July 14, 2009
Clothing As All Direction Cameras

Remember in the original Star Trek series how the blind woman with a sensor cape Miranda Jones could see what's around her by using her cape? In real life MIT researchers are working on a clothing fiber that will embed lots of mini-cameras making an outer garment that might some day feed images from all directions into the brain.

Imagine a soldier's uniform made of a special fabric that allows him to look in all directions and identify threats that are to his side or even behind him. In work that could turn such science fiction into reality, MIT researchers have developed light-detecting fibers that, when weaved into a web, act as a flexible camera. Fabric composed of these fibers could be joined to a computer that could provide information on a small display screen attached to a visor, providing the soldier greater awareness of his surroundings.

The researchers, led by Associate Professor Yoel Fink of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (DMSE), emphasize that while such an application and others like it are still only dreams, work is rapidly progressing on developing fabrics capable of capturing images. In a recent issue of the journal Nanoletters, the team reported what it called a "significant" advance: using such a fiber web to take a rudimentary picture of a smiley face.

Humanity needs to get cracking and invent all the stuff that the Federation is going to need in coming centuries.

Share |      Randall Parker, 2009 July 14 12:23 AM  Transhumans Upgrades

doug said at July 14, 2009 12:15 PM:

You have this categorized as "transhumans upgrades". I would think that this is in the nature of an improved vision aid or prosthetic.

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