November 09, 2010
Switching To New Server

If you think you've lost any comments then it would be due to a migration of this site to a faster server. The data is being copied from the old to the new server and then the DNS entry for the site's address will be changed to the new server's address. That DNS change can take hours to propagate to all the DNS servers in the world. If you happen to access the old server after the data migration then your comments will be lost. Sorry about that.

On the bright side, the hope is that the new server will be less susceptible to outages caused by bot storms.

Since I do not know whether I'm currently accessing the old or new server and where the data migration is at I'm not even sure this post will survive onto the new server. The opportunity to migrate to the new server came up very suddenly and this is not a planned migration.

Update: Bringing up the new server took longer than expected. If you are reading this update then you are reading the new server. I expect you will see faster page loads during busier parts of the day. Also, site outages due to bot storms should be less frequent.

Some comments ended up going to the old server after the data was migrated. This was partly due to DNS update propagation delays. Basically, this site moved to a new IP address. But when a site changes its IP address that news does not instantly spread to all the domain name servers across the web. So many browsers were getting the old address when they queried their DNS server for an IP address for Therefore they visited the old server after the data migration and some people wrote comments to that server that are lost. Sorry about that.

I still have a problem with blog spam getting thru that I am trying to fix. If you see more spam be aware that it is getting cleaned out once or twice a day until an extension needed for CAPTCHA is installed on the new server.

Update II: The CAPTCHA problem is fixed. Spam should go back down to a much less annoying level.

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Jim Walker said at November 11, 2010 9:54 AM:

You could have prevented data from going to the old IP by simply putting a redirect in place on the old server.
Any 1st year server admin would have told you that-- doh!

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