December 01, 2003
Worthy Cause: Fight AIDS At Home Computer Project

Reader Jonathan Swerdloff has brought to my attention what strikes me as a worthy cause: Arthur J. Olson's laboratory at the Scripps Research Institute has a distributed computing program runnable on home computers with internet connections for screening drug compounds against HIV viral proteins to discover possible HIV treatments.

Go to battle against AIDS with your computer!

"So what is FightAIDS@Home?"
FightAIDS@Home is the first biomedical distributed computing project ever launched. It is run by the Olson Laboratory at The Scripps Research Institute, and uses your computer to assist fundamental research to discover new drugs, using our growing knowledge of the structural biology of AIDS.

You can help!

"Why should I join?"
About 42 million people are living with HIV or AIDS around the world. HIV mutates and evolves very quickly. Drug resistance is on the rise. If there is any "bioterrorism" in the world, it comes from Nature itself, in the form of HIV, and we need to fight this very real and long-standing problem now - more than any other threat to humanity.

So every computer counts! Your CPU helps to screen millions of candidate drug compounds computationally against detailed models of evolving AIDS viruses—an accomplishment previously impossible without expensive supercomputers. FightAIDS@Home accelerates AIDS research by connecting you to a global "grid" of distributed computing power.

Together, we are making a difference!
Your donation of spare computer cycles helps us in our entirely non-profit, scientific endeavours. Entropia helped to launch the FightAIDS@Home project, and we are grateful for their help and donated efforts, but as of May 2003, FightAIDS@Home is no longer associated with Entropia.

About Us
Professor Olson leads a large program project funded by the National Institutes of Health to develop new approaches to discover novel AIDS therapeutics based upon our ever-increasing knowledge of the structural biology of HIV.

We are working together with other laboratories here at Scripps and elsewhere, to design, synthesize and test new HIV protease inhibitors that are better than existing drugs in defeating the virus's ability to develop drug resistance. Our collaborators include:

The Elder Laboratory - Virology
The Olson Laboratory - Computational Chemistry
The Sharpless Laboratory - Synthetic Chemistry
The Stout Laboratory - Xray Crystallography
The Torbett Laboratory - Cell Biology
The Wlodawer Laboratory - Xray Crystallography
The Wong Laboratory - Synthetic Chemistry

If there are other worthy biomedical research distributed computing projects that anyone wants to bring to my attention then please post in the comments to this post or send me an email. I'd like to build up a category archive collection of posts linking to such projects.

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Swerdloff said at December 1, 2003 11:13 AM:

Thanks for posting that.

You might be interested in Aspen Leaf consulting's list of distributed programs.

And in Smart Mobs, the category "Computation Nations and Swarm Supercomputers."

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