June 02, 2009
Diet And Lifestyle Risk Factors For Bowel Cancer

Keep your weight down, drink less alcohol, cut out cigarette smoking, and exercise to cut your bowel cancer risks.

A new global study has found that lifestyle risk factors such as alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking are important risk factors for bowel cancer. Researchers have shown that people who consume the largest quantities of alcohol (equivalent to > 7 drinks per week) have 60% greater risk of developing the cancer, compared with non-drinkers.

Smoking, obesity and diabetes were also associated with a 20% greater risk of developing bowel cancer - the same risk linked with consuming high intakes of red and processed meat.

The researchers analyzed a large number of existing studies to look for patterns.

The benefits of fruits and vegetables seemed small.

On a positive note, researchers also demonstrated that physical activity lowered an individual's risk of the disease but surprisingly, there was little evidence to indicate that high intakes of fruit and vegetables were protective against bowel cancer.

Avoiding cancer is more a game of removing risk factors than adding protective factors. Take away toxins and you'll live longer.

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Tschafer said at June 3, 2009 7:40 AM:

Well, maybe. But numerous studies have found that moderate alcohol consumption (2 drinks per day) actually led to longer lifespans and less disease. So maybe moderate drinking increases your chances of bowel cancer, but decreases other risks? It seems like there is a lot of contradictory stuff out in the medical community these days.

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