October 29, 2006
Men Subconsciously Prefer Blue Eyed Women As Paternity Test

Natural selection gave blue eyed men a preference for blue eyed women. Natural selection for women whose babies will be more obviously testable for paternity gave many men a preference for blue-eyed women.

Before you request a paternity test, spend a few minutes looking at your child’s eye color. It may just give you the answer you’re looking for. According to Bruno Laeng and colleagues, from the University of Tromso, Norway, the human eye color reflects a simple, predictable and reliable genetic pattern of inheritance. Their studies1, published in the Springer journal Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, show that blue-eyed men find blue-eyed women more attractive than brown-eyed women. According to the researchers, it is because there could be an unconscious male adaptation for the detection of paternity, based on eye color.

Since blue eyes are a recessive trait the reason for the preference for blue eyes by men is explainable with classical Mendelian genetics:

The laws of genetics state that eye color is inherited as follows:
1. If both parents have blue eyes, the children will have blue eyes.
2. If both parents have brown eyes, a quarter of the children will have blue eyes, and three quarters will have brown eyes.
3. The brown eye form of the eye color gene (or allele) is dominant, whereas the blue eye allele is recessive.
It then follows that if a child born to two blue-eyed parents does not have blue eyes, then the blue-eyed father is not the biological father. It is therefore reasonable to expect that a man would be more attracted towards a woman displaying a trait that increases his paternal confidence, and the likelihood that he could uncover his partner’s sexual infidelity.

Eighty-eight male and female students were asked to rate facial attractiveness of models on a computer. The pictures were close-ups of young adult faces, unfamiliar to the participants. The eye color of each model was manipulated, so that for each model’s face two versions were shown, one with the natural eye color (blue/brown) and another with the other color (brown/blue). The participants’ own eye color was noted.

Both blue-eyed and brown-eyed women showed no difference in their preferences for male models of either eye color. Similarly, brown-eyed men showed no preference for either blue-eyed or brown-eyed female models. However, blue-eyed men rated blue-eyed female models as more attractive than brown-eyed models.

That means there is a place or set of places in the genome where genetic variations give some of us our pronounced preference for blue eyes. I also prefer green eyes. Does the same set of genetic variations cause both preferences?

There's a lesson here for for future parents who will be able to use genetic engineering techniques to choose eye color for their daughters: Choose blue to maximize the appeal of their daughters. The blue color won't cost them any with the brown eyed guys but will boost their appeal to blue eyed guys.

However the very trait that increases attractiveness of women has a different effect in men: It decreases the range of women who they find attractive. If you want your son to find a larger range of women attractive then it actually makes sense to give him brown eyes.

Blue eyed men tend to have blue eyed romantic partners.

In a second study, a group of 443 young adults of both sexes and different eye colors were asked to report the eye color of their romantic partners. Blue-eyed men were the group with the largest proportion of partners of the same eye color.

According to Bruno Laeng and colleagues, “It is remarkable that blue-eyed men showed such a clear preference for women with the same eye color, given that the present experiment did not request participants to choose prospective sexual mates, but only to provide their aesthetic or attractiveness responses…based on face close-up photographs.” Blue-eyed men may have unconsciously learned to value a physical trait that can facilitate recognition of own kin.

Once offspring genetic engineering becomes possible I am expecting we will see a huge surge in births of blue eyed and blond hair daughters. They'll also have larger lips, more bottle-shaped bodies, greater symmetry, higher cheekbones, and every other feature that is considered sexy and beautiful. People will make their sons more physically attractive as well. The future will be beautiful.

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Jake said at October 29, 2006 5:22 PM:

I don't think our instincts are smart enough to know Mendelian genetics.

But I will say, I have blue eyes and I find blue eyed women especially attractive.

Lars said at October 29, 2006 6:31 PM:

Our instincts are the RESULT of genetics. If blue eyed men who prefered blue eyed women could avoid the time and energy wasted raising someone else's child, they themselves will have a better chance of reproducing. Blue eyed men who had no preference had less chance of reproducing and quickly became outnumbered if not extinct. Insticts have nothing to do with being smart or learning mendelian genetics. Thats why we call them instincts instead of knowledge.

Not My Second Opinion said at October 29, 2006 7:16 PM:

That which is rare and exotic is what we find most attractive... that's why these recessive traits are sought after.

I suspect that if genetic engineering results in a boom of blonde-haired blue-eyed babies, a few generations down the road, it won't be as attractive as say, purple or red eyes. You get the point. ;)

Jake said at October 30, 2006 8:55 AM:

I think Not My Second Opinion is closer to the truth. Since there are fewer people who have blue eyes, a blue eyed man sees a kindred spirit in a blue eyed woman.

Roy said at October 30, 2006 10:08 AM:

Not My Second Opinion,

While I agree there is something to be said about the "rare and exotic", to me that doesn't explain why blondes in the US seem to be preferred to women of Hispanic, Black, Arab, Indian, East Asian, etc. heritage. Blondes in the US are no more rare than any of these other groups, and with the possible exception of East Asians, I don't think any are nearly as “preferred” as blondes.

Of course if it turns out that men just lump all women with brown hair and eyes together, then I’d have to say your probably right about the appeal of blondes.

