September 30, 2009
Heart Risk Factors Rising In Europe And United States?

Progress is not inevitable.

“Over the next few years it's likely that this observed decline in the proportion of people with low cardiovascular risks will translate into increased cardiovascular disease,” said Professor De Backer, a former chair of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Joint Prevention Committee. “This paper should act as a wake-up call in Europe as well as the US, since overall European risk factors are not so different. While obesity may be higher in the US, Europe has been less successful in reducing smoking and cutting blood pressure.”

Indeed, the EuroAspire survey(2), which reviewed risk factors in patients with established coronary heart disease from 22 European countries, found that only 6 % of men and 4 % women were achieving lifestyle, risk factor and therapeutic targets for prevention.

“Health surveillance is essential for the development of good health policy. We need to know exactly what are the problems we are facing to determine the best ways of counteracting them,” said Professor De Backer.

The people in some European countries have porked out beyond US levels of porkiness. A whole lot of porking going on. Oink, oink. Plus, Europe has a lot more nicotine fiends. Gotta say I like California's legal hostility to cigarette smokers in workplaces.

Of course, if you are skinny non-smoker who gets a lot of exercise and eats a lot of fruits and vegetables your odds look a whole lot better. Drugs might even boost your odds of longer life even higher.

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