December 14, 2009
Younger Looking Twins Live Longer

Your face shows how much damage has accumulated in your body.

Danish scientists say appearance alone can predict survival, after they studied 387 pairs of twins.

The researchers asked nurses, trainee teachers and peers to guess the age of the twins from mug shots.

Those rated younger-looking tended to outlive their older-looking sibling, the British Medical Journal reports.

The twins were in their 70s and older. The younger looking ones had longer telomere caps on their chromosomes.

In the study, the people who looked younger had longer telomeres.

The telomere link to life expectancy isn't surprising. Also see my posts Telomere Length Indicates Mortality Risk, Chronic Stress Accelerates Aging As Measured By Telomere Length, Telomeres Shorten Quicker If You Have Less Vitamin D, and Sedentary Lifestyles Age Chromosome Telomeres Faster.

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rob said at December 15, 2009 1:58 PM:

Awesome study, yet more evidence that aging results from damage (else nothing would be a good predictor for twins) instead of being pre-programmed. Were the twins all MZ? Chalk up one more point for "Just Look!" First predicting Caster Semenya was intersex just by looking, now this.

I'd also be interested in what aspects of looking older were most accurate: number and depth of wrinkles, age spots?

I wonder how old people have to be before apparent age is a decent predictor. Are young-looking people in their thirties likely to live longer?

jmiddel said at December 18, 2009 8:02 AM:

I think another factor is important - those who take good care of their appearance also take care of their health. Thus, good looking people are also health conscious.

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