway, Andrew - part of me was glad to read about this on here AND TO HEAR OTHERS FEEL GENUINELY THE SAME WAY (not attention seekers but real) since it seems it is a "Human" thing that makes the mild mental illness I suffered from understandable.
It also gave me the knowledge (applied information) to understand possible thought processes I have and where they come from... for in future. Even though I was "Intelligent" - I simply was not at the time aware of the possibility of "stimuli-overload"...

I wonder from now how my mental health will be? - realising that it is indeed possible to get into unresolvable loops of thought relating to people's character/behaviour in my case
(BUT THAT I WAS UNAWARE OF PREVIOUSLY - since I was not exposed to the idea before).

I think now - I'll be able to recognise / acknowledge that FUTILE thought processes exist - and therefore proceed with the ones my intelligence tell me are the non-futile.

bob said at January 20, 2007 5:39 PM:

I'd just like to point out that, as a physicist, it is virtually impossible for the human ear to actualy detect the voice over a mile! It has nothing to do with the brain. sound travels as a compression wave and spreads out from the point of origin. double the distance and you quarter the power. over a mile, this is one hell of a reduction in power! the human ear mechanism is unlikely to actually detect such low powers so your 'hearing' someone from over a mile away is quite impossible, unless they were shouting and there was absolutely no other sound at all, and no wind - wind causes noise on all objects around including the ground [background boise]. over such large distances, this background noise is acutally larger than the voice over a large distance. on flat ground, at night, with no wind, in certain humidities, it 'is' possible to hear sounds from very far away, such as a cow in a field or a car engine a long way off. sound 'does' travel a long way away, but the volume can vary by the second. i'm not trying to contradict myself here, it is just to explain that i think everyone should understand that in certain circumstances, ANYONE can hear sounds originating from a very long way off.

Some people 'do' have better senses than others - think of blind people... they often have a far better hearing sense than the average 5 sensed person because they have to. they 'need' to be aware of their surroundings. they generally have a better sense of touch also, to aid their mental picture of their surroundings. they don't have LLI, they just listen to those senses more than others... we can 'all' improve our senses. it just takes time to adjust your mind to listen to them... try meditation! you'd be amazed what you can do with your mind. your brain is the central core and it is possible to listen harder to your senses and simply not ignore the 'fine print' which is always there, but you just usually choose to ignore it. i use meditation to put myself to sleep at night. i picture myself standing with my hands in front of me above my head, with my index fingers I draw a huge vertical circle in front of me. when the circle is complete my mind is empty and at that moment my mind is focussed, no noise, no clutter from the day - it is as though someone has switched the volume off for my hearing... and i sleep. this is not a special ability or power. it is merely listening to my senses, knowing that 'I' control my relaxation, my thoughts, my hearing what i see with my 'minds eye'.

tony chen, this bit i don't understand "being able to create picutres of anything moving objects too " - are you saying you can paint? being an artist is not super human...

and tony chen again, " how do u explain i saw the trench war-fare wen one of my friend said trench war-fare i immdediately saw trench warfare. It was my chem teachers idea. No im am not here to seek attention i just want to know more about my ability " - are you saying that someone said 'trench warfare' and then you pictured in your mind a muddy hole with guys standing in it up to their wastes with a gun beside them, a fog rolling over the edges in, the cold, the damp, people crying from having been shot the night before? You're seeing an image because we've all seen documentaries and films on tv and in the cinema. it's called 'memory' and 'imagination'. nothing special. try to read the more rational posts in this forum, and if you post, try to write one sentence at a time so that it makes sense. if i've mis-understood what you said then i apologise, but i've only got what you've said to go by!

I like many people see things as colours... such as days of the week or numbers. If someone asked me what colour friday is, i always say blue! this is probably because i remember fridays from my childhood as being dark days, raining [rain -> water -> blue], dark -> dark blue ! numbers, a little more difficult to interpret but with certain numbers i see the number in another language which i was taught at school, that in turn reminds me of a word in yet another language which sounds like a certain colour - so numbers have colours. this is just one way that i associate colours with numbers. I HAVE TO EMPHASIZE, IT IS NOT A SPECIAL ABILITY, it is how the brain works. association. your brain is a flood of memories, interpretations, misinterpretations!, feelings, thoughts, imagination. focus your mind and try to make sense of what it is that you want to say.

if you're going to post something that describes your 'ability', why not give a specific example, don't be vague about it, describe it in every possible detail so that someone else can try to relate to it, unless your aim is simply to try to 'be special/different' so that in fact, noone else 'can' be like you because they don't know what the hell you're talking about!

Best regards,


m roberts said at January 22, 2007 11:32 AM:

I don't know if any of that was aimed at me... so I'm not going to answer Bob specifically.

Just one thing to note that relates to my previous posts and the above (from Bob).

Is that of my almost instinctive ability to determine a "heuristic" - or a solution to a problem - I think it comes from looking laterally at things... more than my peers do, or are even aware of doing, or interested in.

Doesn't work in every thing - just in particular topics or subjects I have an interest in... like I'm not overly mathematical like some individuals but am pretty graphical - I'm more schematical in the way I view things.

The point I was making previously - was that the point of "drowing in possibility" - I can certainly relate to... indeed it really did happen (through over analysis of previous "mistakes").

Also somewhat something of an inability to ignore things - negative stimuli ...

The thing the article doesn't take account of "experience" ... or "applied intelligence" rather than simply "intelligence"...
Coping strategies for "stress" for instance - can help stave off mental illnesses (although not all obviously). These obtained through combination of intelligence (knowing help needed) and experience (help obtained).

Anyway, I'm only human - no super human abilities BOB...

Just crave information if anything ... and using that information to do things like hobby related, website design and my career related things etc etc etc...

Tommy said at January 24, 2007 3:14 PM:

I stumbled upon LLI while doing research about why I was able to read 4-5 books at the same time and remember every detail. Further I have trouble just sitting down and reading a book, my mind wonders I start thinking about other things, looking at patterns in the words, and so on. If I'm able to have a movie on and music going as well I have a lot better time focusing on the content of the book. Usually I set the language of the movie to Spanish for some reason the extra stimuli helps. I became a communications major because I always had a hard time interacting with people. I give the impression to people I'm not paying attention to them because they see my attention going somewhere else. Ever since I started learning about communication i focus on every detail about a person. What they are wearing, rate of breath, tone, non verbal, how they walk, everything and I remember it all. I get yelled at in class for not paying attention because I'm reading a book, but still manage to have the highest grades in a majority of my classes. With in two years of communication classes and text books I have gone from not being able to interact with society to almost being manipulative. It's like communication is a puzzle all these little pieces fit together to give you a complete profile of a situation. In any communication event I almost control what is happening through manipulating my behaviors. My problem is nothing ever seems to slow down, its constant and if I don't take everything into account and organize it in my head it overwhelms me. I guess my question does this sound like LLI or should I keep looking for an answer?

tony chen said at January 29, 2007 2:08 PM:

stop dreaming dude everyone can multi-task even those without LLI
u are either born with LLI or ur not at all. Those born with LLI not developing it has special abilities like super hearing

will f. said at January 31, 2007 11:08 AM:

Tony, now look: By definition, LLI is lowered inhibition of latent *learning*. That is: No super senses or whatever, nope, just extreme learning and thinking. - Just take a look at the above research article. By definition, you don't have it, unless you define your own type of LLI, something like "hereditary LLI with super senses", but that would render the term completely pointless.

To be honest, I think you're just trying to find a group or someone to belong to. I was trying that myself by thinking (as a 16 year old) that I would belong to the people with extremely high IQ, but that was just wrong. I realized I had absolutely nothing in common with them (except for the underdog-ness), I didn't even really like them, and just claiming that I was one of them and strongly believe in it wouldn't help. It just feels wrong.

Here's an advice: You're really better off accepting that you don't have it and continuing your search for "your kind of people" instead of lingering here and finding out sooner or later that you don't belong here.

Asassin said at February 1, 2007 6:35 AM:

Listen Tony Chen and every one else that is lost,so listen to him at your expense!Don't be afraid to realize that in this universe you are most likely to be completely useless. Look at the size of the sky and realize that this is not so terrible. Real heroes of today do not fear normality. Heroes are perfoming courageous tasks right in front of your face. They are so Damn brave as to rise from their bed knowing that they will be entering a world of pure evil. Knowing that they breathe under a suffocating vacuum called space and the Greatest LLI freak could not get them out of their ticket to the grave. Their heart could fail any second and do you know what they are thinking about Tony Chen? Pretenders? They are thinking about getting a sandwich! Not about labeling themselves! Its early in the morning! Thats how damn brave they are! Thats HOW ABSOLUTELY GARGANTUAN THEIR NERVE IS! Quit being a pusillanimous coward and suck it up! You probably live next to Super man! and what are you doing? Picturing pornography and calling yourself By his name!

Realistic People of today deserve a hand!
and you Cowards Deserve to give them one!


Bob said at February 6, 2007 1:07 PM:

cough.... EH? :D

Flem said at February 7, 2007 5:30 AM:



Okay I will admit I didn't read all of the comments.
I would hate to sound like a possible poser trying to relate to Michael Scofield, but after watching that episode of Prison Break, my brain went tilt.

I am a maniac visual perfectionist, maniac extremist (right or left, black or white, I change all the time, NEVER in the middle).
And just like low latent inhibition suggests, I take in ALL THE INFORMATION AROUND ME TO THE DETAIL! It's against my will, and frankly, I HATE IT!

The thing is that I also do this literally. For example, when two people shake hands, I take in all the detail of it, but I also get bugged out by the detail of its literal sense. This is, 2 human beings extending their right upper limb, interlocking their hands, moving them up and down... all this to mean what?... That these 2 people accept each other, or at least pretend to. Then, this leads to a most annoying load of information passing through my mind such as "Couldn't people touch their noses and blink their eyes twice to mean that they accept each other?".

You get the idea, and this is with just a mere hand shake. Imagine this with a much larger and more detailed event. Every single little detail goes into its own load of litteral thinking. My silent life (if you get me, I mean when I'm not busy with anyone, just alone to think) is horrible because of this.
I have never done an IQ test but, I think that if I truly have LLI, which I do believe, then I would be "suffering" from it, rather than being a creative genius.

I have so much more to say but I can't find the words...
I guess what I'm truly looking for is a way for me to ignore these constant detailed stimili and all their possible alternatives.
I hope to get some responses from you kind people.




will f. said at February 8, 2007 3:45 AM:

I just want to say that I'm always looking forward to new posts from LLI people. Love to read them! So go ahead, folks, don't be shy! :D Of course, normal people are also welcome, as long as they don't start to shit rant all over the place.
I would like to contribute myself, unfortunately I'm always way to busy...

Jimmy said at February 8, 2007 5:10 PM:

I have to admit I know LLI from Prisonbreak when Michael's doctor explained this to Sara. At that time I realized what I've been suffering for years. I used to believe I was just a thoughtful person before. But I suffered much more than a thoughtful one. My syptom is so serious that makes me always feel dull about life. Sometimes I kept thinking things related to one sentence my friend said even one word. This thinking lasted usually one or two weeks.When I think these tiny things I just want to be alone. I began to avoid communication and meeting anyone and just make myself thinking until I get myself out of this situation by constraint. This is not an interesting course when usually I get more and more perplexed and feel rather stressed in the process and doubt what a sensative person I am. I feel so happy when I finally make things clear only to find I get trapped again in not a long time. Now I really don't know what to do with it. I am too shy to admit to the others what I've been suffering(they just think i'm weird and distracted and ill tempered), which makes they think I have serious psychological problems. This is also the reason why I never see a doctor and keep this a secret in my heart. Now I feel much better because I tell you about it.
But I feel my conditioin is getting worse and worse for I think longer and longer and feel more afflicted.

I really need a way to get out. Being a intelligent person is cool but I just want normal life.

Asassin said at February 9, 2007 6:35 AM:

Just for the record.Bob that was as stifling as it was absolutely hilarious. A cough never had so much definition.
Thanks for that.
(I know the pornography part was way overboard, but such are pretenders.) sorry kids:)

Tomygun said at February 9, 2007 8:34 PM:

I think everyone is missing the big picture - I have an astounding IQ of 181 at present, and not when i was a child, childhood standardaized tests are overly exxagerated and are blown out of proportion. I have a digit-span of 32 and i can reproduce these kinds of results repeatedly without failure. Low Latent Inhibition is a gift that should not be disregarded or taken for granted, imagine if you did not have this intelligence, where would you be, you would just be a "normal" human. So people that say they want their life back should look at the bigger picture.

Tomygun said at February 9, 2007 8:37 PM:

I think everyone is missing the bigger picture - I have an astounding IQ of 181 at present, and not when i was a child, childhood standardaized tests are overly exxagerated and are blown out of proportion. I have a digit-span of 32 and i can reproduce these kinds of results repeatedly without failure. Low Latent Inhibition is a gift that should not be disregarded or taken for granted, imagine if you did not have this intelligence, where would you be, you would just be a "normal" human. So people that say they want their life back should look at the bigger picture.

Jimmy said at February 10, 2007 1:43 AM:

Tomygun, LLI is not a gift to me. It's different from what we called intelligence. It's lucky that you are a smart person without difficulty in dealing with LLI. But not everyone who has LLI reaches the same level of IQ with you, like me and many others, so it's not worth celebrating.
LLI does not have the same meaning with being clever and intelligent. It can be a gift, and it can also be a defect.

Tomygun said at February 12, 2007 12:25 AM:

Jimmy, i acknowledge what u say and it is totally understandable. My IQ was never like this, but when i realised or "discovered" that i had LLI, i was able to harness this inner mental strength. I studied hard in every aspect of learning and reached that IQ, though an IQ means nothing without creative thinking. And in reality an IQ is just based on a series of questions that actually mean nothing but try to test different hemispheres in your brain. You just have to learn how to grasp this ability and believe me, speaking from experience you will cope fine, anyone who believes they can be smart, can be smart. Just try not to let its negative side get the best of you. I am definetely not the smartest person at Mathematics or Science though i am above average, i combine LLI and creative thinking to be above average, though my memory and brain power as such are very powerful not thanks to LLI, but my ability to harness LLI.

m roberts said at February 12, 2007 1:10 PM:


I've previously posted - read above. "m roberts"

I've been reading on "Narcissistic behavour" and the associated personality disorder.

I think we all should take a breath and think about this.

Theres all sorts of things that can cause all these feelings/experiences everyone's expressing here.

It's doubtful if we all experience LLI to the same degree (as it relates to stimuli and learning processes) - and may only occur in areas/academic areas/subjects that each has an interest in.

I don't know if it is LLI or not in my case. Certainly I don't know if I can be as creative as "Michael" in "Prison Break"!!!! *Laughing*

I do think that LLI does give a somewhat "disjointed" perception of life - I sometimes see (patterns) in things others (even others in my family) dont.

Association and context in regard to memory are the key for me.

And having seen something on child geniuses that was recently on the television... watching the child in it ask questions - I knew instinctively (without knowing the programme premise) that the kid was clever...

- when he asked a seemingly unrelated question after answering one in an IQ test...
- he was associating a place and a language with a person in history...
- I was pretty sure he was subconciously looking at a map on the wall at this point.

That is often the way people remember things like this - context AND patterns.

Its certainly the way I do it - often screaming for more info - thats why I like the internet - to look things up further and further and further!!!

It was great to see a young mind at work like this.

The only negative thing was that the child was suffering alittle with "low self esteem" and depression. Since he found it difficult relating to other children (partially since the parents / schools found it difficult integrating him into classes with people his own age).

Sounded familiar.

I think looking at his personality he'll be fine - he had a well adjusted family for support. But again think that ENVIRONMENT is important here - and the people or type of people around a person. (Including other individuals with mental or personality disorders.)

LLI is a real thing though. I'm now sure of it watching this child. I don't think my LLI is to his extent ... but its there non the less.

I'm going to use it - now I know its there - for academic purposes hopefully. Plus minimise the potential negative aspects where I conciously can.

Regards everyone!

m roberts said at February 20, 2007 4:16 AM:

I read this today, http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/02/070218130822.htm . I beleive it applies to myself and others with LLI. I am prone to stress (in certain situations) and have found it affects my abilty to concentrate - to see the bigger picture.

But if left to go solve the problem alone - I can often get around the stress much more easily. Sometimes this makes me look solitary etc. I found this article interesting, and think this "Working Memory" relates to LLI - in that LLI individuals automatically have high working memories - I think they develop it due to all the incoming stimulation. It almost becomes second nature to LLI individuals - to enable the individual to function correctly with LLI. But the stress prevents the framework of thinking the LLI person creates ... from working - essentially breaks down the barriers in the thought pattern.

So stress - stiffles creativity... but also - its interesting that Creativity stiffles Stress!!! - I've been advised personally to try to be more creative to relieve my stress.... Interesting.

Anyway - read for yourselves!

Highly Accomplished People More Prone To Failure Than Others When Under Stress
Science Daily — Talented people often choke under pressure because the distraction caused by stress consumes their working memory, a psychologist at the University of Chicago has found.

Highly accomplished people tend to heavily rely on their abundant supply of working memory and are therefore disadvantaged when challenged to solve difficult problems, such as mathematical ones, under pressure, according to research by Sian Beilock, Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Chicago. Her findings were presented Saturday, Feb. 17 at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

People with less adequate supplies of working memory learn other ways of problem solving to compensate for their deficiencies and although these alternative problem solving strategies are not highly accurate, they are not impacted additionally by working under pressure, the research found.

Beilock found that when put under pressure, the talented people with larger amounts of working memory began using short-cuts to solve problems, such as guessing and estimation, strategies similar to those used by individuals with less adequate working memories. As a result of taking those shortcuts, the accuracy of the talented people was undermined.

"These findings suggest that performance pressure harms higher working memory individuals by consuming the cognitive resources that they rely on for their superior performance -- and as a result, higher working memory individuals respond by switching to the less accurate problem solving strategies normally used by lower working memory students," Beilock said.

