October 25, 2003
Plasmatron May Boost Internal Combustion Engine Efficiency

A plasmatron is a device that can convert gasoline and diesel fuel into hydrogen. Hydrogen can be used in diesel engines to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) emission.

The researchers and colleagues from industry report that the plasmatron, used with an exhaust treatment catalyst on a diesel engine bus, removed up to 90 percent of nitrogen oxides (NOx) from the bus’s emissions. Nitrogen oxides are the primary components of smog.

The plasmatron reformer also cut in half the amount of fuel needed for the removal process. “The absorption catalyst approach under consideration for diesel exhaust NOx removal requires additional fuel to work,” explained Daniel R. Cohn, one of the leaders of the team and head of the Plasma Technology Division at MIT's Plasma Science and Fusion Center (PSFC). “The plasmatron reformer reduced that amount of fuel by a factor of two compared to a system without the plasmatron.”

In gasoline engines the use of plasmatrons will boost car fuel efficiency by 20 percent.

"If widespread use of plasmatron hydrogen-enhanced gasoline engines could eventually increase the average efficiency of cars and other light-duty vehicles by 20 percent, the amount of gasoline that could be saved would be around 25 billion gallons a year," Cohn said. "That corresponds to around 70 percent of the oil that is currently imported by the United States from the Middle East."

The Bush administration has made development of a hydrogen-powered vehicle a priority, Heywood noted. "That's an important goal, as it could lead to more efficient, cleaner vehicles, but is it the only way to get there? Engines using plasmatron reformer technology could have a comparable impact, but in a much shorter time frame," he said.

"Our objective is to have the plasmatron in production—and in vehicles—by 2010," Smaling said. ArvinMeritor is working with a vehicle concept specialist company to build a proof-of-concept vehicle that incorporates the plasmatron in an internal combustion engine. "We'd like to have a driving vehicle in one and a half years to demonstrate the benefits," Smaling said.

In the meantime, the team continues to improve the base technology. At the DEER meeting, Bromberg, for example, reported cutting the plasmatron's consumption of electric power "by a factor of two to three."

Lots of small refinements to gasoline engine vehicles could cumulately boost fuel efficiency quite substantially. Compressed air, compressed hydraulic fluid, and other powertrain design ideas show promise as ways to boost fuel efficiency. Also see the related previous post Hydrogen Not Good Short, Medium Term Form Of Fuel

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Wallace Brand said at February 20, 2004 8:52 AM:

It would be better if you posted the average efficiency of the car engine and the anticipated average efficiency with the plasmatron.

GITA GOPAL said at March 17, 2004 9:24 AM:

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The web site even displays the inventor having been invited by the SAE INTERNATIONAL INC.,USA for the 1998 Fall,Fuels,Lubricants Meetings and Expositions held at California to present the technical paper on "ELECTRONIC CATALYTIC CONVERTOR" listed as Paper No.98FL-237
for the session on October 20,1998.The listed paper was pulled out of the session by the organizers-Sandia National Laboratories consequent to the U.S Sanctions on India on account of the Pokhran Nuclear Test and also due to the suspicion that plasma cannot catalyse all hydrocarbon fuels as claimed by the inventor in his paper.However the pulled out paper was published in a workshop held at a Technical University in India in November 1998.

The credit of making use of Plasmas technology succssefully as an onboard fuel reformator for both the diesel and gasoline engines by using a vehicle's existing battery power and commercialsing same successfully will definitely go to the First Inventor -SRINIVASAN GOPALAKRISHNAN in INDIA and not to Dr.L.Broomberg,Dr.D.R.Cohn.Dr.A.Rabinovich and Dr.J.Heywood of the M.I.T Plasma and Fusion Center and MIT Dept.Of Mechanical Department and Sloan Automotive Laboratory.The M.I.T team can be complemented for their laboratory engine performance tests only.All the end results such as the various emission reductions,improved fuel economy and enhanced engine performance of both diesel and gasoline engines and buses have been already reported with the pre engine onboard fuel reformulator cum electronic catalytic convertor by the users and the testimonials both from India,Philippines and CHINA are displayed in the web site including a 5 Minute video clip showing instant drastic emission reductions in a year 2001 Mitsubishi Pajero.The vehicle manufacturers -Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and Isuzu Philippines Corporation have tested the Hydrodrive Electronic Catalytic Convertor in the actual road conditions and have certified for a drastic cut in the emissions and fuel economy improvements.The Hydrodrive Electronic Catalytic Convertor is available for USD 120 and can be installed without any engine modification in the fuel system within an hour.It measures only one foot long,one inch in diameter and just weighs one kilograms only.One single sized unit works efficiently for both diesel and gasoline from a small car to a 900 H.P Caterpillar engine.It is available for distribution to all the countries against minimum quantity of one TRIAL PACK of 500 Nos.
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Feng, Hongqing said at February 27, 2005 7:23 PM:

I think plasma combustion technology is potential to reduce fuel consumption and emission. I am applying some foundation to research the using of plasma on gasoline engine.

Feng, Hongqing said at February 27, 2005 7:25 PM:

It is very good. I am research the topic now.

Elvin Sosa said at September 4, 2005 3:27 PM:

I've been to the Hyrdodrive website in India and found no way of getting this product. If it indeed was already invented and is in production and SRINIVASAN GOPALAKRISHNAN will "surely" get credit for the first of it's kind then where is it... where can it be bought... where can it be found... Give me a legitimate internet dealer anywhere in the world that will deliver the product to me and then I'll beleive you... until then...whatever...

Dick Gozinya said at November 2, 2005 3:33 PM:

Their website has plenty of verbal diarrhea and a few links. The fact that India has stolen so many programming jobs from America is pretty scary when you see this site --> looks like a five-year-old (American) built it. If they're selling something, you certainly can't tell. There is no "Order Form", or "Shopping Cart" or anything resembling merchandising! Just a lot of press releases and user reports

Their ELECTRONIC CATALYTIC CONVERTOR product looks simple enough, except that the type of gas used (and sealing method) in the converter are not divulged. I have e-mailed them and have not received any reply.

General Information : hydrodrive@vsnl.com

Sales : hydrodrive.ol24@hathway.com
Customer Support : hydrodrive@vsnl.com
Webmaster : hydrodrive@vsnl.com

Well, too bad. One might have better luck purchasing lamisil from the Sasquatch...

levent said at March 7, 2006 11:58 AM:

can you give me more information about catalists.... sincerely

John Price said at March 14, 2006 8:40 PM:

After a number of e mails I recieved in 2002, from the inventor/owner, a copy of a contract for the rights to sell the fuel convertet in the USA. He is asking for a fairly involved arraingment, open ended and adding up to multi thousands commitment.
I see no reason to disbelieve this man and his products viability, he comes across as very tecnical and having a certain market shrewdness.
I would really like to test one.

rahul yadav said at November 19, 2006 5:13 AM:

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