January 03, 2011
Cancer Detecting Microchip Headed To Market

Johnson & Johnson is teaming up with Massachusetts General Hospital to try to bring to market a microchip that can detect cancer at very low concentrations in the blood.

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital have already developed a prototype of a microchip that can detect tumor cells at extremely low levels in the bloodstream. The effort to be announced today intends to draw on the expertise of scientists familiar with how to bring such technologies to patients and doctors.

The hope is to lower costs below the current $500 per chip. A big cost reduction seems a reasonable expectation because small things like computer chips get cheaper every year. Biotechnology is increasingly following the pattern of the semiconductor computer industry with rapid cost reduction and greater power.

The cancer cells stick to microscopic posts on the chip.

The prototype, developed by Mehmet Toner and collaborators at MGH, consists of a business-card-size silicon chip dotted with tens of thousands of microscopic posts. Each post is coated with a molecule that binds to a protein unique to cells from a specific type of tumor, such as breast, lung, or prostate cancer

Where I think this is going: Cheap home cancer tests as well has home tests for many other diseases. The ability to cheaply and frequently test for a large range of diseases will enable much earlier stage diagnosis and increase the odds of cures.

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Michael B. said at January 4, 2011 2:16 AM:

You know what would be cool? If they could implant said chips and you get a text or an email if cancer's ever detected so you can go see a doctor. I realize that's probably a ways off because the body doesn't really like foreign objects in it. Not only would save lives, but it would also save money and lower the cost of health care because no one would have to go get tested. Also, I imagine cancer is much cheaper to treat if it's caught in the first week or two.

BioBob said at January 4, 2011 1:21 PM:

Actually, there are a very significant number of cancerous cells generated via somatic transcription errors that are subsequently destroyed by your immune system, or so we are told. If this test is too sensitive, it will be useless because of so many false positives.

Jody said at January 5, 2011 4:56 AM:

BioBob: don't think "binary decision". Think: "cancer cell count" sorta like Cholesterol levels or, even more on point, tumor marker tests.

BioBob said at January 5, 2011 11:36 AM:

Jody, fine but one still has the false positive issue even if the test is not binary. The test may help or may not - testing blood in order to find testicular cancer for instance, may or may not be useful since there may or may not be a mechanism to determine that the cells found in blood came from testicles, or that the cancer would be destroyed in the 2 weeks one waits for the doctor's appointment, if you get my point.

Could be useful, could be useless.

Aaron swarzes said at August 20, 2011 11:34 PM:


My name is Aaron Swarzes and i am a victim of a micro chip implant put on me by a member.,who previously had worked with the Australian Navy as is where i believe the micro chip has come from, and whom was a co-worker of mine while i been working at a local supermarket store where i live in.

I have spoken to the Commonwealth ombudsman, amnesty international and the police about this matter as well as my lawyers and health practitioners.
When i had been told to speak with the defence claims personnel they had advised me to speak with the local member of Parliament and lodge the complaint with them

As a result of this my general practitioner and my lawyer has stated to me if it where like a micro phone and where i'd also be getting numerous other symptoms. I have more documents to show this.

As a result of this micro chip implant and its handlers i have lost my employment, and i have been sufferring tremendously as a result because of what it can do

I have spent 4 and a half months in hospital and have been taking medication now for quite some time with no progress as i have brought this issue up with the psychiatrist they told me not to go to media any other doctor or the police as they want to be in charge of my case and no one else, they also refuse to give my any scans to detect this micro-chip. It may also be undetectable is my assumtion.
In order to proceed to court action i require proof, the information i have is that it is a nano micro-chip made either from silicon and/or gallium arsenide, it is a non injectable form and is consumed, from there the outer casiing of the material is dispersed by the acid in the stomach and then get lodged in the stomach lining, from there it sends elctro-magnetic frequencies to the brain and may then be transported to that location, where it produces it's effects., such as being able to see what i am seeing and here what i hear, as it has been givin to soldiers serving for the defence in past years, here and overseas- and giving me symptome as briefly descibed above. Is there any research or test you can recommend or know of that can help me, or know where it could be located in the body to produce these effects, as your help can help me by providing the information to my lawyers..

It has happened in America as i have been told by my doctor, and againts Australian Law as told to me by my Lawyer and other lawyers i have spoken to.
The Doctor has also explained that he is unsure about it happening in Australia as i may be the only one who has come to know about it being on me.
I have written to the police about this matter, but they are unfamiliar with it, i wrote a letter of complaint about its use and it's handlers and conduct, and about the internal affairs as to how it came onto me.

My contact details are :

Home : (02) 9639 1663
Address : 93 Moxhams Rd Winston HIlls 2153
My Fathers name is Robert and my Mothers name is Erlinda
I am 25 years old and would really like to hear from you soon

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