March 25, 2010
Cell Therapy Restores Mouse Brain Plasticity

Cell therapies might be the key to brain repair.

UCSF scientists report that they were able to prompt a new period of “plasticity,” or capacity for change, in the neural circuitry of the visual cortex of juvenile mice. The approach, they say, might some day be used to create new periods of plasticity in the human brain that would allow for the repair of neural circuits following injury or disease.

The strategy – which involved transplanting a specific type of immature neuron from embryonic mice into the visual cortex of young mice – could be used to treat neural circuits disrupted in abnormal fetal or postnatal development, stroke, traumatic brain injury, psychiatric illness and aging.

Note the list of purposes for the cell therapy includes treatment of brain aging. I am expecting stem cell therapies for the brain to eventually restore youthful levels of learning in aged brains.

Share |      Randall Parker, 2010 March 25 10:50 PM  Aging Brain Cell Therapies

Clarium said at March 26, 2010 5:31 PM:

Brain repair, why not brain enhancement?

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