November 01, 2012
Too Much Alcohol Cuts Brain Neuron Formation

Drinking up to the legal driving limit will cut brain cell formation in the hippocampus.

Shors and Anderson worked with postdoctoral fellow Miriam Nokia from the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland to model moderate to heavy drinking in humans using rodents that reached a blood alcohol level of 0.08 percent the legal driving limit in the United States and many other countries and found that brain cell production was affected negatively.

The researchers discovered that at this level of intoxication in rats comparable to about 3-4 drinks for women and five drinks for men the number of nerve cells in the hippocampus of the brain were reduced by nearly 40 percent compared to those in the abstinent group of rodents. The hippocampus is a part of the brain where the new neurons are made and is also known to be necessary for some types of new learning.

Keep your alcohol drinking down to a couple of drinks a day at most. Alcohol is a toxin. Treat it as such. Want beneficial chemicals from wine? Eat grapes. Throw in some berries and cherries for good measure.

Even if red wine delivers some health benefits it does not deliver them equally. The resveratrol found in red wine only helps if women taking it are not healthy.

Resveratrol, an ingredient in red wine thought to improve insulin sensitivity, reduce risk of heart disease and increase longevity, does not appear to offer these benefits in healthy women, new research at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis indicates.

Share |      Randall Parker, 2012 November 01 09:58 PM 

bbartlog said at November 3, 2012 4:41 AM:

If this effect is significant in humans it should be easy enough to see it in human population studies. I'm also curious about their dosing regimen for the rats... did they bring them up to 0.08 BAC once a day? Twice a day? Keep them there?
Anyway, if you're worried about the health of your hippocampus, make sure to also keep learning new things. Those London taxi drivers bulked up their grey matter by learning the layout of London; I expect other types of knowledge will also do the trick.

Multivitamin Easy To Swallow said at November 19, 2012 10:53 PM:

Interesting post! Drinking too much alcohol is really not good to one's health. It can damage human organs and health.Thanks for the info.

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