Rob said at October 31, 2006 11:17 PM:

"kindred spirit:" yeah, that's why fat ugly men prefer fat ugly women. But they don't. Or men feel that they are more like men than like women, so most men prefer men. Oops, not true.

Is there, and I'm not trying to be unpleasant, any mechanism for determining why people like some similarities in partners and not others? If the mechanism is: they like partners with the same trait when everyone else does too, then that's no answer.

And what evolutionary mechanism would make people prefer rair traits for the fact that they are rare? Albinos are rare, but I'm not interested. Ditto Down Syndrome. Most rare traits will be that way because they are bad. Though some will be rare because they are new beneficial traits or only recently being for, so how to tell? Look at last generation and yours, if something is more common in your generation, find it attractive?

Randall Parker said at November 1, 2006 4:27 PM:


Yes, I'm not attracted to all sorts of rare human traits. The argument for the attraction of rareness does not hold up to close scrutiny. It also does not make sense evolutionarily speaking.

Vivian said at November 21, 2006 3:30 PM:

Well, if you look at it from an anthropological view, it makes sense. Since blue eyes are a resessive trait, and not as many people have it, blue-eyed people will instinctively want to keep their kind 'alive'. Collaborating with their own kind is the only way to maintain their kindred; and over the years, this instinct has developed into a spousal preference. As for the "rare and exotic" theory, I believe there is some truth to it, but only to a certain extent. 'Positve' "rare and exotic" traits (like blue eyes) may be sought after because it is deemed rare and mystical, whereas their 'negative' counterparts (like down-syndrome) are indeed frowned-upon.

Joannah said at March 22, 2007 11:48 AM:

Could it be that in areas where many people have blue eyes they're more likely to form couples than in areas where blue eyes are scarce? I live in Denmark and all of the men I've dated had blue, blue/green, blue/grey eyes. I've not dated a single brown eyed man. I'm adopted from Thailand and have very dark brown eyes. My husband has light blue eyes. Everyone in his family has blue eyes! They're also from a geographically limited area. We're talking a 100km radius which isn't that much! So it seems that chance and supply is more of a factor. I don't know what eye color my husband's ex's had but I think it's safe to assume that they had blue eyes. I also don't know if hub would've preferred to have married someone with blue eyes. Tough luck to him! He made his choice:-D

Mistery said at July 27, 2007 6:16 PM:

I live in Australia, in an area where people predominantely have blue or green eyes. I have brown eyes myself, as most of people from Spain, where I come from. However, even though brown eyes over here are less common, most of men still have a "thing" for having blue eyed babies.. My husband has blue eyes and we have a baby girl whose eyes are in between grey-green and a tiny bit of hazel in the middle.

She has absolutely beautiful eyes but for some reason I keep getting the same boring and annoying comment about her eyes not turning blue like her dad and instead getting brown like mine... She is still 10 months old so her eyes might change to brown, or maybe not!! who cares?... what is with some people over here? is it a crime or unlucky having brown eyes? They seem to think it is... hahahaha poor people...

My girl has the most gorgeous eyes and I'm really happy that they didn't turn blue. I personally prefer really dark brown, dark green or hazel eyes and I am very proud of my brown eyes and wouldn't change them for anything in the world. They are my eyes and everybody should feel proud of their eye colour and don't think about stupid things like the colour of their future children. The eye colour is not important!! what is important is that they are healthy but most of all, what it matters is the person as a whole beautiful and amazing being, regardles of their skin colour, eye colour or shape... Take care all and be happy!!

Amazing Brown eyes are beautiful! Which explains why it's dominant and not rare! Proving people pref said at September 15, 2007 2:41 PM:

I totally agree with you Mistery! Brown eyes rock! They are sensual and deep and so beautiful! Blue eyes are common where I come from and green well I have seen plenty of those too, nearly everyone here has blue eyes so brown eyes are a rarity here and by living here I have seen people prefer mates with opposite traits so here i have seen many blue eyed people who absolutely adore brown eyed people and they all say brown eyes are amazing and beautiful here, no one moans about blue or green eyes being more beautiful because brown eyes are seen just as beautiful, u can't get the mystical appeal with other eye colours like you can with brown. And the way all u people say blue or green eyes change colour with lighting and clothing, well I got news for you I know many brown eyed people whose eyes change colour too with lighting and clothes, I know a person who had proper brown eyes which then later had beautiful streaks in them yellow/green during in the sunlight and they go to this beautiful colour range full of amazing volcanic browns and greens as well, and then they look brown or dark brown in the dark and indoors, so in effect it's not just blue spooky eyes that can look appealing because brown eyes are just as amazing in fact even more! You can get just as a wide variation of brown/hazel eye colour as blue or green eyes and to tell u the truth blue eyes are seen as common and cold whereas green and brown eye colours are seen as warm and actually attractive. Where green eyes are simply more rarer that’s all. So in effect brown and green eyes are very beautiful and all you people who think blue eyes are this and that, well please people who have brown eyes are more luckier than u blue uncoloured eyes, yes your eyes are actually a mutation of eye colour and probably not the colour eyes are suppose to be, which may explain why brown eyes are dominant! Because blue eyes have no melanin pigment in them – for all u illiterate freaks who always put brown eyed people down just because u can’t stand the fact that brown eyes are dominant, when I say blue eyes have no melanin in them I mean there is no colour pigment in the blue eyes just in case u don’t know what melanin is, so basically blue eyed people have no colour in their eyes and brown and green eyed people do have colour in their eyes because they have something called melanin a pigment which also acts as a bonus of protection from the sun! which I am afraid blue eyed people simply have very little of in fact if not any, especially those ghostly ice cold light blue eyes, ooo spooky which u may refer to as ‘baby blue’ well there is a new lingo ‘baby browns’ hmm it makes much more sense and doesn’t seem as racist ay, especially since this whole blue eyed façade is simply another form of racism and you all know I am right.

