September 18, 2008
Single British Women Use Sperm Donors To Conceive

There is a trend for younger British women in their early 30s to use sperm donors to start pregnancies.

So-called "single motherhood by choice" has always existed: around 250 of the 1,100-strong membership of the UK's Donor Conception Network (DCN) are single mothers. Usually this is a decision women come to in their late 30s or early 40s. Not any more. Olivia Montuschi, a spokeswoman for the DCN, reports that the organisation has been approached recently by a several women in their early 30s already considering donor insemination: "It's increasingly an option. They're more likely to conceive [at this age], of course. But the idea that women are giving up on finding a man at 33 or 34 does seem a bit sad."

I see a certain element of brutal honesty involved. For a woman to admit at age 30 that her odds of finding Mr. Right are small is a tough thing to do. Yet some heterosexual women manage to admit this to themselves.

Seeking artificial insemination in your 20s or 30s is not unusual among lesbians (who have no reason to delay), but heterosexual women typically wait to see if they can find a partner first. Using a sperm donor has always been a last resort. Now the process is becoming a first resort.

I expect this option to become much more popular as a result of falling costs of DNA sequencing. Once we know the locations of many of the genetic alleles that contribute to hair color, eye color, facial shape, body shape, intelligence, personality, and other attributes the average woman who chooses to use a sperm donor will be able to get more desired genetic attributes for their child than they would from settling with the best guy they can find for a relationship. Women who use sperm donors will speed up the evolution of the human race.

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Brad said at September 18, 2008 5:17 AM:

This trend is more representative of a race that is dying out rather than representative of the preferences of the non-white races that are the future of the planet. As such, this variant of reproduction while of note, will remain statistically irrelevant and in Britainís case most likely to be forbidden by Sharia law once Islam is dominant.

aa2 said at September 18, 2008 5:41 AM:

Brad, I've been arguing that the land owning super elite in the UK, but also in other parts of Europe sees Islam as the future. The way out of the death spiral. The land owners of course want a powerful pro-fertility, anti-socialist ideology. A white muslim UK, I believe would have a huge birth rate, like 4 or even 6 children per woman. All it would take is banning birth control for healthy fertile women.

I hadn't really considered whether an Islamic UK would be against reproductive technology like this. They would obviously be against it for single women, but I'm not sure how they would treat an infertile couple. Something to consider is in a non-socialist European nation many people will be so rich that they can do whatever they feel like, even if it means flying to another country for procedures.

mats-erik pistol said at September 18, 2008 8:22 AM:

The number of women that will do this is so small that it will not affect evolution significantly. Furthermore non-white races will take over the population in a matter of decades, as pointed out by Brad and due to poverty very few women will seek artificial insemination there. No, the "real" evolution will take hold when people once again return to the normal state of affairs which is death by starvation for the majority. This has been the situation for a billion years or so of evolution only to temporarily be not in effect right now. This might even happen quicker than I thought, considering the recent increase in food prices, tortilla riots in Mexico, pasta demonstrations in Italy and very real starvation in parts of Africa and Asia (e. g. Afganistan). What the result of evolution will be, when starvation is the normal state of affairs, in an industrially evolved society, is difficult to imagine. Money will factor in prominently and will drive the evolution very strongly, if the financial systems can still survive. In Zimbabwe and Somalia they do not and maybe that is the future. Many strong and fast growing communities do have strong financial systems, for example the Amish, hasidic Jews, hutterites and fundamentalist mormons, all of them are growing at the fastest rate possible (4-5 %/year organic growth), which is an argument that at least in some communities money will be a fundamental variable.
If so, the ability to deal with financial issues properly will be a strong asset in the evolutionary race. There is a book that argues that economy has already influenced the human brain via evolution. For example, trading occurs between fighting factions even before a war ends. This evolution happened however in a non-monetary society.
Of course I may be wrong and space colonies appear, putting off the starvation issue for a few millenia, allowing unhindered technological progress for a long time. Then evolution will be driven solely by technological choices and selection pressure to have as many babies as possible. This is more interesting but I think the starvation scenario is more realistic. Still scientific issues will be important, especially in medicine and biology.
Fascinating times ahead indeed.