The results have implications for the evaluation of performance on high stakes tests, such as those needed to advance in school and college entrance examinations, she said.

Working memory is a short-term memory system that maintains a limited amount of information in an active state. It functions by providing information of immediate relevance while preventing distractions and irrelevant thoughts from interfering with the task at hand.

People with a high level of working memory depend on it heavily during problem solving. "If you've got it, flaunt it" Beilock said.

However, that same advantage makes them particularly susceptible to the dangers of stress.

"In essence, feelings of pressure introduce an intrusion that eats up available working memory for talented people," Beilock said.

In order to study the impact of stress on working memory, Beilock and her colleagues tested roughly 100 college undergraduates. They gave them tests to determine the strength of their working memory and then subjected them to a series of complicated, unfamiliar mathematics problems.

Students were given pressure by being told they would be paid for their correct answers, but that they would only receive the money if a partner, chosen randomly who they did not know, would also win. Then they were told that their partner had solved the problem correctly, thus increasing the pressure.

The study showed that as a result of the pressure, the performance of students with strong working memory declined to the same level as those with more limited working memory. Those with more limited working memory performed as well under added pressure as they did without the stress.

Note: This story has been adapted from a news release issued by University of Chicago

DMan said at February 21, 2007 2:37 AM:

I Am 14 years old with an IQ of 132...i am always thinking of things and can't seem tostop thinking...even when rying to sleep therefore not getting enought sleep. Two psychologists and several teachers said that i am a very intelligent pupil but i dun get the grades inj school always seen as an average pupil...My mind i am geeting sick cause can't stop thinking and start creating images and videos or making weird things work in my head..i can't really communicate well too.Do i hav LLI????????

Jimmy said at February 22, 2007 4:15 PM:

Dman, I think you do have LLI. I have the same level of IQ with you and now I'm learning how to control myself not to think. I know how you feel when your brain start thinking and couldn't stop. It's like a struggle between your consciousness and your brain. And it'll be awful it your consciousness lose the battle. One good way is to think why you're thinking about the problem you're thinking. Get a clear reason, it'll be much easier to stop thinking. I don't think an ordinary psychologist can be of help, you've got to rely on yourself.
Thinking is not a bad thing, all you need is how to control it.

Dman said at February 28, 2007 4:29 AM:

Is LLI That good? U hav msn or e-mail add?

DMan said at March 1, 2007 4:49 AM:

i wanna talk bout LLI man,anyone?

Matt F. said at March 7, 2007 2:54 AM:

Fourty year old male here. Born and raised in the wilderness twenty-four miles North of Fairbanks Alaska. I gaped in awe at stars so close you could almost touch them and dancing red/green aurora borealis. Earthquakes, solar eclipse, spring breakup, forests of towering spruce, wild blueberries and the ever-present moose. I loved IT and IT loved me. I know because IT didn't let me get lost when, at the wise age of five I set out to find my older brother who had gone down to the Chena River, three miles throught the woods from our cabin. IT was there when I fell through the frozen crust and was buried in the deep, soft snow underneath.

Well, my Dad got sick and we had to move to the lower forty-eight. I said goodbye and IT said goodbye through an albino moose calf that gazed into my eyes for a long minute before melting into the woods. I was nine.

People! I had never seen so many people. Weird people. Weird ideas. Weird school. Weird. But they outnumbered me so it was I who was weird and I reached out to find IT, my warm friend with the infinite ability to amaze me. IT wasn't there like before. Only in fleeting moments, while gazing at the stars or traipsing through the hills, would I feel that powerful connection. I started doing poorly in school. I started hanging out with kids that pushed the envelope of sociatal norms. I smoked pot and drank to fit in and, in a vain attempt to find IT.

I flunked out of high school, sophmore year, with A's in art and F's in everything else and the resultant inferiority complex. However, I had managed to get my private pilot's license in those two years and with that came resolve that if I wanted something bad enough I could get it. I got my GED and joined the Navy but drugs and booze had made an impression on me and they really blunted the whole, "Low Latent Inhabition", gift?
I boozed my way to an early departure from the military, not volunterily either.

A flicker of hope came when a nearby college started a BS aviation program. I quit the booze and jumped in with both feet. A's and B's??? Psycology was my minor and I loved it, no, I loved all of it. Learning, discovering, exploring in books and classrooms. Had social problems, being a non-traditional, (older) student...awww, who's kidding who? I was just weird remember? I lived off campus in a tiny, roach infested apartment and only hung out with my old nefarious friends from a previous life... and smoked pot.

Three and a half years and three credits short of a degree I hit the booze again, cold feet I guess, could have been the panic attacks and paranoia had something to do with it too. Quit college, got in trouble with the law. Since then I've had a few jobs, a few too many DUI's. In fact I'm waiting to go to trial on my fourth (felony) DUI as I write this.

The psyciatric and psycological testing all showed a high IQ range, (upper 30's lower 40's) and I got to try a slew of anti-depressant/ anti-anxiety drugs. Booze does wonders for anxiety but takes its toll on a body.

Just wondering what I would be doing now if I was of average intelligence and had a knack for ignoring the world around me...

Dman said at March 7, 2007 4:36 AM:

Can anyone add me at ministryofdarknessx@hotmail.com if u wanna talk about LLI i wanna know more bout my condition

Dman said at March 7, 2007 4:36 AM:

Can anyone add me at ministryofdarknessx@hotmail.com if u wanna talk about LLI i wanna know more bout my condition

tony chen said at March 17, 2007 10:16 PM:

u got aim ? we can talk about LLI
my email is xxtc1022xx@yahoo.com

Dman said at March 19, 2007 2:05 AM:

MSN Anyone?

tony chen said at March 21, 2007 11:01 AM:

answer my email i messageed u
my aim is aznkrazybadboi90

KEITH JHOWRY said at March 27, 2007 11:35 AM:

i have a huge case of LLI, i see things and dont see them as what they are i see the real object, i see what it is made of, i see every aspect of and object, and when i started to become a musician i found myself learnin it fast and workin out music thery in my head, im grade 8 on the guitar and i have bin playing for 5 years now, and i can play 5 other instrument by self-teaching myself, everythin i think i have been teaching myspef, i even analyse everything i see and think im my head the posibilitys, outcomes, results everything i see and create stuff, images and everything inside my head!

i can control mine quite easy i sometimes switch it off but that rearly but i dont no if its me thinking it or if it is true.

i seem to self teach myself everyday, i even work out whats goin to happen in tv shows or any other real life situations and work it out and create other outcomes!
If u want to add me its

Gayle Talansky said at March 30, 2007 11:41 AM:

Hi! I am so glad I saw these postings today. I was especially inspired by the people who have said that they have always done poorly on standardized test. I always thought that there was something "different" about me. I have always been that annoying person that come in on a group of people who have been working forever to try and fix a problem & I look at the problem for a short while and can fix it w/in minutes. I don't know why I can do this, but as you can imagine it has not always made me very popular!. I have even had major problems because of it. Recently I have been accused of cheating on a homework assignment in my accounting class. I am in a major battle w/ the teacher and the school as we speak. How do I convince people that don't understand the way I think that I am not cheating when my answers are "too perfect"?
A couple of years back I decided to take an IQ test just to see where I was. I have never taken one before and always thought I was just average because I had never done really well in subjects that bored me or on standardized test. Heck my SAT scores were so low I had to go to community college after high school. When the results of my IQ test came back I thought there had to be some kind of mistake. I had an IQ of 140!!!!

These posting and the info. about LLI have made me feel like less of a freak of nature. I thank you all for sharing and would luv it if I could continue discussing this w/ others like me. My e-mail is Littleone1171@hotmail.com

and oh, does anyone besides me feel the need to be reading at least 2 different books at a time while working on other projects as well?

Rixx said at April 3, 2007 10:05 AM:

is there anyway of getting LLI or are you born with it, sme ppl r saying u devolpe it , who devolpes it? how do u devolpe it? is there a way to get it ?

Dman said at April 5, 2007 5:14 AM:

u are born w it or u can eat certain medications to lower ur latent inhibition

tony chen said at April 6, 2007 11:44 PM:

the ones that are born with lli have a better capability of using it better than those who develop it

tony chen said at April 7, 2007 10:42 AM:

I am age 16 diagnosed with LLI
here are the things i found out about Low latent inhibition on my own
1st able to see images create videos at will of anything
wen one of my friends said trench warfare i immediately saw the trench warfare
2nd able to see every little detail like a silverish coating surrounds it and blends within it
3rd also can see images in color
example my first words were mediterranean sea which i never knew how that came in my mind wen i found out later it was in back of a text book that i accidently flipped through
4th Good hearing i can hear from 1-2 miles radius
example this was demonstrated by michael scofield in prison break wen he was talking to lincoln burrows from his jail cell
5th good sense of smell
wen my friend opened a chocolate from like 50 feet away i imediately smelled it
my sense was smell is like ten folded from regular people nose
example wen my friend opened a bottle mocha and i was eating i immedtiately tasted the mocha and i thought it was in my fish that i was eating i found out couple minutes later it was the guy 40 feet away who opened a mocha
basically all my senses are ten-folded
I found out having low latnet inhibition after this very special girl who made my activiate my special ability. Named stephanie chiang she was following me on Feb 17th 2006 i just woke up while she was outside of my window suddenly i was staring at the wall i suddenly saw a image of myself typing words seeing every little detail like a video just my hands on the wall.
stephanie chiang the girl i love followed me everyday for around 2months didnt know i have LLI. At that time i didnt even know i have good hearing after watching prison break wen i saw they demostrate how michael scofield has good hearing then i started to notice. Pepople who are naturally born with LLI has a 2nd ear its near the cartilage in ur ear and it can open up at will (which i cant control yet hopefully as i mature. after i saw first couple episodes of prison break around 6months later i found out i had LLI after watching another episode after finding out i have LLI i found out i have good/super natural hearing.I feel this girl stephanie chiang is very special i didnt even know i can possibly be a creative genius. Until the girl i loved made my realize it.if you want to know more about low latent inhibition (naturally born i dont know ones about developing it)just message me on aim aznkrazybadboi90 or email xxtc1022xx@yahoo.com

DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR said at April 7, 2007 8:04 PM:

hay guyz.

i watched prison break and realized that i am as smart as the main character. we're both really really smart, and think about things like, all the time, so i obviously have the same mental problem as him. sometimes i cant sleep becuse i have too many thoughts. that doesnt happen to many people, only geniuses.

i saw the show and realized that im a genius too. i read, like, tons of books. sometimes two at once. crazy, right? i mean, only a genius would do that. i do really bad in school usually, but i took an online IQ test from an online quiz website and it informed me that my IQ is 400. pretty neat, huh? i don't mean to brag, but i guess that means i'm a genius. why would the internet lie?

i am alienated from others because of my genius. i think it is because my intelligence is so superior to everyone elses that they dont like me. they're just jealous. oh yeah i remember evertthing i read. pretty unusual rite? i can like, just look at someone, and know everything about them. and my super seeing powers help too. oh yeah i read scientific journals instead of books. that means im smart. i can list a bunch of them, if you want. i wont just look them up on google, i promise. i've memorized the titles. only a genius could memorize the titles of 4 or 5 publications. and i did. i dont have time to list them tho cuz i have too many thoughts right now.

ohhh i'm trying so hard to be strong and brave, but being a super genius sucks sooo much! its the WORST. i pretty much have super powers because of my LLI (self diagnosed). having super powers sucks. i can hear a chocolate bar being opened from miles away. that show on FOX TV said that ppl with LLI have super hearing, and everything that happens on fox is true. i HATE being a genius. i'm just way too smart. fuck. i can't stop being so intelligent. i can use my super genius to discern the truth, so i would know.

it is such a curse being the smartest person ever to exist, it suxxxxxxxxx but its really fun because i know everything!! i totally understand god, the universe, time travel, metaphysics, psychology, astrology, calculus and like, how machines are put together and stuff. i always wonder about things. liek, is the glass half full or half empty? im pretty close to figuring out the answer. oh yeah and i know the answer to which came first, the chicken or the egg. its 2 complex for you to get though, so im not gonna tell.

im so glad for prison break cuz i never realized how smart i was until now, but it all makes sense: my mom said i was special, internet blog quizzes said i was smart... they were all correct! i never really saw a psychiatrist or psychologist. i didnt have to, im so smart i just diagnosed myself based on what this website said. i like, look at something, and i can know what all the parts are. only a super genius could possibly understand these things. anyone with any questions about LLI can contact me, because fox told me all the details about it and i will diagnose you if u want. super-hearing is a sure sign that you might be as smart as me.

being a super genius is the worst thing ever. i wish i was just a normal self-important asshole like everyone else..........

DMan said at April 8, 2007 4:56 AM:

erm an IQ of 400? it's not possible,the highest IQ is onli 270 plus

dcryans said at April 9, 2007 3:19 PM:

The name is DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR, it means that someone tries either to test if we do have LLI in a weird way or that he is making fun of us.

Must be someone jealous or who has too much spare time.

I would kindly ask everybody to ignore those people and to continue to use this blog properly for I do not have any administration rights on this website.

thank you,

AnonymousX said at April 12, 2007 5:50 AM:

Someone has to make fun of you with guys like Tony Chen adding imaginary supernatural additives every five seconds. I'd say its a perfect scale to balance the crap going on in here. LLI is real, but some of you seem to insist on it becoming something out of a comic book when its just a mental condition thats even handicapping sometimes. At least insults help to balance that stupidity out. The fairytales build you guys up and then your denegrated. :)
It's so beautiful I'm almost in tears :) Good hustle out there children...

Tomygun said at April 15, 2007 3:15 AM:

My names Tomy, i have a post from a couple months back, just to touch base, my IQ is 181 and my digit span is 32. This profound rubbish that some of you are making up and are trying to link to a TV show is really interesting to say the least. Some of you are saying you have an IQ of 400, now please if you are going to make up things, at least try to make it sound remotely true. Many of you are talking like you are geniuses of some sort, a man cannot be a genius unless he makes himself a genius, no-one is born a genius, but we are all born with the ability to become geniuses. I speak from personal experience, reading more than one book at a time is not a gift, its the same as having 6 subjects at school all in the same day, different concepts but its still the same day, same as a book, different novel, coinciding time frame. Many of you posting on this site have some troubles grasping the fact that your stupidity is flourishing and that you should all have a wiff of reality. Geniuses know how to construct a sentence and use proper grammar, many of you boast to having vast mental capabilities though the sentence in which you express your conjoured up pansy story is not well strcutured. A person that has LLI should be very good at English as the linguistic part of the brain is in the creative hemisphere of the brain. So please, all of you, get a grip of yourselves and stop posting rubbish about your super human senses, these equalities are achieved by humans focusing and being aware of the stimuli around them.

will f. said at April 16, 2007 6:43 AM:

Only native speakers with LLI should be very good at English. Maybe that's why some of the posters fail to write well-formed sentences...

KINGSLEY said at April 16, 2007 3:29 PM:

I can't believe this; this is the first time I'm witnessing this kind of thing, people actually publicly identifying with a mental illness all because they think if they have a high IQ, then they could become "geniuses".

Everyone is claiming to suffer this mental illness because of its possibilities. I don't know if I should call it a good thing or a stupid thing.

Notwithstanding, I know that some of you might trully be smart, but to say that you are so smart that you think everyone aroung you is too dumb for you to interact with is a wrong approach to this thing. I mean, how are you sure you are not the one who is dumb and your dumb neighbour the smart one.

What does smart mean? What makes you think you are smarter; brain cells? Everyone has got equal number of brain cells which means we all have equal potentials only that some of us have refused to identify with this potentials. You see, it's all about the mindset not the doctor's test. I don't see anyone as being dumb because I know everyone has potentials, I would rather say they haven't identified with their abilities "yet".

For those of us who are "extra smart" or in my own opinion, who have identified with their potentials, I think we should channel our smartness towards making the worlrd a better place for everyone.

Thank You.

KINGSLEY said at April 17, 2007 9:57 AM:

I can't believe this; this is the first time I'm witnessing this kind of thing, people actually publicly identifying with a mental illness all because they think if they have a high IQ then they could become "geniuses".

Everyone is claiming to suffer this mental illness because of its possibilities? I do not know if I should callit a good thing or a stupid thing.

Notwithstanding, I know some of you might truly be smart, but to say that you are so smart that you think everyone around you is so dumb that you can't interact with them is a wrong approach to this thing. I mean, how are you sure you are not the one who is dumb and your dumb neighbour the smart one.

What does smart mean? What makes you think you are smarter, Braincells? Everyone has got equal number of braincells, which means we all have equal potentials, only that some of us have refused to identify with them. You see,it's all about the mindset not the doctor's test. I don't see anyone as dumb, I'd rather say they haven't realized what they have inside, they haven't identified with their abilities yet.

For those of us who are "extra smart" or who have realized themselves, I think we should channel are smartness towards making the world a better place for everyone.

Andrew said at April 18, 2007 7:55 AM:

After not coming on here for three months, I have to say, this is turning into complete havoc.
The main problem is the amount of delusional/desperate children flocking on here, not even understanding the basic principles behind both this site and LLI itself, let alone the fact they most likely failed to even read any of the article as it is.

Next on the agenda is the immature fools simply coming on here to fling abuse and cynicism at everyone and everything they can damn well see. A psychologist could have a field day with these people, for the reason being that their actions are direct signs of the mentality of the previous group, simply expressed in a different manner. Ironic isn't it. You lay into those desperate sods, yet in doing so prove your own insecurities. Bloody marvelous. Yes, the first group need a good kicking into accepting 'reality', but bitching isn't going to help and it's pathetic watching you do so.

