January 25, 2011
VW Diesel Electric Hybrid 261 MPG

The XL1 concept car can get 261 miles per gallon of diesel fuel.

The mad scientists at Volkswagen have wheeled out a bullet-shaped diesel-electric plug-in hybrid that gets a stunning 261 mpg. VW claims it is the most fuel-efficient hybrid ever, and it shows what’s possible when you let your engineers run wild.

It has 2 seats and decent acceleration with electric assist.

Come Peak Oil I'd rather drive to work in a really small car than on a scooter or motorcycle. You get better protection from the elements in a car.

At 261 mpg even at $20 per gallon you'd spend only $766 on diesel to go 10,000 miles.

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PacRim Jim said at January 25, 2011 11:56 PM:

And it doubles as a coffin, in case you get in the slightest accident.

matthew fuller said at January 26, 2011 4:08 AM:

of course at 20 dollars a gallon their would be a high risk of someone stealing your diesel (if not your car!)

Fat Man said at January 26, 2011 9:47 AM:

When I think about this car, I wonder how I could get in and out of it. How long after I got in it before my bad back makes me scream in agony. What are the odds that my wife will be able to get in and out, or sit in it comfortably.

These questions are not incidental, the fuel economy is a function of the car’s shape and size. If it had the room and comfort of my 2002 Honda Accord, it wouldn’t get the spectacular mileage.

Randall Parker said at January 26, 2011 6:23 PM:

Fat Man,

You better start saving for your electric car's battery if you won't be able to fit into mini cars.

xd said at January 28, 2011 7:51 AM:

I laugh my ass off at the comments you hear repeatedly from fellow North Americans for reasons why they can't used smaller cars.

1. It's not safe because we might get hit by a big truck and die
2. The engine is underpowered so we can't speed up to join traffic on the highway
3. It's so small and cramped I might hurt myself because I am so big I can't get in.

What they don't have semi-trucks, buses, cement-mixers etc in Europe? And yet the Europeans don't seem to die in massive numbers.
What, the speed limit in e.g. Germany or the UK is lowered so that the underpowered cars can get up to speed? Get real
What, there are no tall or fat people in Europe.

In short all the excuses we have over here for driving smaller vehicles are trash thinking.

Kent Gatewood said at January 28, 2011 11:10 AM:

The Honda Civic Natural Gas Vehicle cost about $3000 more than a similar model.

Current price in Oklahoma City is $1.39 a gallon.

A friend who was in the business said my price of $80,000 for a conversion of an 18 wheeler was high. The costs are in the tanks according to him. But it took half the 2010 model year to get the government certification.

The city of Edmond, Oklahoma spent Federal grant money on dual use buses. $40,000 a piece. The kits were described as reusable. The friend said dual use was cheaper.

If natural gas prices don't go up too (and I assume they would), I could pay for a natural gas conversion for my car in a little over a year at $6 a gallon.

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