January 05, 2010
Exercise Slows Telomere Decay?

Researchers in Germany find that endurance training slows the decay of the telomere caps on chromosomes, suggesting that exercise can slow the aging process.

Researchers focused on telomeres, the protective caps on the chromosomes that keep a cell's DNA stable but shorten with age.

They found telomeres shortened less quickly in key immune cells of athletes with a long history of endurance training.

The study, by Saarland University, appears in the journal Circulation.

A previous study found the converse: Sedentary Lifestyles Age Chromosome Telomeres Faster. Telomere length has been linked to rate of aging in many studies. Also see my previous posts "Telomere Length Indicates Mortality Risk" and "Chronic Stress Accelerates Aging As Measured By Telomere Length" and New Telomere Lengthening Technique Developed and Telomeres Wear Down Quicker In Men Than Women and Aged Blood Stem Cells Indicator For Cardiovascular Disease Risk.

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