Allan said at September 18, 2008 9:18 AM:

One way to control population growth is to require that any woman on gov't assistance take a birth control shot (I believe they last 90 days), use the patch, or volunteer to be sterilized. Also offer payments for VOLUNTARY sterilization low-income men. It's absolutely absurd to give out welfare or any gov't assistance and allow more children to be born. If the woman (or father) wants the assistance, then she must agree to the birth control measures.

Fortunately the law in most states in the US protect the donor IF it is done thru proper channels. A man and woman can't sign a contract and then have sex. The courts have ... in their infinite wisdom - NOT ... ruled that woman cannot sign away the child's right to support.

However, if done thru a doctor and a clinic, then it's legal. Don't ask me the difference. The result is the same.

There are women opting to use one of the several "genius" sperm banks and they have been pleased with the results. In an odd way, it really is voluntary eugenics.

Vince said at September 18, 2008 9:25 AM:

I don't know about Britain, but in the United States, lots of men don't want to be the one to have to raise somebody else's kid. I wonder if these women might be putting the final nail in the coffin of their love lives this way.

Nick G said at September 18, 2008 10:05 AM:

This is a tempest in a teapot. Here's what they said: "the organisation has been approached recently by a several women in their early 30s"

"several women"!!!! Two? Four?

This is not a trend, this is a silly press-release for publicity's sake, not to be taken seriously.

aa2 said at September 18, 2008 11:06 AM:

Allan, I fully agree about the welfare plan. I think if someone needs to go on long term public help our society should be extra generous to help them out, as they were unfortunate to get serious mental or physical problems. But we should also require the women get their tubes tied, which today is a much simpler and less dramatic operation than in days gone by. Instead we pay welfare women more the more children they have.

Mthson said at September 18, 2008 11:36 AM:

It should be easier than ever to find good pair-bonding partners (i.e. love interests) with the growth of niche online dating sites.

There's even a site for objectivists, Ayn Rand style. Christian Science Monitor:

Ayn Rand might seem an unlikely matchmaker. In a 1964 Playboy interview, she famously said that a man who places friends and family above "productive work" is immoral, an "emotional parasite."
Yet as "Atlas Shrugged" turns 50 this week, Rand's iconic intellect presides over The Atlasphere ( Ė a dating, networking, and news website that has connected her admirers since 2003.

niko said at September 18, 2008 6:37 PM:

Isn't artificial insemination simply prolonging a defective gene pool. Courtship is the surest way of weeding out the genetically defective. Whats the bet these women are socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually unfit.

Allan said at September 19, 2008 12:01 PM:

niko ... If I remember correctly, the women who go to one of the Genius Donors sites are screened as well. No sense in mixing genes of genius with a bimbo! I don't know if "ordinary" places screen the women in any way ...

All we can say is that the mother is being selective and the father isn't. It's really not much different that a woman getting a man drunk for his sperm. You'd be surprise at how good a woman can look thru beer goggles! lol

aa2 ... Don't expect gov't to do anything rational to actually decrease the number of people depended on it ... or cut down the constituency of one wing or the other of the republocrats!

Vanilla Thunder said at September 20, 2008 9:47 AM:

I agree with Niko. These ladies couldn't find or keep a man so they're using a sperm bank to create someone to grow old with them. Sad. F______ sad. Illegitimacy is a scourge on society even if the single mom is using high quality seed.

User said at September 21, 2008 2:55 PM:

Fucking religious fundamentalists, GTFO!

amanda said at October 29, 2008 2:52 AM:

why islam here... I dnt understand everywhere the talk is only about islam.. I see it as a menace to my religion.
I would love to read things in a islam free world. Free society,etc...

Tyrel said at June 4, 2009 12:36 PM:

Itís a shame that a people(british/european people) that brought us modern medicine, cars, the modern republic, stock markets, planes rockets, shuttles, computers, networking, phones, jets, and other amazing technology that I love and use will be gone. Before they invented all that think of what the world was like. Itís a shame such a creative people will be gone. I donít see much break through innovation in a century or so. Just new spins on old tricks.

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