Thirdly, and I seriously wish I didn't have to repeat myself, LLI is not a mental illness in the slightest, and it is certainly not a disease (May I recommend a dictionary?). LLI does not give you any superhuman abilities, I cannot damn well stress this enough. If you believe you have super powers, especially along the line of what Tony Chen throws up on here, don't even bother talking. You are in the first group of delusionals/desperates, what you speak is clearly and utterly not fact and therefore you are a blight on the scientific community. If you cannot refrain from acting like a child (might I add this also includes those that find it impossible to type/write without excessive slang and/or abbreviation) or lack even the most basic of manners, or do not wish to add anything of relevance, then there is no point in your being on here, and therefore you are simply on here wasting time and giving me a good old giggle at your blatant display of insecurity.

Fourthly, (yes, this one is mainly aimed at you KINGSLEY) everyone is not born equal. They do have their own potential, but everyone is at a different level. Wisdom and knowledge is gained, intelligence is not.
Someone of a superior level may say so without being deemed arrogant as it is fact, there is a difference, although they should equally get a slap if they brag etc as this is a distinct show of a lack of both wisdom and knowledge.
Those of a superior level often do infact find it hard to socialise and connect with the 'inferior' due to various reasons, from hostilities given from those inferior rooting from insecurity, and that there is often no 'chemistry' between the two groups, aswell as the fact that the superior feel left out or alone because they see the problems and faults around them and in the group, yet take a hammering if they mention these things, the problem being it is in the person's nature to bring these things up and try to solve them.

Latent Inhibition is a process within the brain that blocks out any stimuli that is considered 'unnecessary' to the present thought process. This is an integral part of animal instinct, including humans, to allow focus on the 'necessary' details of survival in the immediate moment. Now, humans have a suggested naturally lower level of this than in other animals, giving rise to our ability to receive, analyse and recognise other stimuli, and in turn thoughts, that are possibly far from any relevance to the present condition/task/what have you. (although the human reluctance and failure to retain and use natural instincts, including survival, in the average individual, be it a westernised person or a person dieing in poverty in africa, means thoughts usually consist of either crap or despair anyway.)
Low Latent Inhibition is simply a decreased level of this process, allowing more stimuli to flood in from any given source. What this article here on this site explains, is that a person with LLI and a high enough level of intelligence, which is distinctly required to process and sort this higher (possibly even extreme in some cases) amount of stimuli flooding in (relative to the 'norm'), could have a high level of creativity due to this additional 'inspiration' if you will, which indeed is a fair hypothesis. It also states that it is possible that if LLI is combined with a below elevated level of intelligence (relative to the 'average') then this could be an additional cause of mental instability/illness, as the brain is incapable of processing the additional stimuli being pushed on it. Again, this is a fair hypothesis.

Does it matter? said at April 21, 2007 10:26 PM:

I'm sure the guy who said he had an IQ of 400 is trying to make fun of many peolple here who posted they had "exagerated" IQs (which in some cases may be true), and people who said nonsense things like the guy who said he autodiagnosed himself etc

Andrew said at April 22, 2007 4:21 AM:

I think we gathered that ^^

DMan said at April 26, 2007 6:10 AM:

someone talk to me about LLI please...

will f. said at April 26, 2007 2:48 PM:

I think people around here are all way too busy to talk, including myself. At least in my life there's always a lot of things that have to be done. Perhaps this is a typical LLI trait...

Andrew said at April 27, 2007 4:31 AM:

' will f. said at April 26, 2007 02:48 PM:

I think people around here are all way too busy to talk, including myself. At least in my life there's always a lot of things that have to be done. Perhaps this is a typical LLI trait...'

As you may not have noticed, this website is for the discussion of said topic, key word being DISCUSSION, and no, it's simply called being ignorant to the world around you.

DMan, why do you come to the conclusion that you have LLI, and what do you want to know from the little that is understood?

' Dman said at April 5, 2007 05:14 AM:

u are born w it or u can eat certain medications to lower ur latent inhibition'

Comments such as this don't exactly show much hope, both from the stupidity and the failure to even spell the most basic of words. The fact that you don't seem to even remotely understand the details we do know of LLI, which are plainly written in the article at the top, and the explanation in my second to last post, does not bode well for you either. Also, please, if your going to reply to this with crap (be it unrealistic, childish nonsense, or simply failing to spell once again), I swear down, I'm going to go postal...

DMan said at April 30, 2007 4:30 AM:

the onli motherfucker here is tony chen! And there really are medictions to reduce latent inhibition. go check wikipedia

will f. said at April 30, 2007 10:51 AM:

Huh? What happened to you, Andrew? Went through a brainwashing? All of your wisdom seems to be gone... Now, if you're really that Andrew (and not some stupid child that pretends to be you), first cool down, then stop bitching at people who are just giving their opinion.
That being said, I don't think at all that my comment was a sign of ignorance. In fact, that comment was intended to HELP, by giving DMan an explanation of why no one is willing to talk to him. That includes me, but that isn't ignorance either. I mean, I'm *always* willing to help others (again, blame LLI for that), but I also have to make compromises due to my limited mental and physical resources. That's why I first help those around me, and not someone I barely know from some blog.

Assassin (17) said at May 1, 2007 5:47 AM:

Chill your tiny little heads out. Life is too short. Anyhow I do not doubt the plausibility of some medication existing which lowers latent inhibition. First of all this is the concomitant of a chemical in the first place. Its called corticosterone. Therefore I presume there is some form of injection or medication which can contribute to lowering latent inhibition by the nature of its origin. Hell just bottling the catalyst and distributing it is a good guess right off the dome. Now......while I am not suggesting you digress from the subject I will take this time to state that..............THERE ARE HUNGRY PEOPLE IN AFRICA......so if meaningless evaluations are what we are here to discuss AT LEAST STICK TO THE DAMN subject and stop whining and fighting like your.......well my age :). The topic is not religion, love, the space time continuum, pornography, or how I met your mother.
Since you need a hand....


Now that your on track let us be reminded that we are not here to whine about our lives but to discuss this condition and contribute something useful if it helps from our past. Since this is not THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL be mindful not to MAKE ME PLAY THE VIOLIN EVERYTIME I COME IN HERE.

Get it? Got it? Good :)

Erin said at May 4, 2007 10:53 AM:

I am a creative genius
Locked in the world of my thoughts
I am a creative genius
Inspired by things that surround, thing unknown to those standing nearby
I am a creative genius
Introspective, I may explode from the ideas locked inside
I am a creative genius
Outward, I must put my energy into creation, motivation, and orignal experimentation
I am a creative genius
Acceptance of my imagination will allow the stabilization of the creative genius in me.
You are a creative genius
You aren’t normal
You see possibility in ways which other people are limited
Denying it will destroy you, so embrace it and be
To create is to live
To learn to learn is to love…
To deny is to self-absorbedly drown inside yourself.

TooMuchInfo said at May 6, 2007 8:18 PM:

Ignorance really is bliss. Wish I could be as blissful as some of you.

Asassin (17) said at May 8, 2007 5:38 AM:

Oh how touching!....(tear)
.* * ..


(ROTF) Honestly don't make me open up a peanut gallery on you people's statements.
Dman stop telling us your breakfast...
And once again lets get back on the subject of (Low Latent Inhibition).
Don't you just love these guys? :p

Andrew said at May 18, 2007 7:28 AM:

To be perfectly honest, there is little point in doing so. This site, and indeed society, nay the world, is overrun with the unwise, unintelligent, unknowledgable childish muck that is 99% of the population. The intellectual is a rare breed facing extinction. It was good while it lasted, but now there is none in sight, this page is plagued with no hope of revival. All we may do is wait and hope that humanities devolution will not last much longer. That there may come forth a great renaissance.

Assasin (17) said at May 23, 2007 6:41 AM:

Andrew I laughed my lungs away.....

Andrew said at May 25, 2007 5:07 AM:

I felt a little in a poetic mood at the time of writing, but indeed the point still stands.
Show of a distinct lack of wisdom from assasin, yet again...

will f. said at May 29, 2007 7:34 AM:

Naargh, there is no such thing as devolution. If humanity fails, a better species will arise, sooner or later. Either here on planet earth or somewhere else. So you really don't need to worry about unintelligent people, evolution will take care about them. Just take care about yourself...

phil said at June 1, 2007 8:01 PM:

When LOVE never swich to HATE…and GOD save the world…it will be the END…and the START some where!

Powerfull PHILOSOPHY as a weapon,agains my perception,natural as inocence..and those people who I RESPECT and thrully feel their ART unconnected,their LIFE without a single PURPOSES just material and social apperance are their VERTU.No question about who they are and why…….and NEVER I say to those what I believe.ALL those people piss on me all the time,space and time as my manipulation.Manipulate LIFE as a structural project,LIFE and NATURE are my pay check$RESPECTING people and their lack of perception is are responsability,are JUSTICE.LIFE as a birth…a birth of a date….a date,of your DEATH…an all will fusion with UNIVERSE…shooting star as my,compation…as I know INSPIRATION…as I deeply feel the PAIN…never I will JUGE my peers…but I will know silently.I am the GOd of my brain it is OK to annalyse with respect.when your fear ,become a balance…the load of your JUSTICE,dilema…the mass of your JUSTICE,decision…all this just for simply,understand….the PAIN of Human Being.BE a GENIUS it is the PAINFULL way to live a life.no one whant to be in my BRAIN.but I know so much it stimulate me and feed my knowlege.without pretention as also bipolar1 I will NEVER exchange my BRAIN for an empty one.PHIL who face his FEAR.taking the time to look arround.............courage and perception are INVINCIBLE characteristic.......
I whrote this 4 week;s ago,since that night I am deeply hurt by my onw way to percive hurtful comment.Powerful and so weak....

Semih Alkan said at June 4, 2007 3:52 PM:

I am not here to talk about myself or try to prove that I have low latent inhibition (so I am a genius!!) or something like that. That is because I know how brilliant or idiot I am, I am aware of my capabilities and have the ability to relate things just as much as I know my own name. I am here to criticize people who has already decided on themselves that they were genius!!.
it seems like all the people here has low latent inhibition or something like that. I am just telling you to know that this psychological condition is only good when you are extremely brilliant. and these extremely people are really rare to find. Otherwise, this condition may cause some really serious problems like schizophrenia.As I was reading all of your entries, it was not very hard for me to figure out that you are not one of those brilliant people. Some of you say that they are geniuses, some say they have low latent inhibition, and some say something else. As a result, since you are not one of those brilliant people, this is not good for you to have low latent inhibition. So stop pretending like a genius and be yourselves for your own good.

What? I am like hearing some sounds from you that ask me who am I to judge.
Does it matter if I am the greatest psychiatrist of the world or just a self-centered denigrating bastard?
What really matters for you is, yourself of course.
So stop cursing me and be yourself. not some genius who is actually an idiot.

Corey said at June 5, 2007 9:27 PM:

I just want to know how they test you for this?

learned low latenet inhibition said at June 9, 2007 4:13 AM:

look into image streaming, its in my URL. (for free.)

wateva101 said at June 16, 2007 12:32 AM:

Hey KINGSLEY? I agree with you. These people just don't have the integrity to speak their own truth, and just blab nonsense (sorry, not everyone).

Just a matter of interest: Would artificially administering Dopamine agonists lower LI? I read about it...somewhere. However, there weren't that many tests done on it, most of which were done on rats. Somehow, I think it needs to be tried out in the human context before it can be confirmed.

Not being like the other self-proclaimed "geniuses" here, but what is considered a high IQ (or one that can lead to creativity if with low LI)?

K said at June 24, 2007 4:37 PM:

I agree with Semih Alkan (two posts above)...only a remarkable few of you are extreme genius' the rest of you guys are probably just very smart.
I randomly read many of these entries here..and can relate to many. For me I am not a genius at all. Sometimes I feel like I'm the most normal person in this world and yet also feel so different to eveyone. Yes, i think alot, but i dont see pistons and valves of car engines (some of these entries sound like you have xray vision or something). I can hardly concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes...which is why i dont do well in any tests. my mind simply wonders off thinking of random stuff. My mind tends to run hundreds of simulations, of every probable event that can occur in the next few seconds.im starting to think that its normal though. One thing I do notice is that I dont dream at all when i sleep...its strange.
other than that theres nothing seriously wrong with me and i doubt theres anything wrong with ppl with similar experiences

DMA said at July 20, 2007 7:49 PM:

Thank you K,

I was randomly browsing, too. And also felt related to many of those posts. But when they started posing with their IQs and discussing the question of being ill , I got the thought:
"Man, stop it. This is why people get shizotic! Because of of being exposed to an over-dose of information and opinions/experiences. Let me browse down to the last entrance..."

And here we are.
I never gonna pass a test, too. My mind will never be focussed on one aspect...so IQ, bye bye.

However I'm very glad to hear that I was right all those years...that I'm different than other people, that doesn't mean that I'm better than other. I'd often a hard time and high violent anger. I really have to say starting smoking weed, really bewared myself of getting crazy!

I'm no genius. I have capabilities but also disfunctions!
Being a genius only depends on the opinions of other. The public-opinion bestows that title! And do one really wanna have that title?
If yes...then it is pretty sure that one isn't a genius.

So, and here the posing *lol*:

Low latent inhibition could explain...
...why I'm bad in math, although I completely understand it; ...why I just need speech to explain the world but can't; ...why I can't hear music without listening to it; ... why I could write many books, but can't do it; ...why I learned music instruments many times faster than planned but can't learn to read notes; ...why I can't look at people faces without analyzing them; ...my urge to write and explain; ...my hate; ...my love; ...my ability to relate languages to each other; ...why I often hardly wanna/can listen to other peoples talking; ...why I sometimes feel a little lost; ...why people being offended by me; ...why I love "freak-knowledge"; ...why I often understand more than I can explain; ...my ability of infinite speaking; ...why I have a very wacky short-time-memory; ...why I always have to put myself in anybody's - anything's place; ...why I can never finish a book; ...why I can hardly sleep; ...why nobody never really gonna know me; ...why I have to believe in the soul and so in God; ...why I know that this list cannot be completed; ...why I smoke weed;

...why I always knew: "Madness lives next door!"

So - is it good or bad to know what's going on?
...Am I closer to genius or madness?...now that I know what's up with me?...
Sure! But it will always be closer to "madness AND genius"!

And how can I ever think again of myself and what I'm doing, without relating to "low latent inhibition"? Doesn't that can make me crazy?
One always has to try to regulate and focus, and to keep on the ground.

I guess a good sense of humor always helps avoiding madness, you can't go mad, when you're already crazy.

Eventhough it isn't a healhty thing, I would never wanna give it away! So I have to stay sane - it's that easy! ;)


Melissa W said at July 25, 2007 7:38 PM:


i'm just thinking.ive read all these post's,i think we should set up some sort of website to make this more easier for people to find.I ve always been looking for answers to what is goin on with me,i feel this will help alot more ppl.so if any one Has any idea's of how to get some sort of website goin with all us members or maybe ever making this more aware to ppl through other ways plz email me it's melisdelishkissmydish@hotmail.com and let me know!

Cheers Guys!

will f. said at July 27, 2007 5:52 PM:

@ Melissa W
The idea of making a website has already been proposed, but AFAIK it didn't go anywhere, pretty much like this blog, thanks to all the self-proclaimed geniuses and their counterpart, the childisch wannabe experts who just can't help but rant about the former.

@ Self-proclaimed geniuses
Shut the **** up. Thanks.

@ Ranters
Okay, some people bitch about those braggarts. Well, I'm not going to stop you, I just want to point out this isn't a very effective way to deal with them. Moreover, I think there *are* some posters on this site who can readily be considered geniuses. Of course, it's always problematic to classify yourself as someone with above-average intelligence, creativity, or whatever ability. But what's even *more* problematic is to just glance at 2-3 posts someone wrote on a blog and conclude, "obviously your self-diagnosis is wrong". This way, you're just showing off how ignorant, unimaginative and inexperienced you are.
Now let me tell you this: I don't consider myself a genius, simply because I know I'm not Einstein. Still I have quite some reason to assume that my mental abilities are somewhat above-average: In school nearly all of my teachers kept telling me I was a prodigy and totally beyond my age, constantly getting straight A's in about 80% of all courses and winning prizes at competitions. Now I'm 24 years old and a math student and I'm still at the top of my class. The other side of the success story is that I've spend a huge part of my life in deepest depression--Not very funny at all. So is it really that hard to believe me when I say, yeah, I feel like I got that type of thing, whadda they call it, ah, right, LOW LATENT INHIBITION.
This has nothing to do with bragging, because having typical LLI problems is simply NOT COOL. It isn't poor me syndrome either, because now that I understand what my major problem is, I can somewhat compensate for its downsides and better utilize and enjoy its bright moments. Finally, I'm pretty sure many of the posters here can relate to what I've said.
Besides, I'm already sick of your blatant ignorance, and my patience is GONE, so if you're going to rant again, I'll just copy & paste some stuff over and over again until you stop it (some LLI people help me please).

tony said at August 12, 2007 9:31 AM:

i agree with will
im accepting the fact that i have low latent inhibition with low iq
when i was at a hospital i asked a nurse if i had a brain tumor now that i think of it my brain was hurting because of my low iq
now at age 16 i am able to compensate it
low iq does lead to mental illness
im not trying to brag about any abilities n crap but im just trying to discover wat low latent inhibition really is
cause some professors are genius but they dont have a human experiement and analysis they dont have a live subject
about the abilities i explained above hopefully they can be proven in the near future
no its not superman with an underwear
lets just say above natural hearing, seeing images at will in color n stuff i know that photographic memory is when u can c the image with ur mind
but something different about low latent inhibition is that u can actually see it literally visually
i only saw an image once in color most are black n whites
whenever i look at one thing and concentrate it blends n within the surrounding with a silverish almost rainbowish coating showing every detail

although i am a prison break fanatic i noticed i have low latent inhibition after the 2nd part of first season which is around half year

plz no one comment on this it is just my discovery

i am admitting the fact that i have low latent inhibition with an low iq

Des said at August 14, 2007 11:39 PM:

i am not sure where i am with this info, far from me calling myself a genius, but people have beeen doing that all my life.... i know that i am proof that this condition exists and that is all the explantion i need - at least it offers some closure to the weird feelings one has otherwise that would imply that there is something wrong with you!!!!

pmart said at September 2, 2007 11:25 PM:

this question, goes out to the experts on this topic!!
can latent inhibition be developed??
or if a person desired to learn to be more creative, can he develop a pattern of thinking similar to that of a person with lli?

