June 28, 2009
Exercise Boosts Neural Stem Cells In Aged Mice

Get yourself a running wheel and start running like a mouse. Aged mice exercising on a running wheel get more stem cells in their brains as a result.

In research published in Stem Cells, Dr Daniel Blackmore and his colleagues at the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) have shown that moderate exercise directly increases the number of stem cells in the ageing brain.

Stem cells and new neuron generation decline with age. So anything that reverses or slows this trend might slow brain aging.

However, it has also been known for more than a decade that the number of new neurons we produce slowly declines with age.

According to QBI neuroscientist Dr Blackmore, researchers are interested in finding ways to stimulate the production of neurons to negate any decline brought about by age or disease.

"Our findings suggest that moderate exercise, from early to late in life, can have a very positive effect," Dr Blackmore said.

Some people look for pills to take to slow or reverse aging. But you should first get the low tech basics right. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Get more exercise.

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