Aha99 said at October 1, 2007 4:26 PM:

No, no, no. Blue eyes are rare simply because they are the latest evolution in eye color. The blue eye trait has not had the time to spread like with brown eyes. Blue eyes are seen as "beautiful" because women in the region had fewer men to choose from than their counterparts in Africa, so the men that survived the harsh winters and tribal fighting were able to choose the women that appealed to them - creating a premium on ESTROGEN. Also unlike Africa the northern climes had brutal winters so a man could only raise maybe one or two families at a time with the window of food gathering much narrower than in Africa. So with the less attractive women being cast aside, only traits that encourage men to hang around and care for their children, softer faces, poutier lips and blue eyes developed. So many people reflect upon the fact that eyes that sparkle are seen as attractive in both men and women. Blue eyes are much more likely to have this "sparkle" adaptation. This is simply a manifestation of the emphasis in ESTROGEN in caucasion women. They had to develop an alluring look in order to avoid extinction. This also explains the fullness and roundness of caucasian breasts compared to their counterpart females in Africa. The caucasion blonde woman needed to keep a man around at all costs, thus developing the paternal family system that predominates European culture. If the man is stuck with one woman for a very long time she better be pretty because there are a thousand girls he's giving up. Children were such a high investment in the primative European north that sometimes men and women would live together for ten years or more, which in primative terms is ages, since the man sacrifices lots of breeding opportunities within that time, as well as risks dying and leaving few offspring. It also probably didn't happen all at once either. Eye color probably hybridized through many shades of hazel to grey to finally blue in the people who were augmenting the mutation. The men too acquired this trait over time which seemed to work in the opposite way as well, women find light eyes attractive more so than dark ones. Although the premium on blue eye color is not the same in men as it is in women. Men can always compensate for lack of features with brute strengh or money.

The idea that blue eyed men look for blue eyed women as an affirmation of parentage is purposterous, simply because blue eyed traits needed to evolve in a bubble. In other words there has to be a pool of recessive trait blue eyed people in order for such a large population of blue eyes to even develop. If a blue-eyed man picked out a blue-eyed woman in this bubble, how is he to be certain in any way shape or form if the baby is really his if all the other men in town have blue eyes?! No blue eyes is a SEXUAL trait, developed for sex, to acquire the best mate, not the best baby.

Andy Eric Cap said at October 13, 2007 11:04 AM:

Men prefer women who don't intimidate them, thus, plain and chunky, bottle-blonde or whatever hair and eyes, and easily accessible, like skank barflys or waitresses. Ninety-five percent of men are afraid of beautiful, confident, accomplished women.

I make me who I am, not my blue eyes. said at October 15, 2007 8:54 AM:

Although I see some sense in this, I have to agree that the trait of the blue eyes is for the fun of the act of reproduction and not for actual conceiving of the bundle of joy. Everyone must remember, when the Norse started with the pillaging and raping, trust me I think determining the paternaty of a child was the last thing on their minds. Also, from the uppermost areas where they lived down to Africa and spread through out the world, when these traits came into existance no one CARED who the father was. Infadelity was proven by actually CATCHING the mate in the act, not looking at your offspring and wondering "Does he have Hugar's nose?" Remember the saying "It takes a village to raise a child"? Reason being that the ever consumeing fire of reproducing and the fun it intailed (Until some churches put a stop to it) was the most important to keep your tribes and clans alive. Reminds me of the silly things said about witches killing children and even "Satan" worshipers killing their own kind. Why bother? You would be killing the next generation of worshipers or witches. Doesn't make sense.

But, to have multiple wives with multiple offspring to carry on the Clan or Tribe is what mattered the most and so these traits were formed as well as the attractiveness deemed worthy by the viewer. Back then, you also have to realize that these "resesive traits" were not really that rare. Demographically speaking, they were not rare at all. Each were in their own demigraphical area, hence why the old burning of the loins when you see someone with similar traits. As I say, blood calls to blood no matter how old it is or how barbaric. The traits then became recessive when we all started exploring, and seeing others and how different, and then mingling. The genes were not needed anymore due to the population of all mankind thriving. If you have too much of one thing, it gets boring, trait wise of course. If you want to try to go by the study, then you would have to say that eventually we will all be blond with blue eyes. I do not believe evolution will work out this way. It seems our Mother Earth likes variety, and she means to keep things interesting.

