March 23, 2010
Jaw Bone Volume Decreases With Age

Facial bones change in shape and volume as you age.

Reviewing a collection of 120 facial CT scans taken for other, unrelated medical reasons, plastic surgeons measured changes that occurred to facial bones over time. The CT scans were divided equally by gender and age, 20 men and 20 women in each of three age groups: young (ages 20-36), middle (41 to 64), and old (65 and older). Researchers used a computer program to measure the length, width, and angle of the mandible, or jaw bone, for each scan, and compare the results for each group. Using CT scans for this study allowed for more accurate three-dimensional reconstruction and increased accuracy of measurements, disputing previous research that relied on traditional head x-rays and suggested that the jaw bone expands with age.

So facial rejuvenation will require guiding bone development to gradually restore youfhful proportions and thicknesses.

The angle changes and jaw bone volume decreases.

The angle of the jaw increases markedly with age, which results in a loss of definition of the lower border of the face, according to the study. Jaw length decreases significantly in comparisons between the young and middle age groups, whereas the decline in jaw height from the middle to old group was noteworthy.

“The jaw is the foundation of the lower face, and changes to it affect facial aesthetics,” said Howard N. Langstein, M.D., professor and chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Rochester Medical Center. “These measurements indicate a significant decline in the jaw’s volume as a person ages, and therefore less support of soft tissue of the lower face and neck.”

To do bone rejuvenation we'll need youthful stem cells to make new osteoclasts and osteoblasts for resculpting the bones. We'll also need techniques for guiding the cells to reshape bones in desired ways. My guess is a lot of people will opt for new faces that make them even more attractive than they were when young the first time.

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AB said at April 1, 2010 9:58 PM:

"To do bone rejuvenation we'll need youthful stem cells to make new osteoclasts and osteoblasts for resculpting the bones."
I remember reading that Vitamin K has something to do with osteoblasts so I looked and found this: (Vitamin K promotes mineralization, osteoblast-to-osteocyte transition, and an anticatabolic phenotype by -carboxylation-dependent and -independent mechanisms)

and in February, 2010, the journal Cell Stem Cell wrote about the role of Vit C in producing stem cells.

So: K+C=newU ?? Of course, I'm sure that won't work the magic of a plastic surgeon, but not everyone wants to go under the knife (or can afford it).

Randall Parker said at April 1, 2010 10:18 PM:

AB, I hope vitamin K helps slow bone aging because I take a high potency vitamin K capsule about once a week.

Haley Bennet said at December 23, 2014 9:47 PM:

It is in fact true that the shape of your jaw bone changes with age. in the below picture, you can spot the difference, as either sides of the cheeks have become saggy. By means of Face lifting surgery, you can retain your old jaw bone shape.
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