January 05, 2013
Flu Tracking Sites Could Track Zombie Outbreaks

As I've previously argued, we have the ability to stop a zombie apocalypse/ Movies and novels about the coming zombie apocalypse ignore our many advantages in a battle against zombies. Yet another example of advantages we have against a zombie outbreak is the Flu Near You web site which provides a 2 week earlier warning when a new influenza pandemic hits. Surely it would be easy to upgrade that site with a feature for reporting zombie outbreaks.

But over at Google Flu Trends, which monitors flu activity in the U.S. and around the world based on internet search terms, this year’s season has already topped the bright-red “intense” category.

And at Flu Near You, a new real-time tracking tool that’s gaining about 100 participants each week, about 4 percent of the 10,000 users say they’ve come down with flu symptoms.

Clearly we need sites with names like Zombie Trends, Zombies Near You, and of course Zombie Fighting Success Stories with the latest case studies of groups and individuals reporting what works and what fails.

A two week warning would give you plenty of time to get a FedEx delivery of a Glock or Beretta and ammo. The early orders would give the ammo makers more time to ramp up production and go to 24x7 manufacturing. Before the government has a clue (and long before it becomes honest about the unfolding disaster) you could order guns and ammo for everyone you care about. Say your friends already own shotguns and lots of shells. Perfect time to order some shotgun shell belts so you can get together and clean out your neighborhood.

If you have no strong ties to the place you happen to be living then consider traveling to a gun and ammo factory to serve as a neighborhood guard. If the ammunition factories get overrun early in the crisis that'd seriously undermine our ability to put a cap on the infection.

Smart phones with GPS could come in handy. A smart phone app could let you just tap for each zombie you see. Better yet, take pictures and have them automatically uploaded to a site that displays picture feeds by neighborhood. Image processing software could identify duplicates and come up with real time estimated zombie counts.

What else: In Apocalypse Z the lead character uses a wet suit to make zombie bites less likely to succeed and this saves his life. Well, you can organize your dive club to suit up and get them together with your hunting buddies when you need to do close in fighting. Infected apartment building? Time to don wet suits with a pair of 13 shot pistols and multiple cartridges each.

Once you've cleaned up your own neighborhood you could consult a flu tracking site and get together with other groups to clean up other neighborhoods. While countries with low gun ownership rates collapse into chaso your own city could become perfectly safe.

Share |      Randall Parker, 2013 January 05 03:43 PM 

Russ in Texas said at January 7, 2013 6:33 AM:

As a medieval milhist geek who does experimental archaeology, I have this to say: ancient weapons would be useful (and in skilled hands, extremely useful (fn). Ancient armor is not.
Geeks, screw the chainmail. Go to an auto supply store and get a kevlar motorcycle suit. Do not pass go, do not order chainmail off ebay (unless it's the best you can get).

There are two ways to be killed by zombies: bites, and rending (or as the B-movie guys call it, pull-apart). While a full sharkmail suit may protect against the latter, the vast majority of mad-max-type stuff does not.

(fn)But nowhere near as useful as three or four old farts who shoot trap/skeet on weekends. Compared to hip-shooting a clay pigeon out of the sky, head-shotting a zombie is simply not a challenge.

Randall Parker said at January 8, 2013 7:54 PM:


Great point: ancient weapons combined with modern protective gear. In his book Apocalypse Z Manel Loureiro has his main character use a wet suit for protection. But a kevlar suit sounds great.

The cool think about super sharp swords is that they'll work even after you run out of bullets. So is a Damascus steel sword the ticket? I'd rather kill at greater distance. But once they get in close how to kill them off?

non e mouse said at January 9, 2013 8:16 AM:

chaso = chaos

f1b0nacc1 said at January 11, 2013 5:45 PM:

And think how useful high-capacity magazines would be!

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