June 30, 2010
Multivitamin Causes Weight Loss In Obese

Neurobiology researcher and nutrition blogger Stephan Guyenet points to a study which found that a multivitamin supplement caused weight loss in obese people.

A new study in the journal Obesity, by Y. Li and colleagues, showed that compared to a placebo, a low-dose multivitamin caused obese volunteers to lose 7 lb (3.2 kg) of fat mass in 6 months, mostly from the abdominal region (4). The supplement also reduced LDL by 27%, increased HDL by a whopping 40% and increased resting energy expenditure.

Click thru to see a list of what was in the supplement and Stephan Guyenet's discussion of the study. He is correct that this study should be repeated with Western populations. Be sure to read the comments as he attracts some commenters who are familiar with research literature and his responses to commenters are enlightening. Note one commenter points to research on high doses niacin and niacinamide as potential contributors to obesity.

Has any reader come across a study comparing the diet of the average obese person to that of the average non-obese person of the same age? Do obese people eat food that is, on average, lower in micronutrients than non-obese people?

On a similar note: On average do obese people have lower levels of any micronutrients as compared to non-obese people?

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john personna said at July 1, 2010 5:57 AM:

The comments over there kind of descend into a "fat fight." Good info though, and I think consistent with my strategy of occasional multivitamin use. (I'm at the lower end of normal BMI, but with a belly I try to keep in check.)

I'm still suspicious of daily multivitamin use. It just seems like it could stress systems, and is excessive.

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