November 08, 2012
Visible Aging Signs Indicate Higher Heart Attack Risk

More aging on the outside is associated with more aging on the inside.

In a Danish cohort study patients' risk of myocardial infarction grew by 35% if they had fatty eyelid deposits, 11% if they had earlobe creases, and 40% for men with crown top baldness, Anne Tybjaerg-Hansen, MD, reported at the American Heart Association meeting.

Speaking of aging on the inside: Telomere chromosome cap length is a marker for age. Telomeres shorten with age. Shorter telomeres are associated with lower survival for bladder cancer patients.

The study also revealed the combination of factors, longer telomeres and low levels of depressive symptoms, increased survival for bladder cancer patients by more than six-fold - 31.3 months vs 199.8 months. Those with short telomeres and high levels of depression had a three-fold risk of mortality.

What accounts for the difference? Does a younger immune system do a better job of battling cancer?

We need the ability to select cells out of our bodies that haven't suffered much aging damage, grow their telomeres, and then turn them into each of the cell types we need and put them back into the body.

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