June 01, 2010
Artery Calcification, Heart Disease, Erectile Dysfunction Link

Get it up or die of a heart attack.

In the largest study to date evaluating erectile dysfunction (ED) and coronary artery calcification, researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine have determined that men with ED are at a significantly increased risk of high coronary artery calcification scores (CACS), a known predictor of future cardiovascular events. The research was presented this week at the American Urological Association (AUA) meeting in San Francisco.

The study, titled "Erectile Dysfunction is an Independent Risk Factor for the Presence of High Risk Coronary Artery Calcification," evaluated 1,119 men enrolled in the World Trade Center Medical Monitoring and Treatment Program, 327 of which had ED. The researchers learned that after adjusting for comorbidities men with ED had a 54 percent greater likelihood of having a high-risk CACS than men without ED. The increased risk was similar to that of patients with a history of hypertension and smoking.

Well, a lot of guys can't be bothered to worry about a heart attack. But a failure to perform in bed? That's a whole 'nuther kettle of fish. Luckily vitamin K2 might be just the thing to reverse arterial calcification, especially K2 in the menatetronone (MK-4) form. (more here) As Stephan Guyenet explains, we used to get more K2 MK-4 when we consumed dairy and meat from range-fed cattle and other range-fed animals.

The vitamin K I already take is in the K2 form with a large part of it as MK-4. So you can buy this stuff. I was aiming more at bone health when I started taking vitamin K. But the evidence for benefit to the vascular system seems compelling enough to make it worth taking for that reason, especially for guys who want to have sex lives.

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Vader said at June 2, 2010 1:51 PM:

Repeat after me: Correlation is not causation.

I am having a hard time buying the idea that ED causes heart disease. That there is a shared underlying cause to ED and heart disease, on the other hand, is so plausible that it's almost a no brainer.

NoNamePlease said at June 2, 2010 2:02 PM:

Diabetes can cause both ED and CVD. Get your blood sugar checked after 1 hour after eating, that tells you more than a fasting reading.
See Bloodsugar101.com if your post meal # is over 120.
See the heartscan blog if you want to check your arteries for calcified plaque

Randall Parker said at June 2, 2010 6:24 PM:


Perhaps I should have spelled it out: ED is the canary in the coal mine. It is the early warning system. They are both caused by malfunctioning of the vascular system.

I'm saying it is likely that anything that prevents or reverses arterial calcification will prevent or reduce the severity of ED.

Toadal said at June 2, 2010 10:23 PM:

One could also self medicate with one or two marathons per year. I run 21 to 25 miles per week and I usually have a 'rocket-in-my-pocket'.

Mary Robenson said at July 4, 2010 8:59 AM:

Is it really true that ED causes heart disease? I am also having a hard time buying that one.

Randall Parker said at July 4, 2010 3:52 PM:

Mary Robenson,

Again to repeat myself: ED does not cause heart disease. Rather the same underlying disease processes on the vascular system cause both diseases.

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