August 21, 2007
Women Have Excellent Navigational Abilities To High Calorie Foods

Really, I'm not joking. Max Krasnow and a team at Yale and UC Santa Barbara have found that women can navigate as well as men but their skills only show up when shopping.

The team asked the men and women to show the direction of a stall where they had bought a certain food, such as strawberries or tomatoes, using a compass.

A zero degree error meant the subjects were bang on target, while 90 degrees meant they were hopeless.

“Men were making 33 degree pointing error, when women were around 25 degree, which is a 27 per cent improvement,” said Mr Krasnow.

Women also did better with a high-calorie food, such as a doughnut, compared with a stick of celery.

Women had much better accuracy for where to reach higher calorie foods as compared to vegetables and other lower calorie foods. Is it any wonder that we don't eat enough vegetables? Women have a hard time finding the produce section. Suddenly they find themselves in the pastry aisle.

Calorie malnutrition has been the biggest killer in human history. Women were the gatherers. They know how to get back to the places with the best food gathering potential. Whereas men had to know how to track prey over a larger range of areas.

How to make use of this knowledge? Depends on your motives. How about putting a women's clothing store next to Dunkin Donuts or International House of Pancakes?

So how to enhance the cognitive performance of both boys and girls? Put them in school together.

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