Asassin(17) said at September 9, 2007 2:07 PM:

Andrew I was laughing in supportive gesture you Einstein. Oh the devolution of jackasses and so forth. This time in your own direction as a result of your own drawn out mouth. Your a victim of your own newspaper. We the public pity you.

KV said at September 13, 2007 3:44 PM:

'lo, there. Slacker, first year college student who's bored in class, fairly average. I read through the top two-thirds of the page but stopped when the bickering got a bit tiresome.

Just a few things. How common IS low latent inhibition, anyway? I can say with a good bit of certainty that I don't have it, and aside from these weird bouts of fainting in recent years, I'm about as normal and laidback as you'll get. But assuming that many different things can result in some pretty similar symptoms, I think it's a pretty safe bet that some people who immediately think they have LLI probably don't have it, just like some people who do have it might never be able to put a name to it or be able to do anything about it.

Second of all, for all you people who were bragging about your IQs or were possibly thinking about doing so, don't. Just don't. I'm not talking about all of you people with LLI, but rather those people who go around telling people they have an IQ of some-number-here, thinking it makes them better than everyone else. Even if you just say "Oh, I never thought I was a genius but that's what other people always said," it's arrogant and very unnecessary. So you put a little disclaimer in your post. So what? The fact is, you made it public by putting it into your post, and if you really didn't think it was true or if you really didn't think it mattered, you wouldn't have wanted the attention and would have left it out completely. If you're going to be modest, do it without making people around you feel bad. Otherwise, you might as well just say, "Look at me! My IQ is 170 and I'm smarter than all of you. Beat that!"

Now as for me, I've never had my IQ tested, and while I do admit to be curious sometimes, I don't think I ever will. That's the thing about tests like these -- they make you feel smart when, in fact, they don't mean anything at all. Sure, maybe you're a quick learner or you've got a good memory, but if you don't do anything with it, it doesn't amount to anything. Take it from a slacker like me. I have a nice, dependable mind and always score decently well on standarized tests and the like, but really, where does that get me? What about you? Go out and do something with it. I know I'm not getting anything done, but at least I'm not the one bragging about how good I am.

tj said at September 15, 2007 1:21 PM:

so much for NOT being randomly defensive

kingsley said at September 22, 2007 8:10 AM:

I believe LLI is a very unique kind of system of the human brain and it has a purpose. all one has to do is discover it and live it.

will f. said at October 1, 2007 12:11 PM:

@ KV: You're somewhat (totally?) missing the point here, so I'd like to make a few points clear:

1) First of all, if you can't help but rant, then at least make clear who you're talking about or to, by mentioning specific names and/or posts. Otherwise you gonna hurt a LOT of innocent people. As for me, I wasn't sure at all whether your post applies to me or not.

2) Being more intelligent doesn't mean being better in any way. At least that's what I think. For me, it's more like "more intelligence = more responsibility"--and yes, I feel pretty much responsible for almost everyone around me. So what's so bad about someone stating the fact that he or she has above average intelligence? And even if "intelligent" would mean "better", then this would be like someone telling you that you're too thick or not attractive enough: From a logical point of view it's ALWAYS better to know the truth since you're decisions will be better then. (Well, except you're simply too weak to take the truth.)

3) I've clearly pointed out in my last post that having LLI (or even being a genius) does have its downsides. As for me, I constantly suffer from sleep deprivation, I suffer a lot from depression and other bad moods, and while it's easy for me to solve problems that seem difficult to many others, I have a hard time carrying out the most basic and simple things, like doing laundry or preparing for exams. This is what typically happens if you just CAN'T STOP THINKING, and I can tell you, that's no fun. And no, I can't do a damn thing about it, because that's the way I am, it's all part of my personality. As you can see, stating that you've got LLI, with or without high intelligence, is not about bragging. On this blog, it's more about sharing your personal experiences, so you don't need to feel so lonely anymore with your exceptional condition.

4) "Oh, I never thought I was a genius but that's what other people always said," Does that apply to me? Ummmm... I guess not, because I was saying something like "I never thought I was a genius but my teachers and friends kept telling me I'm extraordinarily gifted and talented." See the difference? Being talented is not so rare a disease as being a genius. And as explained in section 3, in both cases it doesn't mean "better", only "more responsibility".

5) If you still didn't get enough, then how about visiting one of those high IQ forums and tell everyone there to stop telling how unique and intelligent they are? You'll definitely get your ass kicked.

@ Everyone with LLI: A poll about favorite colors

I wondered if LLI is connected to a typical 'favorite color' (because the latter is obviously connected to personality), so I'd like to start a poll about it. Now everyone with LLI, please tell us about you're favorite color! Mine is Orange, in fact I'm a sucker for Orange. My desktop wallpaper should definitely have some warmth to it and I prefer orange clothes (with the saturation turned down a bit, so that it's not too obtrusive). And I simply love Ubuntu--Man, it's so... ORANGE! :D (Ubuntu is a Linux derivative, with Linux being an Operating System, for all those non-nerds out there.) The brownish default wallpaper sucks, though.

John Niles said at October 2, 2007 3:47 AM:

I was in a car accident on 30 June 2006 and have been evaluated for post concussion syndrome and TBI. Interesting enough I developed minor psychosis and I hallucinate and hear things. I was going crazy and kept explaining to the doctor that I cant process all the information that I am absorbing and eventually it led to a mental, physiological, emotional break down and the day or two after I started searching for a solution to slow down my intake of information and was prescribed Amitriptyline and have gotten a little better however, I and my friends can tell when I am not medicated because I am supercharged when I am not on meds.

My problem is simple, I believe I have Low Latent Inhibition because before my car accident I was supernatural in things of interest and problem solving and after the concussion I still have the same abilities but my information intake can not be digested by my brain and causes a memory lag which explains seeing and hearing things and I forget a lot because I cant process the information. How can I get a military doctor to recognize this illness so I can be properly diagnosed.

Yes I have been tested and had mental evaluation that are so extreme and off the charts that I am being told that I am exaggerating but I keep trying to get the doctors to recognize this Low Latent inhibition because if I have it would explain a lot on test results from the average person compared to mine and the memory and hallucinating problem that’s just a memory lag.


PsychoBoy said at November 2, 2007 12:17 AM:

I am able to understand you john. I feel the same. I am supernatural as well.

Mike Scoughing said at November 2, 2007 12:23 AM:

Dont worry John I'm gonna get ya outta there.. I'm gettin my ink done by tomorrow.. I gotta lot of chunk of info runnin' in my head...

DAVID said at November 17, 2007 6:40 PM:


DAVID said at November 17, 2007 8:41 PM:


Tony Chen said at December 8, 2007 6:07 PM:

everyone i was right ^_^?? http://www.dynamicbalancingtaichi.co.uk/LowLatentInhibition.htm
i told u later on it would be proven right? but i think i can only see images visually because i have photographic memory combined with LLI

Tony Chen said at December 8, 2007 6:13 PM:

o by the way the first thing i visually saw wasnt porn it was my self typing from the day before
i only saw one word before mediterrean sea i was taking ap euro and i mustve accidently flipped to the back of the book and there were maps
visually i saw myself flipping through the book and seeing the mediterrean sea in color i dont know how this can be proven though
later on i saw porn only because i felt horny i saw what i thought of at the instance
y did i feel so horny because the love of my life is finally chasing after me

danjiki said at December 10, 2007 9:48 PM:

why most of you feels like you're LLI suffer???
does it make you proud????

danjiki said at December 10, 2007 9:51 PM:

why most of you feels like you're LLI suffer???
does it make you proud????

gaijin said at December 10, 2007 10:16 PM:

sorry for double posting above
i think LLI is psychology illness that only a certain people have.
LLI has a certain characteristic as well so you need to see psychiatric first before you diagnose yourself as an LLI suffer


Theo Antichi said at December 20, 2007 4:53 PM:

I haven't visited in ages, but I wanted to share a way to get near final proof on whether you've got LLI. I had an audiometric test, which determines a subject's hearing levels, some time ago. When I came out of the booth, the doctor just stared at me in disbelief and said "You have amazing hearing, you know that?". I know many experience LLI through hearing so I just wanted to share that. This is real folks, naysayers go home.

Dominik said at January 5, 2008 8:30 AM:

Can you do a test to prove if you have low latent inhibition ?

Tomygun said at January 13, 2008 5:16 AM:

Yes Dominik, you can take a test, visit your local psychologist or better yet psychiatrist and you will receive a special and sometimes lengthy diagnosis.. I had a few posts from a while back, my name is Tomy and i have an IQ of 181, this should not be misconstrued in correlation with intelligence as a whole. It is just a standardised test created to test general intelligence based on sociocultural sterotypes. I previously had a digit span of 32, though now i am able to reach numbers upto or even greater than 40 with a maximum of around 46-50. Yes, i have Low Latent Inhibition also as do many of you, it can be interpreted as a sickness, though if you learn to harness it, you can truly enjoy your life. I know what you feel so dont think otherwise for even a second.... The point I present is this: Learn to integrate all your mental processes and thoughts with your everyday life, create a routine that your mind must follow, a routine that will become repetitive and a routine that will need sophisticated refining. This way, your brain will tire less as it is not always searching for new answers. Though when you travel into a public environment, comprehending stimuli does occur on a nano second basis....:( - There is no way around this, and the sooner you learn to accept this fact, the better you will be able to live your everyday life. I am rather experienced in this field so if you have any questions, direct them towards me and i will be glad to help :)

Theo Antichi said at January 18, 2008 12:00 PM:

Tomy, not to undermine your point of view, but just which psychiatrist did you visit that didn't scratch his or her head and treated you like a mere number? I'd be really pleased to meet such a professional. My father is a psychologist and my beliefs about the field have pretty much been confirmed; in many ways, by his own admission, many psychologists often do not agree on a single point. In my dealings with their ilk, I have found them to be curious at best and obtuse at worst. Having said that... your option is the only available one obviously, yet I feel it's far from ideal.

Tomygun said at January 18, 2008 5:46 PM:

Theo, where i come from, this kind of condition is not common, and my intelligence and characteristics are extremely rare, so i am not treated like a mere number...Psychiatrists will try to help you to their maximum ability, because it is their job, they are not qualified in the ranks of society to just sit there and scratch their head as if they have never heard of or come across such an anomaly. You are correct when you say the theory's of psychologists are obscured... but there is a fine difference between psychologists and psychiatrists. A psycholgist will try dealing with the more spritual side of this problem and rather than erradicating the problem, they will find ways to circumvent or cover it. A psychiatrist however will find ways and processes to actually calm the LLI and allow you to live in a more civil manner. So if anybody has this problem, visit a "psychiatrist" beacuse they will get straight to the point. It may not be as easy in your more populated countries, but where i come from, this condition is very rare and it is treated with great severity and metaphorically speaking, "reverence". But i understand where you are coming from Theo, you say it is not ideal, but you also say it is the only one.... If you wish to live a happy and healthy life, then you must be prepared to face some hardship and not just say, "this is too hard" and "why has this happened to me"....And bear in mind that i also suffer from this condition and in my case, it is rather severe. Post back with your opinions. Thanks.

Theo Antichi said at January 21, 2008 7:39 PM:

Hey Tomy. For the record, I'm from one of the most populated countries in South America where, yes, both psychologists and psychiatrists are readily available. My experience with them has been diverse, not wholly negative but I got a bittersweet taste after seeing they could not find the right pills after some time, hence I gave up. I'm currently on a benzodiazepine; I get it off the counter (though in fact it is not) as I find it soothing. I myself suffer from only mild LLI, my IQ is slightly higher than ussual, but honestly, I lack aptitudes in other areas, so a high IQ is synonimous with "double edged sword" in my book. I essentially see social connections, that's the kind of data which filters in and later comes together as knowledge in my case. It is very sad though, to be fully aware of you surroundings and being unable to delete the bad, as you lack that defense mechanism, and just soak in the negativity. I'm glad you wear your condition like a badge of honor but I find it to be only mildly amusing and ultimately something of a curse.

will f. said at January 22, 2008 3:45 PM:

I agree with Theo, both on the 'get over yourself' issue and the psychiatrist thing. There are some thoughts I'd like to add:
1) Telling me to change the way I am is very much like telling a homosexual to stop being homosexual, or vice versa, telling a heterosexual to stop being heterosexual. Likewise, I simply don't want to 'harness' my need to overanalyze everything. It's a spontaneous drive that is just there, and I want it this way even if it gets me into a lot of trouble.
2) As for the psychiatrists, well, I'd say you should rather read a book on self-therapy, psychoanalysis or something like that. Saves a lot of money, you'll learn a lot more, and it's much easier to say good-bye.

mira a.j said at February 5, 2008 8:30 AM:

exscuse me but is there anyone hear who know how to test for low latent inhibiton?

oh yeah thank you so much for sharring this with as .it was verry usefull and intresting.

yours mira a.j

Tomygun said at February 5, 2008 9:33 PM:

Mira A.J, visit your local Psychiatrist and you will receive an apprpriate diagnosis.

Regards :)

Tomygun said at February 6, 2008 4:03 AM:

Theo Antichi, i see where youre coming from, though i do not wear LLI as if it were some sort of higher order or badge of honour, though i do harness and learn to live with what was given to me since birth. For it will be stuck with me until the day i die so i might as well learn to get over it and manipulate it so that it is under my control rather than the other way around. I see where youre coming from though because i was once in your position as well, until i learnt how to control the LLI. Post back with your opinion. :)

Paul said at February 10, 2008 3:52 PM:

Hi - I saw a program on TV last night about LLI and a pianist with Turettes and others with Parkinsons. I am a sufferer (I use the word loosely)of LLI and will share my little story.

I toured around Australia for years as a successful drummer in rock bands. I managed clubs in NSW and was enjoying life immensely. Unfortunately I was hooked on pot and smoked every day (my excuse was I needed it for the stress!). I also took other drugs in small amounts but none of this seemed to matter until I picked up a gambling addiction. My life took a downward spiral and I came back to my Island state to pick up the pieces. This is when things became really bad - I was agorophobic, fainting and feeling constantly ill. I couldn't get out of bed and the doctor told me I had depression. I knew it was time to change - I gave up smoking cigarettes and pot and went to Uni. I left school before I matriculated so I wasn't sure how I'd go. To my surprise I ended up as A Higher Distinction student on the Dean's Role Of Honour and graduated with Honours - It appears I was more than just a drummer in a rock band!

The key word for me is reinvention - I was sure my mind was tricking me into fainting and feeling Ill - I still have to fight it today - Interestingly I gave up the drums and now play guitar and sing - I am a successful solo artist with my own gig, PA, etc. All the way it's been a fight - I tried medication - was put on anti-depressants and hated them. I jog a lot and try to be fit and healthy. Unfortunately I still self medicate a little with alcohol - it is the only thing which gives me some freedom from my thoughts for a while - I still have trouble sleeping but am fortunate that I have an understanding partner. No one said life was meant to be easy - the world is not a fair place but I will never stop trying to change it!

I am amused by those who flaunt their IQ in the above articles - you should be ashamed of yourselves and I'm not even sure what you're doing at this website! I'm still seeking answers and ways to cope with a serious condition (perhaps you are too)and far be it for me to sit in judgement of others but constructive comment may be better. I tell my story because others may be able to relate to it - sometimes with this condition it is easy to feel alone.

Beware Utilitarian thought - means are very important!

USMCpittpanther said at February 13, 2008 9:00 PM:

I guess a good question to ask is, "Does LLI have the potential to receive mention in the DSM?" It seems like it is a credible diagnosis that hes been misdiagnosed as many other disorders (ADD, Manic/Dep, etc). So does this condition deserve its own place as a proper diagnosis?

will f. said at February 14, 2008 3:29 AM:

You keep on talking about "harnessing LLI", yet I have no clue what that is supposed to mean. One of your postings that seems to *almost* explain the concept of harnessing goes like this:
"Learn to integrate all your mental processes and thoughts with your everyday life, create a routine that your mind must follow, a routine that will become repetitive and a routine that will need sophisticated refining. This way, your brain will tire less as it is not always searching for new answers."
Routine??? OMG!!! Hell, no, I hate routine, because it basically boils down to dumbing down and comprimising your flexibility. Each day is different, has a different set of priorities, so I believe it's better to judge on a daily basis (with additional planning on a weekly/monthly basis, of course), rather than trying to create a routine that is supposed to work on each and every occasion. And why trying to shut down your brain? You'll never know if your next great idea is just around the corner!
Other than that, I really have no idea what you mean by harnessing. Does this have something to do with mental exercise, like playing chess, solving crossword puzzles, memorizing arbitrary facts or other such artificial nonsense? In this regard, let me just say that I'd rather prepare myself for *real* problems, than toying around with that kind of kindergarten stuff.
So please clarify this point, I'm curious.

LLI does have enough potential as a research paradigm, however putting it into the DSM implies that it must be some kind of mental disorder and needs to be "cured", a point of view that is certainly questionable. Just my 2 cents.