Abdul_UK said at February 6, 2009 8:00 PM:

How silly is this study. By this logic - even brown eyed men will prefer blue eyed women. This is because if she cheats on him with a blue-eyed male - they will DEFINATELY produce blue eyed offspring. You might be wandering; well, what if she cheats on him with another brown-eyed male? But you cud ask the same silly question of the blue-eyed male - what if his blue-eyed spouse cheats on him with another blue-eyed male? That's right - he has no way of telling. The real reason behind silly studies like this are some sort of inherent "prejudice". Handsome and pure blue-eyed males - BEWARE OF THE LUSTFUL DARK-EYED males in your midst... they are there to steal your beautiful blue-eyed queens. BEWARE.... lol. Ridiculous. We desperately need logicians to analyse the "science" being done these days.

roygbiv said at May 5, 2009 3:04 PM:

Blue eyes and blond hair are a result of a mutation from inbreeding - kind of like a lesser form of albinism (a lot of albino populations from every race are inbred). They serve no evolutionary advantage except maybe aesthetic preference (at least not in modern times when people can dye their hair, wear colored contacts and even have surgery to change their eyecolor). It has been proven that people with light hair and eyes are genetically weaker and less fit to survive (which would explain why there are less of them and they are recessive). If evolution is true, then people with dark hair and eyes are genetically stronger and more adaptable. I'm pretty sure nowadays people don't need to rely on eyecolor for paternity, science is far beyond that. Most likely, blonde hair and light eyes is comparable to flat feet - most people don't have it, it is kind of a mistake, and they serve no purpose.

If our purpose here is to survive and procreate then the vast majority of dark eyed, dark haired people are winning; thus proving that light eyed, light haired people are genetically inferior.

Light eyes can be beautiful sometimes in the right light, otherwise they look cold and unfriendly. I once dated someone with very pale blue eyes and in certain lighting it looked like all she had was a tiny black pupil (kind of like Data from Star Trek) because her eyes were so light and it scared the shit out of me. I prefer brown eyes because they look very sweet, warm, and innocent.

Tyr said at July 25, 2009 1:04 PM:

Abdul_UK: You are mistaken. If a brown-eyed man's child with a blue-eyed woman had blue eyes he would not know whether it was his kid just based on these eye-colours, because he could carry blue alleles and not know it. The reasoning is fine, yours is not.

roygbiv: That is just nonsense. Mutations don't happen because of inbreeding -- all of what you said is complete trash.

Michael said at July 29, 2009 8:58 AM:

People are talking about eye and hair color in a vaccum. Blue eyes and Blond hair are a Nordic trait. Who knows why it is seen as more attractive? The Nordic women have other advantages whether we like to admit it or not. And I'm of Italian ancestry, not nordic at all. The women are tall, rosy white skin. They have less body hair. Their skin is less oily and prone to break outs. The skeletal shape of the Nordic women is more upright than any other in the world. Facial and body features are more symmetrical, and this is proven to be more attractive. More muscle mass and more chiseled bone structure is preferable in both men and women.
There is even controversial evidence to suggest that they have greater cranial capacity than darker people - larger brain. Sloping farheads are not only unattractive, but maybe evidence of a less evolved person.
Maybe nordic people are simply a next step in evolution of humans. I don't want that to be true, but what if it is? Whatever the truth is can't be ignored. A small population rules the world. Guess what they look like. Fair skin, blond hair blue eyes. The Romans once ruled the world. They were white but dark. Guess who replaced them - the Goths and Visigoths. The Roman women would wear blond wigs taken from the scalps of captured Goths, in an effort to please their men who had developed a taste for the tall and powerfully built nordic women. Don't worry, someone will eventually replace them.

svensson said at September 19, 2009 3:51 AM:

Michael- "Skin less oily and prone to break out" yep, that's a definite indicator of genetic superiority. If I recall correctly, East Asians and American Indians are the most recently envolved groups on earth, not to mention that they are the least related to Negrids... so taking your strawman argument into consideration, we could say that they'd be the next step in human evolution, not Nordics.

Elly said at November 4, 2009 2:40 PM:

I get rather fed up with these survey thing! lol! I am a natural mousey blonde with very blue eyes with a hint of grey. I dye my hair a very pale blonde and I have been brunette and it didn't look right. I think a lot of darker haired people think they are somehow better and more intelligent that us blond(e)s and that is unfair. I think dark women think they are better than us as well. I have been attracted to men of all hair colours and eye colours. I think a man can look great with dark hair and blue eyes, blond hair and blue eyes or brown hair and brown eyes!! Us blonds are becoming rarer anyway there are a lot of dark haired people out there!!

Bob Badour said at November 4, 2009 6:04 PM:


Females have less uncertainty about the parentage of their children. I see no reason why eye or hair color would matter to women in terms of offspring identification. If I recall correctly, studies show women have a slight preference for brown hair and brown eyes in their mates with the theory that males with those colorings can sneak up on game more easily. Note: That's not to say women consciously think about men sneaking up on game, but simply choosing mates with dark hair offered a survival advantage to paleolithic women increasing their reproductive fitness.

