April 06, 2004
Yohimbe Tree Extract May Help Conquer Fears

People who are plagued by irrational crippling fears have new hope. An extract of yohimbe tree bark helps mice adjust to and overcome fear four times faster than controls.

New findings at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute demonstrate the potential of a substance found in yohimbe tree bark to accelerate recovery from anxiety disorders suffered by millions of Americans.

In the latest in a series of studies of how mice acquire, express and extinguish conditioned fear, the UCLA team finds yohimbine helps mice learn to overcome the fear faster by enhancing the effects of the natural release of adrenaline. Adrenaline prompts physiological changes such as increased heart and metabolism rates in response to physical and mental stress.

Writing in the March/April edition of the peer-reviewed journal Learning and Memory, the team reported that mice treated with yohimbine overcame their fear four times as fast as those treated with vehicle or propanolol, a medication commonly used to treat symptoms of anxiety disorders by blunting the physiological effects of adrenaline.

Yohimbine is most commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction. It can cause anxiety in susceptible persons, and should never be used without a doctor’s recommendation and supervision.

This is yet another small step down the road toward the eventual achievement of total control of emotional reactions. Some day it will become possible to adjust one's brain to have emotional reactions highly customized for any of a variety of desired purpose. It will become possible, for instance, to adjust emotional reactions to focus one's attentions and energies to achieve ambitious goals or to adjust one's reactions to make it easier to bear situations one can not escape from.

One big open question about this trend for the future is whether people will tend to choose emotional response patterns that make humanity more or less civilized and more or less likely to destroy ourselves.

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george said at April 6, 2004 8:26 AM:

Having never used it myself, I don't think I would, considering this.


Hi there, my name is syris and I will be your guide for tonight. I want to tell you about my Yohimbe Bark experience. If you don't already know, Yohimbe Bark is suppose to be a aphrodisiac that is available at just about any herb shop. Anyways, I bought some early in the week and decided to try it out. I mixed seven heaping teaspoons of it with 1 quart of water. I boiled it for ten minutes and then strained it. I added a glob of honey and then proceded to drink it. It really did not taste that bad, but I would not drink it everyday. After that I went back to my computer and messed around for about 1/2 hour. Then I started to speed up like hell. It was like a mega dose of caffeine. Not pleasant at all.

So I go to my room and lay down. I can't go to sleep because I am too wired, so I just listen to music for a while. Then an odd thing happened. I got an erection. But this erection was different than other erections in one respect, It would not go away. I was not thinking any sexual thoughts or masturbating. My penis just stayed erect. So this started to hurt a bit because I was wearing shorts... I decided that I had to masturbate this erection away. This is harder than it sounds. For one, my heart is beating pretty fast now and the stress of sex might be too much... but I did it anyways. So I start masturbating and it is starting to get really hard to continue... I keep on thinking I am going to have a heart attack. Finally I reached an orgasm. The orgasm I felt was different than most. It was prolonged. At that time I did not give a flying shit because my heart was beating so hard that the room was turning black.

I fell to the floor and waited for my heart rate to go down. It eventually did and I went back to bed. I did not sleep at all. I was up the whole night. And I had a constant feeling that I was going to throw up.... In summary, I might do it again at a lower dosage. Maybe... It really was not a pleasant feeling..... For more info, look in the natural-highs faq.... That's all folks....

tunji said at November 30, 2004 4:28 AM:

i am in nigeria,can you give me the local yoruba name of yohimbe please

tayo said at September 3, 2007 4:13 AM:

i am a nigerian,can u pls give me the local yoruba name of yohimbe please

janneh said at July 14, 2010 7:46 AM:

I am in the Gambia, it has been confirmed in some literatures to exist in the Gambia especially the Western part. I want to know the local name Madingo or Fula or Wollof name for the plant.

Anonymous said at October 28, 2011 4:41 PM:

I'm a nigerian and like to know the yoruba name of yohimbe...thanks

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