Welcome to the club of gifted dyfunctionals, buddy :)

Tomygun said at February 15, 2008 3:54 AM:

To WIll F.
What i am trying to say is that you must always be in routine, this way if your condition is severe, you will not always be assimilating new stimuli around you, rather just doing the same thing over and over and actually being able to think clearly. If you do this for long enough you will feel more contained and you will be able to actually think straight and be creative in the long run. Fixing LLI problems isnt something that happens overnight, rather you must learn to circumvent your unique problem with your own methods, and no Psychiatrist or Psychologist can do this for you. Post back.

will f. said at February 18, 2008 8:10 PM:

@ Tomygun
I've thought about your suggestions and have come to realize I really don't care that much about my personal well being. I enjoy and am addicted to having a constant stream of good to great ideas, which I think is better both for me in the long run and for the rest of the world, and I don't mind paying for these idealistic dreams with a little bit of suffering here and there (sleep deprivation, voices constantly talking in my head, etc.). Seems I kinda got used to it anyway, so it doesn't hurt that much...
If you prefer living in a sane way of life (rather than doing it roller coaster kick-ass kamikaze style), that's okay with me. To each his own. You just have to keep in mind that not everyone with LLI wants to end up with a routine-ridden way of life. As for me, my life has always been complete chaos / disaster / catastrophe / you name it, yet somehow I've always made it through, and I don't regret a single moment of my life (well, not yet, maybe it was just dumb luck or something. You get the point.).

Tomygun said at February 18, 2008 9:25 PM:

To Will F.
Im not saying that i personally follow a constant routine, i have adapted so that i can just live normally and take everyday as it comes, though i do understand what you are saying.

will f. said at February 19, 2008 4:05 AM:

@ Tomygun
This answer really confuses me. So if your technique of dealing with LLI is not about (simply?) following a routine, then what do you mean by "adapting" and "harnessing"? A concrete example would be helpful.

Tomygun said at February 20, 2008 3:05 AM:

No what i meant to say is that i use to follow a routine, though now i have "mastered" controlling all the voices in my head and all the high level thought processes. When i say routine, i am referring to something of this nature: when you wake up, try to do the same things in order alot of the time, follow the same routes to wherever it is youre going and try not to rake up too many inner thoughts unless it is a neccessity. So in a broader perspective, do the same things in the same way for the majority of the course of your day and you will see results.

will f. said at February 20, 2008 7:08 AM:

Okay, now I (think I) understand. This method might actually work under certain circumstances, however, as for me, and probably a lot of other people around here, this is not going to help. You see, I'm an aspiring student, and my professors keep pushing work on me at irregular intervals, thus disallowing me any kind of routine. Plus, with a boatload of exams coming in regularly, there's never going to be any routine, it will always be like 'shit, I gotta prepare for the next exam!!!' or 'christ, deadline's tomorrow, OMFG!!!'. At any rate, I acknowledge your good intentions and hope that someday I will have earned enough money to FINALLY stop being busy all the time and allow myself some routine, thereby putting your theory to the test :)

Tomygun said at February 20, 2008 10:49 PM:

Im glad you understand what i mean, i hope you reach your goal, it is the same for me as well, i have a lot of work and i find it difficult to perform at extremely high rates, academically on a consistent basis unless my head is in order. Though i have nearly mastered that as well as i can feel improvements.

Theo Antichi said at February 22, 2008 2:59 PM:

will f. and Tomygun; after reading your latest discussion I’ve come to believe insights can be garnered from both of your perspectives. For instance, one place that helps me focus is the subway, and that certainly constitutes a routine for me. Having said that, as an aspiring writer, I do have to keep an open mind most of the time for the ideas to flow and this defines me as a person more so than anything else. I watched Into the Wild recently, thinking how badly the idea of wanting to exit the world had been handled, but then again I saw the film with a girl who not only agreed with the notion but wants to leave the city for good. By the way, I was reminded to come check out the site as I was reading a post on boing boing regarding a fiction book called Accelerando, which seems to tie into LLI to some degree. The reviewer wrote: “My favorite feature is "superplonk." It remixes the environment and filters annoying persons, objects and sounds. That’s an augmented reality version of what I practice today with special earplugs.”

Theo Antichi said at February 22, 2008 3:09 PM:

P.S.: My favorite color is indeed orange, when I was younger I would always play footbal/soccer videogames with the Netherlands. Not that I've stopped playing.

tony chen said at February 24, 2008 6:57 AM:

low latent inhibition is the brain unable to process things.
i found out that i can visually see things at will of whatever im thinking. When my friend said trench warfare i visually saw it on the wall. To answer some question no i dont paint it i just can c it Not picture it but actually c it sort of like a Kodak moment except its like a video,kodak moment meaning its in color. thx for ur time im just helping u guys out if u want to know more about low latent inhibition.
by the way my iq isnt that high and im not proud of it having low latent inhibition combined with a low iq,well my iq isnt low but normal. but im sure someone is more capable of handling low latent inhibition then i am. My brain stopped hurting my Sophomore year because my intelligence increased

o yea intelligence and iq are two different thing
1. intelligence can increase
2. iq cannot
when my intellig5ence and self-esteem raised my abilities began showing

1. good hearing
2. seeing images at will in color
3. increase in 5senses basically

ty for reading

Tomygun said at February 24, 2008 9:54 PM:

To Tony Chen,
Low Latent Inhibition is completely the opposite to what you have stated, you said that LLI is the brains inability to process things, it is actually the brains ability to over process things and more. It really has nothing to do with your IQ, you just stole that from Prison Break. It has more to do with your General Intelligence and not really to do with academic intelligence. The IQ test was devised by Alfred Binet to test French school children, so really it doesnt define embedded mental processes but rather a socio-cultural stereotype quotient. So overall, if you are smart and have a clean head, you will be able to handle LLI, if you are the opposite, you will not be able to handle it.


will f. said at February 25, 2008 6:25 AM:

@ Theo Antichi
Orange also? Veeeery interesting! :) Anyone else got oranged?
My favorite routine is sitting in front of the computer, alone, with all windows and doors closed. No radio, music or TV, just me and my computer. I'm completely unable to concentrate when having people around me, even when they don't take notice of me.

@ Tomygun
It's no use, you'll never convince him. I've tried already and failed miserably. ;)

Tomygun said at February 26, 2008 12:31 AM:

@ Will F,

He seems to believe that LLI gives him super human powers, almost creating a juxtaposition between himself and superman....

@ Tony Chen,
LLI does not alter your physical structure, but rather make you more aware of what is around you, that is why you have these sensations of superiority.

NDEFO, TAGBO said at February 27, 2008 8:49 AM:

I just read your column and wanted to find out about low latent inhibition and the creative side of it. I know i am creative but sometimes i don't understand why. I don't really know if i have it but i know their might be a possibility. Please how do I know i have low latent inhibition.

will f. said at February 28, 2008 12:43 AM:

@ Tomygun
LOL. Then maybe we should send him a superman suit... :D

To NDEFO and anyone who wants to test for LLI: As for now, there seems to be no publicly available LLI test yet. However, this checklist (copied & pasted from a comment above) might help:

--- quote ---
Dave said at November 1, 2005 06:59 AM:

Like everyone else I found this site from "Prison Break". Also if you are at this site you probably have a high IQ so lets get that out of the way, your smart I accept it and don't need you to post a shopping list to prove it. If anyone knows of a good blog to discuss this please post a link, I would like to learn more about this and find out what others experiance and how they cope with it. The followig is a list of things I attribute to this "condition" please post if you experience the same (or different) and how you cope with it.

1) A feeling that everyone around you is dumb or incompetent and that it is hard to communicate with them.
2) A quest for knowledge, I want to know how everything works, this seems to help, in that once I understand how things work they dont seem to bother me anymore.
3) Frustration with inefficiency. Always trying to make things work better even when they work fine. Hence the reason for my feeling towards the government, an inefficiant mess that I can't fix but the solutions are so obvious.
4) Difficulty working for someone, I cant hold a steady job because after a few months I know more than my superiors and start making them look bad so they get rid of me.
5) Advice giver (listener). Tied into number 4, everywhere I work I become my co-workers best friend and they tend to flock to me for work and personal advice.
6) An ability to fix nearly anything mechanical/electrical.
7) Problem solver.
8) Trouble communicating eveything that is in my head to others verbally of through writing. Probably the reason for number 1.
9) Underperformer in education settings yet knowing I am smarter then most "A" students.
10) A feeling that everyone around you thinks you are a nut(a kook, crazy, weird, insane...)

Tomygun said at March 5, 2008 1:30 AM:

The 10 Points listed above are rather accurate and should provide all with an insight of LLI. Credits to Dave for the post and Will for the Repost.

psycho said at March 25, 2008 7:59 PM:

splendid. oh how glorious, they all suddenly became genius. ever since they were kids, they loved science, and they have an understanding of the universe in their heads, and some were even dubbed genius, by other geniuses. all hail mighty latent inhibition and its lack of being in the brains of our most exquisite prodigies on this website

Tomygun said at March 25, 2008 9:31 PM:

@ Psycho >>

The quality of your expression of sarcastic humour is rather weak. People come here to post real problems and im sure they prefer not to be mocked. Yes sure i know there are many people here that post rubbish about their superpowers though not all people are telling lies. So try to be mroe understanding and thoughtful or people problems.

psycho said at March 28, 2008 9:26 AM:

weak it is. my first language is not english, neither is it my second. i learned english as a third, and im not proud of it. is this all what u got out of my post? ur lack of insight is rather pathetic.

will f. said at March 28, 2008 5:44 PM:

@ Psycho
What I get out of your post is that you think most people on this board are missing the point when it comes to LLI, which would mean you know something about it we don't. I wonder what that might be. Also I wonder why you think most people around here don't have "it".

Loved science since I was a kid? - Check.
Understanding of the universe in my head? - Sometimes I feel as if there was an entire universe in my head. Does that count?
Dubbed genius? - Check.
Dubbed genius by other geniuses? - Umm... No. //Makes note to himself: Spend more time with geniuses.

Tomygun said at March 29, 2008 6:00 PM:

@psycho >>

You shouldnt be so critical, if anyone here is pathetic, it is you. I find it hard to fathom why you dubbed everybody here as a liar. You should be less narrow minded and try to decipher the bigger picture. Also, all that has been conveyed in your previous post was that you are an angry person taking out all your deep issues on other people. Just calm down and try to read what people are writing.

LarvaMaster said at April 4, 2008 10:41 AM:

Maybe as LLI = More Brain Stimulation, this produces enhanced neural growth.

perhaps an LLI person, feeling overwhelmed by over-sensory stimulation withdraws a bit from the world, focusing more energy on studies.... self-initiated-attention builds interest.

and also an LLI percieves more of the world, notices more detail, soo... an LLI child is bound to be more curious.
will feel more intensely.. having too much on their heads and not to be able so sort it out properly due to the mental noise of the environment and inner turmoil of emotions.

wilson said at April 12, 2008 6:18 AM:

please guys i am not claiming to be a person of very high iq but im kind of interested in what you have been posting so i just need a litle help with this question,it is it possible for some who was never born wih LLI to have it in the possible future? Or is it possible to have a self induced LLI?

Tomygun said at April 15, 2008 1:18 AM:

@ Wilson, i guess it is possible if you think about it, though ive never heard of a case where someone has consciously "taught" themselves LLI. But for your 1st question, you are not born with LLI, rather it develops as you grow, yes in the sense you are born with it though when you are a newborn infant, you are not aware of anything around you though it is the surroundings that determine many of your characteristics such as your looks and brain capacity.

DetailedThinker said at April 18, 2008 10:12 PM:

Reading this and the comments puts a lot of questions in my head. I hope I grasped the main ones. And I also hope they make sense.

Why do people have to feel they are "suffering" for something that makes up their very person? There is no such thing as a normal person. "Normal" is just the center of a bell curve. It saddens me when people feel like they must dump their gifts in exchange to be just "average" (whatever that is) and become the same as anyone else.(Is everyone else the same, really?) It seems like every person has something about them that makes them stand out, or they try to suppress it... Makes me wonder why it seems everyone and their dog has to be on meds for something dealing with a mental condition... Is this is a consequence of people trying to be someone they aren't, just because of our flawed perceptions of "Average"?

Why is society so obsessed with making people conform to create some form of sameness? (reminds me of the book The Giver by Lois Lowry)
Is the kind of world we should be striving for? What can we do to change this and make things better?

psycho said at April 20, 2008 2:05 PM:

to whoever pathetic life form that replied to me..i need not scroll up to see who..whoever you are..this is to you. it is because everytime something like this is brought up, people like to belive that they are special in their own special way. that they do have something going on other than being an insignificant life form. ur own universe in ur own head. give me a fucking break. i have been diagnosed with low fucking latent inhibition at the age of 6 and dont see why we have to make it such a big deal. support groups and hearing what others have to say about it. before u go out judging other ppl of being angry and having issues look at ur dubbed genius pathetic self and find something else to do other than waste ur sad life trying to convince urself that u r some sort of a genius. get a life genius

Tomygun said at April 22, 2008 12:59 AM:

@ Psycho

With your last post, you have just proven my contention that you are truly an angry and retarded person, if you dont have anything positive to say, then just dont say it.

will f. said at April 25, 2008 4:16 AM:

psycho said: "i have been diagnosed with low fucking latent inhibition at the age of 6"

WTF? Ooooh, now I understand: Since the LLI buzz has been only around for two years or so (starting in 2006), you can't be much older than 8 years of age. Well, now things start to make sense to me.

Tomygun said at April 25, 2008 5:20 AM:

@ Will F

What you say makes sense from a general angle though this FORUM began in the year 2003, Low latent inhibition has been around for much loinger than that, though you are correct when you refer to it as being only discovered to much of the public recently, this is mst likely due to the massive media hype about it, especially in tv shows. So i understand what you are trying to say to Psycho.

will f. said at April 29, 2008 9:48 AM:

6 + (2008 - 2003) = 11

Still makes a lot of sense ;)

TAMMY said at May 1, 2008 1:45 AM:


Theo Antichi said at May 19, 2008 6:14 AM:

I wanted to post a comment, hopefully providing some insight into the issue as many a poster has, as oppossed to just ranting or insulting. I find that my purported LLI manifests itself chiefly through sound. Even though my eyesight is affected/modified, it seemingly is mostly a case of hyperacusis (bear in mind the condition is classified as closely related to Tinnitus, an illness). Yet there *are* treatments for this, in the fields of brain entrainment and neurscience. Anyone interested should look up a site about tinnitus (and hyperacusis) retraining therapy (TRT) based on the work of Pawel Jastreboff.

will f. said at May 24, 2008 2:16 AM:

@ Theo Antichi
In my opinion, your LLI is a special case. As for me, I don't seem to have any sensory abnormalities, while still having the full spectrum of LLI characteristics. So perhaps that hyperacusis of yours was some kind of trigger for the LLI. Put differently, I think the only connection between sensory abnormalities and LLI is that people with the former may have a higher chance of getting LLI.

qforce said at June 3, 2008 2:43 AM:

Hey Will,

Interestingly enough, my favorite color is orange also, although it used to be blue when I was younger.


lataniel said at June 4, 2008 11:25 PM:

I have it to. It is just it is so simple for me to find solutions to problemes that people believed to be unrezolvable.I am also very sensitive and I observe every thing in such a detail that if everything is moved from its place even 2 cm I just see it. Not to mention the fact that sometimes I just spend time observing things. Every time I see an object I just start thinking about it, I see everything , how was made its structure and complexity everything.

will f. said at June 11, 2008 5:44 AM:

@ qforce
Thank you very much for your reply. Yes, this is indeed interesting. (Hurray, yet another orange lover!)

@ lataniel
Welcome to the club, pal!

tony chen said at June 21, 2008 2:39 AM:

bob when they said trench war fare i actually saw it visually not with my brain imaginatively
i saw it in color

liujunyu said at August 29, 2008 8:24 AM:

Dear friends:
My name is Liujunyu,I'm from China,and I know a little English.Please forgive me.Now,I'm 18 years old.I guest I have got trouble in this disease.I don't feel very well.I don't Convinced that I have got this.But almost all above your Papers is very likely to me.I don't know how to do it the next step...
Can you help me?I really need help!Thank you.
If you are a person who can solve the problem or get in trouble this disease,please send me an e-mail.

my e-mail address:game__go@163.com.

Jonathan said at September 4, 2008 9:19 PM:

I hope that I can be of some help. I am a psychology student at the undergrad level, so I have little to no actual expertise. I have, however been told by an actual psychologist that I have abnormally low latent inhibition. From what I can tell, most of the concerned commenters do not have LLI. The others are operating based on the misconception that low latent inhibition is a disease or disorder. It's not. It's just a different way of living. The only real complications are learning to adapt your learning style and study habits. Most people who think that they have this are either hypochondriacs, overthinkers, distraction prone, or simply very creative. If you are reading this, and you still think that you have LLI, then you almost definitely do not. Just as it is not a disease, it is also not some sort of gift. It's no more a gift than being left handed. It's just what you are. The main point is if you were at one point diagnosed with ADD or ADHD (as I was), and you have problems or adverse reactions to the drugs (as I did), then consult some form of professional help. Otherwise calm down because it is neither a disease, nor is it a gift.

Kelly Cash said at September 8, 2008 8:33 PM:

Abductive Reasoning is the tool. Serendipity is the gift. Zemblanity is the curse. Bahramdipity is the reward. I hide from the guillotine of King Bahram. KJC

kenneth said at September 26, 2008 11:58 PM:

i took an iq test at free-iq-test dot net at have a max iq of 135.

i have a very bad short term memory but an amazingly good long term one.

i have learned how to play the drums just by looking at people play.

my creativity should be in music. I have albums worth of insane guitar riffs and vocal meldies all in my head.
and i have a gift for tracking and trailing people. Could organise my own PI team if i had the resources.

liujunyu said at September 29, 2008 7:20 AM:

dear Jonathan:
I got it.but I still confused.can you make friends with me?when I turn on this website,I must waste 1 minutes.Lori are you?
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tony chen said at October 7, 2008 10:08 AM:

yo did anyone c the episode where michael scofield talks from his cell all the way from where lincoln is room kept for Capital punishment. They demonstrated that people with Low Latent Inhibition has good hearing am i the only one that noticed that? although its possible to have a photographic memory combined with low latent inhibition. I can see any object that comes to my mind visually but its not actually there in color also not with my mind but with my eyes. low latent inhibition obvisouly hasnt been full discovered yet so im hoping im right. i am unable to block out the information and it keeps on coming. i am not able to shut out the constant stream of incoming stimuli. With a Low iq it caused psychosis for me and was hospitalized 2years later i found out it was low latent inhibition. But now at age 17 i am able to hand all the stimuli with an average iq i hope later on that there will be more facts on low latent inhibition. With heigtned senses.