Genevieve said at February 18, 2010 11:19 AM:

I am a brown-eyed girl and (gasp!) olive skinned, too. I have had 5 serious, long-term relationships in my life (I am 25)and only one - incidentally the shortest and most troubled of them all- was with a brown-eyed man. I am currently married to a blue-eyed Scot.

jennifer said at February 24, 2010 9:54 AM:

I wonder if the males preference for blue eyed women had more to due with the fact that men tend to be more attracted to women who resemble their mothers. Obviously, men who have blue eyes probably have blue eyed mothers and a lot of research has been done on men's preferences for mates that look like their mothers. Also, I do not know if men really are attracted to blue eyes because they are rare considering if the origin of blue eyes is considered Finland were over 90% of the population has blue eyes so the blue eyed males there are not looking at blue eyes as rare. I guess looking at a place that has a large blue eyed population it discredits the theory that it is some evolutionary adaptation to prove the blue eyed child is yours. A Finnish woman (where blue eyes originated) can have sex with a dozen blue eyed men and all the offspring would be blue eyed. Wouldn't that seem to discredit this theory.. Maybe they should look towards another theory for this..

Bob Badour said at February 24, 2010 10:25 AM:


You are forgetting to ask why non-blue-eye genes have nearly gone extinct in Finland.

At one time, the blue-eyed men who invested their resources in their blue-eyed wives and their own blue-eyed children contributed more genetically to the next generation than either the cuckolded blue-eyed men or the cuckolded brown-eyed men.

The blue-eyed women who married blue-eyed men found husbands more willing to invest in offspring thereby passing along more of their maternal genes to the next generation too.

Bob Badour said at February 24, 2010 10:27 AM:

Oh, and of course, the blue-eyed men who cuckolded other men regardless of eye color passed along more of their genes too.

EbonyEyes said at March 12, 2010 3:01 AM:

I live in an area where the majority of people have blue, blue-grey, grey, green or light hazel eyes. Even light brown eyes are seen as exotic. My eyes are brown-black. I've never been at loss for male attention, I married relatively early after having chosen among several proposals. Men always commented in the past that they were sure our children would be a beautiful mix. Men don't seem to mind that I'm married, they're still interested. I don't know any women with blue eyes who receive the same attention but my adoptive mother with her light brown eyes has the same fortune with men as I do and my brother has blue eyes even though both his parents have brown eyes. My mother in-law and everyone in my husband's family have blue eyes. My husband has had blue eyed girlfriends in the past because that's simply what most women have around here but I'm the first and only one he considered settling down with and having children with. I'm not very homely looking and refuse to give into such an image though I'm a homemaker. None of his ex-girlfriends were stereotypical slutty blondes (I'm not saying all blondes or any blondes really are sluts) so that's not the reason why he thought I was the first one he'd think to ask to be the mother of his children.

Julie said at March 16, 2010 2:19 PM:

*face palm* There's a saying in French that basically says "when someone points to a direction, the idiot looks at the finger". I believe this is what we are witnessing here. Blue eyes are more attractive - *not because of the lighter, blue color of the iris, BUT BECAUSE OF WHAT THEY INSTEAD REVEALS*. Think about it: you cannot normally see the pupils with dark eyes. You can, however see the pupil (and therefore pupil dilatation which is a big deal in interpersonal attraction) with light eyes, particularly blue eyes.

"Turney then makes two simple observations. First, every human pupil is dark brown, regardless of the color of the iris, which encloses the pupil and determines the color of the eye. Second, blue is the lightest color of human iris. The consequence of these two observations is that the size of the pupil is easiest to determine in blue eyes. If you face people with different eye colors and must determine whether each person likes or is interested in you, with all else equal, it is easiest to read the blue-eyed person’s level of interest or attraction.

"The color of the dark brown iris is very similar to the (universal) color of the dark brown pupil, and so it is very difficult to gauge the size of the pupil in dark brown eyes. In one study, many people, both men and women, express dislike for extremely dark brown eyes (as they do for red hair)."


THAT is why blue eyes is inherently more attractive and universally prefered. My BF and both have deep blue eyes and I wouldn't have it any other way. There's just something that looking into a person's eyes is like looking into someone's soul. People with dark seem they always like special something like they have no soul? I'm sure some of them are great people but blue eyes are just sooo much hotter. Maybe in a few hundred years everyone will have blue eyes? ^_^ Anyway take care

Julie said at March 16, 2010 2:24 PM:

"People with dark seem they always like"

Should have been: "always 'lack' "

Harmony said at June 7, 2010 3:57 PM:

To Michael and Aha99

Both of you sound incredibly racist. You both are nothing but a bunch of idiots spewing pseudo science.

Johnny said at July 12, 2010 12:00 PM:

Hey I am a blue eyed man and I can honestly admit that the blue eyed women I dated where no more or less attractive than my ex gf who had brown eyes, they where all sexy women :). My past gfs with blue eyes where very pretty; with beautiful cat-like blue eyes and long dark lashes...but nothing beat the way my ex looked at me with her soul sapping amber brown eyes; she had penetrating eyes that where beautiful with a sexy bedroom look that just lured me in. But in all reality it's not just the eyes that draw me into a girl, it's her body her smile and her personality.... there are women with gorgeous bodies whom have brown eyes and blue eyes. I could easily fall in love with any of them LOl. Not to mention I also very attracted to asian women and they have very dark hair and eyes.

