September 01, 2009
More Sensitive Cancer Breathalyzer Developed

Higher levels of volatile organic compounds in the breath serve as markers for lung cancer.

Lung cancer is a brutal disease, often not caught until it's too late for treatment to do much good. Now researchers are building an electronic nose that could help physicians detect the disease during its initial stages. Using gold nanoparticles, scientists at the Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa have created sensors with an unprecedented sensitivity for sniffing out compounds present in the breath of lung-cancer patients.

Many of the highly sensitive disease detector assay devices will end up portable for use at home or work. People will test themselves every day or week as they are inclined. For some tests there won't even be need for a person to initiate testing. One's bed stand or sink or toilet will have sensors built in that constantly scan for tell tale signs.

What I want: something that tells me when my sleep deficit is getting too big. Though such a device would probably have the effect of prodding me to go to sleep rather than write that last blog post of the day.

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