MortenHa said at October 12, 2008 4:03 AM:

And as the walls come crashing down, and purity of thought emerges trough the haze.
The only cohesive notion that remains, is that I've already left and this is motion rendered.
Conventions will not be set ablaze, true liberation is not be found. Martyrdom for us does not exist!

I only pray for love and happiness, as my mind stays quiet. Hoping to share whatever there is to share,
nothing more.

Isaac said at November 13, 2008 7:46 PM:

Low Latent inhibition IS NOT something that everyone has. It's like a tornado that never stops and has now restful 'EYE' within which to find sanctuary. It's sink or swim. Yo learn to compartmentalize FAST, or you go nuts. Period.

It hit me when I was about five. It's very nice and warm and fuzzy that we all have a name for it, that isn't going to make anyone treat me with any more kindness, or with a softer gentler hand while I am busy trying to compartmentalize the utterly unquantifiable amount of extraneous data that floods into my head 24-7.

being miserable brings misery into the world, so don't do that, either learn to love it, or go nuts. Easy choice.

Also, don't pretend you have a condition you don't have, it won;t give you a damned identity, all it will do is make it harder for anyone who can actually help the people who have the condition to weed out the liars who just want attention.


Isaac said at November 13, 2008 8:05 PM:


It gets faster the older you get, you get to know things about everyone around you
(things you didn't want to know, and were happy not knowing[this happens constantly, sorry no resting]) then you have to pretend like you don't know in order to interact in any vestige of social norm
(just because there isn't supposed to be a norm doesn't mean that biases don't still dictate the casual social judgments of the majority)
you can't figure things out as quickly as those around you because you have to process soo much more than everyone else, this eventually alienates you emotionally, unless you just don;t care which probably also happens with enough time as you increasingly have to dedicate more of your emotional and intellectual resources to keeping things inside from flying fan-wards.

better or worse is pretty subjective, true.
My best advice is regimented meditation.
Try to learn as many things as once instead of just one thing at a time, it helps retention.

Learning French? learn German and Japanese at the same time, helps a lot.
As for having to spend your whole life hearing every unconscious thought you have over the course of the day, the only prescription i can offer you is a lot of self honesty.

NoAlias said at December 8, 2008 5:34 PM:

***NOTE: this is a really long post, but I really hope someone out there takes the time to read this and give me some advice***

I almost cried when I read the first several posts on this page... knowing that perhaps I am not as alone as I truly feel in this world. And yes, like most of you, I have come here because of the show Prison Break, which I recently bought on DVD and started watching. When that psychologist told Sara about something called "low latent inhibition" it really spoke to me. I had to immediately find out more about it. I am not sure if I have it, but I am posting on this page because I need help - I need the readers of this web site to let me know if it is possible that this condition/disorder/trait (whatever you want to classify it as) is something I have. I have been reading what I could find on the internet about this for the last hour, and from what I have read, let me explain why I think I may have it (therefore, hopefully explaining some of the major problems I have been dealing with over the last 4-5 years of my life.)

I am 24 years old. I am certainly no genius, I was always just a slightly above average student where I have lived my whole life, in upstate New York (picture Vermont, it's not anything like new york city). There were a few occasions through out my schooling life where I "stood out" among my peers, but only about half a dozen notable experiences which I am not going to bother explaining.

I graduated high school with an 89 average, ranked 39th/160. This is to show I am no "genius". By the end of high school, I never figured out what I wanted to do with my life, so decided to follow my girlfriend and our two best friends to the college that they chose (Oswego State in New York). I gradually suffered more emotional problems from the age of 18 and on. In my first year of college I was unable to separate my academic life from personal life, it was simply too much for me to handle. I chose to focus solely on my personal life (friends, gf, etc), and did poorly in school, getting a 2.3 gpa first semester and 2.1 gpa second semester. When my long term girlfriend broke up with me in college, it destroyed me emotionally. I can honestly say it caused me to be depressed for the next 8-9 months of my life. She broke up with me in that Dec and I was unable to fully say I was "over it" until the following Sep. My brain continuously focused on her and the relationship through out that time span. Smoking pot and constantly being around friends was the only way to escape the nightmare I was living in (the nightmare was that it was so difficult to focus on anything else other than the breakup).

Needless to say, I dropped out of college after my first year. For the next three years of my life, I developed a peculiar routine (atleast I feel it was peculiar). I lived on my own in various apartments, maintaining the same monotonous and boring job (two jobs actually, but they were basically the same duties). All I did was spend time with friends, smoking pot and getting drunk (though i much preferred being high to being drunk). The peculiar routine I developed during this 3-year period was that every single night of my life, I would sit alone in my room, get high by myself, and watch various TV shows. And not just "whatever was on TV". I bought DVD box sets and downloaded TV shows from the internet. A big part of my life (even to this day) is making sure that every night before I go to bed, I must be alone, get high, and watch at least 1-2 episodes of whatever show I am currently into (that right now, being Prison Break). I always just assumed I had some sort of OCD.

So you're probably wondering what this has to do with LLI? Well, since I dropped out of college it has been gradually and increasingly difficult for me to be around people. I used to be the kind of person who was around friends 24/7. That has changed drastically. Now, I feel, to put it simply, that "no one gets me". I look at every aspect of the world around me in such an extremely analytical way that it is difficult to have "small talk" with people anymore. I used to be so good at it, that I would ever consider myself a "popular" person. Not anymore.

Nowadays, when I look at anything in the world, I don't see that object, or that idea, I see "how it works" or "how it operates". I must analyze everything in great detail. And furthermore, I enjoy analyzing everything. But not in the sense that someone posted earlier, using the movie Fast and the Furious as an analogy. I don't see in my brain a picture of a car engine, or something like it. Rather, what happens in my brain, I think about every single possible way to make something "better" or to change it "for the better". The greatest problem is with people. I don't see people anymore, I see every possible thing I can change about them. From the clothes they wear, to the the words they use in conversation, to the way they "should" be walking or carrying themselves. I always just though I was an extremely judgmental person. Because all of these little things about people BOTHER the crap out of me. I want everything and everyone around me to be... better. And my brain is constantly pumping out these ideas to "make them better" or "making things better".

I forgot to mention something important as part of my "peculiar routine" that I have developed. For the last several years of my life, I have had extreme difficulty getting myself to go to bed for 3am (in reality, its like 4 or 5 am usually). And this happens despite even if I have to work at 9 or 10am the next morning (although I try to work out my schedules to work in the afternoon). And the REASON this happens is because my brain is always "pumping out" ideas for every single aspect in my life. That why I smoke myself stupid every night, so I don't have to deal with the struggle that is going to sleep every night. I can never "shut off" my brain, as much as I would like to some times.

Someone on this site posted a list of 10 or so things that says you may have LLI, and something in particular that spoke to me was seeing governmental problems and thinking they are so easy to fix. A new routine I developed in the last few months (having recently obtained cable TV) was that I love to watch MSNBC and CNN for hours a day, and then analyze and dissect all the simple changes that could be made to our country and government.

This post has gone on far too long, though I could keep going for a very long time. If you have read this far, thank you so very much, it means so much to me. Any input you have is appreciated. I just wanna mention that I feel like a needle in a haystack, living in the middle of nowhere, where no one seems to get my over-analytical state of mind that seems so efficient and smart to me. I know that sounds egotistical and self centred, but I guess that's just the kind of person I am. My dad is a work-aholic who works two boring jobs all the time, never having spent time with me. I have literally had a handful of conversations with the guy through out my life. My mom is a "pot-addict", if there is such a thing. She smokes every day of her life, shutting herself off in a room alone (similar to what I do now) for much of each day. Though she did talk to me through out my life, she was so emotionally fragile, it was difficult... And all the friends I've had over the last few years were never really overly smart or anything, an never seemed interested in having an in-depth conversation with me. Basically, what I'm saying is, is that I've never had anyone who could understand what I'm talking about.

Please give me advice. Should I seek counseling? There are just so many different psychiatrists/therapists/psychologists out there, I don't know which one to go to... If I in fact have LLI, or a specific disorder/condition, maybe there is someway to "help myself", or at least use this condition to my advantage.

Any input from anyone is greatly appreciated.

anon said at December 12, 2008 7:04 AM:

The thing with LLI that no one seems to grasp is this:

If you have LLI, you don't know that you have it.
If you don't have LLI, you can understand what it is and the symptoms of it.

Therefore, if you understand the symptoms, you can't have it. Since everyone here seems to understand that and be able to speak about it, then none of you have it. If you have LLI, you can't speak about it because you don't even know that you show the symptoms of it.

Aaron said at December 20, 2008 12:08 PM:

I have a friend who is a psychologist- She after knowing me for a long time pointed me to this condition. I'm still not sure, but the scientific side of me cannot deny it's strong correlation.

I'm not sure this is typical, but I am also empathic and find myself frequently overloaded not with information, but emotions. Most times it's OK, as you walk down the street and most people give off an element of almost being brain dead, with just a few that scream out at you as you walk past. But this time of year I went out and because of the crowds the frustration was so intense it made there paths to be more unpredictable, everything was more erratic and overloading.

I find myself liking the nighttime as it offers a peace that the day cannot give.

Tomygun said at January 11, 2009 3:35 AM:

Hi all, i once was a regular poster on this forum though due to my studies i have not been able to contribute regularly...

i would just like to say to TONY CHEN that Low Latent Inhibition (a mental condition which can be good and bad) does not give you super hearing, as much as you would like to believe it, it just isnt going to happen. This was pointed out to you earlier in 2008... so please stop posting ridiculous claims about a correlation between you and Michael Scofield, a TV character. HE IS JUST A FICTIONAL CHARACTER... i myself am diagnosed with Low Latent Inhibition, i have a very high IQ and large digit span, though i do not claim i am a genius with supernatural powers, rather i am a little different to others. Perhaps some of you would find Howard Gardners studies interesting as he splits intelligence into different sections based on every singular person.

Please post back with your thoughts


Rienzo said at January 30, 2009 9:16 AM:

I really think this research has opened up a whole new way of thinking about creativity. I'm especially interested in how we can use this research to pursue heightened creativity. I like how the article mentions that corticosterone lowers latent inhibition. For example, white noise, caffeine, alcohol, cold water, and many forms of stress increase corticosterone, and would presumably lower LI. It seems like experimenting with combinations of these could provide one way to personally test out these ideas. Increased dopamine neurotransmission likewise lowers LI, as has been found in several studies which tested latent inhibition when d-ampetamine was given to humans. As expected, the dopaminergic effect of amphetamine significantly lowered LI. Alcohol and all drugs of abuse have dopaminergic effects, which might help explain the longstanding association between creative individuals and drug abuse. The question is, how can we increase dopamine in a more sustainable way? In my experience I have found two common natural supplements to be useful: NADH (which increases dopamine via the enzyme tyrosine hydroxylase) as well as SAM-e (typically used as an antidepressant, but it has also been found to effectively re-sensitize the dopamine-rich nucleus accumbens, which may ultimately contribute to a dopaminergic effect). I discuss latent inhibition and creativity extensively at my website, http://creativesubstances.com.

Most importantly perhaps is that this research provides a way to conceptualize the optimum creative mind-state: a detached, diffuse state of mind in which a multitude of associations are combined and recombined to generate novel solutions. When I think back to some creative breakthroughs I've had as a creative writer, what stands out are stretches often lasting hours of struggling to find a solution. My mind seems almost blank, as if everything is happening subsurface. The actual breakthrough usually comes either late at night in bed or shortly after waking up in the morning. Fresh solutions or directions abruptly come to mind, and from that first solution innumerable further directions and ideas spiral out with a euphoria-producing ease.

Al said at February 2, 2009 12:50 AM:

Wow! Just like for all of you, this explains everything. I too am a genius but woefully misunderstood. I even found a cure for AIDS while pleasuring a dangling part of my body and had talks with Socrates while walking to work. If only people understood that I cannot be normal due to my totally made up and unverified IQ of 260.

fanLLI?? said at February 21, 2009 12:38 AM:

Hi everybody,
The prison Brake episode that has been a sort of revelation to many of you (myself included) has been aired in my country pretty recently. So I've had my own revelation moment ,3-4 years later than most of you :-)
I'm not sure if my case is related to LLI, and I would be very interested to hear any one who has a similar set of experiences.
Many of you spoke of an extreme mechanical ability: Knowing how a machine works, picturing the inside of a machine and so on. My own "ability" is related to people: whenever I see another human being, I get a crystal clear picture of their inner 'workings", of their inclinations, fears, childhoods, talents, losses, character trends et et and I also get a pretty clear picture of what they need to do. Bare with me. I'm not talking about intuition (though it does play a part in this). I'm talking about using the information I get from seeing them. (Literally seeing them, not in a psychic way). In a matter of nanoseconds, I sort of scan their physical appearance, and I just know what these kind of eyes, this kind of elbow, this kind of piggy toe (if one is visible) implies. The combination of all the details offered, gives me the answers. I just know the "entire" person, from the parts, so to speak. Every single time I am proven correct in my "analysis". "Nobody got me like you did" is something I hear a LOT. I'm not sure if this is exactly LLI, if it is is a different variation of it, but it can be equally frustrating as what you all described. Meeting new people can be proven a difficult as I feel the burden of too much information by a single glance. When I go to restaurants I tend to sit in a chair that faces the wall for example, since my mind will be analyzing the faces of strangers the entire time, looking for solutions to their problems...
Creativity and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, are also typical to my own case: I am an artist myself. It seems that I'm blessed / cursed with such "amounts" of creativity that again it becomes tiring. When I get a project for example, I'm often asked to do 3 drafts/variations. My mind offers 700!! I have to stop my self each time from coming up with more and more variations. Each time I feel like I could spent my entire life doing this one project and it can never end. Ideas will keep on coming to my head. Endless ideas for an endless amount of time. I also enjoy different aspects of art, again each one of these could be my life's work if I chose to. But I want more, and experiment with other aspects and more etc etc. Fantasy art, science fiction, traditional art, surrealism, mythology, New Age, graphics, children books illustrations, Fashion illustrations, fashion design, photography, hand painted objects, mosaics, stones, furniture, stained glass windows, the list goes on and on. This diversity is causing practical problems since commercial art is a very specialized field: an agent or client wants to see one thing from you and expects to see it every single time in a slight variation. But I can stay in "one" place:-)
I have the same variation in my writing as well, as I have written in newspapers, magazines , anything from political articles to humor columns. World religion issues, New Age stuff or fashion and movie reviews... Each one of this, could my one "calling", my one single job for the rest of my life, if I chose to. Nobody would notice that it is only a part of my many "things". At the moment I'm working on a book on tarot and occult traditions and Jungian psychology, on 4 children books, a book on angels, all that in English, and a novel in Greek. All at the same time. Similarly, when I paint I speak on the phone, I listen to the radio or TV etc etc. , while my mind wonders to future projects.
With each project I begin, dozens and dozens other ideas are generated from the one I'm working on. And I often get the feeling that no matter how many years I live, or for how many years my creativity will live in any case, I will never have the time to complete all. It would take many lives to do that!! And it feels like I am burden by the ideas that will never see the light of day!
Another similar point to many of you is the fact that I just feel like I must get knowledge. As much of it as I can! I just need to know about things and spent all my money on books... In school I too had made my teachers embarrassed by my questions, and I too could not understand how they could not understand certain things.....
Yet I too, like many of you I am often misunderstood as, well, not so bright :-) just because I am not bright in the things other people consider important: making lots of money, being aware of what time it is, or what date of the month it is etc etc. I can't even drive a car!! Which makes everyone certain that I must be an idiot :-))
Finding friends with whom to have a stimulating conversation - one that does not make me bored - is again a challenge...
Every since I was a child I have also faced the envy and jealousy from every other artist I have met, who has to work harder at her/his art , or who is not blessed with inspiration. Which makes me reserved, and sort of secretive about the many things I do. (writing about all this here, is very out of character for me :-)) In fact there is not one single soul who knows the entirety of my work for this same reason. I do not want to be perceived as arrogant or cause embarrassment or envy, so why flaunt this? Though it does hurt me that from all the work I have produced only tiny fragments will be seen by others.
Even though I feel like the way my mind works can be a burden, I definitely would not change it with a more "normal" one. It has let me to discover so many things and explore so many things in myself and in others.
The point is, if one has LLI or in any case, any kind of special way that her/his brain works, then an outlet, a creative outlet needs to be discovered. Life will still be a little more difficult and even kind of lonely in a certain way, but a creative outlet - finding your calling - will make one's "special mind" a blessing, not a curse. One's deeper understanding of human nature or the nature of a machine in any case, must have a creative use. The constant stream of information that comes into our mind uninvited, will then be structured and help us do things that are useful or at least beautiful :-)) Psychology is still in the dark about all this. Dealing with a psychologist who is her/himself clueless as to how it feels not to be average, is not the solution... And neither is drugs! Knowing your self, working on yourself, finding an outlet, polishing your gift so to speak, and trying to help others rather than look down on them, is I believe a pretty good way to go about it:-)

Franca said at February 24, 2009 8:10 AM:

I've just read the pages written by the taiji master and most people here don't really sound like they've got LLI at all.


