September 10, 2009
$20000 Per Genome Sequencing For 8 At A Time

Just a month ago Stephen Quake sequenced his genome for $50000. That represents a drop of 80% from the $250k cost of a year ago and orders of magnitude lower than the cost 10 years ago. But if you go out and pay $50k to get your genome sequenced you are probably spending too much. MIT's Technology Review reports a company called Complete Genomics has dropped the cost of genome sequencing even further.

And CEO Clifford Reid says the company will soon start charging $20,000 per genome for an order of eight genomes or more, and $5,000 apiece for an order of 1,000 or more-with variable pricing in between.

How low does the price have to get for you to pay to get your genome sequenced?

The biggest problem at this point is just what do you do with the information? We are going to go thru a period where genome sequencing is really cheap but the information about your DNA letter sequence isn't of much help to most people. We need to know what all the differences mean.

Once the significance of lots of genetic sequence information becomes known how useful will it be in daily life? We'll certainly know ourselves better. But if, say, you've got some genetic variants that increase your risk of cancer what to do with this information? Perhaps get colonoscopies more often if your risk of colon cancer is elevated. But not all cancers lend themselves to preventative testing and not all tests are easy to be done.

I expect understanding of genetic variations will play a big role in changing mating choices and in embryo selection. Knowledge of genetic variants will help some in dietary choices too. Got any ideas on how detailed knowledge of your genetic variations will be useful to you?

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Tj Green said at September 12, 2009 8:15 AM:

If the money that is spent on funerals was spent on sequencing, and the body used for medical purposes, then we would all be better off.

Mark G. said at September 12, 2009 8:07 PM:

This looks to be an interesting attempt to help individuals interpret their genome: Genome Browser

chug said at September 13, 2009 5:56 PM: does limited DNA analysis for $400.

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