September 24, 2007
Deep Voiced Men Have More Babies

No surprise here folks.

Hamilton, ON. Sept. 24, 2007 – Men who have lower-pitched voices have more children than do men with high-pitched voices, researchers have found. And their study suggests that for reproductive-minded women, mate selection favours men with low-pitched voices.

The study, published in Biology Letters, offers insight into the evolution of the human voice as well as how we choose our mates.

In previous studies, David Feinberg, assistant professor in the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour at McMaster University, and his colleagues have shown that women find deeper male voices to be more attractive, judging them to be more dominant, older, healthier and more masculine sounding. Men, on the other hand, find higher-pitch voices in women more attractive, subordinate, feminine, healthier and younger sounding.

“While we find in this new study that voice pitch is not related to offspring mortality rates,” says Feinberg,” we find that men with low voice pitch have higher reproductive success and more children born to them.”

What I really want to know: If deep voiced men and high pitched voiced women make babies then are the male babies not as deeped voiced as their dads and are the female babies not as high pitched voiced as their moms? To put it another way: Do more masculine mothers give birth to more masculine sons and do more feminine fathers sire more feminine daughters?

Some day prospective parents will genetically engineer their male offspring to have deeper voices and female offspring to have higher pitched voices. How many parents will give their daughters deeper voices to perhaps help them do better in work careers?

Also, once plastic surgery for voice tone modification becomes safe and effective how many people will change their voice pitch and in which direction?

Of course, if you want to increase your satisfaction with romantic relationships some day there'll be another option besides body alterations that enhance your appeal to others: modify your brain so that you find more kinds of human body shapes appealing. Then you could find easy pickings and satisfaction with those who are less attractive to the majority. Though that approach will become less valuable once most people get their appearances enhanced. You won't be able to find as many lonely people who others find unattractive. Jack Black's distorted view of a fat Gwyneth Paltrow will some day become achievable in real life. But before that happens obesity will become easily curable.

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Mthson said at September 24, 2007 11:49 PM:

Their study was only on an indigenous population, rather than dealing with modern societies, as the rest of the press release implies.

"Feinberg and his colleague Coren Apicella chose their subjects for this study from the Hadza of Tanzania, one of the last true hunter-gatherer cultures. Because the Hadza have no modern birth control, the researchers were able to determine that men who have lower pitched voices have more children than men with higher pitched voices."

Do these indigenous men with deeper voices have greater impregnation chances, as their title suggests? Do these men simply have higher libidos? Are there possible influences from higher social status? Are they more successful at securing highly fertile partners?

David Govett said at September 25, 2007 12:02 AM:

Perhaps they have deeper voices because they have more children.

Greg said at September 25, 2007 12:27 PM:

"modify your brain so that you find more kinds of human body shapes appealing" - As one Russian saying goes, "There are no unattractive women, there is just not enough vodka".

Bob Jenkins said at September 26, 2007 8:41 AM:

I don't want my voice higher or lower, I want a larger vocal range. And I want control over the overtones too. And while I'm at it, if I could produce four tones at the same time, I could be my own barbershop quartet.

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