His website is mindblowing - intellectually. He reads Krishnamurti; who I'd never heard of but totally freaks me out because he's so, so deep. Plus, the best part is that he wrote the LLI stuff about 8 years ago and it has nothing to do with Prison Break.

tbp said at February 25, 2009 10:13 AM:

It's quite sad how desperate some people are to give themselves a label, or boast about their IQ. If you were really achieving excellence in your life then I doubt you would feel the need to tell people how clever you are. To the person who said early in this post that they are burdened by their high IQ (top 5%), please do get over yourself. Having an IQ in the top 5% does not make you some burdened genius, alienated from the rest of society. There are plenty of people with an IQ in this range, you will pass dozens of them on the street every day.

hum said at February 28, 2009 5:18 AM:

Actually i would not, cheer so much with this LLI.

Most so called mental conditions are at best "strange" definitions.
only one being non-strange is IQ-tests that are pretty simple cases when compared to other psychiatric "measurements"

But this posting is ment for these, anti-labeler's& IQ blablahs.
older than life studies show already that children wont fit on deviation curves of IQ as 170+ ratio IQ's are found 300% of their statistical possibility. (thus bell curve is not simply correct one to present stuff in children tests, and it raises question is deviation iq actually valid in adult world to present data.)

Also, from personal Experience, in psychometric testing as child due adhd suspicion i was never told my IQ so that i wont become Evil-elitists.

while mantaining my position in regular classroom and being bored to death...
I laugh to all whom tell that not to have so big "huss" or shut up and be a man just "live with it"
You do realize that i've seen this shit for "Long time" and none of those hussers have stopped me before rational argument, Why?
most common is to avoid such argument as they have no reason, they have only fear to offer.

firstly becouse It doesnt bring out best from children it makes them passive and dislike society&authorities
secondly well these people seem to posses annoying feature of keeping talking about it and nothing no fear of punishment is going to stop em becouse they've gone usually through enormous amount of useless shit.
and last point, they usually dont wish it to happen to anybody else...

Unless you get the adaptation of just shut up, and abuse the lesser minded humans&be a dick. (Oh they do work in society they do not whine about their IQ, but the misery they cause for revenge of their shitty school&society experiences is most childlike response one can imagine.)

btw, i suggest all to read "an Under Ground History of Americas Education" by T.J Gatto and you might understand why theres so much High IQ whiners in internet.

leeharveyosbtch said at March 3, 2009 10:37 PM:

howdy. new to this forum. just found it tonight while doing my usual "is there anyone in the world who has the same difficulties i do?" internet research. have had many conversations with people regarding the relationship between intelligence, greater perception, and depression. i am not going to tell you guys what my iq is, as so many here see that as arrogance. i always thought tho, that false modesty was much more annoying. it's not arrogance to notice than things like school are REALLY easy for you, and that you seem to be able to grasp concepts that many people can't even start to wrap their minds around. anyway, what i have talked to my friends, who tend to be the smarter(successful or not) misfits about is that the more intelligent people tend to be more unhappy. the reason for that being , i figured, is that the smarter you are, the more you notice the things around you, and the more you notice, the more you see things that are wrong. what sux is when you see the really screwed up stuff that you will never be able to do anything about but are unable to ignore because you get slapped in the face with it every time you turn on the tv or leave your house. an example of this is the many things religion teaches people, that are really ridiculous but that so many people accept without ever even thinking of questioning. just using religion as one of the more obvious examples. ANY religion. no matter which one you may or may not subscribe to, you may be able to point out the silly in another one, or another variation of yours. the problem comes in when a person who is capable of objectively(as much as anyone can be said to be)looking at these things has to deal every day with people and the media being accepting of horsecrap of one degree or another, and all being too willing to spread their own variety around, while being intolerant of anyone else's, not to mention a person who subscribes to none of them and who has her own ideas. sorry that is kinda drawn out, but it's that kind of thing that causes intelligence-related isolation. it's not because some smart people choose to be outcast from society, or that they are focusing only on their differences. it's that heightened perception is a severe social handicap. i have a really hard time relating to the average person on a casual social level. i just don't understand regular people, and it's not for lack of trying. i was happy to find the stuff on LLI because i have had lifelong problems with it. my brain is just always buzzing. i do not have ADD or anything like that. i have no trouble concentrating - quite the opposite. i just can't turn off the input, or the way i process it. i am completely incapable of sleeping unless sedated, because of the constant busyness that goes on in my head. without sedatives, i might sleep about every third day. been that way my WHOLE life. i don't have to be stressed out for that to be the case. my brain just doesn't want to stop playing and rest. the fact that i am capable of seeing things with relative objectivity, and from many angles and possibilities at once makes me good at my job. i'm a paramedic, and since i'm aware most folks have no idea what we do, i'll just say that paramedics are trained with a crash course in emergency medicine to rapidly diagnose and treat damn near anything, according to presenting signs and symptoms. it's not easy, especially as most people aren't the best at answering questions, so you have to be REALLY observant.

i tend to over explain and ramble too. this kinda stuck out as dumb, and i read a lot of the posts. nice to know i'm not the only one, but this one gave me a laugh, with an eye roll to go with it.

The thing with LLI that no one seems to grasp is this:

If you have LLI, you don't know that you have it.
If you don't have LLI, you can understand what it is and the symptoms of it.

Therefore, if you understand the symptoms, you can't have it. Since everyone here seems to understand that and be able to speak about it, then none of you have it. If you have LLI, you can't speak about it because you don't even know that you show the symptoms of it.

you may not have a name for it, but there is NO WAY YOU CAN HAVE THIS PROBLEM AND NOT KNOW IT. duh. i didn't know there was a term for it, but i always knew my perceptions weren't the same as most people's. a really good example of this is how many people have asked me, "Why don't you just go to sleep?" *sigh* as if it were that easy.

Brandon Pumel said at March 12, 2009 12:49 AM:

A lot of people who have been posting comments are telling themselves that just because they are smart, or have intelligient thoughts about how things process, are then diagnosed with Low Latent Inhibition. This is extremely false. Say you are invited over to someones house for a drink. You first walk into the room and choose a seat to sit down in and begin conversating with whoever invited you over. Small talk. In the case of a LLI victim, they will walk into the room and take in every piece of the room that means absolutely nothing. Everything from a crack in the ceiling, a fly on the wall, the ceiling, etc. Anything and everything is taken into there mind and processed, but not labeled. Lets say the certain person who invited you over tells your to make your self at home and you can pour your own drink. Lets say they have dozens of different types of vodka,rum,hard liquor,etc. A person who has Low Latent Inhibition will look at every single type of drink there is to choose from. A normal person would just look at the overall group and look for the label that is there favorite drink. So just because you have intelligient thoughts about how the world goes around means nothing. It just means you don't have any forms of retardation. Trust me, LLI is much more than just being smart. If you think you have it, and you love that you have it, you probably dont have Low Latent Inhibition.

Seth B. said at April 5, 2009 10:30 PM:

Brandon, that has already been written for the most part (sucks when that happens, I know), but the last part should read more like, "If you think you have it, and you do, then you probably don't love it." -I still disagree.

I'm going to put this out there for the people who can function with their LLI and DO love it:

Really, people?
You all sound like a bunch of stark-raving lunatics; not because you are, but because (as was mentioned) you never had a peer group growing up and got left behind on the social ladder--never learned how to communicate properly. SO CATCH UP. It took me 18 years to do it but it's been smooth sailin' ever since. The real treat comes when you actually pass the standard level of social awareness. Just flip a few switches, utter a few key words, "BAM!" they think you're Jesus (literally--JESUS).
If you feel generally better equipped to survive than your fellow humans--and you know who you are--then I really want to see you succeed in this society. You are the next leap in human evolution waiting to happen, but it won't if you never get to breed! It's a specific combination of genes that just started popping up unexpectedly--myself included in that population--that natural selection seems to favor. Evolutionary Cooperation is the only thing standing in your way (look it up), and there's really no way around it. We need to get this ball rolling, SO CATCH UP!

Good Luck,
The One Who Figured It Out

(P.S. for those of you who don't know, 18 years in relative terms is easily a standard lifetime in the LLI brain. It might encourage you to know that there were about 2 years of acutely accelerated growth, caused by a WILLINGNESS TO THRIVE, followed by an explosion of social understanding about 6 months after my 18th birthday. I am now 20, and can convince weak-minded people that I am Jesus with minimal effort)

Seth B. said at April 5, 2009 10:42 PM:

Wow, I sound like a stark-raving lunatic...

JlNXX said at April 29, 2009 11:29 AM:

oh to find one with which i can see eye to I, and but for one moment feel proof of the lie.

Dane said at May 5, 2009 9:55 AM:

My bio
Sensitive child.
No problem finding or getting into trouble.
Took apart everything.
Small group of creative friends typically brighter, nerdier sort. Not the jocks for sure.
Very good at music - self taught.
Building toys, electronics and science toys captivated me for hours.
Day dreamer in school - they thought I had a learning disabiltiy.
Thought I was weird and differnt then others.
Mispoke and blurted out at times - put foot in mouth.
Average C - student - didn't do homework.
Horrible at team sports - good at solo sports, Skiing, Scuba, Biking, etc.
Spiritual but find it hard to except religious ideas
As adult focused on improving grades and completed engineering degree. 3.0 with honors
Developed interst in technical writing and certified 3D CAD designer
Self taught computer hardware and software guru
Isolated into hobbies that changed often
Self taught or somehow already knew how to rehab houses, pluming electrical etc.
worked as project engineer now global sales manager for largest automation company in the world.
Strangest abilty to recall past memories in detail.
Divorced - she called me crazy
Remarried - she calls me smart
Welbutrin for anxiety and depression and to quit smoking (which will never happen). I quit this med for 3 months and my mind came alive. The sleeping creativity was like a fountain. For three months ideas poured out of me and I couldn't sleep. Got back on Welbutrin to level stuff out and keep things in check and remain employed. Creativity now next to zero. Sad. I liked the creative rush : )

littlemac89 said at May 5, 2009 11:39 PM:

Reading over previous posts, I see striking similarities between the way that many of you describe your experience of the world with my own. My mind is constantly overflowing with information, sometimes so much so that I am unable to hold on to one thought at a time. I find myself, as explained here, unable to switch off; hence, I have a lot of trouble both achieving and maintaining sleep. I realise that having never experienced the world through the eyes of another I can not know for sure that I see things differently, but the way in which I tend to interpret and use what I see often differs from those around me. I do, however, have somewhat of a reputation for self-diagnosis and hypochondria amongst family and friends, so I have not bothered to speak in person with anyone about LLI as a possibility.

That being said, I am working up to seeking some professional help and I prefer to go to a doctor loaded with possibilities and research so that (a) I can better describe what I am feeling and (b) I can better understand what they tell me. Therefore, does anyone know if there is a self test for latent inhibition? I score well in CAQ and IQ tests, but am yet to come across a test for LI.

Theo Antichi said at May 22, 2009 7:42 PM:

On the subject of overflowing of information, I found of interest how this phenomenom is found in schizophrenics. I am not saying people who have a condition such as LLI are schizoid, merely that there seems to be a correlation in regards to how the brain hemispheres work. More here, in chapter 4: http://www.scribd.com/doc/4390832/Review-Copy-of-Left-in-the-Dark

Theo Antichi said at May 22, 2009 8:45 PM:

I had a "Franca moment" (read; intuition instead of intellectual inquiry) while watching certain tapes of J. Krishnamurti and David Bohm (phycisist); I thought the guy was a phony. U.G. Krishnamurti, the brutally honest "antiguru" spoke of J. K. as "the greatest fraud of the 20th century. He denounces systems and opens meditation schools, talks of the crippling effects of conditioning, then runs schools which foster more conditioning, talks of simplicity and builds worldwide real estate organizations, and says you must be on your own, then takes measures to preserve his teachings for the future." Also, J. K. had an affair with a friend's wife for 20 years; I only point it out because this is the same person who famously pondered "How does desire come into being?" Franca, don't cast stones if you live in a glass house.

Joseph Latta said at May 27, 2009 12:10 AM:

I am trapped with in my own thought process. I always look at things say a car or a computer I dont just see the car or the computer I think about the various components that make up the car or the computer. I see the hard drive and the system board or the processor of the computer, I look at the car I see the suspension I see the caster and camber tie rods that control the wheel alignment I look at a lamp not only do I see the lamp but I can see the purpose of everything from the electrical cord down to the washers or the filimanet thats contained with in the glass light bulb. I see these things I think about these things. When looking at a building or a room I can break down the room or building into the geometrical shapes that compose the room or building. Sometimes all this information can force my focus to shift from one thing to another with out notice or I can become easily distracted by something else hence I am trapped in my own thought process. I dont know what I can do to get control of this. I have never been diagnosed with low latent inhibitions but I think that its something I might have. lol... any one got any idea's on what i can do about this?

Ki Blackman said at June 1, 2009 1:30 AM:

I just so happened to be on google and ran across the comment I made quite some time ago. Amazing. Since years have passed, I understand that some good psychotherapy never "hurt" anyone. I appreciated the comment about IQ testing mentioned much earlier. Reading my earlier comment I was like: Wow, I was confident then!

It is true when one has new ideas etc. they can be perceived as "ya know". Yet, I also appreciated the prior comment about the need to be socially with it. Within the recent months I have realized that I love being social. It's cool and it's fun!!!!! I could truly have as many friends as I desire yet truth is with my inner life I love the quite time of listening to my thoughts and spending as much time as I may with myself. I do have a very rich inner life. I went through a cycle where I could write for days yet I had to set boundaries. Thus, I refused and will write when I choose rather than have the floodgates overwhelm.

I still get that feeling where I feel high for "no" reason. It's definitely many reasons!!!! That's when the influx just goes. It's like I can just leave a voice mail with someone and somehow that same thing was said elsewhere. It's like our minds are atenaes to a degree, and it is up to us to make sure the correct channel is on, and turn off the channels that are unworthy to be heard. Self-Management.

On a lighter note, since my last entry I find myself loving to be the life of the party. Ironically, I don't go out to party, yet I simply love the event of getting dressed up, dancing and being the light of the world. It's pretty fun. I think I may have always been this way yet am now coming into my own. By that I mean I enjoy, appreciate, and recognize it to a higher degree.

lli said at June 16, 2009 1:35 AM:

see movie Mr. Jones

Ferguson Lewis said at June 22, 2009 2:27 AM:

I don't think at all that mentally ill people end up ill because they're not intelligent. I think perhaps the medication they are given numbs them out and results in less imaginative and creative ways of thinking which results in a lower IQ. I've read several articles which cite evidence of mentally ill people being infact treated with a variety of B vitamins and/or hormonal replacement therapy. I wonder whether those suffering from mental illness may just be the unlucky ones whose bodies do not or cannot re-establish stable levels of the hormones which govern the state of cognition. Just a thought.

Theo Antichi said at July 3, 2009 4:14 PM:

"The B-12 vitamin is of note because it is not available from plant products, making B-12 deficiency a concern for vegans." (wikipedia)

"Nutritional science recommends that a human needs 45 mg (of vitamin C) each day. This is just enough to prevent scurvy but not enough to keep the body functioning at an optimal level. We would not, and indeed do not, obtain the sort of levels our bodies really need from a diet high in meat and low in vegetables/fruit, but we would from one high in fruit, shoots and leaves." (Left in the dark)

"Even figs (perhaps the most preferred food) contain a small amount of insect matter as their pollination mechanism results in eggs and larvae of small wasp species remaining in the fruit. These insects may have served as an important source of essential micronutrients such as vitamin B12 as well as providing a little extra protein." (Left in the dark)

Draw your own conclusions.

Alexander Lars said at December 17, 2009 5:55 PM:

Well here I am a few hours after Prison Break still tossing this phrase around in my head. It's almost 2:30am and I cant sleep, but I'm sure thats nothing new for many of you. Normally I hate when I hear something that I think might be a generic term for the way I think or feel, but tonight's theory actually seems to hit the spot. I mean I figure we have all heard we were ADD,ADHD, and well maybe we are. But with that said I cant say that I have ever in my 28 years of life thought someone else had typed what I was thinking. TOOMUCHINFO, I seriously thought I was experiencing Dejavu when I read your post. I quickly stopped reading and scrolled down to make sure I hadnt had too much caffiene, Astonishingly your name was at the bottom. Well as I scrolled back up and finished the post I just felt amazed someone sees things the same way. As a kid I was given an IQ test and scored 141 in 3rd grade and immediatly placed in gifted classes untill highschool, where the budget was cut. I had the same teacher every year and same few classmates. Upon beginning highschool I was suddendly shocked and bored of how lame even the hardest, most advanced classes were. Well you guessed it, I no longer cared about school..they had taken my ability to achieve away and even frowned upon the fact that I was done .....

I'm a 21 year old kid currently going to USD. Whoever wrote the comment above described the way my brain works spot on. I’ve never been able explain to others why I’m so interested in things such as cars and other mechanical achievements. Its not that i just love fast gas guzzling cars, its because I swear I can see this 3D model of everything working together, all the gears in action, the stress the metal is under and everything working together. Whenever my car is making the slightest squeak or sound my mind zooms in on every possible thing it could be and drives me crazy until i know what it is. Its like my brain has to know how everything in the world works and has to have a working 3D model in my mind that i can always access. At some points it can get annoying which has led me to heavy drinking and such in the passed but now that I’ve kind of learned to live with it, i wouldn’t give up the way my brain works for anything. i don’t mean to to sound arrogant but i honestly need to be drunk to have a conversation with someone about the way anything works just to be on the same level as them. However when it come to writing and putting my thoughts in to words its the opposite. i really didnt think anyone else saw things the way i do, thank you all for writing comments i never thought it would be possible for me to meet someone and be able to talk with them at my own level. But who knows, at least i know exist now..

Kevin Morgan said at March 12, 2010 4:34 PM:

What's the link,if any,between DMT and LLI?If anyone has info please let me know it.Thanks

Dave said at August 31, 2010 3:52 PM:

quote KINGSLEY: I can't believe this; this is the first time I'm witnessing this kind of thing, people actually publicly identifying with a mental illness all because they think if they have a high IQ, then they could become "geniuses".

Everyone is claiming to suffer this mental illness because of its possibilities. I don't know if I should call it a good thing or a stupid thing.

