September 01, 2009
Emotional Music For Tamarin Monkeys

Mozart doesn't speak to them. Beethoven didn't have them in mind. Bach was writing to a more ascended audience. Go hear and listen to music composed for tamarin monkeys.

What I wonder: would another species on some other planet which has achieved industrial civilization (assuming such a species exists) find our greatest compositions appealing? Would they find Elvira Madigan or the Emperor Concerto or perhaps Cappricio Espanol enjoyable or uplifting?

Share |      Randall Parker, 2009 September 01 09:47 PM  Brain Innate

Lono said at September 2, 2009 8:32 AM:


Personally I don't think any of our art or music would transfer well to another sentient species - except perhaps on an anthropological level of appreciation.

Certainly there may be some cross over - especially in the visual arts - but in general, no, much of the emotional ressonance would be lost.

I think this latest work is great as it could really improve conditions for animals in captivity or even kept as pets...

This may - in fact - open up a whole new facet to the music industry!

I know I would be willing to pay for music that could be played to sooth my pets when I am away on business.

Very cool!!

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