Nick said at September 14, 2010 6:31 PM:

I am a blue-eyed, blonde-haired male and for the longest time I wondered why I had an innate attraction to the exact same features on women (even to the point of constantly wishing my ex's eyes were blue instead of green!). Throughout high school and college many of my friends would joke that I was trying to simply further the "Aryan Race" but I am now glad to find out that my preferences are actually aligned with both genetics and fidelity. From personal experience I also would have to agree that, as the article mentions, blue-eyed guys do prefer blue-eyed girls over any other type but that blue-eyed girls do not necessarily reciprocate this preference (which is quite unfortunate, although its not primarily my beautiful blues that win over the ladies anyway ;) ).

Sandra said at September 22, 2010 5:54 PM:

oh, come on.."preserving their kind"? As if there were some special powers that came with blue eyes, or green eyes, for that matter..It's just a friggin' eye color.

Personally I think most men find women with bright colored eyes more attractive-first of all, because they are rare, and second of all, because the light color makes the contractions of the pupil easier to read.

Men always ponder and measure every physical feature a woman possesses, from skin tone and texture, to hair color, eye color, boob size waist to hip ratio and so on..because men have been used to seeing women as trophies for most of our existence as a species..
So, naturally, showing off with a blue eyed or green eyed girlfriend in a sea of dark eyed girlfriends will earn you more respect from your retarded friends, and there go most women, giggling silly, thinking they've won a guy's "heart" by just being themselves.

In the same line of thought, women don't care about a guy's eye color, because that won't keep them fed or sheltered, or protected. A guy can have all the good looks he can get genetically, but if he's unemployed, he can forget about finding a decent girlfriend.

Vanessa said at October 23, 2010 12:35 PM:

My ex-husband had brown/hazel eyes, I have blue eyes (almost everyone in my family does), and we had 2 sons with blue eyes. My oldest son has bleach-blond hair and very pale blue eyes, and my younger son has brown hair and dark blue eyes. I, personally, was beside myself with joy when they were both born with blue eyes because I think blue eyes are absolutely gorgeous. My fiancee (he's blue eyed and red head) and I are expecting our first child together, so I'm excited to see how this one will turn out.

Voilet Eyes said at June 19, 2011 2:16 AM:

I have dark blue eyes with brown hair and absoultly love my features and combination, but my brother has stiking brown eyes that make girls melt! Honestly, if you put him in a room full of good-looking blond-hair blue- eyed men, womens eyes would directly land on him my brother. It's scienficlly proven. It's like having a plate full of pale suger cookies with one random choclete cookie thrown in there, you can't help but look at that it. So brown eyes are beautiful. On the other hand, we all know that the majority of people in the world are not very attractive. With that there is also less colored eyes. So of course many men (especually in the US) are going to find themselves attracted to girls with brown eyes over and over again simply because there are more chances of finding a pretty brown-eyed girl than a pretty blue-eyed girl becasue there is simply more brown-eyed people in the world! Blue-eyes do not go on just anyone, it has to go with the perfect facial features as well to look extraordinary. With blue eyes, You can see the defined sparkle when they turn up to look at you.(especually in men) and the pupil contraction and dilation witnessing is just amazing, Especually with dark blue eyes in dime lights giving you that cat-back stare.(espesually in women) Im not speaking of myself, but of other blue eyes girls with dark hair which even I have found myself attracted too! with that said,I believe, none the less that there is always, ALWAYS going to be an allure to blue eyes. Al Fin... all eyes are Beautiful!

Abdul_UK said at August 13, 2011 1:29 PM:

Tyr: But then you see the problem with the study, don't you? By your reasoning a blue-eyed male no longer knows whether his wife has cheated on him even with a brown-eyed male or a blue-eyed one, lol. Because as you say a brown eyed male could be carrying recessive alleles for blue eyes. So we are back to where we started, lol. Logic has a funny way of creeping up on people. My reasoning still stands.

Abdul_UK said at August 13, 2011 3:12 PM:

For people like Tyr who are having difficulty following the logic, let me explain more fully why THIS STUDY IS COMPLETE BUNK.

I will do this in two stages; exact outcomes and probabilistic recessive allele outcomes.

[1 - exact outcomes]

So let us suppose we have the imagined two groups of people; blue-eyed and brown-eyed. The mating outcomes are outlined as follows. Please note here that I have NOT included anything about recessive alleles - these are simply the outcomes that WILL occur (in our imaginary place, of course). There is no link with previous ancestry (which I will discuss later).

Blue eyed + Blue eyed = Blue eyed child

Brown eyed + Brown eyed = Brown eyed child

Blue eyed + Brown eyed = Brown eyed child

Let us suppose this is how it ALWAYS turns out.

In this type of scenario it is indeed worthwhile for a blue-eyed man to seek a blue-eyed wife. Taking on a brown-eyed wife means he will not know whether a brown-eyed or blue-eyed man was boning her, as ALL the offspring will be brown-eyed. Whereas his blue-eyed wife who cheats on him with a brown-eyed man will produce brown-eyed offspring (which he knows are not his). So he WILL have a preference for a blue-eyed woman.

By the same token, a brown-eyed man will prefer a blue-eyed wife as well. Why? Same reason. A brown-eyed wife will only produce brown-eyed children, so this dude has no idea who his wife has been boning. However a blue-eyed wife who cheats on him with a blue-eyed dude produces blue-eyed children (which he knows are not his). Again, this brown-eyed man WILL have a preference for blue-eyed women as well.