Notwithstanding, I know that some of you might trully be smart, but to say that you are so smart that you think everyone aroung you is too dumb for you to interact with is a wrong approach to this thing. I mean, how are you sure you are not the one who is dumb and your dumb neighbour the smart one.

What does smart mean? What makes you think you are smarter; brain cells? Everyone has got equal number of brain cells which means we all have equal potentials only that some of us have refused to identify with this potentials. You see, it's all about the mindset not the doctor's test. I don't see anyone as being dumb because I know everyone has potentials, I would rather say they haven't identified with their abilities "yet".

For those of us who are "extra smart" or in my own opinion, who have identified with their potentials, I think we should channel our smartness towards making the worlrd a better place for everyone.

Thank You.

Not everyone has the same potential. That is absurd. And not everybody has the same amount of brain cells. It varies a lot.
Not only does the amount of neurons vary, but also the amount of glial cells, astrocytes, oligodendrocytes and also the length of dendrites, the amount of receptors for various neurotransmitters, the speed of neurotransmisson, blood brain barrier function, ...
That's just writing without thinking.

Dave said at August 31, 2010 4:06 PM:

Dan said at December 15, 2006 8:14 AM:

Does all that extra input get directed straight into the ego? Or does reading about high IQs just get all your panties in a twist... If you all have super elite ninja intelligence and spidey-senses to boot, what the hell are you all doing up at 1AM posting about it on some blog? Go save the world, smart guy. Or shut up.

Who says they aren't saving the world?
Plus it might be that it is not 1am where they reside.

Corbin said at October 17, 2010 5:33 AM:

I find it amusing that so many people have left comments along the lines of "I always knew I was a genius." yet they have spelling and grammar mistakes throughout their comments. I can see the genius bursting out of you. I certainly am no genius. I never claim to be. I have a more analytical logical mind and tend to be more technically inclined. Attention to detail. Following rules or instructions to the letter. A knack you could say for how things work and finding more efficient or effective ways of doing things. And less emotion.

I tend to have people react to what I say along the lines of "Wow! That was mean!", however that was not the intent. The intent was to point out either how what you are saying is not of interest or how you are doing something incorrectly or inefficiently. My favorite are the safety issues where people don't want to listen to me because they think I'm know it all who doesn't deserve to be listened to. Not part of the "cool kids". So I stand back and shake my head while for them to injure themselves. Then I laugh. Makes my day.

One thing not mentioned here is environmental and predisposition influences. One individual with low latent inhibition who grew up in a loving well off family able to attend the best educational institutions. Another individual grew up in a low income abusive environment. The result of low latent inhibition can be positive or negative based on the environment an individual is raised.

Shawn Watson said at December 25, 2010 6:20 PM:

Sane and insane can easily switch places if the minority becomes the majority.

I too have LLI. The way I see the world, the maths (not just numbers) that I am surrounded by, and my high IQ (I am not mentioning the score) make dealing with LLI EASY. But the fact that everyone else cannot see what is, to me, obvious makes it extremely annoying.

Tomygun said at April 16, 2011 8:25 AM:

Hi everyone, Tomygun here again, it has been a long time!
I happened to stumble across this site again after so many years, gosh it has been 4 years!
Happy to say i'm still going strong, how is everyone doing? Coping with the LLI i hope :)

tiny brain said at June 23, 2011 2:58 PM:

Anyone publicly claiming LLI is far more likely to be branded a psychotic if they ever go off the reservation even a little bit....
Process that...

chris said at June 28, 2011 8:30 AM:

I too am the smartest person alive or to have possibly ever lived, and can tell you that my anxiety is very high.
My, I , My stuff, me, mine, I am, the best, me me me me.

Tomygun said at July 19, 2011 12:24 AM:


I find your sardonic comment to be very distasteful and insensitive. LLI affects many people and it is not something to take lightly.
There are genuine people that suffer and also cope with this condition and if you have nothing positive to put in then plainly don't.

Anonymous said at February 13, 2012 7:47 PM:

can you just get low latent inhibition like that if you wornt born with it or if you would like to have low latent inhibition can you do things to get low latent inhibition ?

van tamme said at November 6, 2012 6:16 AM:

A lot of people who have been posting comments are telling themselves that just because they are smart, or have intelligient thoughts about how things process, are then diagnosed with Low "Latent Inhibition. This is extremely false. Say you are invited over to someones house for a drink. You first walk into the room and choose a seat to sit down in and begin conversating with whoever invited you over. Small talk. In the case of a LLI victim, they will walk into the room and take in every piece of the room that means absolutely nothing. Everything from a crack in the ceiling, a fly on the wall, the ceiling, etc. Anything and everything is taken into there mind and processed, but not labeled. Lets say the certain person who invited you over tells your to make your self at home and you can pour your own drink. Lets say they have dozens of different types of vodka,rum,hard liquor,etc. A person who has Low Latent Inhibition will look at every single type of drink there is to choose from. A normal person would just look at the overall group and look for the label that is there favorite drink. So just because you have intelligient thoughts about how the world goes around means nothing. It just means you don't have any forms of retardation. Trust me, LLI is much more than just being smart. If you think you have it, and you love that you have it, you probably dont have Low Latent Inhibition."

Awesome post!

van tamme said at November 6, 2012 6:48 AM:

I'm hoping others find this thread again to continue the discussion. (minus the boasters)

It's a thing where one just knows..... but cannot explain.
I stumbled across "my condition" when my housemate said to me....

"you are very much like the guy on prison break with his brain condition"

So i watched the first episode and thought it was shit because of the quite obvious over-use of structural engineering terms when he was describing the badly designed matchstick model. It insulted me as a chartered structural engineer that the producers would make such a mess of structural terminology. I hate people that over-complicate things. Everything can be broken down to explain in a simpler fashion. Furthermore - the use of that type of bolt within prison yards would have been thought of in the early stage of the design process - so the program is BULLSHIT!

Anyway (sorry i could rant all day), I then googled EVERYTHING on LLI (google is God before i get flamed) and here I am.

This thread is very interesting reading and while i suspect that there are many with it, there are also many that want it.
I'm not sure this is something that everyone should want - hence the link with intelligence and schizo personas.

A common trait amongst us is the inability to "wind-down". I sit up pondering my thoughts every single night. Smoking weed has helped me a lot and lets me home-in on thoughts as oposed to getting anxietious over my usual 100+ thoughts and tasks that overwhelms me sometimes.

A bit about me as least boastful as possible..... just to see if others can relate so expect this will be tangential (but you should be used to that, shouldn't you!)
I struggle with many things socially and lots of people describe me as "different".
I hate weddings and shit due to the fakeness of it all.
I cant deal with liars - i feel lies.... almost everyone lies.
I am a structural engineer - i hate it and it bores me to death. I dont really feel theres much that can challenge me structurally - it can or cannot be done - simple!
Architects are foolish....... joke!
I rent property and renovate property all on my own.
I teach mixed martial arts and have a black belt in many (although belts mean nothing these days)
I cannot concentrate while teaching a class while someone is talking or whispering in the background.... I hear everything they are saying and it jumps into my thoughts.....
I make to-do lists for everything.
I'm pretty damn good at everything (that i enjoy).
I refuse to learn about stuff that bores me.
Unless something interests me i will forget about 90 percent of it - this includes conversations and often lands me in trouble.
When i was young (4 years old) i started my collections of fact books. (wasnt so keen on stories when all i've ever wanted was the truth)
I've never struggled with sleep but always fight it..... you don't win by sleeping...

mmmmmm - probably loads more i could add but I'm bored of typing now.

It'd be nice to discuss with anyone that doesnt try to prove their intelligence with some dumb-ass pompous shit.

Van tamme said at November 6, 2012 7:07 AM:

Also - whats the deal with all you diddies wearing X-ray specs?

Yeah - we see things differently but don't try to pretend that when a car drives past all you see is the pistons and its inner-workings!

That is not LLI - you are probably superman and should maybe buy a cape.

Currently i'm at my desk at work and I am looking at the monitor infront of me. My phone flashes every now and again and i see it instantly - even when my eyes are not looking at it. Someone is having a convo to their wife in the bay across from me while someone else that i cannot see is faffing around with books and stirring their hot-chocolate. I can almost taste it the smell is so strong. And someone just walked past with keys in their right pocket so i know it isnt my boss as his keys are in his cardigan and he walks with more authority so the jingle noise is different....

Point is I notice everything - all the above happened within a timeframe of about 3 secs - waaaay beyond the time it took to write it down.

I certainly do NOT have X-ray specs..

SoundDr said at December 2, 2012 7:12 PM:

I Have LLI and have always high a higher level of understanding that my friends. I have the ability to think in 3d and a very photographic memory. But with all these talents for which I am grateful I find it hard to choose a career. I am only a freshman in college, but I have been creating and designing prototypes, and sketching up designs since I was very young. I have many creations of mine that I would love to let the world see, including an extremely efficient car, a new perspective on what a phone could do and what and how it could be created, a new look at iHomes, and a greater more efficient way to project sound. But I do not know where to go. all I have done through school is keep a record of all the things I have created by drawing a full blueprint, and/or created it. Just as an example of one of my skills, with in the first semester of a high school art class, with in the first two weeks I was creating five point drawings (3d fish-eye perspective) to which she said she had only heard about in her higher learning in college. Another, I completely wrote a complete detailed map of a camp I went to on the ride home in 3rd grade, to which was accurate and proved the photographic memory, to which still is ongoing. I would love some guidance on what to do for higher learning, whether it be engineering, prototyping, or sound engineering (be cause of my extra sensitive hearing, and all of the work I have done with audio. I am glad to know that there are others out there!!

C.Julian said at March 29, 2013 3:38 PM:

First, I think that many of the blog posters whose comments I've just read sound like they have ADD/ADHD - I think that following up with some personal research into the diagnostic criteria could be very useful (don't start with your family doctor - adult ADD is poorly understood by many physicians), but there is a growing body of research that resonates closely to the "symptoms" people are describing in the posts.

My other comment, more of a question actually: Has anyone thought about the fact that people with learning differences are systematically "thrown away" by our current systems?
1.) Take tertiary education: How many schools have adequately resourced special education programs? Here in British Columbia, Canada - I think they pay lip service to SE in the schools. I eventually withdrew my son from the public system and got him into a private Montessori school - that values creativity and exploratory learning that can be applied to different situations (as opposed to rote, circumscribed learning - that fits into a model that works well with standardized testing). My son is an incredibly smart, creative, sensitive kid who is now thriving in an environment where he can really use his brain - and he is valued by his classmates because he can make sense of complex ideas and discuss them in a useful way with his peers. He was being squished in the public system where the emphasis on standardized testing and auditory learning reduced him to being the "dumb" kid who never paid attention and didn't apply himself. Had I not been a strong advocate and been as responsive as I have been to helping him get his needs met, he may have become a frustrated, angry guy, who either dropped out of school or . . .
2.) If you are not educated, you are likely to end up living in poverty (many with learning differences drop out of school, because most education systems do not value or nurture those with learning differences). We all know that Western society is not kind to those without financial means - . You are valued if you have money, you are not valued if you don't - that simple.
3.) In Canada research shows that the profile of 95% of the prison population is made up of people with learning differences and those who have grown up in poverty.
4.) Because people with learning differences are not given the same nurturing to help them develop to their full potential, many enter the work force with a lack of self-confidence and poor self esteem (essential ingredients - beyond skill- if you are going to succeed). Many people with learning differences are (as can be seen by the many comments in the posts above) also confused about their abilities, and do not have many of the skills that might help them to succeed in the work force and in society (ability to organize yourself; communicate clearly; follow through on projects etc.).

That tells me that systematically we are throwing away many of our creative thinkers! Not everyone with learning differences is going to be a creative thinker, however, I think that it is a fair comment that people who do not fit the left-brained, linear system that our society is structured around, means that we are pushed aside and not valued.

My own experience of LLI/ADD is that I always knew I was different - I felt as If I were smart, but my school grades told a different story. I had a very tough time in school, scraped into University (where I surprised myself at how easily I grasped concepts), but it was when I was working with smart people, in prominent positions, whom I really respected, that I began to realize that I had an ability to see things clearly, that they could not. At first I felt as if I was a bit of a fraud because I never let on what a hard time I had had at school, and yet I was being catapulted into positions of leadership that most people took years to get into. I was always decades younger than my co-workers, which also made me doubt myself. But over time my self confidence has grown. I know that I really do see the complexity of issues in a way that others just can't grasp initially (it takes a long time for them to catch up). And yet, when I had to fill in the immigration sponsorship forms for my mother, I eventually offered to pay an accountant friend of mine to help me - I felt completely incompetent. I desperately wanted my mother to immigrate here but I could not do something as simple as fill out immigration forms!! Getting a diagnosis of ADD at the age of 43, has been an incredible gift to me - because finally the things that made me so fearful (feeling incompetent about things that anyone should be able to do) can be explained, and I can simply hand over to others what I am not good at. Back to my growing self-confidence . . . I realize that I can see things in a "big picture" way that is really important. The visioning (planning) work I do with organizations is based in the big picture - I can see a band-aid, or a "too-limited" vision a mile off. Often I have had the privilege of working with people I know really "get" the big picture, and yet even they don't see what I can see. I have enough work under my belt to feel a sense of confidence in my ability to see that big picture - it does play out. Sometimes I find it very lonely, as I have to push (creatively) to keep everyone on-board so that they stick with the work that needs to be done to get to the answers needed. Cutting short, would not achieve successful results in the end.

I am high functioning, and I have developed the skills necessary to really use my creative, "big Picture" thinking within a leadership capacity that can make a difference. However, there are people I encounter during the course of my work who have the ability see things, or make connections in a way that is missed by the majority. Many of these people, though they have never been diagnosed with anything, upon my questioning, reveal that they struggled at school, were often considered difficult (because they couldn't just accept the limited answers - they had to understand in a way that made sense to them), were often told that they were lazy or weren't applying themselves - all symptoms to me of possible ADD?/LLI?/ or some other learning difference. My point is, is that I recognize these people as valuable contributors to the resiliency and ability of an organization to navigate into the future. Without these people, these organizations would almost certainly have been less progressive and less able to navigate as responsively and adaptably into the future, as they have. But these are the very people that our current structures are weeding out and throwing away!!

Sir Ken Robinson talks about the way our current education systems are killing creativity; Finlands' education system (though I don't know it, sounds amazing) seems to be onto something. It is designed around educating students to reach their highest potential and personal happiness - as opposed to our education system that is designed to meet the needs of the work force. Guess whose work force is more responsive to the worlds rapidly changing needs? Hmmm . . . probably not the linear, outcomes based, competitive system here in North America! In Finland, there is an almost 100% graduation rate from school. Their work force is one of the most educated, responsive to change in the world. Perhaps, it is time that we started looking more closely at what it might look like for a whole society if people with learning differences are nurtured and valued! Really - what if we are throwing our Einsteins and our Leonardo Da Vinci's away? We are still building on Einstein's theories because they are foundational to our understanding of modern science. This group of people with ADD or LLI are, I believe, not "nice to have's", they are increasingly more important to how we function as society. Change in our world is happening ever more rapidly and our ability to navigate into the future in a way that is proactive and responsive to that change is essential. The people (as far as I can see) that are the best suited to facilitate that leadership are the people with peripheral vision, people who can see far enough down the line to discern how to "steer the ship".

If anyone knows of research that is being conducted into this line of thinking, I would be most grateful if they would be in touch.

Thank you if you have read this far

Another suspecting LLI Individual said at February 27, 2014 12:37 AM:

Hey everyone, i don't know if anyone still frequents this site at all, but i just want to say how much reading some of the first hand accounts of a life with LLI has moved me. Three hours later, at 3:30am I'm wiping away the last tear of happiness that I've never really felt before because i feel like I'm not so isolated in the world. Just the reassurance that other people experience something that even sounds simply similar to what I've experienced in these 20 years I've been alive that I've never been able to sum up into words, is probably one of the most comforting feelings I have ever felt. Dave's checklist, FanLLI??'s post about not being able to NOT over analyze every person she sees, subconsciously being hyper vigilant of even the slightest seemingly insignificant subtle cues be the twitch here, glance there holding an encyclopedia of information, and NoAlias's post about how after all the analyzation of an individual, seeing knowing and feeling what should be changed in order for that person to be better, or be their best, to the point of causing issue, all resonate with me to the point where i feel like we're all parts of the same intellect. Its astonishing really. For anyone who reads this and feels this may describe them even a little, i highly recommend going back and finding their posts, because those jumped out at me more than anything else and have ever so greatly impacted me, in what i feel is for the best. If anyone has any sort of desire to converse about these sometimes lonely and isolating thought processes or even the magic that is when they aren't feeling detrimental, please post back here, this will certainly be a blog i will be frequenting in hopes of finding someone or some people to share life experiences with and hopefully understand whatever it is we have in common, be it LLI or otherwise. Thanks to anyone who reads this, I hope to talk soon.

theo antichi said at May 9, 2014 10:43 AM:

I hardly believe that most cases here correlate with ADD, however the existing condition which seemingly fits more with LLI is Dabrowski's studies on Overexcitability and gifted children. He built a framework way before the LLI people came up with their own; when I read up on the polish author I felt LLI was simply not a good paragidgm, why reinvent the wheel. Just some food for thought.

ztec said at May 24, 2014 1:36 PM:

It's far more likely that low LI -low IQ individuals acquire mental disorders, because society, generally, fails appreciate their creative productions, but only judges competence, intellect, and provides advancement based on analytical type thought (or IQ). This of course, tends to lead to more and more stress on low LI - low IQ individuals; stress which eventually leads to mental disorder. This is in contrast to HIGH IQ individuals, whom independent of low or high LI, are more advantaged through systematical standards. In short Low LI - low IQ combination leads to mental disorder because they never get the credit they deserve.

Death by Kitty said at July 2, 2020 1:40 PM:

Vitality's IQ is only 130? xD

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