July 08, 2012
Parkinson's Onset Preceded By Other Symptoms

Parkinson's disease is about more than shaking limbs. Years before the visible shaking comes pain, emotional health problems, and physical health problems. This is yet another reason why we need biotechnologies to reverse aging. All the things that go wrong with us as we age ought not be allowed to happen.

Amsterdam, NL, July 2, 2012 Growing evidence suggests that Parkinson's disease (PD) often starts with non-motor symptoms that precede diagnosis by several years. In the first study to examine patterns in the quality of life of Parkinson' disease patients prior to diagnosis, researchers have documented declines in physical and mental health, pain, and emotional health beginning several years before the onset of the disease and continuing thereafter. Their results are reported in the latest issue of Journal of Parkinson's Disease.

Pain. Aging brains cause pain. So lets make our brains young again. Risks rise with age. If you can make it to 100 years your odds will go up to about 10%.

Think of PD as accelerated aging of part of the brain.

"We observed a decline in physical function in PD patients relative to their healthy counterparts beginning three years prior to diagnosis in men and seven and a half years prior to diagnosis in women," says lead investigator Natalia Palacios, PhD, Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health. "The decline continues at a rate that is five to seven times faster than the average yearly decline caused by normal aging in individuals without the disease."

Given all the roles served by dopaminergic neurons (the kinds of neurons lost in PD) it is not surprising that their loss causes a host of other problems.

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