It's important to illustrate this (in the real world somewhat unrealistic) example as it helps us to understand the probability-based outcomes using recessive alleles that is more similar to real-life.

I'll post a simple example of this a bit later to illustrate [part 2 - probabilistic recessive allele outcomes].

Abdul_UK said at August 13, 2011 6:00 PM:

[2 - probabilistic recessive allele outcomes]

It is important to note in this discussion that we consider the outcome of the offspring in a binary state; they either have blue or brown eyes (like the parents).

Now we move on to the more realistic outcomes effected by the introduction of recessive alleles. To keep this simple so I can make my point without there being lots of unnecessary technical discourse concerning genetic crossing algorithms, I'm going to opt for assigning straight probabilities to certain outcomes. This is in no way different to what can (theoretically) happen in real life - but it just cuts out the bull and gets straight to the point.

Let's take the case of a particular brown-eyed boy, Jeff. Suppose he has the hots for a blue-eyed girl, Marie. Now let's fix it so that the odds of a blue-eyed offspring from their union is 75%. This is because while Jeff is brown-eyed, he carries recessive blue alleles. Thus, the odds of these two producing a blue-eyed offspring would be high.

From Jeff's point of view, fidelity/infidelity doesn't come into it. Why? Because mating with a brown-eyed female (who had no recessives) would produce brown-eyed children. But in mating with blue-eyed Marie, he's likely to produce blue-eyed children. But in this case, he wouldn't be able to tell whether he'd been cuckolded by a blue-eyed male. So there would be no preference (true, he could be cuckolded by a brown-eyed male and produce brown-eyed children - but there's still a 25% chance he himself would produce such a child).

Now take a look at it from Matt's point of view. Matt is a blue-eyed boy who also has the hots for Marie. Again, fidelity/infidelity doesn't come into it. Why? Because even in mating with Marie, he doesn't know his blue-eyed offspring aren't the result of brown-eyed Jeff's recessive blue alleles showing their strength. And bear in mind given that Jeff's genes mean it's LIKELY he produce blue-eyed offspring with Marie, it makes Matt's selecting her for "loyalty" even more pointless.

This goes back to the point I made to Tyr - if you're using recessive alleles as an argument as to why brown-eyed men won't suspect infidelity from their blue-eyed wives, it stands to reason that blue-eyed men can't be so sure of their blue-eyed wives faithfulness just because the sexual predators lurking around her are brown-eyed men.

Let's flip the script and make it HIGHLY UNLIKELY for brown-eyed Jeff to make blue-eyed babies with Marie, and see what happens. Let's say now there is only a 25% chance of this union producing a blue-eyed baby.

In this case, it makes plenty sense for Jeff to select Marie. Why? Because the chances of him making blue-eyed babies with her is so low, if one pops out he has good grounds to suspect her of infidelity with blue-eyed Matt.

From Matt's point-of-view, it also makes sense to chase blue-eyed Marie. Why? Because there's such a low chance of Marie producing blue-eyed children with Jeff, he can rest easy(ier) that the children are his if they are blue-eyed. If Marie decides to fool around with Jeff, Matt knows there's a high chance the offspring will be brown-eyed.

Now this is a simplification of how things work in real life, however it is very illuminating as to what happens because no matter how you go about it, 2 salient points remain true. {1}We either decide eyes are brown or blue (binary state). {2}At the end of the day, we WILL assign probabilities to the outcomes of each offspring.

Now I already know one objection that will be raised - blue-eyed Matt is unaware of the recessive traits possessed by brown-eyed Jeff, and therefore is working on a basal "instinct" when he picks blue-eyed Marie for faithfulness. But don't you see, Jeff is doing the same thing. If Matt is unaware, what makes Jeff aware of recessive alleles? The fact is, when Jeff chases Marie he is following the same rules as Matt (which tell him that if his children are blue-eyed, Marie is a hoe). If you argue to the contrary, you are simply biased (where in your scenario one player apparently has more information - for unspecified reasons - than another). This is where the phrase "junk science" comes from. This study appeals to the specific bias of a certain viewpoint and doesn't consider it from all angles.

I haven't even tackled the preposterousness of the articles main charge (really? In countries where blue eyes were becoming more frequent/norm you think it's a good idea that you base the infidelity of your women on the minority brown-eyed males? Seriously? Coz blue-eyed males won't do the dirty?).

This kind of "science" is seldom well-thought out. Like I've alluded to (ages!) before, it caters to a specific bias, usually juicy and salacious. But on closer inspection and reasoning, it falls apart.

Abdul_UK said at August 13, 2011 11:54 PM:

Incidentally, I would have been more pliable to the argument for most men preferring blue-eyed women, both using the reasoning above but also through my own personal tastes/preferences.

As a brown-eyed male I've always been attracted to blue-eyed females (heck, I even married one!). There's just something about them that are so alluring, dazzling on a girl. Especially light blue... I've always found when I hold a gaze with an attractive girl with bright blue eyes I end up in a sort of very pleasurable trance... like I'm drowning in an endless azure ocean and yet I just don't care. I often have to avert my eyes just to break the effect, lol (well, not with the missus, obviously ^_^).

But the difference is I realise my personal biases mean not very much at all (on a community scale) and lots of other folks don't share them.

Taurus said at August 17, 2011 11:46 AM:

I am sorry but science or no science I am a dark blue eyed brunette, and I think that is sexiest on a guy as well.. no one can really argue that true blues aren't gorgeous, because I am sorry to say but blue is the color of the sky and the ocean, so don't tell me you don't like blue or blue eyes..and seriously I am sorry but who wants shit brown eyes they are the color of shit or a pile of dirt, and who wants to stare at that all day. Blue eyes stand out more just like a beautiful diamond does. I would say this is true even if guys don't realize it, I know I want blue eyed kids, and I wouldn't see why most blue eyed guys wouldn't want these superior genes for more attractive kids of their own.

Melanie said at December 1, 2011 4:00 AM:

I don't know I'm a blue-eyed brunette female and I definitely prefer dark haired brown-eyed males. I don't see anything inherently "superior" about blue eyes tbh, and they definitely look better on us girls than dey boiz in my opinion. And I love the color combinations that can come about by mixing.

Anyway to top it off - brown is the color of chesnut & hazel chocolate; blue is the color of the ocean.

Together we make cool fresh breeze across the ocean with a chestnut-hazel chocolatey taste afterwards ;)

Molly said at January 10, 2012 4:51 PM:

Wow, this is a rather...intriguing find. Funny how I see blue eyed male + brown eyed female couples all the time (Matt Damon and his wife, anyone?).

Anyways, as interesting as this article is, remember something: Humans have been going against Darwinism completely throughout the years. Acording to Darwinistic applications, human beings should be dying of diseases minus those few with the correct gene/mutation who can survive to pass it on; that's how evolution works. No, we've debonked that with our advanced technology, medications, vaccines, etc, unwilling to sacrifice even one life for the purpose of evolutionary progression.

So, Darwinism is but an idea. At a glance this article seems to flow logically, but its validity is questionable. Scientific facts and theories cannot be considered complete for there are always people finding new ways to disprove them.

Personal bias- Even if it is true, as a blue-eyed blonde girl myself (studying biology too) I tend to prefer the sultry, dark/hazel eyes surrounded by long, pretty dark lashes, as do my two blue-eyed brothers. To me, it's more about the SHAPE of the eye rather than the color. For example, if you notice, Arabic and Indian eyes are known for their beauty despite being dominantly brown colored; this is due to the eyes' and brows' gorgeous forms. Anyways, eye color is merely one mere contribution to attraction- there are many other factors, including personality, that can be taken into account.

dominique said at October 25, 2012 7:07 PM:

I think this is the second time I have come across this article whilst procrastinating study and letting my mind wander... I know I am a bit late to the party in commenting in October 2012 (the horror!) - this is my first actual contribution to a forum/blog/post in the history of the internet so there should probably be a memorial plaque or something.

I think this is quite a brilliant concept, but I think a lot of people tend to forget that scientific/clinical studies make "conclusions" from statistic generalisations; the resultant conclusions identifying a significant trend rather than "every blue eyed male prefers females with blue eyes". I wonder how many other studies (outside Norway and Scandinavia) have focused on this? Light eyes are so common there, that perhaps individuals in the study were biased in some way.

Although, as a 21 year old female with big (dark) blue eyes, I do think I have a colour preference myself...

Not too long ago I came to a realisation; almost every male I have been particularly attracted to or find rather dashing has had blue or other light (grey or green) eyes. I am unsure if this is something to do with some preference for similar traits in a potential mate, or because I have some weird female-version process of what is going on in blue eyed males. I also find females with blue or light eyes more (platonically) attractive. BUT I have concocted some personal theories about what is going on based on a tad of research into evolutionary psychology and such (is this narcissism or "self-discovery"?). Or maybe my fancy neocortex is informing my limbic system that I just really want some babies with big blue eyes someday.

Limbal rings are more evident in light eyes; with more prominent limbal indicative of youth (they fade somewhat with age) and health... Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I so totally have thick navy limbal rings. The downside is that these are supposed to fade by my mid 20s. Leaving me a plain AND vapid individual...

This is not to say that brown and hazel eyes are unattractive in any way, as I know there are a tonne of people who believe the opposite. The same thing applies for light hazel/brown eyes or graduated colours - limbal rings are more prominent. It could be that these are also perceived as more attractive (if they are? I am unsure) for that reason.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to look at the brown/hazel eyed people you think have the "best looking" eyes, and have a peek at their limbal rings. The likely outcome; the more prominent the limbal ring, the more attractive you would find the eye (and the person potentially).

savor said at March 17, 2014 12:51 AM:

Useless logic
Due to mutation drug addiction even 2 blue eyed people can have brown eyed children.
there are ample amount of such cases.
High school logic does not take into acccount all that.

Beagle said at April 11, 2014 11:32 AM:

*sigh* This sounds like Nazi propaganda. Next you'll all be saying that blue-eyed blondes are the Master Race.

Smh said at October 19, 2019 8:50 PM:

Bunch of bs, but far worse are a couple of these comments, that shall remain nameless. Really, people do you actually believe the idiotic drivel you'rlope posting? I really don't see how you're able to get dressed in the morning. And for those insinuati g that a lack of melinin makes you superior, well may God help you. You are sorely misguided, smh

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